2010-06-04: Shooting The S-Word


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Summary: James and Robyn talk about things down by the water.

Date: June 4, 2010

Log Title Shooting The S-Word

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Spuyten Duyvil Cove

This little cove leads off to Breakstone Lake. Students can go fishing, boating, and swimming in the fresh water. There is a small beach off to the side of the dock where students can also go sunbathing.

Friday evening and James is sitting out near the lake. It's a regular spot for the loner hyena. After all, who wants to spend their time hiking a tree line when they can be swimming. James however, prefers the opposite. So, sitting down with his eyes on the stars, the maybe future-junior X'er is getting his daily dose of much needed quiet time.

Walking out to the lake, Robyn is just kind of taking an aimless stroll around the grounds. He's been talking with his parents and trying to decide what to do for the summer, when and how often he should go back home and the discussion has been giving him a feeling of home sickness. Spotting James, Robyn walks over and smiles at his friend. "How's it going James?"

James gives Robyn a toothful grin as he sets his cawed paws on his bare feet, "Hey there." With a loud thump, he then hits a spot next to him, "Not bad. How you doing?" He gives his friend the customary sensory scan, asking, "Have summer plans yet? I'm sticking around. Maybe get a jump on some classes…umm…probably retake history."

Robyn shrugs and sits down on the spot that James indicated. "I'm not doing to bad, just was talking to my Mom and Dad about my summer plans actually. I'll probably spend every other weekend in Brooklyn or something. I just need to get a better hold on this stuff is all." Robyn looks over at James and nods about him staying around. "Retake history? That sounds….not that fun."

"Ehhh…weak subject," James says with a shrug. And a great reason to avoid going home as well. He shoulder bumps his bud as soon as he's seated. A rare form of affection from an otherwise stoic creature. "Well, that's cool at least. I know Rashmi and Lucas are graduating. So at least 'someone' I know is sticking around. And I keep forgetting your home is so close."

"Which is awesome and sucks at the same time." About Robyn's home being so close. "It's like it's right there but I can't go, and definitely not for long with these powers of mine. Anyway though, Rashmi and Lucas are already graduating? So are they leaving?" He asks sounding a bit concerned but then he will admit he's glad to know James isn't going too. "Yeah, I'll be a senior next year and I need to start filling out college stuff."

The hyena grunts, "Yeah…6 months and half the Paragons are leaving. It's cool that they've already got enough control to go to college. But…ehhh…whatever." He waves a paw dismissively. "Lucas isn't sure about College yet. So he 'might' still stay around here. Better here than that crap-tastic military school people keep pushing around here recently. I mean, seriously—does anyone actually 'realize' that this sorta thing is run by the same government that was responsible for anti-mutant laws and all those robot things Magneto was digging up?"

"I've heard a little bit about that school but not much. I still plan on going to art school." Robyn says as he fiddles with the hem of his shorts. "Well people who have graduated have stuck around, like that Daisuke kid and that Owen kid for a while. But can you imagine either of us, or Lucas for that matter, in a military school? It'd be awful."

James frowns, "I wouldn't. Don't care what they have to offer. I'll be staying here or something when it comes time to decide." He allows himself to get distracted by Robyn's fidgeting, tilting his head and leaning in for a closer look, "You'll do it! I'm sure of that. You deserve it. You know, you should talk to Jinx. She lived around a bunch of those art colleges you were telling me about."

Robyn turns his head to look at James and raises his eyebrows. "Really? I haven't gotten a chance to meet her yet but I've seen her. I just hope I get this vampirism thing under control." He doesn't go on with the same old song he's sung before. "There's nothing wrong with staying here as going to some miliary college isn't our only option, nor yours. So…when are we hitting the mall?"

James hmphs at Robyn's suggestion, hinting that he's more than willing to sing his old song over and over. Or, at the bare minimum, hmm a few bars. "Soon! Sunday maybe I'll see if the black-n-white is free. And, she's actually not to bad come to find out. Less of a freak than some of the students here."

"Meaning less of a freak than you?" Robyn teases James as he gives him a little bit of a shoulder nudge. "Connor and I have been getting along really well, as roommates. And as friends. Oh! Did I tell you whose back around here? But…he's not in a wheelchair like everything I've seen."

James grins and bumps back, "Hey now…someone has to keep you all in line. And that's good. Connor needs friends. He seems kinda…I dunno. Not built for the loner thing?" THe hyena shrugs. "No…but if it's Joe…well god. After the volleyball accident I was told he wouldn't walk. Scott…made me write his parents a letter you know. If Joe's mobile again…I'm gonna be mad that I had to do that." With a sigh, the hyena narrows his eyes. Joking? Perhaps!

"Professor Xavier, the guy who founded this school. I met him twice. Once here and once at the mall, when Sabertooth was attacking. Tara actually saved my ass." Robyn says as she's the one who was able to get him the hell outta dodge. "And I didn't know you played Volleyball?" Robyn states as he likes to think James is joking about 'Joe'. "And how do you injure someone that badly playing Volleyball?"

James goes somewhat still, "Sabertooth? The real Sabertooth?" The guy he's been accused of emulating. "Really. Well. Holy shit." He fuzzes out a little, "Maybe the mall is best avoided?" The news seems to take precedence over Chuck's appearance as he skips right to Tara, "Well, cool. She's not so so bad. When she keep her mouth shut." He snaps his jaw closed and crosses his arms, "We're not allowed to talk about it. Lawyers got involved. But, sufficient to say, I'm not allowed to play volleyball anymore. Or go near nets. Or bowling balls. But…Xavier, eh? What's he like?"

"Bald." Robyn says as to what Xavier is like. "He's….I dunno he seems nice, calm. Stoic in a way. I didn't really talk to him much though." Then in regards to Sabertooth, Robyn nods. "Yeah, the real Sabertooth. He got Jono and Chezlie pretty good but he was scary. He seemed like he was just there to make a scene at the shoe store, I just hung back and didn't do much since Professor X was telling us to hang back and he doens't seem like a guy you disobey."

James grins, "Wow…that's kinda cool. About the teacher…you know." Of course! Now it's his turn to inspect his clothing…then Robyn's. "I hear there's some African kid running around. I've been waiting to see who he is so I can start jumping out from darkened rooms and stuff. Should be 'great' fun."

"I think I met him, I don't remember his name though. He's really tall though." Robyn says with a slight smile. "He seems really naive too, like he doesn't know much about American culture." He knows James is gonna have way too much fun with that kid. "Though I think I'm gonna be on my way James, I'm gonna go find something to eat then sleep." He stands up and leans down to give his friend a hug before he wanders off.

James gives Robyn a tight snug, "Alright. I'll come find you as soon as I know about the mall. See ya, and have a good night."

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