2010-01-28: Silly Silly Girl


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Summary: Quintessa runs into Pietro in the city, things are a bit strange.

Date: January 28, 2010

Log Title Silly Silly Girl

Rating: PG

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

The last couple days have been therapeutic for Pietro. Even though New York City is over run with demons, its buildings transformed, and thousands have died.. getting to let loose like this has felt good. Demons aren't people. He doesn't have to worry about how hard he hits them. In fact, the harder the better. So the speedster has spent his first two days back in NYC kicking as much demon ass as possible. Sure been a long time since he got to use his powers. It's allowed him to get back to speed. More or less.
Wind screeches through the streets, carrying all kinds of debris with it. Carrying awful smells, and the hideous heat. A brief wind though, and it ends with a demon appearing seemingly out of no where as it impacts a wall face first. There's a brief moment where the demon trembles before it drops to earth with a meaty sound. A lean man wearing two shades of bright blue appears above it and drives a metal staff he has down into the creature. Pietro looks a little worse for wear, and somewhat messy, but who could really be surprised?

Luck for Tes and her siblings, She-Hulk was able to hook them up with a temporary place to stay and the essentials while they look for their brother. She-Hulk also had to explain to Quintessa that carrying around guns in public isn't exactly a good idea. The blue haired teen is exploring the bits of New York that she can, recon in a sense. Know the lay out of the land. At the moment she's crouched in a near by shrub just watching every thing, listening, getting accustomed to the odd odors New York City brings. The demons don't make sense to the girl from the future but at least she's been able to smell 'em long before she's had to fight them. After all she wasn't told to kill anything out here, or engage in combat, just see what's out there and get some food while doing so. Her attention perks to watching Pietro fight with the demon, watching him win and an odd smile forms over her face.

Pietro straightens, slinging gore off the staff as the demon breaks down into goo and smoke. It's an impromptu staff, a length of metal he must have broken off of something, or found on some work site. Already showing signs of needing to be replaced. With you hiding the man doesn't notice you immediately. Sorry, but he's no super senses. It's not until something starts niggling at the back of his neck that he frowns and looks around. That little sense of being watched heros pick up over the years. Wary, he none the less calls out, "I'm one of the Avengers. Do you require aid?" Sure it could be a demon, but not necessarily in a city also filled with hiding people.

Quintessa doesn't stand up immediately instead she sniffs a few times, noticing Pietro doesn't smell like one of them. She unfolds her self gracefully from her hiding spot and looks at Pietro then points at the dead demon. "What is that thing?" There's a bit of a brusqueness in her speech. She looks to be perfectly fine, maybe a few dirt marks but other wise nothing looks to be harmed on the girl.

The staff is slowly lifted to his shoulder as you rise from your hiding place. A neutral stance if ever there was one. Pietro has their scent all over him, but no, he isn't a demon. No, if anything he appears hawk-like instead. Bright eyes over a long nose, and that swept back, pale hair. "A demon." He moves with this, stepping over remains to put himself in a more open area. No effort made to grow closer, for your movements have him wary. Demons aren't the only dangerous things in the city.

Quintessa walks over to the demon Pietro just killed and starts to look at it, crouching down so that she can even lift a part of it up and inspect it. "So this is a demon? Is it native here?" Her tone suggests that she asking questions for more than just being curious. Unlike most teenage girls, she doesn't seem to have any problems looking at a dead being, or at the bloody mess it's now in. "You're fast."

Replies are sorted. The urge to snark is strong, but he's met too many from other worlds (Just yesterday as a matter of fact) and other times to mock your lack of knowledge. "No, demons are not native. This is an invasion." Claim he's fast and lips curl into a smile. Not all that comforting one either. "Yes, and normally the sky is blue. Do you have any comments or questions of worth?" Sorry, not necessarily a nice guy this one. "My name is Quicksilver. You shouldn't be out on the streets until this invasion is dealt with. Do you require any aid?"

Quintessa looks up at Quicksilver and replies. "Number Five, G.E.M. Quintessa. Negative, I do not require any aid." She says standing back up and pushing some of her blue hair out of her face. "Invasions do not frighten me. My brothers and I can handle ourselves." She looks around and then looks back at Quicksilver. "My objective is to find out what the area is like, which appears to be hostile at the moment. Side objective, acquire provisions."

"Hmmm." Pietro doesn't like the sound of that at all. "Invasions should frighten you. If only to prove you are sane." Those without fear aren't healthy after all. Fear is a very natural, necessary thing. And yes, much of this frightens Pietro. The city is horrifying. Never mind he's been enjoying his fights.

Tapping the staff against a shoulder, he continues to look thoughtful. "Provisions I can help with. There's a market down the street. While I don't condone stealing, these are difficult times." He'll just drop a note to certain people about making sure the shop is paid back. Being an Avenger, even a reserve one, has perks. And with that Pietro begins to walk off. "Coming?"

Quintessa reaches into her pocket and pulls out a few bills. "The green lady, codenamed She-Hulk, said this was for provisions." She's really sure what to do with it, something with trading? She'll figure it out. "I will follow." She says curious as to what this 'market' is. "I was not given any order to steal anything just acquire provisions."

Orders? Looking back over a shoulder, his coloring strange in the demon made environment, Pietro snorts at you. "Don't you think for yourself? Jennifer Walters?" A bit surprised at that, but in a good way. Arching eyebrows lift with it and he returns to making sure you two aren't jumped. It's nice to know who else is out there helping. "It's called money. People use it to acquire things. Trade money for items." Doesn't bore you with the rest. "When did you last see She-Hulk?" Clearly he knows of the woman.

It doesn't take long to cross the street and turn a corner. Pietro pauses once, motioning back to you, as he side steps under an awning. Some demons several streets over, and high above, miss you two fairly easily. Watchful, waiting, he only motions to the store after they are gone. "This is a grocery store. It's where we acquire food stuffs. Not finished meals, but the ingredients." Since you seem a bit weird at all this. He could just be insulting too.

Quintessa might be a bit weird since she doesn't have many memories before she came to this time, she doesn't even know that she's from the future. She knows her name, why she's here, who her brothers are and her instincts. Her basic personality hasn't changed much but don't ask her why she is the way she is. "The smell bad." She says looking up at the demons. "I can smell them from far away, but they can't hurt me." She sounds confident in saying that. "Food stuffs, roger. What are…ingredients?"

"You're a blank page, aren't you?" Asked as he trots across the street. The broken door is carefully pushed open, and while he only pauses a moment, he does before entering. There are no demons inside, and Pietro is trusting you to smell them and warn him. Even if that may be foolish of him. "Demons smell bad even to me and my nose is normal." Ducking under a dropped ceiling panel he's in the shop. People have been here before, but there are still things you can find. "Ingredients are the pieces that make up a meal. Like the parts make that gun, ingredients describe the portions you add together when you cook. Like meat or vegetables. You'll want cans most likely. Anything perishable will be long gone."

"Negitive, I am a Genetically Enhanced Mutant." Quintessa replies not sounding smart-mouthed at all, more serious. Quintessa also tries to listen to see what she can hear, using all her senses to stay out of trouble. "Gun, I need acquire more of those too. I know how to put a firearm together easily." Firearms are something very familiar to her. "I cannot cook." She's not even fully sure what that is. "Canned food, roger, will acquire some." She says walking through the small food market quietly.

"That was rhetorical." Pietro sounds of laughter though. You are taking this a little too seriously. "Guns I can't find you." Liar. "Don't worry about being able to cook. Nothing in cans takes much more than heating." Leaning the staff aside, the man moves over to help. Quietly he picks up and offers cans of ready made meals. He explains the differences in the labels. Ravioli, green beans, fruit, the can opener, here are some utensils, some paper plates, plastic bowls.. you'll need to find the means to heat on your own, but hey. "Never heat things in the can unless you've opened it." A strange bit of advice, but necessary. "A closed can will explode at the right temperatures."

Quintessa doesn't know what rhetorical means but does it really matter? She sniffs the cans as she takes them, making an odd face as she can smell the metal. It doesn't smell appitizing but then again food is food. She then looks up at Pietro with a big smile on her face. "Really? It will explode?" Advice to remember for later, it could be necessary, aren't explosions always necessary?
Huh? Hmm? Bad player. No biscuit.

Pietro nods, smiling. You've been asking things like a child, so he's going to treat you as one. Patient, explaining, and amused at the exploration. "Oh yes." They will explode. He holds a can out to you. "Eight hundred degrees, more or less, and a can will explode. The contents are under pressure, so the heat creates too much gas for the metal to withhold. Shooting it will do little good, but heat.." Explosions are always necessary, yes. "That's why you can't smell the stuff inside. It's sealed too well for that." After that he fetches a couple bags for you. Easier then juggling cans. "To carry." It's going to be many bags for you said siblings, and he doesn't want you hungry after a day or two. "Put the money over here. ..How much did she give you?"

Quintessa hangs onto every word Pietro says about the exploding cans with a odd sort of pleased interest. "Can we try heating them up and see if they explode? Maybe use them as weapons against those demons out there?" After all someone bred for combat is gonna get some enjoyment out of it. "This is what she gave me." She says and hands about $60 to Pietro. "To trade with. I don't see anyone around to trade with." She says looking and listening around the store.

"Food shouldn't be wasted, Quintessa." You are told firmly for trying it out. "If you've no other options, blow up your dinner, but save it. You don't yet know where your next meal will come from after all." Pietro understands the want, but he doesn't think it's a good time. "There's also the demons. Explosions would draw them." A motion to the register. Which is likely empty thanks to thieves. "Tuck that beneath it. The people who own this establishment are sure to be hiding, but they will be back." Sixty dollars isn't much, but it beats nothing.

Quintessa walks over to the register and moves it like it weights nothing, to slip the money behind it. "I'm not afraid of the demons." She looks at Quicksilver and nods. "Food is like ammunition, don't use it all up other wise you might run out and be in a worse situation where you could have used that last round? Am I correct?"

Pietro gives you a look, but keeps his disapproval to himself. Silly girl. "More or less, yes." You are correct. "Why are you here, Quintessa? You don't know some very basic things, yet are clearly combat trained." Another military program gone wrong? Will those never stop? "What are your plans?" Doesn't ask where you came from because he honestly doesn't care.

Quintessa looks up at Pietro and smiles. "We're here to find our brother, #3ARMS. He's lost somewhere here and we need to find him." No, it's not a mission, her and her brothers went AWOL to do this, but Tes doesn't remember that. Finding her missing brother though, that is the one goal in her mind. "I don't remember a lot, something happened and most things are fuzzy. I don't remember how we came here."

A slow nod at your answer, "What will you do once you find your brother?" Pietro squashes his sudden thoughts of Wanda. No, you shouldn't go off and search the world. If Wanda wants to be found, she will be. "If you don't remember how you got here, how are you going to return?" The motion of a hand as he speaks. Here's some logic, enjoy it. "If you can't return, then what will you do?" Inquiring minds want to know.

"Bring him home with us." Quintessa replies as if it's the simple answer. How are they going to do that, she's not sure but then she's always been the grunt, the one to follower orders, not give them. "My brothers will figure out something, and Three might remember something. We will be able to return." She's not the thinker, never was. It wasn't in her training.

Pietro can only shake his head. "You need to learn to think for yourself." Disapproving of how blindly you follow. He doesn't explain though. Some things require experience, not advice. "You also need to plan for the worst. Believing you will return home is nice and all, but it doesn't solve any problems that arise, and problems will." Seems adamant on that. Something always goes wrong. There's a shake of the head again, almost like he's shaking off thoughts, and the man heads for the door. "Come along. You should get back before something finds us."

"Why, that's not my job. That's Adam's job." But Adam isn't here, so she'll follow those above her. A lifetime of training taught her not to think for herself just to follow. "I will bring up the idea to the others, see what plans they come up with. That is not my job, my job is to follow." She doesn't seem to think there is anything wrong with it, not right now. The opinion is not hers to make, not yet at least. "Like I said, I am not scared but yes, I should report back. Tell them what I learned. Demons."

"You're going to learn the hard way." Pietro doesn't explain that one either. Silly, silly girl. "Be careful." It's all he can give you right now. You want to get back, and are likely wanting to eat too, so he lets you go. Doesn't mean he likes it. At least Jen made sure you had somewhere safe to sleep. Hmm… Should find someone, shouldn't he? "The demons will attack you on sight, so be careful." Most of this you already know.

"I'm not afraid of them, I just have to wander out more prepared next time." Quintessa nods with that as she knows, next time bring guns. "Only problem is I will run out of ammunition." She says as she can't be to trigger happy with the demons. "But like I said, they cannot hurt me, at least, for long."

The man shoulders that makeshift staff again and looks at you in all seriousness. "You should be. Bullets don't stop magic." But Pietro doesn't stay to explain that. No, he vanishes with a caress of breeze over you. There's so much for you to learn, but he isn't the one to teach it all to you.

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