2010-02-07: Shoplifting. All the cool kids are doing it...?


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Summary: Proof is found of why TV is a bad influence.

Date: February 7th 2010

Shoplifting. All the cool kids are doing it…?

Rating: Log Rating. [ PG ]

Westchester - Salem Center Mall

On the far end of the Food Court lays the long, wide hallway of the Mall. Oversized skylights let the sunlight pour in during the day, while the florescent bulbs light the Mall at night. This hall has a number of kiosks, selling anything from cheap jewelry to car stickers to on-the-spot portraits, along with them come a number of benches and let's not forget the store fronts calling out to the consumers with their bright lights and attention-drawing displays.

Having heard of an impending mall trip while on a morning wander Chloe figured she'd tag along. After all for her it feels like a good month or more since she last hit the malls. She seems so caught up in the exciment of it all that she perhaps has forgotten not everyone has as much energy to burn… "So which shop do we hit first? I say we go here, there and then grab some snacks. Before finishing up in the music store, less chance they'll sell out compared with clothing stores and all."

According to the TV show Mikhail watched this morning the clothes he has are now unacceptable so hes come to the Salem Center in search of new ones, today hes dressed in dark grey jeans, a dark green t-shirt, a light brown jacket with two darker brown strips on the elbows and shoulders, a wood bead necklace (like the ones surfers wear), white and green sneakers, his dyed blond hair is gelled into spikes, and he is wearing blue contact lenses. Some girl called Chloe wanted to come along, so hes with her, its an odd expirience as hes never really hung out with a girl before.

"I don't suppose you know anyone who happens to be good with computers do you?" Chloe wonders, glancing at Mikhail. "Only I got talking with Heather and came up with this amazingly good idea. Well maybe not amazingly good, but probably funny. Trouble is neither of us are experts with setting up websites." Given the number of people around her speech is just about slow enough to pass for a normal persons, albeit an excessively hyperactive one. Although she does appear to be bounding around like a Labrador puppy…

Mikhail shakes his head, "No, sorry i dont know anyone whos good with computors", thats an odd question to ask, and what on earth is a website, he watches Chloe bounce around, "Urrrm, do you eat alot of sugar?", she moves around more than he does and hes constantly full of energy.

Chloe shrugs. "I eat a lot of everything," she says with a sigh. "It's rather embarrasing being a girl and all. Do people from our school come to the mall a lot? Or is it only every month or so?"

July steps into the mall to see if there's anything intersting now. She smiles, finding it quite nice to be able to walk around without fear of losing concentration and melting, now that she's properly trained. "Mmm… I heard Chloe came here.. I wonder if I can meet her?"

Mikhail raises an eyebrow, "whats wrong with eating alot?", he eats loads and hes fine, he shrugs, "I'm not sure how often people from school come here, but i go here every other day now".

Chloe isn't especially hard to spot, given her bright red dress and constant motion. Thankfully the mall is bull free or else chaos would ensue. "It's not ladylike? And wow… Why'd you need to come to the mall so often? Is there someone you like who works here?"

July figures she'd meet Chloe at the food court, and she smiles, "Hi, Chloe. Mikhail." she says, waving as she approaches the two, walking into the food court. "I figured I'd meet you here, Chloe."

Mikhail looks confused, "What is ladylike?", then shrugs, "I dont know anyone who works here i just need clothes", hes having trouble keeping up with what TV is telling him to wear, he nods his head at July, "Hey July".

"You need new clothes every other day?" Chloe wonders, her eyes turbo blinking. "And I'm not that bad July! We're just deciding were to go first. Oh you don't know any web designer types do you? Only I finally ran into Heather and we came up with this idea…"

July blinks gently, "Web designer?" she asks, moving to sit with Mikhail and Chloe. "What's your idea?" she asks, smiling, a little bit curious about it.

Mikhail nodes, "Yes i do need new clothes every other day, i have to to keep up".

Chloe tilts her head at Mikhail. "With who?" she wonders. "Oh the idea is a 'fast-world' dating site. So people with our mutual affliction can track each other down. Silly huh? But it seems like a fun way to kill time."

July arches one eyebrow at that, but chuckles softly, "Well, it sounds interesting." she nods gently, but then she looks at Mikhail. "You need new clothes every day? What's wrong with washing what you have and using them again?"

Mikhail nods, "I need new ones every day to keep up with the fashion thing they keep going on ablut on TV", he looks round at Chloe, "Whats dating?"

Chloe chokes on whatever she was about to say. "I… Erm… Ask your squad leader? Unless you want to field that one July?" She pauses, fighting the urge to burst out laughing. "Why do you need to keep up with fashion so much? No-one else is and they've still seen the same stuff on tv."

July blushes and clears her throat, "Erm… you might want to ask him, yeah." she says, clearing her throat again, "Anyways, uh, Mikhail, you don't need to buy everything you see on TV. Just get what you feel comfortable in and stick with it."

Mikhail raises an eyebrow at Chloe, "Whats so funny?", he cant think of anything he might of said that could be seen as amuzing, "Im using TV as a guide on how to act more human".

"Ahhh," Chloe says, as if this explained everything. "You shouldn't listen to the TV. The people you see on it aren't real and don't make very good role models. Anyway lets wander towards a store, I've been standing still for practically /minutes/."

July ah's as well when Mikhail explains, and she smiles, "Yeah, Chloe's right. Come on, let's head into a book store." she says, "There we can buy a few books for you to read that will give you a better insight at 'acting human' than TV ever will." she says, nodding.

Mikhail nods, "Ok, i'll get a book, but then we need to go to a clothes shop", reading he can do, as long as the words arn't to long ofcourse, and that they are in normal english not that shakespeare stuff.

"Any stores aside from a book shop that you'd like to visit July?" Chloe wonders, standing on her tip toes to try locate a book store. "I could do with hitting the cd shop and some clothing stores. But apart from that I'm just wanting to get a feel for the place, scope out the sights."

July shrugs gently, smiling, "Not sure, really. First let's hit the bookstore to get Mikhail some books, then I'll think if I want to go elsewhere." she says, smiling, and then looks up to Mikhail, "And then we're going to a clothes store for Chloe, not you, my friend. You don't need to buy more clothes, unless the ones you already own are ruined."

Mikhail sulks, "Aww, why?, i neeeeeeeeeeeeed them", the lady on the fashion channel is gonna be so dissappointed in him.

"I… I'm at a loss for things to say," Chloe admits, shaking her head. "And I thought it was strange when I heard about how many boys to girls we have… How are you actually paying for the clothes? Is your family ultra rich or something?"

Mikhail shakes his head, "I dont have a family, so i dont know if they're ultra rich or not", he looks away when Chloe asks how hes paying for everything, "I, er borrowed it".

"The money or the clothing?" Chloe asks cautiously. "Either way I'm not sure I'm going to like the answer…"

July smiles to Mikhail, "Listen, man. You can't go buying everything new every day. We'll get you something, but you gotta stop giving credit to everything you see on TV." she says, smiling, "That ok?"

Mikhail shrugs, "Both", then nods at July, "Thats ok i guess".

Chloe glances at July. "Can we pretend we're unaware of the shoplifting and stealing things? I'm honestly not sure I know who we should tell to sort the problem out. Plus it's a depressing topic and hey are those giant cookies?" She pauses to buy herself an immense cookie from a cookie stand.

July arches one eyebrow at Chloe's sudden subject derailing, "Uh, ya." she sighs softly, "I'll pay for it, today." she says, glancing sideways to Mikhail and frowning a little bit. "But if you don't have the money, Mikhail, even the more reason to NOT buy everything you see on TV, y'know? Just… stop what you used to do, ok?"

Mikhail shrugs, "Im only borrowing them, i'll give them back when i dont need them", the cookies dont interest him as he cant eat chocolate anyway.

"Wow this is pretty good," Chloe decides, chewing her way through her cookie. "Better than the mall stores near where I lived back home. What sort of books do you think would be best?"

July chuckles softly at Chloe. "Glad you like them. And let's buy a novel for Mikhail… and maybe some self-help books?" she shrugs softly, before looking at Mikhail and sighing softly, "Listen, man. Shops don't 'lend' stuff. They sell. 'Borrowing' from them, means stealing, which is bad, even if you return the items, used. Which would make them useless for selling."

Mikhail nods and tugs at his jacket, "So should i give this back or not?", he is extremly confused he thought that borrowing and stealing were different.

"Can we pull the squad leader trick again?" Chloe wonders innocently. "Speaking of squads, which're you both in? I think I've got the one with the yellow uniforms. So at least it'll go with my hair colour… Although it's hardly discreet…"

July sighs softly, "Let's go back to the store you got this from, Mikhail, and I'll pay for those. Just… please, it's only borrowing if the owners consent to it." she says softly. She then looks at Chloe. "Oh? I'm with the New Mutants, blue and white. But I'll be leaving soon."

Mikhail nods, "Ok, the jacket was $300, the jeans were $150, t-shirt was $60, socks $5, underwear was $15 and the sneakers were $72", he turns to Chloe, "Im on Alpha Squadron".

"You've been stealing thousands of dollars worth of clothing and haven't got caught?" Chloe can't help but sound a tiny bit impressed. "Are you in your final year now July? I figured you were older than me, but couldn't be sure how much. Not when everyone at school is well.. yah know."

July blinks heavily at that, shocked, "Gods… you HAVE to stop doing that, man. You'll get in jail real quick." she sighs, and pinches the bridge of her nose, "Ok ok… Were you spotted while doing any… 'borrowing'? Would anyone inside the stores here recognize you?"

Mikhail grins slightly at Chloe's tone, "Nope i havn't been caught", he gets a look on his face similar to the look a child has when they're told of at July's words, "No i wasnt spotted, i dont think i could be recognised, no one saw me take anything".

Chloe sighs. "Think about it this way," she says between nibbles of cookie. "If you /do/ get caught they'll figure out where you're from and that you're a mutant. Then the school could be exposed and that would be bad, right?" She makes sure to whisper the M word.

July sighs, "Not just that, you'll go to jail. So, let's just head to the bookstore, and get those books that Mikhail here sorely needs…"

Mikhail looks down, "Sorry, i didn't know", he walks in the direction of the bookstore July wants to go to, he didn't think he was doing anything wrong but apparently he was.

"Well I'm glad we've got all that worked out," Chloe declares, trying her hardest to walk at a normal pace. "I might get myself a teach yourself web design book or two. That way even if I can't find anyone to help with the grand scheme I'll be able to at least try."

July heads into the bookstore as well, "We could also buy Mikhail a book about etiquette. What do you think, Chloe?" She asks, smiling a bit before looking at Mikhail, "Would you read those books if we bought you some, Mikhail?"

Mikhail nods, "Yeah, i'd read them", he probably wont be able to do much more than read if July or Chloe tell any teachers about this.

"Sounds like it couldn't hurt," Chloe agrees, nodding eagerly. "I wonder if the school has anyone able to write programs too. I need something which can properly scale an mp3 up to my sort of speeds without ruining the quality."

July chuckles softly, "I'm pretty sure there's quite a lot of computer geniuses at school, able to do that." she nods, before going to check on the books, "I'll go see if I can find any good books."

"What're you planning on doing once you graduate then July?" Chloe asks curiously, following along and pulling books out at random. "College? Or finding yourself a job?"

July hmms softly, "I need a college degree. Most likely going for Chemistry." she says as she browses the book shelves with her eyes, "I'll worry about jobs later."

Chloe hmmms. "You must be pretty smart if you're thinking of doing something so difficult," she decides. "It wasn't until I spoke with Heather that I realised by the time I'm finishing high school it'll have taken me eighteen years worth of subjective time. Crazy huh?"

July chuckles gently, "I guess." she say with a smile, "But, if you take it from the right angle, all degrees in an university are hard." she says, nodding softly.

"Planning on studying from the mansion? Or getting yourself a place in the city?" Chloe wonders curiously, hunting through assorted books. "Web design, web design, I wonder where it is…"

Mikhail is looking at the books when his head snaps to one side and he growls, "I…I have to go, bye", he runs out of the shop at inhuman speed.

July smiles, "I have to move out, unfortunately, since the mansion isn't infinite, and new students keep coming." she says softly, reaching a book on a tall shelf, using only a tiny bit of stretching to not make it obvious. "As for Web Design, here you go." she says, handing the book she just got to Chloe.

Chloe begins ever so carefully flicking through the pages. "I wonder what was up with him? I mean aside from… Not everyone at school is quite so strange are they? Not that strange is bad… Just…"

July giggles softly, "Someone so fast as you are, need to learn to stop sometimes, y'know?" she winks to Chloe softly as she picks up another book, this one about etiquette. "And, well, Mikhail seems to be the odd cookie in the platter there." she shrugs, "He doesn't seem to be a bad guy, just… misguided. Or, not guided at all."

"Was he raised by wolves?" Chloe asks, giggling. "And I stop all the time. It's just that I only stop for a sixth of the time… Besides you should have seen me first thing this morning, I was so tired I was practically normal speed. Serves me right for staying up all night thinking."

July chuckles softly, shaking her head softly at that, "Why would you even be awake the whole night? what were you doing?" she asks, smiling.

Chloe shrugs. "I was hyper excited by having normal conversations with people. Twice in one day after going most of two whole weeks? It was bliss. Plus there was a lot to think about in terms of the weird ways everyone has changed."

July chuckles gently at that, "I see. But I thought you'd be done with thinking in a matter of minutes, considering your speed?" She asks, smiling as she picks up another book, "Alright, three should be good for him." she nods.

"I had a lot to think about. Like for example I was thinking of what tricks a squad with two fast-worlders on it could do," Chloe replies in between skim reading. "And if I should study really hard and get amazing grades or just coast the entire time and end up with a grade fitting for my ability."

July smiles, "I'm going to ask you a simple question, Chloe:" she asks, nodding gently, "Would you be able to live without regrets, knowing you could have gotten better grades had you decided to study for them?"

Chloe blinks a few times. "That depends what else I spent the time doing? I mean if I'd had plenty of fun and enjoyed myself, what does it matter if I got an okay grade or top of the class?"

July smiles, "Accomplishments." she says softly as she heads to the counter to pay for the books. "Y'know, it also gets easier to get in college with better grades, and college gets easier if you do learn what you're taught in school." she nods.

Chloe pauses to grab a few more books before getting in line behind July. "Well I suppose I don't have any reason not to do well on tests," she admits. "I'll still have plenty of time for other things. Like learning chess and becoming world speed chess champion."

July grins softly, "See?" she says, smiling, "And you will feel better with yourself." she nods gently, "Not like you can't do it fast, since you don't have the speed of a turtle." she winks.

"I'll see how things work out anyway. I've got plenty of time to decide, even if I take an entire week," Chloe says cheerfully, shifting her balance from one foot to the other. "I think once I've got an idea of how far my allowance will go I might stock up on teach yourself languages books. Just as a hobby."

July grins softly at that as she pays for the books with her card, "Just be careful to not overload your brain." she giggles softly, winking to her friend, "By the way, give me your books, lemme pay."

Chloe shakes her head. "No I couldn't possibly let you!" she protests, "I've got plenty of money from my folks to set myself up with school books and stuff. Along with light reading and anything else I might need… Like spare socks. You wouldn't believe how quickly I ruin socks."

July smiles, "Alright." she says, and pays for her own books, "It's just that my parents give me a high allowance, so I can afford giving people some gifts." she says, nodding gently.

"Thank you for the offer though!" Chloe adds quickly, waiting for her own books to be totalled up. "It's enough that you're spending money helping out.. Mikhail? That is his name right?"

July nods, smiling, "Ya, that's his name. Russian, I think." she shrugs, smiling, "Or at least son of Russians. Anyways, think about getting a bite now?" she asks, grinning a bit.

"I could maybe check out the local hot dogs," Chloe decides, paying for her stuff and pouting slightly. "But only if you're hungry and erm not a vegetarian?"

July grins softly, "I can eat anytime." she pats her belly, "Remember? Can't get fat." she winks, and nods to that before leaving the store, "Come on, let's hit the hot dog store!"

Chloe collects her bag of books and skips along after. "I wonder if they'll be anything like the ones at home. Probably not, but I guess there is probably another kind of awesome junkfood here. It /is/ New York after all… Perhaps cheesecake?"

July giggles, "Cheesecake, hot dogs, hamburgers… you name it!" she grins as she dodges the mall's clients as she heads for the food court, quickly claiming one empty table as her own, "Here, got this one for us." she grins.

"Huzzah!" Chloe exclaims, weaving through the crowds without any trouble. "Pizza I think is also on the list right? I might swap to them as my new treat of choice, because I get the feeling hotdogs will make me homesick if I have them too often."

July grins softly, "Pizza too." she nods, smiling, "Go on, go take your pick in the food court, I'll wait here to guard our table." she nods, smiling.

Chloe wastes no time in collecting herself a tray full of treats. Including an entire cheesecake, two hotdogs and a pizza… "I picked up enough for you to have some stuff too. If you want? Otherwise this should tide me over until this evening."

July chuckles softly, "You can keep it." she then looks at our clock, "Shall we head back home, then? I'll get something off the fridge back at school." she nods gently.

Chloe shrugs, already well into consuming her mountain of food. "Sure thing. I can save the clothes shopping for later," she decides. "Which is for the best just incase any hyper alert security guards saw who we were with and assumed the worst."

July nods softly, "Yeah." she says, "I just hope he doesn't get into any more trouble now." she says softly, frowning slightly before sighing, and then standing up. "Shall we?" she asks, picking up her bag.

"Uhuh," Chloe answers with a mouth full of the second hotdog, quickly cramming the box of cheesecake into her bag for eating on the drive back. "Lead the way!" She declares scooping up her pizza for eating on the run.

July chuckles softly, "Alright, alright, let's go." she says, giggling softly, and goes to lead the food-addicted speedster.

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