Simon 'The London Phantom' Vincent
Simon Vincent
Portrayed By Jason Dohring
Gender Male
Date of Birth Unknown
Age 20
Zodiac Sign Unknown
Aliases The London Phantom, Martín De Lobos, Vincent Ferrer, George Pendragon, Leo Stanwick, Nicholas Aquinas
Place of Birth London, England
Current Location New York City
Occupation Thief
Known Relatives None
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Shadow merging
First Appearance ???

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The Reeves family, well known in the United Kingdom had
three children, two recorded. His family was not the kind, and amiable
figures that their public lives were, Thomas Reeves the third was an
asshole, often beating his wife and children. One night Thomas' mother
decided to leave the country, head out for the United States. Wanting
to cleanse herself, she led Sion to walk in fron of Inspector Parsons.
Simon was left on the doorstep of the St. Andrew's Orphanage, After
being found walking the streets of London, he was found by a Scotland
Yard officer, unfortunately this man could not provide adequate care
for a young child. The boy didn't even know his name much less care
for himself.

Simon soon received the name Simon Vincent, names for Simon Magus, the
magician of the Crusades, and Vincent Ferrer, a saint who betrayed his
best friend. While growing up at the orphanage, Simon came to know all
of the ins and outs of the place, he knew every crawlspace, and every
place to hide. He also developed an interest in theatrics often
getting chastised for goofing off and not having any focus, and
overall defiance. Out of concern, his counselor had taken him into
sessions, giving him a diagnosis of Oppositional Defiant Disorder.

The arts magnet school took him in regardless due to his talents, and
was capable of filling every interest the boy had, both educational
and psychological. He learned to make disguises from crepe hair and
other prosthetics and makeup. He soon became friends with a shady kid,
name of Samuel Mitcham, he was the one guy who introduced Simon to
thievery. Simon was hooked, the feeling of pulling off a score, and to
become rich, that is what he wants to do. After then, since he was
fourteen he ran away, living on the streets of London. One night he
was trying to sleep when a man came up to him, putting a knife to his
throat, the kid was leaning against a wall, the cold steel blade
cutting lightly into his throat, that feeling ran an incredible amount
of adrenaline, caused him to lift up into his shadow. The shady form
of the boy remained on the wall he was on, but no trace of the boy at
all. He was able to get away from the would be murderer by staying in
his shadow. Having to cling to walls and the ground in this form,
Simon could see the world brightly when he was merged with his shadow.
After he left the area of the attacker, Simon left his shadow form, he
thought to himself how he could make this work for him, and soon
decided to play this to his advantage, he soon began turning thefts in

He soon got the attention of wealthy businessmen in London, someone
who can get what they want, easily, and without evidence. He soon
became known as the Phantom, as he never showed his face to any of his
employers, simply his shadow. Talking to them in wisps of voice, and
always reaching out to shake his employers hands, but never fully
exiting his shadow. After one heist, Simon was called upon to steal a
bejeweled statue of a cat from Southeby's before it went on auction.

Unfortunately, as any thief experiences, he was caught, before he
could take the cat, he was fired upon by inspector Jack Parsons, the
same man that found him more than fourteen years ago. The kid was
wounded, in his arm, the wound bleeding sufficiently enough to cause
him to fight or flight, in this case flight. Running back into his
shadow, Simon's arm was still bleeding, but not blood, the evidence
was left in shadows, leaving a trail of shadow blood until he had to
exit the shadow, clutching his hand, Simon ripped his shirt, making a
bandage out of the piece of cloth. And just like any good inspector,
Jack Parsons followed the unusual spots until he found a boy in the
back alley, Simon was left trapped, little to what the inspector knew,
the recently infamous Phantom was no older than a high school kid. But
he had to do what he had to do, and soon he made his way over to the
wounded boy, with handcuffs. Simon looked at his captor with reddened
eyes. "Stay away!" he yelled, trying as a last ditch effort to escape
going to a juvenile secure unit. The inspector drew close with the
cuffs, grabbing Simon's wounded arm, and ratcheting the restraint on
the boy.

But before he could get the other on, Simon started to shake, his
feint to get to the ground. Simon played his trick well, sinking into
his shadow yet again. He quickly ran away with great haste now that he
was not leaving a trail to follow him with. He knew he was not safe
in London any more, he needed to get out of the spotlight at least in
this country. He took all of the fifty thousand dollars he had earned
and formed into the shadows again, this time hitching a ride on a
plane headed to New York. The shadow stowaway hid in the galley of the
plane so he could not be seen easily, after he got out onto American
land, he knew he needed to find more work, he then started to get the
word out on himself again, though this time he had more trouble
because of the incident in Southeby's. He has been in the New York
area for a little more than two months now, the news of the London
Phantom soon came to the desk of Jack Parsons, he was worried what had
happened to the kid he saw those months ago, he remembered about the
small boy he found those years ago. Noting that that kid should be
Simon's age by now. The inspector has been waiting for the right time
to possibly go to New York and find the wayward kid.


  • What's happened since you've been approved?


  • "I can be anyone I want, when I want."


  • Very few people in New York have actually seen Vincent's actual face.
  • Simon is a natural actor, and makeup artist, he has technology that could make him look like anyone he wants.
  • Simon had grown up in an orphanage and on the streets of London, stealing things for money.
  • In England, Simon (called the London Phantom) has created quite a stir, his capers often are fodder for newspapers and news outlets and the like.
  • There is only one job Simon would not take, stealing the Crown Jewels of England. For reasons unknown.


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