2010-03-22: Similarities


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Summary: More talk between the roommates.

Date: March 22, 2010


Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Marshall and Mikhail's Room

//Slightly bigger than the old room, the new rooms fit two students comfortably. Each room has off white walls with a dark brown carpet. There is one window in the middle of the wall that looks out over the grounds. Each room has two beds, two dressers, two desks and two closets, one for each student. //

Having not been able to see the doc today, Marshall's come back to the room. He's not upset or anything, though he is disappointed that he couldn't get with someone. But then, this is a school and lots of people are injured right now, so it's understandable. As he comes back into the room, he puts his books down on the stand beside his bed. He picks up a little piece of the paper that he has nearby.

Mikhail has been in detention, just one part of his punishment for wandering off for two days, hes wearing red sneakers, dark blue jeans and a red a purple hoodie, he enters the room with an angry look on his face, with the black eyes and the fangs, if you didn't know any better, he'd look scarey.

Blinking as Mik walks in, Marshall looks at him. "Neat!" He says, making fang fingers and circles around his eyes. He pauses for a moment before he tilts his head. "Mikhail ok?" He asks, watching the other teenager. "Need hug?" He offers. His fingers, go back to folding paper.

Mikhail blinks in confusion when Marshall makes the finger fangs, most people either look freaked out or ignore them, he's not sure if he's being mocked or not, "I'm fine, just annoyed, no thanks to the hug, the mood i'm in, i might break you", not a threat, a statment, he stomps over to sit on his bed, kicking off his shoes.

"What wrong. I listen." Marshall says, smiling. "Someone need to. If bothered, other view point may make easier." He nods, grinning. "You no break. I trust." He says with a nod. After all, this IS his roommate. And, they wouldn't put him in the room with someone who would hurt him, would they?

Mikhail sighs looking slightly less angry, "I'm in trouble for disappearing during lockdown, it's annoying, i was only gone two days", the trust comment gets a smile out of the feral mutant, and he wouldn't intentionly hurt Marshall.

"Break rule. Punish. That how rules work. School has rules to keep safe students. Why you disappear? Tell anyone where going?" Marshall asks as he stands and moves to sit on the corner of Mik's bed. He pats a hand on whatever part of Mik he can get near. Probably lower leg. "Not do it to piss off. Do it to anyone. Same rule. Same punish." He explains. "If I disappear. No tell. I grounded."

Mikhail shrugs, "I don't know, i was bored and went for a walk, i just forgot to come back", he chooses not to mention some other reasons for his punishment, he doesn't move away when Marshall pats his leg, "I know, but it's still annoying".

"Don't let annoy. Make best of. Find something to do during detention." Marshall says. "Forgot come back? If you my roommate then, I be mad." He says before crossing his arms. "Where you go? Have me worry." He mock-pouts before grinning. He pats the leg again with a grin. "It be ok. How much long ground?"

Mikhail smiles, "I was in New York, i met some disappearing cat guy", he grins at Marshall pretend angry face, "Untill sunday".

"Cat guy? NEAT." Marshall grins, rubbing a hand through his hair. His hands have stopped moving on the paper. He's made an elephant this time. He holds it up with a grin. "Never been New York. Except pass through to here." He says with a nod. "Jackson not big." He pauses. "You say used to talk different. Why change?"

Mikhail looks at the little paper elephant, it's just as good as the wolf yeasterday, as Marshall has been saying a lot, "Neat", he looks confused, "Jackson?", then shrugs again, "Because this is how people are supposed to talk, it's nessicery".

"Home. Jackson. Tennessee. South." Marshall explains. "Pffft. Not necessary. My talk really bad before. My talk good now. But, not right to others. Don't care. Robyn understand. Rashmi understand. Mikhail understand. All that matter." He nods. "My talk fine for me. They don't like it… hmm… who care?!" He grins.

Mikhail listens making a metal note to find out where Jackson is, "Yeah your talking is fine, it's how i spoke when i first came here, if i'm honest, it's kinda hard speaking propaly all the time, it takes consentration", he playfully punches Marshall on the shoulder, "Your a very happy person".

"Speak like want." Marshall says. "Yes." he says in response to the last. "Be happy in self. Make happy in others. Happy spread happy. Why sad? Sad make sad. Sad not fun." At the punch, he rocks to the edge of the bed and makes a show of purposefully falling over. "Nooooooooooo!" He winks, keeping an eye on Mik so he can 'hear' anything said.

Mikhail nods grinning, "I'll bear that in mind", as Marshall can't hear him he's been speaking in his romanian accent reather than the copied New York one, when Marshall pretends to fall over he doesn't get the joke and thinks he hit him to hard, so moves to catch him.

As he's grabbed, Marshall blinks. He chuckles. "I just playing. Am ok." He grins, leaning in to the 'savior' and offering a hug. Despite what Mik said earlier, he looks like he could use one anyway. "Always remember. Be self. Be true. Be happy. If other people think stupid because? Then THEY stupid." He nods.

Mikhail hugs Marshall and tries not to break him, but quickly lets go, "Did you get to speak to a Doctor today?" he remembers him mentioning it last night.

Marshall smiles brightly at that. At the question though, he shakes his head. "No. Doctor busy. Too many injured people. No want to interrupt. Let him work." He says with a nod. After being let go he stretches his arms out. "See? Hug make feel better." He wrinkles his nose.

Mikhail nods, "Yes, many students are hurt, i should go down at some point to see if i can help", he laughs at Marshall conclusion on hugs, then wonders something, "What's your power Marshall?"

"Don't know." Marshall says with a shrug. "But… Daisuke think maybe I learn what see. Watched Robyn Rashmi talk for while. Then, not deafspeak anymore. Real talk. Watch program on origami. Suddenly, I make origami. Watch Paula Deen. Add butter to everything." He says, shaking his head softly. Of course, the last is a joke that Mik probably won't get.

Mikhail hmms, "You copy what people do, thats a good one, you must ba able to learn alot", and as expected the joke goes right over his head, "You should do a test of it sometime".

"Want to. Why I want see doctor. See if he show me something." Marshall grins as he tugs off his shirt, pulling back the covers on his bed. "Getting bedtime. Now, anytime want hug. You come Marshall. K?" He asks. "You Marshall get along. Much like." He nods, before tugging away pants to slide under the covers.

Mikhail nod smiling, realising Marshall's right they do have a lot in common, he stands up, pulls off his hoodie and jeans then climes under the covers, as he does he uses a nail to carve a short line into the wall, before turning back to look at Marshall.

The line in the wall doesn't mean anything to Marshall really, but he watches. He reaches up to turn the light off, but remains laying in the bed facing towards Mikhail. "Good." He says with a nod, letting the darkness take him.

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