2009-05-10: Show Of Force


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Summary: Force gets mad. FORCE SMASH! Heroes rush to stop it!

Date: May 10, 2009

Log Title: Show of Force

Rating: R

NYC - Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is the famous area of New York City where the tree is lit every Christmas. The famous statue of Atlas resides at Rockefeller center along with the ice skating rink, that the golden Prometheus stature over looks, during the colder months. Radio City Music Hall is located in Rockefeller Center where some of the biggest concerts are held.

So much for a pleasant and peaceful Mothers' Day in New York City! People were just going about their business, some rushing about to get last muinute gifts, others out with their mothers, and even more just taking in the warm weather. That was until a taxi came hurtling through the air and slammed right into the center of that ice rink. Thankfully, there were no ice skaters due to the warmth but there's a taxi there now. It's followed seconds later by a figure in a costume, mask hiding his face, crashing down on it from above. "RRRAAAAH!" the man exclaims, tearing the vehicle apart. People stare, others scream and run, and even more whip out phones for pictures and calls to the police. New Yorkers.

An asian woman sitting on one of the many benches that line the mall lifts her head from a magazine, which is clearly being held, upside-down, in in front of her face. Impacts make some of the most interesting vibrations indeed. The woman stands, pushing a gloved hand through her hair as she meanders through the scattering pedestrians.
Flapping her hands together, Blythe calls to the assailent, "Ooh nice entrance, and a stuck landing… but the 'rawr'… sounds like a gay lion. So you only get a 8.5 from me. Gay lions aren't cool."

The man in the wreckage…who very, very few might know as Force…looks up, crushing a surviving door with a punch. He looks over towards Blythe and his eyes narrow. "SHUT UP!" he roars, sending a hard gravity shove in the asian woman's direction. More people scream and the sounds of police sirens are heard. Ofcourse, the news gets there first, a reporter already trying to get the scoop.

It's difficult to describe what happens in the next instant, but like a bolder being cast into the water the air Itself ripples vertically outward as the gravity wave impacts an unseen sphere around the woman, distorting the air and refracting light as the wave glides around the empty eyed asian; sliding her back only slightly. Unfortunately the ripple continues around this pool of almost liquid air and although Blythe is perfectly fine; a slightly dissapated version is continues out the otherside and into whatever pedestrians were unfortunate enough to be behind her. "Oh, come ON now," the woman continues, "What good is an sport like 'car-pitching' without commentary." Something about her tone sounds serious, indeed.

Holding tightly onto July as Storm easily soars within the cloud cover that has formed if it hadn't already. The weather witch lowers to the ground and sets July down. "You will stay behind me at all times…" Ororo stands tall as she looks around, taking in the scene around her to gauge what, exactly, is going on. Moving forward with a purpose and determination that has given Ro her reputation for being one of the stronger members of the X-Men. Hoping that she is not the only Xer who's responding to the call, but capable of handling herself if she must.

Those near the news van might just hear her making her report. "This just in! Some kind of costumed, superpowered thug is rampaging through Rockefeller Center! He's already destroyed a taxi and attacked an innocent bystander. Police are on the way but this reporter must question if they'll be able to do much against this threat," she says, silently cheering at this all happening.

Force meanwhile has seemed to stop caring about Blythe, paying more attention to the police cruisers that have pulled up. "GET OUT OF MY WAY!" he demands, shooting forward and slamming a fist into the car. The officers dive out of the way as their vehicle crumples under a sudden increase in gravity on it.

July held tight for dear life on Ororo's arms while flying. First time flying, anyone? She's incredibly relieved once her feet reach solid ground, and she exhales in relief, "Ok." July nods to Ororo as she's asked to remain behind her. 'Oh, boy…first real action, and I without a codename… I knew I shouldn't leave that for later…" the girl mutters. As for an earlier question, yes, she has her costume with her, but it's under her clothes. She almost never goes around without it, for obvious reasons.

How long had it been since Storm had to handle such a situation. Her first priority was to keep the humans safe from harm. "July, stay back." Storm's eyes glow white as the clouds overhead grow dark as the figure of Ororo rises up off the ground. She couldn't utilize most of her powerful attacks without risking the human bystanders. "You will not be able to so easily push me out of your way!" Her voice was hard as stone as Storm puts herself between the humans and Force. Her feet just off the ground as she watches the man. Know thy enemy…she had to find out what the man's power was and gauge his abilities before doing anything.

Blythe watches Force's actions with interest. The car's collapse and the woman's lips twist into a customary crooked smirk.
"Ohh, pressure! Sir you make pretty pictures!" she calls to him as she hops onto the nearby stone barrier that surrounds the ice rink and strides along it, watching the chaos.

Hearing the distress call over the YA telecomm, Patriot is sadly the only one in the area that can respond to the scene. Shield in hand, he comes sliding down a fire escape and landing in the middle of the street. Looking around the area, he sees several figures, most he doesn't recognize except for Storm. He approaches her and asks, "What's going on?"

July has been told to remain away from Force, and she plans to do just that, but… she looks around, noticing a few people still terrified, unable to move from the shock, and she decides to help them. She runs toward those people, "Come on, let's get out of here, it's not safe!" She leaves the crimefighting to Storm right now, focusing on getting the civilians out of the way for now.

The scared people are rather startled by July, a few going with her and others staying put to try and watch the show.

Force takes a startled step back when Storm arrives, taking a few moments to stare at her. "Shut up!" he shoots back, picking up the smashed police cruiser and swinging it at Storm and Patriot like a club.

As the cruiser comes at him, he ducks underneath it and rolls out of the way. "All right, YOU must be the bad guy!" He takes his shield and slams it into his face. "Let's see how YOU like blunt force trauma!"

There are certain things that call out to others. To some, it's seeing someone in danger. To others, it's hearing a cry for help. For Finesse, however, what calls to him is the feelings of an irritated sibling. His twin. He had to get out of work, easy enough since his workplace is nearby and all the commotion is going on outside. Seeing his brother in such a state, he calmly walks away to change into the actual costume… a mirror image to Force's.

Her eyes still white as she floats a few inches. The winds of her power suddenly slam into the car as an opposing force to keep her an Patriot safe, "You will not harm any more of these innocent people. I will give you just this one chance to come with us peacefully and work out whatever troubles you may have." Ro cannot help but offer the slight olive branch. Of course, Patriot is already on the attack. Blinking as she sees another Force walking towards the scene. A bit at a loss at the confusion easily at hand. Were both a threat? She would not kill them, but she would put them down to save the innocents July was trying to usher away.

July did not notice Finesse. She was too busy ushering people away from the scene, helping whoever needs help, without giving out her abilities to anyone. For now, she's just a normal girl who arrived with Storm. "Come on, guys, let's get out of here, it's not safe!" she says to the few bystanders who insist in remaining behind to watch. She looks at Storm, and shields her eyes and looks away as the car is tossed against her, only to be blocked by a strong gust of wind.

Blythe sighs and shakes her head, and steps down off of the concrete wall, onto an unseen stairs, walking casually down to where cars and sheilds are being swung, and the floating woman generates strange vibrations on the air, at least to her eyes. "Can't you say anything else but shut up?" she tilts her head to the side, staying out of the way, but obviously still talking to force. What IS she doing here aside of holding a conversation at a really innopportune time.
She reaches into her coat and pulls out a flask and takes a swig.
"Drink?" she inquires of Force as though nothing else were happening.

"Shove off, kid," one overweight guy tells July when she tries to move him. Thankfully, the police have elected to provide crowd control instead of trying to fight the angry mutant man.

Force stumbles back, personal barrier protecting him from too much force. He'll be sore but he's there. The man looks Patriot over and then grins behind his mask. "You…I like," he half-growls. Meanwhile, the car is torn right in half, the already stressed metal giving way and smashing into the ground in two different directions. Force pretty much ignores Storm, reaching out towards Patriot slowly. He stops when Blythe gets his attention again. Eyes narrow and Force lifts an arm into the air. It's brought down hard and suddenly gravity begins to increase on Blythe and Patriot, slowly getting heavier and heavier in effort to force them to the ground.

Sighs softly, she would have to put the man out of commission. She watches Patriot's shield slam only slightly put Force a bit out of it. Her head falling back as she has to work quickly or else risk the lives of Force and the strange girl. Lightning streaking across the sky once, twice. It answers Storm's siren's call for it. It is a gamble, but the only way she can ensure Force being put down quickly, so she thinks. That thick, arcing beam of light jagging through the sky and aiming straight for Force. Her own force justified as he was harming innocents.

Patriot grits his teeth and frowns with effort as he starts to feel the effects. He manages a smirk. "Cute trick…" He Slams him again with full force. "Ineffective, but cute." Meanwhile, he starts to sag a bit under the effects as they start to force him down… not that Patriot id going to give the guy the satisfaction of collapsing. "That… all you got?"

Shaking his head softly. "FORCE." Finesse barks… very loudly, flying
into the air to look at his twin. "I know you're angry, I don'tknow why, but I know you are. This isn't how we handle things." He says, staring at his twin and sending as much calm as he can down the mental bond the twins share.

Finesse is seen and Storm holds up a hand as the bolt streaks away, leaving only the massive thunderclap in it's wake, but at least not electrocuting Force!

July blinks as apparently Finesse joins the fray, "Oh, boy…" she looks around, to the police now helping getting the few stray bystanders now, and to Ororo, who seems to be busy with the two twins, and she wonders what she can do now, for now hiding behind a corner.

The pressure increases as does the weight of the atmosphere and her own bodyweight relatively; the increaseing pressure means decidedly nothing to her and Blythe only just begins to notice. She looks around her as though there is some visible effect to see; for her, there is. The woman's face twitches, and starts to walk away; somehow managing to do so despite the force, further inspection would note her feet not touching the ground. "Fine then, I was just being nice." she waves a hand as though departing from a friend in a casual situation, "Later." With that she makes her way into the various pedestrians who part like a sea around her, and meanders off. How very strange.

The shield never reaches Force this time, smacking into something a few inches away from him that ripples like a rock thrown into a pond. Uncaring that Blythe is leaving, Force grins behind his mask, increasing pull on Patriot. "I have a lot of tricks!" he says, still mostly angry. Ofcourse, Storm's sudden display of power has Force looking up and his eyes going wide. "Oh sh-! he's cut off by his twin's yell and the bolt arcing away, blinking but continuing to try and force the Young Avenger to the ground. "But Finesse!" he protests. ~~I want this one~~ he transmits over their mental link, starting to calm down.

Storm's voice was easily heard, "Let him go and walk away from this or the next strike will not be cast off." She looks to Finesse with those strangely glowing eyes. "You are this man's twin, I implore you to bring peace to this situation or I shall be forced to. I would rather do this without anyone coming to any harm." The weather witch hovers easily within the sky, still between Force and the humans behind her. She will commend July later on her quick thinking to get the civilians out of harm's way, but the ordeal was not yet over.

"Do not try to whine with me. Calm yourself. You know this is not how you get your frustrations out. You find me and we find another more constructive way." Finesse says calmly. Of course, people don't know that their 'constructive way' is more along the lines of a way to earn them what THEY want together, and quietly. ~~I don't care what you want. Do you REALIZE what you've done? You've endangered OUR LIVES, Paul. You never NEVER start something without backup. Without me, or Kage, or someone behind you. Do you know what would happen if they took you? I'd have to break you out and then we'd have to go live with THEM instead of on our own like we do now. Do YOU want to live with the invisible transvestite?~~

Elijah grimaces with pain as he tries to stay on his feet, before finally bending one knee to the ground, then down to all fours. He keeps struggling to regain his feet, but it's becoming too difficult. He tries to look up and gauge the situation. He sees the other figure dressed similar to Force. "Great… he has a partner…" He crawls back, trying to get out of the gravity increased area.

July watches from behind the corner now, the policemen now getting the last remaining bystanders to safety, the ones that didn't want to follow July. "What do those guys can do… they're brothers?" She mutters softly to herself, watching Finesse more than Force, though.

Force stops increasing gravity on Patriot sagging slightly as disappointment takes over for anger. He shoots a glare Storm's way along with an unitential light shove of gravity when she speaks to Finesse but keeps quiet. ~~But I'd share…~~ he begind to say over the mental link only to stop at the thought of living with Kage. ~~NO! I wanna break that creepy thing!~~ he replies. Slowly, gravity's returning to normal around him.

Storm lets out a soft sigh. Normally, she would give them over to the law. However, that might spark another conflict as she watches them. She lowers herself to the ground and looks towards them again. Looking to Patriot as he seems to stop being pressed down by some unseen Force. She watches the exchange curiously so she'll be able to better report to Scott. Still…there was a connection here. They were communicating by the look of body language. Perhaps it would be time to seek out Addison after all.

Nodding, Finess finishes flying over to his brother and wraps his arms around the other man, pressing his facial mask against his brother's, emulating what would be something rather… inappropriate for twins, were they not masked. "Then calm down and lets go home." He says, moving to Force's side and sliding a hand down to his twin's lower back.

July looks at the two brothers silently communicating, and frowns a bit, not understanding. "What are they doing…?" She mutters, watching for now, but is releived as Patriot is now free, apparently. He doesn't seem to be older than she is!

Patriot finally stand up, looking at the situation. It's calmed down a bit, so he waits to see if there's anything more to be done. He sees the twins move to each other and he blinks. "OK, that's my cue…" He goes over to the police cruisers to see if they need any assistance.

The Police seem generally okay. One's being sent off to the hospital, arm broken when Force destroyed his cruiser. They're a bit surprised by what's going on but respond to Patriot and start asking for a statement. Meanwhile, the reporter is setting back up for another shot after running out of the way when the car was split in half.

Force responds to the gesture from Finesse in kind. "But what about the hero-guy? I wanna corrupt him…" he trails off, half-whine. ~~Can we stop for food on the way home? I'm hungry…~~

Popcorn, *munch munch munch* the cart nearby may have been suddenly closed, but the ones a couple blocks away werent, and going there and back doesn't take long, especially when people get out of your way.
Blythe settles on the short concrete wall nearby to watch but finds the bulk of the events already over. "Aw…" munch munch munch.

Patriot nods to the officer, and lets him know that he was late for most of the festivities. He gives a statement as much as he can before the inevitable arrival of more press.

Ro walks over to Patriot and about to ask him if he is alright as he walks to the police cruisers. He must be well, she turns to seek out July and sighs as the girl is hiding and Storm nods. Looking to the bystanders to see if anyone is harmed there that has not been seen to before she lets out a breath and nods again. It seemed that everything was…well, that was decidedly not normal, since it looked well like a kiss. Still, it would have to be added to her report to Scott. A hand held out to July.

"We can get food in a little bit. After we get home and get rid of the costumes. You've caused enough trouble today." Finesse says with a sigh as he links his own powers with his brothers, in order to magnify their own individual abilities.

Force links his powers as well, frowning a little. "Okay," he sighs, lifting into the air with his twin and flying off into the city. The police meanwhile are nice enough to provide interference with the media to give Patriot time to get away unharrassed if he wants it.

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