2011-03-20: Shopping, Music, And Salvation


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Summary: Sophie and Fiona meet again, and talk about things; music, parents, and religion.

Log Title: Shopping, Music, and Salvation

Rating: G

Westchester - Salem Center

The parking lot that serves Salem Center is expansive. The mall building being the largest in the area, most of the traffic is aimed for there. However, there are a number of independent buildings along the edges of the parking lot and across the street. Benches dot the sidewalks that line the buildings, along with trash cans, bushes, trees and lamps. There is a large archway that leads to the mall entrance.


It's mid afternoon in the mall, and it's the middle of a pretty normal day of shopping. A few students from Xavier's are about, hanging around and generally being mall rats. The blind girl, Sophie, is out and about on her own, split off from the main group as she often is in the mall. She's dressed in a light blue blouse and a grey, full length skirt; and a soft glow is visible from her chest, overtop of which her crucifix rests. She's just emerging from a pawn shop, of all places; her cane taps the way in front of her, and she carries something wrapped up in brown paper. It would seem that she's just bought something.

Fiona is suspiciously out this way again, even if she doesn't live out here! Oh well though, it's good to get out of the city, right? She too, is by herself; wandering along with her a tattered black backpack slung over one shoulder. Surveying the area as she steps out of a shop, she quickly spots Sophie; she's rather hard to miss! "Sophie! Hey!" she waves; and then feels somewhat silly for doing so, with the realization that it would go unseen.

Sophie tilts her head, and comes to a halt as she hears her name. Her eyebrow rises, and she sweeps her cane in a quick circle around herself, pausing only to flick some discarded paper cup out of the way. "…Senorita Fiona, yes?" She holds her cane in front of her, and returns to gazing forwards. "Please Senorita, where are you? It is difficult to place you amongst all this noise. Are you in front of me?"

Fiona trots on over to Sophie, angling herself so as to get in front of her; it's a little bit difficult when Sophie's twirling around like that! "Now I am! We're cool. You should get one of those dogs or something!"

Sophie laughs, "A dog, Senorita? Oh, no. Not for me, I think. I am fond enough of dogs, but truly, I prefer the use of my cane, si? it has always done quite well for me." She transfers her wrapped package, something long and narrow, to hold in the same hand as her cane. "What brings you to the mall this afternoon, Senorita Fiona?"

"Aw," Fiona shrugs, "I guess the cane works out! Anyway, I dunno. Just bored, I guess. Westchester's pretty nice. Not a lot of really great hangout spots like this in my neighborhood, I guess," she trails off - more than likely she didn't want to run into other kids from her own school, even. "What about you? Whatcha got there?"

Sophie cannot manage to contain a grin. "This?" she asks, patting the wrapped package. "It is a flute, Senorita Fiona. I have been looking for one since I arrived in America, si? And finally I have found one; it is second hand, and I shall have to work to clean it up a bit, but it shall serve." She pauses, and taps her lips. "Now, the next challenge will be to find sheet music… in braille. But one thing at a time." She brushes her hair back out of her face as she chuckles softly. "Which neighborhood are you from, hmm? And what is it like there?"

"Eh, we have an apartment in Manhattan. It's really nice, but sorta… smallish, I mean. There's really not a ton of open space. I like it, don't get me wrong, but sometimes it's nice to get a little bit of breathing room, I guess," Fiona nods. "You can play that? That's cool. I can play the piano! Sort of, anyway. My mom makes me take lessons." She grins a little bit, "She says it'll be important for when I wanna get into college or something."

The blind girl nods her head slowly. "Si, I can play," she replies. "Learning new pieces takes dedication, because I must memorize anything I wish to play; I cannot read braille and play at the same time, as you can understand." Sophie giggles softly, and flashes her teeth as she smiles. "Your mother is right to encourage you," she adds. "Playing the piano is a fine thing, Senorita Fiona. And you never know when being able to do so might benefit you, si?"

"But some of the greatest musicians in the world have been blind. Do you ever think your other senses might be stronger? I hear people say that a lot…" Fiona nods, "Yeah, I suppose! I practice it almost every day. It's, well, mandatory! I play mostly classical though. I'd rather play something more exciting… I'm not sure what, though!" she yawns, stretching, "Anyway, Mom says it'll look good on the college application, and I'll appreciate it when I'm older."

"My other senses? They are already sharper, Senorita. I can hear much better than I could before; and I have well learned how to listen, also." Sophie shifts her free hand to rest on the top of her cane. "Practice is important, si? But so is having fun. There are music stores around; why not go and find the music for a few songs you want to play, simply for the fun of it?"

"Hm… I never really thought about doing that. I guess, I thought, if I did that then she'd win," Fiona giggles a little bit, "But I suppose that doesn't really matter. I will try that! So it is true, anyway!" She leans back against a conveniently placed concrete pillar for a moment, crossing her arms across her chest, "See, I mean, we had a big argument about it. I kinda wanted guitar lessons, or drum lessons! But she didn't want me to do that. On the other hand, it has sorta grown on me. Some. I'm kinda mixed about it…"

Sophie ahhs softly. "I understand," she replies. "But Senorita; perhaps you should consider thinking of it differently, si? If you buy music for something that you enjoy and it pleases you to play it, then are you not 'winning', and making your mother happy all at once?" She smiles pleasantly, and sweeps her cane around herself before returning to her still, calm position. "I suggest that you are fortunate, at any rate. Not all of us are lucky enough to be raised by our proper parents."

"Well, given that she's never ever at home, I guess that's debatable, but…" Fiona sounds like a pretty typical teenager, "She means well, though. But my brother pretty much does all the day to day work. I help out as much as I can! Ugh…" she shakes her head, "Forget it, I don't even wanna get into any of that! So, your parents are gone, I take it? Who do you live with then?"

Sophie perks an eyebrow, and shakes her head. "I do not think 'gone' is necessarily the right term," she replies, gently. "Though I have never known who my father is. It was decided by the state that my sister and I should not be raised by our mother, so we were instead brought up at an orphanage, run by a convent. That is, at least until I came to be here in America; until a little over a month ago, I lived in Santa Margarita, in Spain. Now I live at the Xavier Institute, just outside Westchester, which is where I also go to school."

"Oh! So it's like… a boarding school? That seems kinda weird though, that they'd send you all this way, I'm sure they have boarding schools in Spain, right?" Fiona seems curious - something about 'Xavier' sounds rather familiar, but she has no idea where she might have heard it or what it is.

The blind girl shrugs her shoulders, and her cane taps softly as it returns to the ground. "Perhaps," Sophie replies. "I am sure there are, but the Mother Superior had her reasons; she always does, and I have learned to trust in her wisdom. And in any case… it is a good chance to practice my English, si?" She giggles, and lifts her left hand to hide her mouth for a moment, before dropping down to rest at the base of her throat. "I am starting to catch myself thinking in English instead of Spanish, from time to time. It feels strange whenever I realize it."

"Huh? Oh… I never have even thought about thinking in different languages. I don't really know any besides English… and well, I'm not /that/ great at that!" laughs Fiona, "Do you like it here?"

Sophie blushes softly, "I speak French and Latin as well," she murmurs. "And I am thinking I may learn German, as there is a teacher at Xavier's who teaches it." She smiles pelasantly, and brushes a lock of hair out of her face and behind her head, before her hand returns to the base of her throat. "I do," she adds. "America, it is a good place, so far; and I have met a lot of kind and generous people here."

Fiona bites her lip, "Wow! That's crazy. I took Spanish for a semester or so and I was totally awful at it. Besides stuff everyone knows. Xavier's sounds like a pretty cool place. Although, I dunno if I'd like a boarding school. I like having my own room and everything."

"If we all liked the same things, life would be boring, si? And there would be no fun in meeting new people; they would all be the same." She clasps her hands around her cane and wrapped up flute. "What do you intend to study in college, Senorita? If you do not mind the question."

"Oh… well, I haven't really thought about it. I do WANT to go to college, but… I'm not sure it's gonna happen, I mean there's a lot of /stuff,/ with the magic and all…" Fiona rubs the back of her neck, "Depending. But, I was thinking maybe history or psychology or something."

Sophie bobs her head, and tilts her gaze downwards; if she could see, she would likely be looking at Fiona's belly. "All choices you will have to make," seh murmurs, "And be happy with the outcome; or at least be able to live with the outcome, si? And it is often hard to foresee the future, and know the right choice. I will pray for you, Senorita Fiona, if you will permit it, that you might find your way."

"I'd like that, a lot," Fiona eyes the crucifix hanging from Sophie's neck, "It would really mean a lot to me, honestly. I don't pray, myself, I mean…" she skirts the real issue there; last time she just blurted it out the results were not so great. She's not going to make that mistake again! "Ugh, it's complicated."

Sophie ahhs softly in understanding. "Life often seems that way," she murmurs. "I can remember how difficult even simple tasks became when I lost my sight. But me praying for you while only take you so far, Senorita." She smiles pleasantly. "I do not normally go about preaching, but… if I may say this, God does not overlook anyone. You may always talk to God, and he will always listen and give you guidance, no matter how dark the world may seem, si? But you must be the one to ask."

"Well, I'll keep it in mind! Like I said, it's complicated. God's not the only one listening in," Fiona answer cryptically, starting to gather herself up a little bit as if to leave. "Oh! Do you have a cell phone? I was wondering if there was a way to get in touch…"

Sophie smiles wistfully. "The same is true for all of us," she murmurs. "But God is always the most important one who is listening; and his ear is always yours to speak to, Senorita." She taps her cane lightly around herself as she hears you moving. "A cell phone? I do." She tilts her head, and bites her bottom lip as she recalls her number, and gives it to Fiona. "And what is yours?" she asks, pulling her cellphone from a pocket in her skirt. "I had best program it in now, or I shall forget it."

Fiona rattles off her phone number, digging around in her pack for a short time to come out with her own phone, "This way, we'll have more than just God," she laughs a little bit.

Sophie grins, and nods with enthusiasm. "Just so," she agrees. "One can never have too many people to talk to, si?" She puts her phone away once more, and taps her cane about herself. "I should go and start working on this flute, Senorita Fiona. It has been a pleasure speaking with you."

Fiona nods, giving Sophie a little wave, "It's always nice talking to you! I feel like we have some kinda connection or something. But I should be getting home soon, too." She glances up at the skylight to the mall, noticing the sky is significantly more dark than it was when she first set out; time to hit the road before it gets /late/ and she's riding a subway train by herself or something.

~ Fin ~

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