2010-04-18: Sides


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Summary: Misha asks Magneto some important questions.

Date: 04-18-2010

Log Title Sides

Rating: PG

Mutant Town

Somewhere in a residential area, but no exact location given.

It's as Magneto is inspecting the grounds and exterior of a building that a certain teen-ager happens across him. What's Misha doing here? Well, it's Mutant Town, and there's a lot of really cool things around. People don't give him even a second glance for his scars, his voice, and certainly not that he disappears/appears from no where on occasion.
Not meaning to startle Magnus, Misha none the less appears not too far away. Nothing there, and then suddenly a life form. "It /is/ you." Not an accusation. This isn't an attack, even if his voice is awful. Just a young man who recognized the old, cranky guy he rescued from Skrulls one night. There's even a smile. "Are you alright?" Not saying Magneto. Nooo. That would be bad considering Magnus looks to be trying to blend in. Does approach as he asks about being alright. Misha is wearing a gun hidden on his person, but it's the same one he was wearing during the skrull trouble. No effort is made to draw it today. That's not the point of this.

The fanboy greeting gets a sharp look from Magnus; he gets a lot of that, both in and out of his Magneto costume. He recognizes the boy from the incident with the Skrulls. Interesting power. Useful. "Good morning," he says, watching Misha's approach. Gun… yes. Worth watching, but Magnus hasn't worried about guns in decades. He isn't going to start now. "I am fine, of course. And how are you? From your attire," he gives Misha a studying look, "you are unlikely to live in this neighborhood. What brings you here?"

The sharp look as Misha grinning in a knowing manner. "I was not learning name last time." The teen apologizes. For all that he does indeed know one of the man's names. "I am being good, thank you." His English has already improved some since you last met. "Worried of your arm. Wanted to ask of it." No, he doesn't appear afraid, but neither is he entirely cocky. More of someone who knows they are approaching something very dangerous even if they are confident of their ability to handle it. Mikhail plans to use manners and hope it works out.
"Why would I not be here?" Asked with a curious tilt of the head. "Is good place when one fits in." He has a power, even if he isn't a mutant. "But no, I am not living here. I am attending Barnes." Said quite purposely so that Magnus knows a few things up front.

"Are you, now?" Magnus says, sizing the boy up and coming to a different sum than when he first saw him. The gun, for instance, has a different weight because of Barnes. So does Misha's presence in Mutant Town. "And are you enjoying your time with SHIELD?" He turns away to look up at the building he is inspecting. He'll be buying it, of course he will, but its precise use will be determined based on this inspection, and he has several projects underway. He may be interested in Misha, but Misha is only one more project. Priorities, you know.

Misha snorts about SHIELD. "Isn't bad. They are teaching me well some things I wanted to be knowing. Mostly am with them for protection." Since Magnus said it out loud he feels he can talk about it. Doesn't bother him that Magnus turns away either. He did interrupt the man. "Not that I am allowing much protecting right now." Said with amusement and a roll of eyes. "I am sorry to be interrupting, sir. All I wanted was to be knowing you were okay. Was bad mugging." Mugging. That's a way to put it, huh. A strange thing is that the teen is not wearing a phone right now. Nor does he have any electronics in, or on, him. Left those where they couldn't give SHIELD an easy fix.

"You're polite enough, young man. I'll forgive you the interruption this time. And as muggings go, it was annoying, even irritating, but as you saw for yourself, ultimately doomed." No, he says nothing about how well he has recovered. Assume perfectly; that's true enough for Magnus' purposes. "Truly, however. What brings you here today? What are you hoping to find or learn in this place? Curiosity is one thing; prurient curiosity is quite another." And yes, he's aware that 'prurient' may not be in Misha's vocabulary. Will he ask…?

"I felt bad I was not being able to be more polite during mugging." Not entirely true, but good enough. It was embarrassing, but he won't hold that against Magneto. What brings him here today? "Uh.. am not knowing what prurient, sir. English is third language. Still learning." Yes, of course he asks. Yet he can guess judging by the rest. "I have met some people I am liking." Points off towards a gathering place for people his age. Can't be too easily seen from here, but odds are Magnus passed it at least once. One of those shelters trying to keep kids out of gangs and such. Offering better alternatives.
"Barnes is being alright, but everything is being monitored there. Want time away, with people that have better chance of being real." A smirk for that. He means not a plant by SHIELD. "Mutant Town people are not caring of my voice or scars. I am hardly most noticeable here. Is also nice talking with people who have powers, and not always geared to SHIELD training." He shrugs. Trying to get a good spread here.

"Your third language? Impressive. I know you speak Polish. What is the other?" Magnus looks at the metal railings leading to the front door of the building; they rattle in place and his eyes narrow. He makes a note on the brochure in his hand. "Friends here? That's a good thing, for both you and for your friends. Prurient would be your coming here not to make friends, but to make yourself seem better. Prurient would be coming here not to see this place for what it is, so that you might understand it, but for seeing it for what it is not, so that you could laugh at it." He walks away from the front steps to the side of the building, where he can see the fire escape. It rattles and he makes more notes on the brochure, as brick dust filters down from above. "Curiosity is natural and understandable, and normally innocent. Prurient curiosity is also natural and understandable, but is never innocent and is contemptible, besides. If you must indulge in prurience, indulge elsewhere."

The explanation of prurient has the teen quiet. Doesn't know quite how to respond, but there's no anger over it. His expression is thoughtful and puzzled, for he really is here by chance, yet has no means to prove it. Leaves him feeling he can't protest the idea. "Russian." Is said instead. "I was being born in Russia, then raised in Poland." Those two are easy to give. "…I have no way of proving intentions, sir." The words are slow, and careful. "But do understand concern. Only wanted to know your wellness, which has been answered." And no, he pointedly doesn't react to the rattling. Not considering who he's speaking to. Tucking hands in jeans pockets, he looks uncomfortable. Picking words carefully sucks. "Sorry you believe me underhanded. Sorry if I am misunderstand. Didn't mean to bother." He means that he believes he may be misunderstanding Magneto, not the other way around.

Interesting. Magnus knows many people who would automatically frame a reaction to his explaination as a heated defense against their resemblance to it… therefore proving their resemblance to it. That Misha has taken it to heart speaks of either the kid's essential fairmindedness or of a mind that calculates political actions at lightning speed. That the latter is the more unlikely does not mean that Magnus discards it as a possibility: what are mutants, but the proof positive of unlikeliness?
He switches to Russian, a language he knows better in its modern forms than he knows Polish. "You understand why such an attitude must be of concern to me, young man. That speaks in your favor." Throw the boy a bone, and see what he does with it. "And thank you, I am very well."

The switch to Russian helps, but it hardly puts the teen at ease. Not that he's expecting harm to be done to him, but he's still uncomfortable. "I know who you are, and that I am tied to SHIELD. You have good reason for concern." Again, he speaks carefully. "Nothing I could claim can be authenticated here, so there was no point in trying." And he still doesn't attempt to justify himself. His accent is Polish even if he's fluent in Russian.
"It's.. people here speak of you so often that I'm curious. I hear things all the time, both good and bad, that I have no idea what could possibly be the truth. SHIELD wants me." Misha looks away briefly for that, to the railing that rattled, but soon his hazel eyes are back on Magneto. "I'm already being recruited even though that's not why I'm there, and that scares me. What they tell me scares me because it means there are far worse things they aren't telling me. ..And I'm rambling, sorry. I don't want anything from you. Not really. I won't bother you again if you don't want me to." He's very serious about that.

The boy is a bit of a nihilist. 'No point in trying'? Since when has that stopped anyone? Magnus makes a note in his mental brochure of Misha and walks into the narrow alley between the building he is inspecting and the next building over. The unstable fire escape rattles over his head. "Of course people talk about me, and of course you will hear both good and bad. Some people agree with what I am doing. They agree that it is necessary. Others do not agree, and will proffer their ideals of what is and is not proper behavioror responsein the face of the problems which our people must deal with. Making a decision just because there is dissent is foolish. At best." He stops beneath the fire escape and looks up through the spiralling iron. "Make up your own mind. I do, and I insist that those I associate with at least approach that capability." He makes another note on the brochure in his hand. He is still thinking about what Misha has said about SHIELD.

The teen doesn't follow, but he does smile a little. "Oh, I will." Make up his own mind. Misha's very sure of that one. "I won't do it without gaining more information though. My decision will be as informed as I can make it, for it will shape everything that comes after." He's not being indecisive really, just a little careful. "I don't want to rush into anything, especially if I don't have to."
Still uncomfortable the words have at least removed his hesitation. "I can't claim to be one of your people though. As much as I truly appreciate this place, I'm not a mutant." Misha knows this may make the man angry, but he doesn't want that omission going on. Sure he doesn't tell many, but you know? Keeping that from Magneto just sounds bad. The teen is expecting this encounter to end for it too.

Magneto gives Misha an amused glance. "So long as your waiting for further information does not become an excuse to do nothing, go ahead and wait." He turns away and continues down the alley to the rear of the building. "Doing nothing is worse than choosing the 'wrong' side, young man. Doing something means that you can work toward what you want, however imperfect your tools and processes. Doing nothing means that what you receive, you receive by blind chance, and blind chance is a notoriously poor giver of gifts."
The revelation of non-mutanthood is received with aplomb. "If you are certain of this, very well. I do appreciate your honesty. There is a too common lack of that virtue in this modern society."

Misha doesn't explain what he plans on doing, or not doing. Stands with hands tucked into jeans pockets, and watches for a time. From what he's seen Magneto will think the worst of him for it, but that's okay. He knows he isn't going to sit and let chance pick the future. "It isn't about picking sides." There's little shake of the head. "And yes, I'm sure." About not being a mutant. "I thought I was for years, but the testing at Barnes proved otherwise." The teen does know the source of his powers, but Magneto doesn't need to be told that. "I expect it's an important detail for you. I don't tell many, but that doesn't seem the kind of secret to keep here."

"We do tend to be more inclusive of powered types than most. There are those who wouldn't take your word that you are not mutant, and we all know how those sorts treat mutants." Magnus snorts. There is a set of steel security doors on the back of the building; they rattle as Magnus looks at them. "And that's why it is about picking sides, young man, however much you are not convinced of that at this time. The sides are being chosen, anyway, and if you don't choose one, well. I've already said my piece about blind chance."

The teen shrugs, "I don't tend to talk about it much." Misha doesn't because who'd believe him in normal conversation? "People assume what they will." Like Magneto is already doing. With this he does move though, for Magneto is getting out of speaking range. Into the alley and following the man. Stops not too far away as doors rattle. Distance wouldn't save him anyway, so he doesn't keep it. "Fine, there are sides." More to further the conversation than because he believes. "Would I be welcome on yours?" For it is Magneto's side he's asking of. Not mutants, but the man before him.

"Yes." Magnus can be blunt, and with a nihilist, blunt is better. "You would be welcome. Your ability is useful and protective, and can be used in strategic, offensive ways. The fact that you are not a mutant is negated by the facts that you are powered and you are usefully powered." He doesn't look at Misha as he says this; the boy is a gatherer of information, and a look might tell him things Magneto does not yet want him to see. "SHIELD wants you for the same reasons. Just know that no side will tell you everything you want to know, nor everything you will want to know, because you have your interests… and we have ours."

Misha knows why SHIELD wants him, and he figures if they do, others will. "Thank you for answering." So far there isn't any surprise in this. His aunt warned him of things that are only recently beginning to make sense. She taught him so much that he's still figuring out. Some of which are useful things he nearly ignored. To his regret. Yet, even with that thought the teen smiles somewhat. Nothing big, and mostly for what's going on inside his head. "It does make me have to ask.. what is your side? I've heard a lot, but there are contradictions. I can guess to much of it, but what are your words? Will you share them with me?" So many things he could ask, but he doesn't. Not this soon.

"My side." Magnus gives Misha a calm, considering look. "My side is the side of the mutants. Humans are our enemies, yes, but not always, and not all of them. I believe that ultimately, humanity will be irrelevant, because as more mutants are born, fewer humans will be born, and they will go the way of our other human ancestors: they will be superceded by us. They will go extinct." He looks up at the building and frowns. "Save, perhaps, for humans like yourself. Perhaps there will be a persistent pool of human stock, constantly generating new variants. That would be good." He looks back to Misha. "However, humanity cannot be allowed to attack and murder mutantkind. If they are truly transcendant, then they will outbreed us and reabsorb us into them." A sudden, toothy smile. "But I doubt that."

He tilts his head for that look. "I call it your side because not all mutants agree with you." A quiet, if harshly voiced, reminder. Not because Misha means to be harsh either. After that he listens and thinks. It's a lot to think on as well. But he's careful not to show much. Sure there's a little frown, but it's rather neutral. "There's a lot I want to ask, but I don't think I should." Offered in way of reply and explanation. "More because of where I live and who you are, than any other reason." It limits the conversation to be sure. Misha sighs for this and rakes fingers back through his hair. He wants to know and yet simply shouldn't ask.

A grumpy look of thinking as hand drops. Stupid mind for wanting to know the things that can't be spoken of with strangers. "Okay, something else then. You say humans are trying to kill mutants, and I don't mean to say it's not happening, but we're standing in Mutant Town. This isn't a fortified zone, that I'm aware of at any rate.." A smirk for that, "So could things be improving? The people here live openly. Yet you prepare." A curious, not quite question.

A sidelong glance this time, half pitying. "Boy, know your history. The first thing an enemy does is it identifies what it fights. A great many mutants look exactly like the humans around them… how does one tell one from the other?" A wide sweep of one arm, indicating the building and Mutant Town, too. "You let them gather themselves. You know them by those they associate with. You build a ghetto." He spits the word. "Which is useful for the inhabitants, true, because in a ghetto, they can be themselves. But it can trap them, too."

"That's why I'm asking." Misha says with some exasperation. It's not directed at Magneto though. Not truly. "I read what I can, I find what I can, but most is hidden." But he doesn't speak over the man once Magnus gets to telling them apart. Then the man has the boy's whole attention. He looks off, the cogs in his mind clearly turning. Some information he's had starts clicking in his head. History replays. "Okay." Said with a little nod that he understands. "I grasp some of it." Doesn't even begin to claim he knows all. It's lack of knowledge that has him asking. "But how will anyone justify such a thing? Or.. have they been already?" Shoulders slump. "Sorry, I don't know enough."

"Fear, boy. Fear is used to justify a great many injustices. Humans already fear mutants, even when the mutants have done nothing against them. NOTHING. For humans are very good at fearing that which is not themselves, and destroying it, for no better reason." There is more than a grain of harsh truth in that speech, no matter that Magnus does not actually say specifics. Some things do not need saying. "Look to your leaders, with their words of fear. 'Mutant Registration Acts'. The 'Friends of Humanity'. Identification. Division." He looks at Misha. "Then destruction."

The boy is quiet again. He's a good habit of listening when he asks to know something. There are aspects he doesn't agree with, but no argument is made. Most of this does have truth behind it, even if Misha believes aspects are exaggerated. People always do that when speaking of something they care about. Slowly he nods, and yet the words are slow to follow. "I wonder if SHIELD would have been interested if I were a mutant." Said with a little smirk. He looks back, and the smirk turns into more of a smile. Not making light of Magneto's words at all. "You have given me much to think about, thank you."

Magneto looks to Misha and does not smile. "I will say this much for SHIELD: left to its own devices, it doesn't care if you are mutant or Martian or mugwump, so long as you are on its side. But know this: SHIELD serves humans; human politicians can force it into actions it might not otherwise choose for itself." He'll leave the subject at that. The boy is bright.

Misha nods agreement as SHIELD is spoken of. "It's why I didn't accept their offer." Which he didn't admit before, but then didn't feel there was a need. "I put them off to finish college first." See, he really didn't plan to sit around and wait for something to fall in his lap. "It gives me both time and the education I want." A smirk and a shrug, regardless of the lack of smile in kind. "Thank you for speaking with me. You've helped me piece some things together."

Magneto gives Misha a nod. "You are welcome. If you have further questions, feel free to ask them, should we encounter each other again." He could give Misha one of the magnetic cell phones, but… SHIELD. No. "Farewell." He does have to complete his inspection of this building, after all.

"Sir?" Just before the man walks off. "I have a generic phone number. I don't carry it when I'm in Barnes, but I normally do while out in the city. I didn't wear it to speak with you because I didn't want you concerned of it being traced." Which is why he had only his gun. "Would you like the number?" With his power SHIELD never sees it, and they don't know about it. Not a perfect means to reach him, but it could help. That number will be given if Magneto wants. After that, given or not, the teen leaves the man to his inspection. "Good day, sir." Misha even walks off normally, to that shelter he motioned to earlier.

"A number… to contact you if I need you?" And Magneto has several plans brewing, at least one of which could use a man of Misha's talents on board. "Yes. That is very generous of you."

There's a smirk and he shrugs, "The more I learn, the sooner I can choose." Misha would rather have it the other way around, because he will have questions, but he can live without. "It's a generic phone, the kind you can buy anywhere and purchase minutes for." If SHIELD has all of those tapped, well, they are insane. Another shrug and he trots off to find his friends. Certainly will be distracted tonight though. Far, far too much to think about.

Magneto considers, watching Misha leave. This network of safe houses he's considering… a number to contact them… a number to contact him? Someplace where people who want to contact Magneto himself can drop off messages? It would need a staff, of course, to weed through the idiots and the flaming fans and the cops, laying traps…
He turns away. This building, now, today. Keep the rest in mind, though, for later….

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