2010-02-07: Should Have Stayed Home


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Summary: Jade arrives, James plays tour guide. Rashmi and Jono set things right.

Date: February 07, 2010

Log Title Should Have Stayed Home

Rating: PG-13.

Xavier Mansion - Various

Jade has been dropped off by her parents, who are presumably elsewhere, pouring over rules with a hapless attendant of the facility regarding papers, permissions and how their little girl would be treated. So, she wanders in her limited way, shrouded from head to foot in something like a burca, though where eyes would be, there are dark glasses. Her cane taps before her, feeling her way along the corridor. On her chest is a adhesive name tag that reads, understatedly: "Hello, I'm… Jade."

Sitting on the stone steps, James waits out part of his detention; his muzzle parked in his hands, elbows on his knees. He sighs, eyes darting about as the rest of the school spends their Sunday 'not' doing the type of chores he's been asked. He stretches out, turning his head towards the tap-tap-tap of a cane. He narrows his eyes a little, reading the ‘newbie’ tag on her…shroud, "Jade." He sounds that out and stands up, stretching again, a deviant’s smile cross his face, "Hello Jade, I'm your tour guide." His voice is a little scraggly, deep, and somewhat raw. Like the sound of someone one the receiving end of a throat infection.

Jade stops in her step as the voice announces her name. "He-hello," she calls, timid, her cane returning to the ground in front of her. "I did not know I had a tour guide assigned to me…. does that happen here?" The shroud shifts, a slim white hand all the skin that shows of the girl. She is short, and looks rather like a blue cotton ghost

James clears his throat, "Well…your name tag says Jade." He waggles something akin to a bunch of papers in his hands; the prop actually a class schedule, "It does today," he says all too cheerfully with a smile. "Now, Professor Summers has this whole thing planned out. But, between you and I, it's boring. So, being your official tour guide, I'll take you to all the places you actually need to know about." He flips through a few pages, "That is, unless you want me to show you ever water fountain and bathroom on the premises." He gives you a hard study and sniffs, "I don't mean to…be rude. But, can you see?"

Jade's fingers climb up her chest to feel the edges of the name tag. "Oh.. right. I forgot," shays the blue ghost. She hears the crinkle of paper, and nods along to what he is saying. "Oh.. oh. I don't think I want to get in trouble, sir," she holds up a hand. At his final question, she pauses a moment. "Not at the moment, sir."

James smiiiiiiiles toothfully, "So, you can't see me? Really? Hmmm!" He waves his hands around and sticks his tongue out for good measure, "Oh okay then, we'll take this slow and easy. My name is…Zack! So…just to get the obvious things out of the way—you know either know or just found out you're a mutant, and all that entails. Right?"

Jade can feel the air moving against the cloth and frowns under her shroud, stepping back. "I can tell that you are moving around, or waving, or something…. Mr. Zack," she says. Another pause. "I've been… different… for quite a while, sir. We only just found out about this place."
James responds, "Just dancing a little because it's cold out here. It 'is' January." So….lets go inside so I can start the tour." He bounds up to the front door and opens it, "This way, please." As you walk inside he continues, "So…have they told you if you're getting a room or a tent? And, do you know which section you'll be with yet? A, B, or C? Because, the latter makes all the difference. C level…they get special accommodations." He makes the sounds of disgust, "I assume since you're new, you're not a C level."

Jade follows the sound of your voice, cane clicking the way in a criss-cross path before her. She sniffs. "I smell something that smells almost like a wet dog," she mentions, nearing the door. "Are we allowed to keep pets here?" At his questions, she shakes her head. "They have not told me anything. I have to meet someone… I am not sure whom. I am not sure what level I would be, sir. Can you find out for me since you're my tour guide?"

"Well," James starts, "That also depends on why you're here." He flips through some pages of the “welcome packet,” looking at something that really isn't printed on the page, "See…either you're here to be a super hero or just to learn to control your power—or you're here because your parents just sent you to a foster home and they either have or have not told you." He waits for you to clear the doorframe, "Says ‘Foster’ here."

Jade makes a soft sound. "That's not true…" her cane clicks to the floor. "That's not true at all. There must be some mistake…" she reaches upwards, towards the sound of the paper being flipped. "I need to go to the office, sir, and clear this up right away!"

James clicks his tongue, "Oh, I'm sure it is a mistake…we're on a new computer system. And there have been a lot of…errors." He shrugs, and leads you down a hallway, "Office is this way." He flips through a few more random pages, “As far as the dog…that's the coat of shame you smell." He sighs heavily, "I…well…I failed my team so I have to wear the coat for the next few months." He stops and shakes his head and says, melodramatically, "It's horrible! See!…errr…feel!" He holds out his arm, "I…well…Just don't make anyone mad. I made people very mad."

"The coat of shame? How barbaric…." she murmurs, and makes a mental note as to not piss anyone off, lest she have to smell like something dead and washed, ever. "You failed your team… and they punish you by making you smell bad and give tours?" She reaches out, touching his arm and recoiling a little. "Ahh! It's fuzzy!"

James sighs, "Yeah…you've heard of the X-men. Well…you're going to hear a LOT about them. They live here—well, not far from here." He stops about halfway down the hall, "I had my own squad. The…X-Press Men. It was our job to go up against all the new threats so that they could decide if they were worth the trouble or not. Something to do with press, and making sure they always got a positive spin. It was me, The Blue Plate Special, and Mighty Mole. Some new guy named the Two-Toed Sloth was robbing a bank, so we were sent in."

Jade stops, her cane clattering a little. "What?" she asks, the shroud tilting to the side. She is silent, this being a little too much to believe. "I think… I want to go find my parents now…" she takes a step backwards. Obviously, she has wandered into crazyland.

James says, "Okay…they're bound to be with the headmaster. Lets…find an elevator. I'm still having trouble with my leg. It got broken in the battle. Other direction, please, Jade." He stays in step, still sounding kind, and he continues, "So…we're fighting this joke. And literally, he looks like a GIANT two-toed sloth. So we're like…ha! So, Blue Plate runs up to him, grabs him…and…seriously….the sloth ATE Blue Plate. All in one gulp! He was just…gone!!" He stops dead in his track, "And then…god…Mighty Mole goes in into this rage. And they grab one another. They both start yelling. Mole is like 'AGGGGGG!' Sloth is like 'Arrrrrr!' and them…POOF! Mole burst in flames…burned to a cinder right on the spot." He coughs a little, "God I miss them. Me…I dunno what happened next. I woke up in the schools med bay, was there for 2 weeeks, and just got out on Friday.

"Wait, I thought YOU were Blue Plate?" she asks the man, growing very nervous. Her cane is held protectively against her side. She shuffles along, tap tap against the floor, though reaches to cling to the wall in case she needs to… shuffle somewhere to escape. But then there are her eyes. Hm. Real contemplation dwells in her as she listens to his rambling story. "That's… incredible…"

Rashmi has arrived.

"No me? No..Blue Plate Special…that is…umm…that 'was' Dan. I'm…called…Self-Sequester Boy. I hide under the bed a lot. I don't really have much in the way of powers." He sighs heavily, "So, now I wear the coat of shame. I also have to eat in the C-level cafeteria. It's behind the horse stalls." He coughs a little, "It's…not so bad in the winter. Much worse in August." He stops for a second, "Take a right Jade, Elevator is down this way." He directs the woman, verbally, waiting patiently while she makes her way around sans eyesight, "I hear it might be the Danger Room for me next. If so…I'm leaving. It's the ultimate punishment for people that screw up."

Jade taps, the cane moving before her shrouded form. Careful viewers would note a fine tremble to the girl's shoulders, and a hand that fidgets with her garment, as if preparing to grab a handful and run…. somewhere. She goes right when she feels the corner with her cane's tip. "I.. I thought this place was for people with… ah….specialness," she says, her voice on the edge of hysteria. "I did not think it was for people with special problems!" She moves a little faster. Maybe she can outdistance the seeing man with the Coat of Shame smelling like so much wet dog. "Please… I think I'd just rather go home now, sir."

"Ja-a-a-ames," comes a voice from behind the hyena. It's a New York accent, tinted with something more musical, perhaps family across the Atlantic. "*What* are you doing to this poor girl?" Standing a few feet away from the door is Rashmi, arms crossed over her chest, red eyebrow quirked. The full force of the Glare of Infinite Patience, turned onto the girl's roommate.

"Sure!" he responds, "Just need to head upstairs to the Headmaster's office. Your parents are probably still filling out your paperwork. If nothing else, we can find out if you're in a room, or a tent—if you 'are' staying here. We're pretty full up. So…for some it's space heaters and the great outdoors." He sighs, "I'll probably end up there next." He pushes a button on the elevator access panel and patiently waits, "So…" his ears go sideways, "Ah…shi…Rashami….helllllloooooo!"

Jade hears another voice. "Oh, thank heavens," the girl breathes an almost visible sigh, sagging beneath her shroud. Covered from head to toe in blue cotton, only her hands and dark glasses signify her as anything human-ish. "I am sorry, miss, but I think I wandered into the hospital area… or something. He says he is the … uh… Self-Flaggelating Lad or something or something about Blue Plate Special and an epic battle and I think he's going to make me sleep in a tent and I am sure that I don't want to be in a tent or I'll freeze and he is saying he eats behind the stables and wears a coat of shame and he failed his team and I really just want to go HOME!!!"

Jonothon has arrived.

Rashmi blinks, looking from Jade to James, and back again. "Self-Fl… wh…?" Then the penny drops, and she rounds on her teammate. "What is the *matter* with you, James?! She's *completely new,* probably already scared as it is, and—*what* kind of stories have you been cooking up, anyway?! …Actually, no, forget it. You're going to start by apologizing, introducing yourself *properly,* and see how you can maybe fix some of the damage you've done." Shaking her head, she approaches the blue-shrouded girl, tone dropping to something much more gentle. "It's okay… I'm pretty sure everything that James told you has been a stack of lies. He just likes to have fun at peoples' expense, and, well… new. I'm Rashmi, by the way… What's your name?"

James keeps his ears sideways and shrinks a little, "Welll…I…and…errrr…" He takes the tirade well and nods about reintroducing himself. "Hello, my names is James and I'm a 7' tall hyena with teeth the size of your thumbs." He looks over at Rashmi, "See…that sounds so much better than what I was already saying!" He crosses his arms over his chest, fur ruffled in discontent, "and….m…rry." He looks over at Rashmi and quickly back over at Jade, "I'm…sorry."

Jade's voice is a small thing in her chest, and a hand reaches behind her to find the wall so she can press her back against it. "He said his name was Zack," she responds in a small squeak, listening to the verbal throw-down. Her shroud trembles slightly. She wears a name tag, the kind that is adhesive and utterly impersonal, stuck onto her shroud that says "Hello I'm: Jade". Her head shifts between Rashmi's voice and "James". "Are you one of his X-press Men?" she asks softly. "He said he had a team that went out and did some sort of spin thing." She doesn't know what to believe about the hyena and the 7 foot part. "Are you wearing the Coat of Shame permanently??" Still, she thinks home and a life in a closet sounds like a FINE idea right about now.

Emerging from the elevators on the end of Rashmi's rant is a thin man in black. Jonothon's wearing his costume today, which means he's looking semi formal in slacks, nice shirt, and a long coat. No spandex here. There he stands, trying to take all this in and figure it out. «…» X-press? Coat of shame? Um.. what? «What the bloody hell is going on here?» This 'voice' is strange in that you don't hear it with your ears, yet it's distinctly British. Rashmi is mad, James making a lame attempt at being apologetic, and the new girl is cowering. This doesn't make for a happy Jono.

Rashmi shoots another glare at James, shaking her head in disappointment. "…Okay," she says gently, "let's start at the top, then. I'm a student at the school. James… and yes his name is *James,* is a teammate of mine who is probably going to be in detention for life, if he keeps up." With a sigh, she rests a hand on a point of the shroud that looks like it could be a shoulder. "It's okay, Jade… Really. Let's find someone who can give you the *real* to—Oh!" she says, looking over her shoulder with the kind of delighted grin only a teacher who is about to read the riot act can merit, in a time like this, "Perfect. Jade, that voice you hear is Jonothon. He's a teacher here, and he can help a lot better than *some* people…"

James' ears go further back when Jono appears. His eyes give the man a 'oh-no. it's John Law!' look. The gig is most assuredly up. "Hi Jono," he says weakly, "I'm having fun at other's expense again." he says that as if it's perfectly expected. He looks over at Jade, "And yes…I wear the coat of shame 24x7" He nods deftly and springs away from Rashmi, expecting to be smacked.

A new voice enters the arena. Jade's head shifts back and forth to identify the direction, but she heard something that sounds like elevator doors. Maybe she can make a break for it. Her cane is held before her in two tight little hands and she makes a small, sharp sound. Rashmi touches her and she flinches a little. "I am supposed to be at a school, not the crazy farm!" she cries, though Rashmi's reason appeals to her, as she wants to believe… really, really, that someone is sane here. "James. Untrustworthy. I got that," she sniffs. As Jonothon is announced, she gathers her shroud in a hand and dips in a little curtsey. "Good day, sir. I am sorry I… ah…. I don't know what I am sorry for."

«Really.» The sarcasm in that is heavy as he fixes dark eyes on James. Don't care if you are seven feet tall. Jonothon still comes over and looks up with flames lurking in brown. A sure sign of his displeasure. Honestly, it must be comical to watch. Tall James being faced down by a skinny Brit. «I'll make you a coat of shame, trust me.» And he'll find a way to make you wear it too. Without pants. Watching Jade cringe isn't helping you, James. «You can call me Jono.» That to Jade, for all that there's still no direction to the voice. «You don't have to be sorry either. Seems like someone decided to take advantage of you on your first day. Good thing Rashmi found you.»

"It *is* a school," Rashmi says with wry amusement, letting Jono deal with James. "Only some of the kids are crazy. You just… had the awful luck to get introduced by the class clown. Here," she says, moving her hand to Jade's, tugging slightly in an offer to lead. "Let's sit down, and you can relax a little, okay…?"

James edges away, slowly, hoping that the attention is on the new face and not his. He straightens up as Jono addresses him, "Yes sir, sorry sir…Jono." No chance of escaping now. He puts the book he holds down on a table, a mere class schedule type of thing. Obviously a prop for mischief. "Sorry Jade," he says again, looking sheepishly in the direction of the blind girl. "Jono…I was actually in here looking for you when I came across Jade." He's hoping the clever-yet-truthful subject change works in his favor.

"I could have ran," Jade the shroud shows a little backbone. She stands a little straighter. "I could have done my thing and ran like hell. I was just about to when this lady came along, sir," she gestures towards Rashmi's voice. Much love for Rashmi, her new best friend. She allows herself to be lead… wherever, her hand white-knuckled on her cane. When they come near to James, the little blue ghost lashes out to smack him with her cane, just 'cause. "Bad!" After a moment, she looks back towards Jono. "Oh… Um. I think you are my advisor or something, sir. I remember hearing your name in the office…"

It's not saving you, James. Especially not as Jonothon turns out to be her advisor. A side-long look to James says that clearly. «Sure, we can talk about your detention time too.» If Jade weren't this scared he wouldn't be dealing out a punishment. Crooking a finger at James, he encourages the other to follow Rashmi and Jade. Jono's tone is far kinder to Jade. «That makes things easy then, gel. I'm sorry you felt you had to run your first day here. That's not normally what the school is like. «Just.. stop with the smacking. I'll give you detention with him you keep that up.» Hey, he's fair here. Not about to let James be abused too.

Eventually, the redhead leads Jade to a couch. "There… Well, we're glad you didn't… It's actually really nice here, most days." Once Jade has settled down, Rashmi follows suit, throwing a grateful look up at Jono for his timely arrival. "So! Where are you from?" Small talk, the universal distraction from horrible, mind-scarring trauma… at least that's the hope.

The 'yena cringes at hearing that he picked on of Chamber's girls to humor himself with. "Yes, Jono," James says in his 'hey remember, I'm still recently injured!' voice. He stands side by side with the advisor, head hung low, "I heard a few things last night that I'm not supposed to talk about. But, they're important enough that someone needs to know." He shoots an eye at Jono, "But, problem is, I promised I wouldn't say anything. And if I do, then the person who -really- needs help won't tell me again. And, well, it's 'really' important that I leave that channel open. At least until we figure something out."

"California. My Mom and Dad have a Natural Foods store…. by dad teaches at University," Jade mumbles, holding her cane. Though of course she wilts slightly at the admonishment. Hopefully she bruised something with the smack, at least. She scoots into the corner of the couch, protected on two sides. Her feet even touch the floor, bonus! She listens to James talk, being at least good with her ears if not with her eyes. She is silent a second as the information computes. "They're here somewhere, signing papers or something. I hope they get to see my tent before they leave, so they can tell me if it's nice."

What James has to say earns him Jonothon's full attention. Tent? Okay, this is weird! Still, he lets Rashmi distract the girl and lifts a hand to his own brow. «Mind a private talk?» Never one to initiate such things without permission. If James gives permission Jono links mentally with him. Their conversation is a private one unless James voices his side of it. «Then, shoot. What's up?» Jade will be able to hear Jono in some regards. He's hardly silent. Foot steps, clothing brushing against clothing, but he's lacking other aspects. Namely breathing and heart rate. No life signs here.

James nods and goes very quiet, keeping his eyes on Jono.

Rashmi's lips tighten. "No, Jade," she says, her gentle voice undercut by exasperation. "That was another of James' fibs. You'll have a room in the mansion, in the Girl's wing… They're really very nice, too, and you'll probably have a roommate to share it with. And if you need any help, don't worry, I'll be *just* down the hall. When you get settled in, I'll show you how far away my room is, okay?"

Jade waits for the guys to leave the room, even though they don't. There's the presence of the males, plus the smell of wet carpet that marks the Rug of Shame, or whatever it was. She leans in to Rashmi. "Are they leaving, or just pretending?" she whispers. "Oh good, a room! That will be excellent but ah… a roomate? Uh… uh… okay…" she chews the corner of her lip, shroud shifting slightly. "I'd like to be able to count the steps to your room. You have been so nice." She hesitates. "I don't have to eat behind the stables, do I?"

James continues to stay quiet.

«…We're still here, gel.» That to Jade about them having left. Jonothon's quickly picking up on that he's apparently difficult to detect. How weird is that! «We're talking privately is all.» Stables?! James gets such a look.

Rashmi drops her head into her hands at the question about the stables. If any can pick up on surface thoughts, hers run along the lines of «James, I'm going to skin you alive and *make* a Coat of Shame!!» "No," she sighs after a moment. "We have a perfectly nice cafeteria, and a kitchen in case you feel like a snack. Or just want to make something. Speaking of which… D'you like curry?"

"Oh yes, I love curry," she nods her head… and then she hesitates. "Cafeteria? Is there any… private dining? I.." and she pauses, darkened glasses flashing as she turns her head aside. "It might be better for everyone if I ate in my rooms…"

James almost laughs but regains composure and goes quiet again.

Jonothon lifts his hands as James almost laughs, but soon after shakes his head. Whatever they are saying is more serious than funny. Jono's soon frowning as he watches the girls talk.

Rashmi's brow furrows, head tilting to one side. "Um… I'm sorry if I'm prying, but… why? Is it to do with what you're wearing…?" The redhead's voice, gently puzzled, curious.

Inside her shroud, Jade swallows deeply. Her hands ring together, fingers sliding over each other. "Yes…. that's part of it," she nods, voice hesitant. "I have to take the shroud off to eat… and then people could see.." she drops her voice to a low whisper, pointedly at the other girl. "They could see what I *am*."

James hehs, looking over at Jade after finishing with Jono, "Jade, I'm a giant hyena. You'll do great." He leans against a wall, putting one bare foot…paw…thing on it.

Having finished his conversation with James, Jonothon turns back to the girls. «Heh.. gel, you can't be any worse than many of the other kids here. Or worse than myself.» The man with no lower face. There's the blob boy and the brain in a bubble.. no seriously, the school has some freaky kids at it. All NPCs, but freaky just the same. «You don't have to show anyone if you don't want, but you aren't alone here.» Which is the whole point.

Rashmi blinks sharply, lost for words for a moment—a rare thing, certainly, out of this redhead. "…Er," she whispers back, more out of respect for the girl's whisper than any attempt to shut the others out, "…Jono's right… What's to be scared of?"

Jade clucks her tongue beneath the blue. "Oh *sure* you're a giant hyena." Jade knows better than to believe that business. The guys are back into the conversation so she lifts her blind eyes towards them as well, following the position of the voices, though Jono's a bit… wavery. "I don't know about that, sir. I haven't ever seen anyone like me. I can't, really," she laughs a little, meant to be funny but suddenly figuring it sounded like a pity party. She clears her throat. "They said something about 'Hellions'. Is that bad?"

James falls a little silent, hoping the conversation do NOT go to the Danger Room.
«…Jade, he really is furry.» Jonothon assures the girl. «He looks like a hyena. We have a boy who is wolf-like too. One who's pink, another girl with faery wings.. I don't have a lower face, much less a heart and lungs. There really are people like you. You want to touch my face and see? It's not pretty, but I'll let you if that helps.» Moving over, he stands just out of arms reach. Not about to loom over her. «Hellions is the name of the squad you belong to. It's not bad, no. Students are divided up into teams to help them learn their powers. So that no one is alone.»

Rashmi nods softly. "One of my teammates is even made of water," she supplies. "And one of my friends? He's kind of like a person-shaped car." There's a slight shrug, and she falls silent as Jono continues. "I'm on the Paragons," she offers afterward. "We train every few days, in the Danger Room—um, which is actually a whole lot more fun than it sounds, really. It's like this really huge room that can make holograms of almost anything."

Jade is kinda dumstruck. One of the nice things about a shroud is that no one can see your stupid expressions when you have no words. "I'd…. I'd like to feel…" She reaches out with her hands towards her teacher, listening to the words. "Danger room," she says, the words ominous. "That's where you go when you're really bad." Yet another James holdover. Her fingers stretch, seeking confirmation of words.

James looks up at the ceiling at the mention of the Danger Room. He glances to the others, "So…is there time off for good behavior?" He breathes in deeply, ears moving forward, "I did just save the world?" He looks hopeful that someone will listen.

Jonothon reaches out and takes those hands in his own. Gloves that feel of leather meet Jade, but it's not an effort to stop her. No, instead the man sinks down to his knees before her so that she can feel what's left of his face. If allowed he guides hands to the material that clovers his lower face and opens the clasp at his jaw. A zipper sounds quietly, material pulled away, and psy-fire immediately spills out. The stuff has little substance, but there is sensation with it. Tangible and warm. Not true fire, it doesn't burn, but it is warm. Those watching can see the look of discomfort that Jono wears as he lets her touch. His face ends just under his nose.

A ragged, ruined edge of skin and then quite literally his spine. The psy-fire hides that fact from view, but not touch. For Jade alone there's also a sense of Jono's emotions. Determined to show, but uncomfortable. The psy-fire is what he truly is now, and it shares, albeit softly, his emotions when this close. «Doubt it.» That to James about either one.

Rashmi tilts her head at Jono's expression, the small smile given the Brit a wordless attempt at something like sympathetic gratitude; while she may not know how it feels, only a rock would be unaware of how uncomfortable this is for Jono, and how much it means that he even offered. "Just remember who told you that, Jade," she says quietly, shooting a frown at James.

"OOOOhhhhhhhhhh….." Jade's fingers spill into the psy-fire, twisting in the stuff that feels like psychic honey. It's the most interesting thing she has felt ever. She explores, aware of the discomfort, but her curiosity gets the better of her, and her fingertips rise to trace the edge of his face. "How do you eat, sir?" she has to ask, the question bursting into her mind before she can have a chance to stop herself. Then, fingertips brush spine and her fingers falter. "Is this possible…?" The words catch in her throat, and she gradually withdraws her fingers. Her hand stretches, flexing into a fist and knotting. "It felt like a soul…" she breathes in wonder. "People won't mind then," her words are thready, disbelieving. "I'll not be different than anyone…"

The hyena finds some other place to be, at least mentally, while Jono and Jade interact, eyes elsewhere. James looks over in time to catch Rashmi's glance. His ears shoot back a little, eyes darting away, point made. "Okay, okay, okay," he says putting his hands up in arrest, "I'll be nice…promise." He looks over at the junior team leader, hopeful that his word is still enough. "No," the hyena says, "You'll find that everyone here is normal. Honest."

«I don't.» Jonothon admits quietly of how he eats. «I can't breath, don't have a heart beat, and lack nearly all signs of life, yet clearly I live.» The psy-fire wanders as she explores, coiling around Jade's arms, and up and over Jono's own shoulders. It's agitated in its motions, but that's just another sign of his discomfort. And he so doesn't answer about it feeling like a soul. It does because it is. Jade was allowed to wrap herself in what the man is these days. Pulling back, settling on his heels to cover himself up, Jono none the less assures, «We're all broken here and learning to walk again, Jade. The only differences are on how each person is broken.» Yet everyone is.

Rashmi nods quietly, smiling at how poetically Jono's managed to phrase life at the Mansion. "You really will be, Jade," she says quietly. "That's one of the reasons that this place is so special… We can all just be who we are, here, instead of having to be afraid of it, you know? As James attempts honesty, the redhead sighs, patting the couch on the other side of her. "All right, James… you're trying. C'mon, sit."

Lucas has arrived.

Jade looks between the people… or would if she could see them. "I.. I actually can see," she confides softly, since it's all about sharing now. She has the lingering feeling of a presence as her hand tingles, like she walked in on a private conversation. "It's just dangerous for me to see…" her head turns to the sound of Rashmi, and she scootches farther into the corner, if it was possible.

"Very trying," James says with a toothful grin. He covers the short distance and sits next to his teammate on the couch arm, "Nothing personal Jade. I do this on a regular basis." He looks down at the new girl…then slyly over at Jono, "How about we bargain a little. I have an idea to make this detention a win-win?"

The psy-fire is soon gone again, locked away behind black. «No, detention. Maybe if you felt any guilt about it I'd bargain. You shared that, James, now you can deal with the consequences. Be glad I'm making it so light.» Oops. Guess you shared more than you realized there. Jonothon has no sympathy. Face hidden again, the man rises to his feet. «Dangerous how?» About Jade seeing. «Don't be ashamed, gel. It's really okay.» Oh the things he could tell about how dangerous he was, and still is.

Rashmi nods. "A lot of people have things like that to worry about… Even the Headmaster. But, if it's possible…?" Blinking, she looks up at Jono, head tilted. "D'you think Dr. McCoy might be able to help, Jono? I mean, if anyone could figure out how to help her see, wouldn't it be him?"

Lucas wanders into the lobby, wearing a pair of sweat shorts and a tight wifebeater that just makes him look even taller and thinner as it clings to his slender swimmer's chest. He has giant burgundy insulated gloves on each of his hands, and he is carrying a large bowl with a spoon in it, and the remnants of some milk and a few pieces of cereal. He's heading to the kitchen to return it, but pauses when he sees the others. "Super Bowl party?" he asks, clearly just being a smart ass.

Jade is a girl in a blue shroud sitting on the couch. She has dark glasses and a cane, and is sitting at the apex of conversation. "Dr Who?" she asks, turning her head back to Rashmi. She fidgets with her hands still, remembering the sensation of the psy-fire and still being nervous about all these strange people. Trust is a difficult thing when you need to rely on it for everyone.

James hmphs at Jono "I do…" Ya, now that he's in trouble for it, he does. But that's probably not the same thing Jono is looking for—so it's moot. He glowers, ears twisting sideways, "No one ever wants to hear my good ideas." Probably because they involve giant sloths and exploding, cape-wearing moles—as both Jade and Jono are witness to. He looks up at Lucas, "Hey roomie. No…no reason to watch. Colts had it in the bag before they took the field. They have Manning on their side. He's like…bigger than Jesus." So says the Hoosier Hyena.

«Not sure, but that's why the kids come here.» Jonothon says of Hank figuring something out. «Can't make any promises, Jade, but the staff will do their best to help.» Which is totally true. «Doctor McCoy.» That to Jade. «He's another teacher here. And he's furry.» Just another weird looking person here. His question unanswered, the man doesn't press the girl. Instead he looks to James, «Giant sloths and exploding, cape-wearing moles… I need brain bleach, James. Brain Bleach.» Really. Brows arch, but he only lifts a hand in greeting to Lucas.

Rashmi opens her mouth, presumably to scho Jono's statement, but as Lucas walks in, her mouth snaps shut with an audible *click* For a while, she's silent, her entire posture changing from gently encouraging, to rigid and stressed. "Um… sorry, Jade," she says with only a slight quaver in her voice, "I… have to talk to Lucas real quick… I, um… will you be okay now, d'you think?"
Lucas rolls his eyes at James, "Ya'll forget Ah'm from Tennessee. Manning's king." He glances at Jade, and then at Rashmi, who declares she needs to talk. He raises his brow, "Uh oh. Am Ah in trouble?" he asks, his soft southern drawl sounding almost cutely victimized.

"Furry…. okay. I have seen those on the internet," she nods her head, thinking of costumes and dances with lightsticks. "Doctor McCoy. Okay. I will remember," the shroud nods and to Rashmi's voice, she nods again. "Of course…." She listens to the new voice with the drawl… and a clinking bowl.

James smiles predatorily at Jade as Rashmi leaves, "Yeah, she'll be fine. We're all best buds now." He looks over at Jono, "What? Oh….The Blue Plate Special. Right…gotcha." He clears his voice, and distracts himself with Jade, trying to ignore the eyes he might think he feels on him. "So, Jade…what do you do," he asks as if interviewing.

Jonothon steps back to allow Rashmi room to pass. «I'll show Jade her room.» Don't worry, the girl will have her tent and get a meal behind the stables. Without either the tent or the stables of course. Looks like it will be better if she gets alone time anyway. «Want to go get settled in?» Offered to Jade.

Rashmi nods, rising from the couch, approaching Lucas in silence, face pinched with anger and hurt. Once she's gotten close enough to pitch her voice for only the two of them to hear, her brows draw down. "Yes, Lucas," she murmurs. "Yes, you are."
Lucas furrows his brow, "What?" He looks confused, but lets her pull him aside. "What'd Ah do this time?" he asks her.

"I thought you were the blue plate special?" Jade turns to James' voice. She fortunately doesn't have to answer the question that the fuzzy guy poses as her teacher asks her a question. She nods her head. "Yes, sir. I would like that." She gathers her cane, and her shroud. "No hard feelings, James." She holds out a hand to the hyena.

Rolling his eyes at James, Jonothon just knows it's going to be days before Jade has a true idea of what the school is like. It's as she's offering her hand to James that something occurs to the man. He eyes Jade in speculation, but doesn't say anything. Hmm! Really wonders now. Perhaps she will confirm, or deny, his idea later. For now he waits for the parting of ways, and ignores the couple.

The giant fuzzy takes her hand in his and gives it a shake, "No hard feelings." he gets out of the way and lets people pass whispering to himself, "Ahhh, yes..another disaster averted thanks to the sole survivor of the X-Press Men!" He sniggers to himself and props his head up with his hands.

Rashmi glances over her shoulder at the others, shaking her head. "…Not here," she says quietly to Lucas. "Get your coat. I'll meet you at the Pool." With that, she turns, walking back to the Girl's Wing and her dorm room.

Lucas frowns, "My coat!?!? Ah just had ice cream. It's COLD out…" He sighs. "Women…" He then heads for the elevator, to go back to his room. He glances at James, "Never date."

Lucas has left.
Rashmi has left.

Jade stiffens as the paw enwraps her hand. She wasn't expecting that. The cane's tip drops to the floor and and she stands to move along with Jono, willing to trust the man with no face more than the giant fuzzy X-press man. Mole inferno indeed.

James grins at his roommate, "Not an issue, my friend, not an issue." He looks happy enough just to sit there in his own private Idaho. "Moles…teeeheee!" James watches everyone split and considers his next maneuver!

As Jade moves over, the Brit offers her his arm. Come on, you two can go together. «Sorry today was such a shock for you, Jade. It's honestly not suppose to be like that.» Jonothon can only assure her for now. She'll find it out on her own as the days pass. Not that it gets any less weird truth be told. To the girl's dorm! «Any idea what room you're in?» That won't be hard to find out either.

Jade feels her way to find she is being offered an arm. How cordial. She curls her hand in the man's arm and tucks her cane under her arm. "I have no idea where I am to be, sir," she answers honestly. "And it's alright… better I know the kind of people I am going to be dealing with sooner rather than later, right?" She moves along.

With Jade not knowing, Jonothon reaches out to another of the X-men. Of course this isn't obvious at all, but it does give the man the answer he needs. «That's okay, I found out.» Yeah, while walking with her. «Jade, mind me asking what happens when you look at people?» Sure it's fanciful of him, but he's picturing a Medusa now. The way she covers up, that she can't see without being dangerous.. it's a neat image for the man.

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