2010-06-17: Showstoppers


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Summary: Laura meets up with Edward, Domino and Deadpool are introduced into Edwards plan, an uncertain alliance is formed to face off against the Cult of Kalumai

Date: June 17, 2010

Log Title Showstoppers

Rating: R

NYC - White Castle

In the classic white building with fake turrets is a White Castle. One can get many small burgers for a small price. Open 24 hours, this little fast food restaurant is popular during late night hours for those just getting out of clubs. Plastic tables and chairs are bolted into the dingy floor and the florescent lights give everything that bright white glow reveling the true grit they try to hide.

Edward Perdurabo stared down at the newspaper, or more through it. His mind was not at all on what was 'current' or the crossword puzzle he kept drawing his eyes to, word association, something he constantly toyed with each letter in a word held meaning, ciphers, knowledge, attachments to numbers. His thoughts trail off on these as he looks up, relatively quiet tonight perhaps do to it being a Thursday, all those who were saving up energy and money for the weekend. Exhaling loudly he changes pages, just to make it appear as if he was doing something and to occupy his hands, his dark hair was slicked back over his head, shaven he looked more attractive, a high forehead with widows peaks that seemed to make him look more 'cultured' a pair of thin light glasses rested on his nose and he wore a sweater, slacks and dress shoes. Shaven he even appeared much younger than he had at the club, perhaps in his early 30's or possibly even late 20's. On the table in front of him was a cup of coffee and his cellphone

The White Castle had been easy to spot from a distance, and now Laura crossed the fairly quiet street towards it now with a purposeful set to her stride. She looked infinitely better then she had the previous evening. Clean finally, and sporting a snug dark charcoal gray tank top, black cargo pants that hugged her legs as she moved and her usual combat boots. Standing only a mere five feet one inches tall, her height gave her a young appearance. Though, the dark circles that ringed her eyes, and the hardened expression she almost always wore, was in direct conflict with her small, young looking stature. He looked different then he had the previous night, but Laura had no trouble spotting him. As she veered towards him, she cleared her throat quietly, stopping about two feet from where he sat. "Didn't think you'd actually show." she murmured as a greeting, her deep emerald gaze already studying him, watching his movements and his face, looking for any sudden changes in his demeanor.

Looking up Edward manages a quick smile, the paper in his hands being folded up and pushed aside as Laura enters and came up to his table, "Absolutely no reason I would avoid this meeting, you are after all my savior and a good deal of others, I owe this much to you, besides perhaps there is still more you can do - if of course you are interested. "His left hand raises up and motions towards the chair across from him,"Please, do sit… "Pausing as if he was waiting for her to insert her name.

Laura pulled the chair out silently and slid into it. "I am Laura." she replies, sitting stiffly in the chair. Her gaze flits away from him a moment, green eyes scanning the quiet restaurant before settling back on the man. "I'm here, so clearly, I'm interested. Who are you?" The same questions that she'd fired off at him last night and had gone unanswered for the most part were already on the tip of her tongue again. Hoping for actual answers this time, Laura does make an attempt to control her burning curiosity to let the man speak. One leg crosses over the other, and she leans back against the chair, fixing him with another long stare.

"My name is Edward, I had figured you gathered that from the card and it is a pleasure to meet you Laura. I am quite impressed with your display last night, that is where I got the idea we should further our business together." The paper aside he was now lifting up the coffee drinking from it slowly while observing the dangerous young woman, who just the night before had saved him along with multitudes of others.

Laura shrugged at the mention of the card, she'd only been interested in the number, and whether or not it had been real or fake. Her arms crossed over her petite chest, a slender dark brow arching up. His words had her head tilting to one side slightly, curiosity burning behind the over bright green of her eyes. "And care to explain exactly what business that is? I had to sneak out of school to get here, I'd appreciate some straight answers." Not that Laura minded pissing off professors that got in her way. "I'd also like to know how you knew so much about that place, and still managed to get caught up there?"

Edward places his cup down as he speaks to Laura, "Admittedly I am not a salesman, I am a seeker of lost relics, artifacts and objects of mysterious origin. I travel the globe in search of such things and in the process of this, well, you learn a thing or two about what you are dealing with. The business I speak of though… is saving people, more than just that one cover is going on. Those creatures are everywhere, I was not accidentally in that place, I had heard of it from a friend of mine, his child vanished in one such a set up, we still have not found her. THAT is why I was there, after we had first went looking for her we found one of their locations, there I recognized certain symbols and I connected the two, as you can guess I am fairly knowledgeable in the occult, you have to be when you hold a profession like my own. History for many of these artifacts is steeped in lore that borders the fantastic and mythical, and it is generally through history and story that I find these treasures."

Laura purses her lips together as she listened. Slender digits drummed lightly against her forearm, finding it hard to believe most of what he was saying. Her logical mind telling her it was impossible, even though the events of last night proved him right. "Saving people? I'm not generally in the business of saving people." she murmured after he finished. Laura leaned forward slight in her seat, the circles around her eyes a dark ugly purple, a clear sign that she had yet to sleep. "Last night was.. well a unique situation." She dug her teeth into her lower lip, her eyes narrowing into slits. "I want information." she added after another moment of thought. "What -are- they? What do they want from people? Who else do you have to take them on?" Laura could do some damage, but even she couldn't take on an entire army of.. whatever those things were alone.

"Business or not, you did do as much last night. People owe their lives to you… perhaps this is something to consider."The coffee was sipped at again Edward was studying Laura as he spoke, gauging her for her reactions."They, were once known as the Cult of Kalumai. Worshipers of a powerful denizen from another dimension, what they were doing last night was some sort of empathic battery I believe, using the raw emotional energy of the people captured within a spell. Those braziers were the focus of this spell… the men and women you killed, all of them were followers of this dark being given themselves over to its power. It was believed Kalumai was destroyed by a creature known as Scarecrow yet I am unsure if this was ever confirmed. I've been tracking them, watching them, they prey on the young, teenagers like yourself. Which I assure you, normally I would never try to enlist the help of one as young as yourself but after seeing what you are capable of, I believe my reasoning now speaks for itself.

Reaction was something Laura was good at controlling. Her expression remained blank, aside from the occasional telltale sign of boredom as her mind wandered and re focused. "As I said it was an extenuating circumstance, but for the sake of argument, say for some reason I -did- decide to assist you in this." She paused a moment, choosing her next words carefully. Unable to find any better way to put it, she sighed, leaning back in her chair once more. "What's in it for me? And please don't say that 'saving people should be reward enough' or some other absurd nonsense. I don't buy that warm fuzzy crap." Edward had managed to pique her interest, despite her attempts to keep herself detached. It had been a long time since she was able to just let loose like that. Giving herself over to instincts almost entirely.. for a solely different reason from the young em-path, Star, Laura had almost enjoyed the evening as well. "And you still have yet to explain how you plan to accomplish this. I can only do so much, Laura says, "and you really think I'd be able to get in again so easily?" Her mind working from a tactical standpoint now, working over facts, and strategies. The best way to take out as many as possible with the least amount of effort. Hand to hand combat was her preferred method, but probably wasn't the most efficient. "How connected are they? Would last night's.. situation raise any flags within their.. cult.. or whatever?""

"What would you like Laura? I can offer money if that piques your interest… as far as who could be assisting you."Edward looks down turning the cellphone over to check the time,"One of them should be here any moment." The phone turns back about and he looks towards her plainly,"I figure, and hear me out on this one if you would please, you are of their target age and you can handle yourself, ergo… you would be our bait in setting a trap for them or at least being lead in where we can take down another of these 'raves' to see if we can not find my friends daughter. As for their connections, I am unsure but I am sure some flags are risen, how many we will not know… before we go after them again I would like to seek out more information first of course which will require some elbow work."

With a brow arching up at the mention of meeting others already, Laura gives the man a single nod. "Money isn't something I require." she murmured after a moment. A small hand lifted up, threading through long dark hair, pushing it away from her face. "A place to stay would be adequate payment." she added, with a single nod. After the situation in the kitchen this afternoon, Laura figured less time at the Institute was better. She frowned slightly as she listened to his plan, her brow burrowing over and her head tilted to one side once more. "You want me to be bait?" She snorted softly. "That's not going to be my only role here, is it? If I'm going to do this, I mean… " she trailed off a moment, unsure how to really finish that sentence. What did she want? Mindless fighting and violence? Yes, she thought to herself, answering the question almost immediately. "Well, I want more to do with it, then just playing the bait." she finally finished rather lamely, not really wanting to admit her need for random violence out loud to a perfect stranger.

"I do imagine that can be arranged." Looking at the watch again Edward frowns, someone was late. "If you need, I can set you up in a hotel for a couple days until we get something more accommodating to you. But I have questions as well, obviously you are a young woman… are you emancipated? What of this school you spoke of? I would not want to deal with parents or wardens, what you and I are doing here and whoever else gets involved, this is entirely secret, it does not go beyond our own little circle. "

Laura says, "I don't plan on staying at the Institute much longer." she replied with a dismissive wave of her hand. "As far as parents…" she paused a moment then shook her head quickly. "No, I don't have those either. Besides, I'll be 18 in a few moths, and I've been on my own for several years now. School was more of a convenience for steady meals and a place to crash." Laura looks away from Edward, the repeated checking of his watch catching ehr attention, and her green eyes scanned out over the mostly empty sidewalk. "When does all this start, anyway? Is this a completely solitary venture on your part, or do you work for someone? Seems a lot for one man to decide to take on, just for a friend's kid.""

"I see, sad times when the youth have to look after themselves. This has already started, we need more information though, such as when they start up again, where it will be occurring and exactly what their true reasons are in this gathering of psychic energy." Edward's cup empty he would cease their conversation and push it away from himself standing up. His hand would guide them towards the door, the newspaper shoved under one elbow and his cellphone tucked away. "I have connections but this I do solely on my own, you have to understand, this man saved my life and this girl is not only his daughter but my godchild." Outside rain was pelting the streets, rivers of it skirting the sidewalks as he pulled a jacket and hat from the coat-rack. Staring through the window he stepped out into the downpour.

Laura nodded, pushing her seat back silently once more and standing, carefully avoiding his guiding hand. She looked out the window, watching the rain fall down on the empty street as Edward donned his jacket. "Alright." she replied, her head bobbing up and down once. Her eyes scanned the street again, then returned to Edward. "Soo.. we meeting someone or are we done here?" she asks as he opens the door and steps out into the rain. She follows behind, not really worried about the rain.

= NYC - Queens

Queens is located on Long Island just north of Brooklyn. Brick apartment buildings are found more on the Northern part of Queens where as you get further south towards the Atlantic, more homes with yards can be found. Queens is home to Shea Stadium, home of the Mets, John F Kennedy Airport, and was the home to the World Fair in 1939 and 1964. The Unisphere, a 12-story high, stainless steel globe still sits on display from the Worlds Fair in Queens.

"We were supposed to be meeting someone but apparently they are late or not showing, no matter." Edward says as he steps onto the sidewalk, moving beside the young woman. "We are not done though, lets find you a hotel where I can easily locate you - speaking of." He stops and rifles through his jacket pocket pulling out an amulet he begins to wrap it around his fist, "Please, give me something of yours that you are fond of, something you use regularly or do not part with often, an earring, bracelet, wallet. Anything at all." Suddenly Edward was sounding like some street performer. Down the straight a form could be seen moving towards them shadowed right now by the night and rainfall.

Laura walked with him through the downpour, eyes scanning the few scant pedestrians that were out, as if Laura would know who she was looking for. A slow nod given at the mention of a hotel, but as he pulls out the pendant, she stops. His request was rather odd, but her response would be odder. "I have nothing like that." was her reply, a brow arcing up as she watched him. "What do you need it for anyway?" suspicion lacing her tone.

Rounding from Brooklyn to Queens they walked, that shadow amidst the rain closer now a bobbing bright umbrella. "To be honest, I was going to enchant it… cast a spell upon it so that I could locate you should we lose contact." Edward said this rather matter of factly, as if he truly believed he was going to. Stopping in their conversation he holds up his hand and motions for Laura to be quiet for a moment as politely as he could,"Seems we're being followed. Excuse me, can I help you?" He asks the umbrella armed person who had come up behind them.

Laura couldn't help but snort derisively when he mentions enchanting something of her's. "Don't worry, if we lose communication I can find…" she trails off as his hand comes up to silence her. Instantly, hr chin lifts slightly, inhaling deeply as she turns with him to glance back at said person.

"You wouldn't know the way to Cherry, Drewy or Mulberry lane would you? I'm looking for a friend of mine." The umbrella pushes to the side to reveal a man clad in blacks and reds, swords over each shoulder and guns holstered at his hips. A large smile plastered under the mask he wore,"Yes, my name is Deadpool and I have a pink umbrella."

"You are late Deadpool, we were supposed to meet over twenty minutes ago." Edward mumbles towards the newcomer. His hat tipping as rain dribbled from the front of it.

Looking more like a drowned cat now then anything else now, Laura's gaze took in the newcomer's weapons first, then the pink umbrella. Her nose wrinkles up some; "You look ridiculous." is her greeting to Deadpool. A hand rises to try and push some of her sopping hair from her face, but it's a mostly futile attempt. Emerald orbs shift to Edward and she gives him a skeptical stare. "This is who we're meeting?"

"Cheap shot me…" Domino had been hunting Deadpool, and from a nearby rooftop she had her SIG aimed at him, staring through the scope and giving dead aim for his shoulder. Those standing nearby were not paid much attention to, they were not her business, they were his it seemed, despite the heinous invite. All the better to step in on and ruin his little moment. The rain beat down lightly over her, slicking dark hair down to cocaine pale features and sliding off her attire to drop onto the rooftop beneath where she had just settled into her crouch after following Deadpool from one rooftop to the next in her silent stalk. One tattoo ringed one eye in black, the other was purpling with a scabbed over gash beneath. The blow to the face, she could handle, it was the man-thong that attempted to shake it [and shed] all over her [currently in remodel] apartment that really took the cake. "Just a nic.." Domino's voice whispered on exhale as she pulled the trigger, the shot - silenced, if impact was made the only thing that would be seen was bullet meeting body.

"I had to stop, make some arrangements for a friend to join in the fun." Deadpool explains to Edward before looking at Laura,"And you look like an angry Power Puff Girl who just got a swirly. Bite m…" *Kerplow* His body topples forward face first into the cement as the pink umbrella rolls away into the street, the faceplant leaving a blood in crimson waves that would mix almost artistically into one tendril vanishing into a sewage grate of flowing rainwater.

Edward was diving for the alley releasing a "Run!" Quickly as he began to bolt.

With eyes narrowing, Laura's eyes narrowed as she readied a retort at the man. But her words were cut off as he toppled forward. The smell of blood is what hit Laura first, and with that she turned sharply on the balls of her feet, knees bent, looking like she had anything but running on her mind. A strange muscle flexes in both forearms, and with a quiet *shhkt* a pair of claws sprout from each hand. Her lips curled back, as jade eyes lifted up, scanning rooftops of surrounding buildings for the shooter.

Domino smiled. It was one of those smiles that darkened all the wrong places and made her features mix from smug to malicious. Slinging the SIG over one shoulder and following it up with the slight cover of her trench coat the muzzle of the weapon still managed to stick up from behind her head at an angle over her left shoulder. Her motion was a near run, taking her to the fire escape that would descend into the alley, jumping from one level to the next only to land with a thud and a splatter of the puddle beneath booted feet, hopefully before the retreating Edward managed to get passed. "Had to tag back, he should be up in 10 minutes or less." Whether the man and his companion made it past her or not she spoke, slate blue eyes focused on them in a flick back and forth, rising once to check on Deadpool.

"~Sh…shot through the heart… and… you're to blame, you give lOoove a bad name…~"Came a sing song groan from the should be corpse on the cement, slowly he began to pick himself up his hand rising to clutch over his chest, blood pouring out from an open gushing wound,"~I play my part and you play your game! Yeah yeah something something lips and nails, school boys…~"He started to air guitar and the hole began to run again causing him to quickly plug it with a finger. "So… yeah, there she is no need to run Eddie! Damnit Domino if you just screwed me out of another gig I'm going to punch you in the babymaker.She cant hear you "I don't care, I hope she FEELS my threat" Yeah, wow you feel that she used ballistic tip bullets! "Lots of pain in her future, lots… I taste plastic." Situating himself on his knees while his healing factor begins to pick up he tips his head at Laura, "Hey, sweetcheeks will you stop our employer from running off to Canada."

Laura grunted as Deadpool stood, and started singing a song she wasn't familar with. Surprise only flickered over her features for a moment as she watched, him seeming completely unbothered by the fact that he was just shot. "NAme's Laura. Not 'Sweetcheeks' or any other ridiculous nickname you decide to come up with." she snaps at him, as she retracts the claws in her right hand. She reaches towards Edward, trying to grab hold of his jacket to keep him from sprinting off. Then Domino dropped down, blocking his path for the most part. Laura's lip curled, exposing a row of ivories at the woman, taking a slight step back, her left hand moving in front of her body.

With each step forward Domino took, Edward seemed to take one back to keep just out of arm's reach. It wouldn't do him much good but she let him have his comfort in the distance. At least the streets were vacant at this hour, there would have been a small show if anyone in New York paid attention to anything but themselves. If there was anything Domino was learning was that New York was a good place to do what she did best and go slightly unnoticed, unless there was a purposeful watch set out. About ten feet from Laura and Deapool now she stopped, it was evident she had gotten a new shoulder rig, the slight shift in the coat with her steps had the butt ends of the Browning's showing. The smile still remained etched upon pale features as her eyes drifted along the three there and settled on Laura. "If this is babysitting duty…" Her head shook "..The kids in this city mature too slow." If that didn't drive her feelings home the leveled stare she fixed Laura with would, deadpan and unmoving.

Edward stopped, the fright leaving him as he looks from Domino back towards Laura and Deadpool, "Deadpool, I don't appreciate these antics."

A shrug came from the mercenary as he straightened up, legs unfolding from under him as he wobbled, "Whatchagonnado right? This is what you get when you hire the regeneratin' degenerate." Looking at Laura, his hand reaches out to pat her on the top of the head."Okay, Buttercup."

Edward straightening his jacket out he gives a wary glance at Domino, "This is your friend? Are you another gun for hire?" The rather common looking man would ask.

Another snarl, this one directed at Domino, and Laura released hr hold on Edward's coat. The dual cloaws in her right hand pushing back out, and with one quick movement, she was swiping at Deadpool's outstretched hand, adamantium coated claws gleaming in the low light. She matched Domino's stares, deep green eyes unblinking as she replied. "If you'd rather these two handle your job Edward, I can go." Laura's chin inclined up slightly, as she finally let her gaze fall from the woman - though keeping her in her peripherals - she turns her gaze on Edward, a brow arching up, regretting mildly to agree to helping, before meeting the others in her "team".

"Depends, I could be right up your alley, or you could be barking up the wrong tree with me. So..Let's hear it and I will let you know." Domino was speaking solely for herself on this one. This was mainly Deadpool's gig and if he wanted to baby sit he could have at, it was not worth the money to her…Maybe. The thought was obviously on the fence as Laura let loose a snarl and swiped at Deadpool, causing one brow to arch and her right hand to rise and snap free on of the Browning's, but not draw it yet. This could be amusing..

Deadpool's hand snapped back as the very tips of pointer, index and ring severing off. "Zing owch, that hurts." He mutters as he quickly ducks down and snatches up the fallen bits with his free hand, a reproachful glare cast back towards Laura. The Cheetos are going to taste funny tonight. Does she remind you of someone?Now that you mention it, she sort of does… "Hey Dom, thanks for dropping in!"

Edward frowns watching thinking it was perhaps not the best idea to have hired the insane mercenary. "No no Laura, please, you of all people are needed, these other two are… too old."

Her gaze finally settling on Deadpool once more as he dips down to pick up his severed digits. "Like I said, my name is Laura. Next time you call me by something else I cut 'em off every chance I get." Feeling her point was sufficiantly made, she retracted her claws, and rocked back on her heels slightly, merely for something to do. A shift of attention towards Domino, and Laura studied the woman again for a long moment. "I need no babysitting. I know what we're up against.. at least partially. You, don't." A pause and then a quick change of subject; "So you said we need to gather more information." she prompted Edward, her gaze shifting between the three, not trusting either of the two newcomers enough to take her eyes off them for very long. "How do we go about doing that? How often do they throw these 'raves' anyway?"

Edward's words in reference to herself and Deadpool cause a slight dip to the inner corners of brows. The too old reference not offending her outwardly but it made Domino question what this man wanted to begin with. "If we are chasing pedophiles, call the cops. Those of us with more experience and that are not loose cannons have better things to do." What else would this man need a young girl for and have it be so crucial? Casting that even stare back to Laura she smiled. "Remeber, don't eat the candy, it's a trap." Either way Domino was still clueless on this assignment and either they were going to get to the meat of it or dance in circles until Domino decided she would rather be dry, than wet, and go home. When Laura finally spoke up one brow took a hike up pale 'spanse of forehead and she simply smiled. Had the girl recognized her own contradiction? No matter, her clock was ticking down the moments until she walked away or regained interest, a dart of her eyes falling on Deadpool as he picked up pieces of himself, her dislike…Apparent.

Edward ran his hand up in a nervous like action as he pulls off his hat and flipped it out in the dryness of the alleyway. "Look, it will be worth your while. Money is definitely involved and this is not about pedophiles, something much worse law enforcement could not handle it is out of their scope and ability. Laura has tangled with it already and she would not be here if she was not capable. I hired Deadpool to begin information gathering already, he was also sent to find help which I assume was you. I have recruited Laura here because she is exactly what we need… these villains prey on teenagers and this young woman can more than handle herself much like the two of you I imagine." Looking to Laura he forces a faint smile,"That is what I would like to know, our information so far is just what I have gathered from their scenes and I am no specialist in the area. As of right now, we have very little leads to work off of."

Deadpool, very obnoxiously began to clear his throat." Ahem, ahemmmm! " A sigh escapes Edward and he motions for the mercenary. " I tracked one of them to Hells Kitchen, seems he's a huge fan of Rockband every thursday night and loves him some street grade genuine STD sporting top quality lady-meat. Hes the in your face with my ghetto fuzz monster kung-fu fighting style sort of guy. Loves him some corner walkers." Sound familiar? Hey, I got great taste. *Cough*Typhoid Mary*Cough* Once more, great taste.

Domino was now listening intently. Her eyes purposefully staying off of Laura now, and the girl only incited the rising desire to put all the kids in New York into a boot camp of extreme proportions. So far none of this information gave her a big picture. Raves, baiting kids, now hookers. Her lips pursed as she took this all in and waited for the true cash in, not just the mention of money.

"Yes… as he has said we found one of their possible members. Deadpool has been watching him for a week or so now. There are more of them, we just haven't located them all. This cult is vicious, vile and depraved. Human sacrifices and more mundane practices with no answering from their otherworldly master is the standard but recently it would seem, they have been getting answered and rewarded. As Laura had seen, it is no longer just a cult of shadow lurkers… they now actually have a substance, a tangible evil that they can employ. This falls out of the bounds of normal man… that is where all of you come into play." Edward looks from one person to the next as he speaks, weighing them. Leaving an opening for them to reply,"Will you help in this? I can pay hansomly to those who require money."

A shrug of shoulders from Laura, as she'd already given her answer to him. "Already said I would." she replied shortly, meeting Edward's gaze a moment before looking somewhere past his shoulder. She shifted in place, a quick glance at Deadpool and Domino, a brow arching up slightly as she awaited their replies.

Domino's eyes focus on Deadpool and then snap back to Edward as he speaks, the low groan of attire shifting over her figure as she shifts in stance telling of her movements. It was now all coming together and making a bit more sense she could wrap her head around. "So…These beings prey on the young and are using that as a reason to come out of hiding or it is making a way for it to be able to happen? Interesting enough, despite the reasl lack of details it seems there are none to be had." She had taken jobs knowing less, but then again those were jobs with just her having to deal with the situation and not a team up of the cities oddest crew that could possibly be gathered. "Deadpool, I would like to watch this suspected person with you at some point." A slight tightness came around her eyes as she looked at Laura. "And it would be beneficial to know anything you do as well." That was it, count her in.

Edward nods towards Domino,"Glad to have you aboard…"He then looks at Laura and the man motions ahead of them,"Come on, lets go get you someplace to stay for a couple days and some food. I can fill you in on some more." Before he escorted Laura away he would speak to the others,"Please, stay in touch."

"Not to worry Eddie mah man, you're on speed dial right next to my sexy 1-900 telefetish friends . Looks like you got your team of showstoppers for the Jonestown Tea convention you seem so worried about. " Came a quick reply before Domino was being assaulted with the ADHD that was Deadpool."Stake out date? I knew fixing your lopsided make-up problem with that shiner would win you over. Come on Dom, lets go play peek-a-boo." A grin flashed under the mask at her as he picked up his pink umbrella and began to strut off. Beginning to sing, "~You're creeping in our minds and can't you go, don't worry Stacy, we'll kill him soon, pretty soon he will be in hell with papa, don't worry Mariah, he will pay, and when we're done, he'll look something strange…~" His chuckles follow with him as he looks towards Domino in their walk through the rain. " Sing it with me Dom! You can be the chorus line…"

"I would have hit you with more had I had a rocket launcher. I call this slightly even." His wounds didn't last where as Domino still bore the purple ring around one eye that would fade to a sickly yellow before going away. She didn't like that in her reflection, but it would eventually go away. The song he sung only got him a glance as she walked along side him and a slight shake of her head. Domino admittedly did not know the song and was not much for busting a move or into tune in the rain. Give Deadpool his own glow sticks and he could likely recreate a rave that would scare the masses far more then what they were after, or so she gathered thus far. "You're buying on this date, next one it's on me."

"Okay, definitely not giving you the rocket launcher I bought for you." Deadpool says cheerfully enough with an obvious tone of serious in his words. "HAH! You admit it's a date… you're going soft on me Dom, baby." A ragged cough would escape him, the last words heard as they rounded the corner was, "You hear that clinking sound? I think the bullet you put in my lung is hitting something else metallicy… so weird, listen, no seriously stop Dom listen!"

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