Siegfried Werner
Siegfried Werner
Portrayed By Jonathan Waud
Gender Male
Date of Birth March 20, 1983
Age 26
Zodiac Sign Taurus
Aliases Fliege, Siegfried Das Überraschung
Place of Birth Rauschenberg, Germany
Current Location New York City
Occupation Trapeze Instructor
Known Relatives Klaus and Unna Werner, deceased
Significant Other ???
Identity ??
Known Abilities Hyper Balancing, Hightented Agility, Danger Sense, Deadly Accuracy
First Appearance Reunion in Central Park

Ladies and Gentlemen! Now presenting the astonishing Siegfried and Katrina!


In the small town of Rauschenberg, Germany, Klaus and Unna Werner had their first and only child, Siegfried. He was immediately born into the circus life, Wundervoll Wunders. Never having a home but the road, tents and mobile homes. He was trained in acrobats since he was four years old. Instead of a regular education, he was educated in the way of the circus life, that’s not to say that Siegfried grew up ignorant and illiterate, he just was never taught any thing past a middle school level. Algebra is not necessary in the life of an acrobat.

One thing about the circus life is, you aren’t rich, and especially with a small traveling circus of about twenty people. Some days they were able to eat three full meals where other days they were lucky if they were able to get some bread that wasn’t moldy with a bit of rice. Fifteen performers and five stage hands/animal handlers made up Wundervoll Wunders. Siegfried was one of three children born around in the circus at the time so he became close with Katrina, the daughter of the Strong Man and Contortionist, was a fellow acrobat in training, and Roy the son of the Ringmaster and Fortune Teller.

When Sigfried was eight Wundervoll Wunders’ travels brought them to a small area in South Eastern Germany. There was a wicked storm that night and the show was forced to be cancelled. As much as none of them wanted to go out in the rain the adults had to make sure the animals were safe and their equipment was okay. They had a fire going in a sheltered area and they took turns between going out in the rain and watching the kids while getting warm. When things seemed like they were starting to get worse there was a crack of lighting, the figure of an imposing man with a cane appeared and the storm stopped.

The man walked over to the circus troupe with a casual, confident stride and gave them an interesting offer: that they could be the best circus troupe in all of Germany for a simple price. He was charismatic in an eerie sort of way and things he said sounded appealing. The agreement was simple, they’d be the beset circus troupe in Germany and in exchange, he’d own them. Figuring he meant, he’d own the circus, they agreed to the deal. All twenty had to sign, even the children, and Siegfried’s parents had him sign the worn document as well. When it was Siegfried’s turn, and he went to sign the paper, something on the pen pricked his finger and spilled his blood on the document. He signed, everyone signed and everyone’s blood was on the document as well. Shortly after the man left as mysteriously as he came, saying one thing before he left. “I’ll come for you when I need you.” His voice faded into the winds that suddenly picked up as it started to storm again.

Finally the storm had died and everyone was exhausted, the entire troupe passing out. When they woke the next morning they all found that they had the same marking some where on their body, like a tattoo. Siegfried found that his was on his left calf while his fathers was on his arm and his mothers was on her stomach. Over the next few days the troupe began to realize things weren’t the same, they were better. The Strong-Man developed super strength, his parents, the trapzee stars, were more agile, could levitate and had a mental link with each other. Siegfried and Katrina found the had enhanced agility, they could sense danger, insane balance (both on themselves and with objects) and were amazingly accurate. The contortionist found that she was more flexible than even before and could breath in water, animal handlers and the stars that preformed with animals found they could communicate with them, and other such beneficial powers were bestowed upon the troupe.

Over the next few years the circus troupe flourished and Wundervoll Wunders became a common name over Germany, and not just Germany but some of the surrounding countries as well. Siegfried was trained to be the quite the star, performing acts on the high wire, trapeze, juggling, trampoline acts and stunts like throwing weapons at a spinning target with a woman on it and catching dangerous objects thrown at him out of the air. With a small troupe the performers had more than one niche in the act. When Siegfried was around sixteen, and with his parents as the star acrobatic couple for years, they felt that it was time for a new couple: Siegfried and Katrina the Überraschung. They were market as a young couple in love at first and then eventually as engaged lovers then a married couple, though this was never true. Siegfried loved Katrina as a friend but never developed romantic feelings for her as his interest was in men. The troupe knew and didn’t seem to care but the show had to go on and the story was what kept people interested.

Though one thing was odd, after signing the contract, no more children were born into the show and they could never seem to find anyone who they could hire as the show got more popular. Unbeknownst to the crew, part of the contract they signed was that it would always stay that group, no more and no less. The gift of powers was to stay theirs.

For years the circus was a success and with their powers, the troupe kept finding new and exciting stunts to do. Tickets were sold out as they arrived to towns and cities to perform they’re small circus. They might not have been a large and extravagant circus but the stunts they preformed and just something about the show made people want to see more.
Though everything had a price and one day the price of the deal they made came to collect it’s due. It started with one of the animal handlers, while setting up one of the pens a freak accident happened where he tripped over a piece of rope and impaled himself on a rake and died. A few months later the strong man got extremely ill and died, which horribly upset Katrina at the death of her father. Over the next three years the troupe seemed to suffer tragic death after tragic death of the members, still they preformed as much as they could with their decreasing numbers.

Siegfried’s parents were among the many who died as well, his father first then his mother. It wasn’t just hard for Siegfried but the entire troupe. His family was dying rapidly around him and he couldn’t do anything about it. Eventually there were five left, Katrina and Roy among them, their parents dead as well. They were the five youngest of the troupe. Scared, confused and grief stricken they decided to close the doors forever on Wundervoll Wunders believing that the contract that they made years ago left the circus cursed.

In hopes that the curse would be broken, the remaining six sold off as much of the circus they could, the animals, the tents, the mobile homes, anything they could, and divided the money between them. They decided it was the best to separate and Siegfried said his goodbyes to Roy and Katrina crying as he did so. The last three years had been hard on the twenty four year old, experiencing more grief than he’d ever thought he would. He packed up his few belongings and left to go to England.

There he learned to speak English and found a place in an acrobatic dinner theatre. It kept him content enough as he was doing what he knew, acrobatics. After about two years he got a call from Katrina, is was his first time hearing from her in over a year. One of the six remaining was found dead, struck and killed by lighting. After that Siegfried decided to leave Europe, figuring the further from Germany the better. Using the last of his savings, he got a visa and a plane ticket and left for New York City.

Siegfried has been in New York City for the last four months and has landed himself a job at working at the Trapeze school. While he misses being able to preform in front of a crowd he can at least still be on the trapeze. Also he gets the benefits of being able to fool around a bit afterhours. He’s even been known to perform acrobatics in Central Park for money.

Siegfried doesn’t know it but his time is limited on this earth before Mephisto claims his soul On December 12th, 2009 he will die unless he does something to reverse the sale of his soul that he made many years ago….

Theme Song

Delerium - Twilight


Hyper Balancing – Siegfried can never lose his balance, he just knows the exact center of balance for himself or any object he holds. He can easily balance on one foot, with a rod on each palm and his foot with plates cups and other objects on them, while moving, with out a problem.


January 29, 2009 A necessity to steal brings out a bit of humanity in #4GEM Rogue's Challenge


  • "I said it!"


  • Siegfried was part of a well known circus troupe in and around Germany, Wundervoll Wunders.
  • Siegfried can speak both German and English.
  • Siegfried is skilled in the flying trapeze, tight rope walking, acrobatics, juggling, acrobatics via trampoline, knife throwing,
  • Siegfried doesn't know much about television or computers from growing up in a traveling cirucs.
  • Siegfried has a collection of his old costumes and Wundervoll Wunders posters.


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