2010-02-16: Sinister Eggs


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Summary: Cam goes on an egg hunt. Christopher and Skyler discuss… strange things.

Date: February 16, 2010

Sinister Eggs

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

It's past dinner time and Christopher is still at the school. He did some cooking in the kitchen for dinner tonight and is now relaxing up in the observation deck with a book. He's enjoying the quiet along with a piece of flourless chocolate cake, which the rest of it plus another two cakes sit down in the kitchen. He's dressed in a nice button down shirt along with a pair of kakhi's. He's got the night off from the salon tonight and is enjoying it.

With a blindfold over his eyes, Cam steps into the room. He walks forward, very slowly before turning right. As he gets to a chair, he feels it briefly before lifting up a seat cushion and pulling up a plastic easter egg. "Ha!" He says, not realizing there's actually anyone else here. He's actually rather enjoying this little game.

And, again, there's the soft 'ding' of the elevator coming back up to deposit another person into the Observatory. This time it's Doc. Or at least it looks like Doc, but the telltale nametag pinned just above his left breast shows that his name is, in fact, Skyler. He's wearing some faded jeans, and a nice, forest green sweater that's slightly too big for him. He steps out of the elevator with a heavy sigh when he sees that the place isn't as unoccupied as he thought it would be.

Christopher looks up with interest as Cam walks in and recovers the plastic easter egg. "Wow, celebrating Easter a bit early, and what's with the blind-fold Cam?" Then Skyler/Doc walks in and it takes a bit to recognize who it is, it's the name tag. "Oh, hey Skyler, whose twin are you this time?" He hasn't met Doc yet so he's not quite sure.

Cam almost jumps when he hears someone talking to him. He pauses for a minute. The voice is very familiar, so he calls up the trail and grins. "Hi Mr. Parker-Mayfair." He says with a grin, pointed right at Christopher. "It's actually a power-test from Mr. Guthrie. He hid about a dozen of these across campus and I'm supposed to find them blindfolded. Looks like I can." He chuckles a bit. "It's actually kinda fun. Except when I forgot to specify my path and tried to walk into a wall…"

Skyler shrugs and sighs again. "The school's new Doctor," answers the teen (who isn't actually a teen right now.) "He was kind enough to let me copy him to see if we could…." he shakes his head not wanting to go into that thought aloud. "Nevermind," he says instead, flopping down into a chair.

"We have a new doctor?" Christopher says, shows how often he's down there. "Well, I should actually go and meet my co-workers." He says with a small chuckle. He knows he doesn't spend much 'free' time here since he has his house and his husband. "That's actually an interesting test, how many have you found so far?"

"About half." Cam says, raising the blindfold to see Skyler. To get a lock on who Skyler is. Though, who knows how his powers will work when trying to find Skyler, considering… "Just thought about taking a break for a few."

Skyler grins at Christopher. "Well, at least you know what he looks like, now." There's a pause, and a glance at Cam before looking back at the teacher. "Hey, I've been meaning to ask you something: Has your shoulder been acting up?" There's a deeper meaning to the question. A double entendre that people familiar with what happened with the students and Sinister would get.

Christopher looks at Skyler and shakes his head. "No, nothing out of the ordinary." After all he wasn't marked by him like the others. "I mean occasionally it might get a bit tense from working all day at the salon and such but nothing unusual." He then looks at Cam and snaps his fingers as if remembering something. "Friday night Cam, I have off, how about you and me have a night of cooking dinner and dessert?"

Shoulders? Cam doesn't know anything about any of that. He just offers a nod to Skyler in a way of greeting. When Christopher asks, he grins. "Sure. What do you have in mind? Something simple, or something more extravagant?"

Skyler looks rather relieved at Christopher's answer. "Oh. Good, then."

Christopher can't help but look concerned as Skyler says that. "What's up Skyler, everything okay?" After all he has known the student for quite some time and he even remembers when Skyler had copied him at one point a few years back. "And whatever you'd rather do Cam, we can do something simple like pizza or more extravagant like a cornish hen dish but we'd have to make a lot of them."

"Oh, I don't care. I did Spaghetti and Tiramisu the other night, so I can handle it as long as I have instruction." Cam says with a nod. He stretches, taking the blindfold off his face completely as he sits in the chair.

Skyler bites his lower lip, and pushes himself deeper into the chair. "No, not really. Sinister's coming back. Soon."

"Ooo, Tiramisu, too bad I missed it. I was working at the salon last night." Christopher says as he's about to continue before Skyler drops that nice little bomb and he stands up in surprise and a bit of shock. "What? He's coming back? How do you know, have you talked to Scott?"

"That sounds… sinister…" Cam says, a little bashfully, before shutting up. He's out of his depth here. He's never even heard of Sinister. Seeing Christopher jump up, he presses himself deeper into the chair, trying to hide against it. Yup. It doesn't seem nice.

"I'm sure Scott knows," Skyler says, which really isn't much of an answer. "I know because the tattoo he gave me has been acting up for the past couple of weeks." He winces at the memory of the sharp, shooting pains that he's been getting from it recently. "Real bad today, too."

Christopher nods and sits back down, trying to ponder what to say, or do for that matter. "Well, good, I would say stick by people as much as possible I guess. You know the drill, you're a smart kid." And they both know that if Sinister wants something he'll do anything to get it. "Here, let me look at it, not much I can do but, I'm curious."

Skyler nods at the home ec teacher and peels off his sweater, and then stretches the neck of the t-shirt that was underneath down and back to reveal the red diamond tattoo.

Christopher looks at the tattoo and runs a finger over it lightly. "I don't know Skyler, what else can I say but, be careful. Has anyone else reported any problems that you know of?"

"Just me and Jonothon," Skyler replies, pulling his shirt back into shape once Christopher's done examining the tattoo.

Christopher nods and doesn't know what to do but he knows how to be prepared. "Okay well who else has had run ins with Sinister? Daisuke, Brian, Lorna were the last three, you, that one student who hasn't been here in a long time, um…whose else?" He says trying to remember.

"You," says Skyler helpfully. He thinks for a moment and shakes his head. "That's all that I know of. Then again, Jono doesn't even remember that Sinister kidnapped him. Hell, he thought he was in Kansas two years ago, so we may not be the best people to ask when drawing up this list."

"Well, I'm just thinking that we should check with them and make sure everything is okay with them." Christopher says putting a hand on Skyler's shoulder. "We'll make sure everything works out, we don't need him doing anything….annoying like he did before. And I really advise keeping someone with you as much as possible."

Skyler nods, and sinks back down in the chair. "Yeah," he agrees. "I'm not going to wander out of the school any time soon."

"Well if you need to go out for any reason, let me know and I'll take you. I just want you to be safe Skyler, I know it's a pain in the ass and life here seems overly crazy sometimes. Like the chaos never ends." Christopher offering Skyler a reassuring smile.

Skyler massages his temples with his fingers, as if he'd suddenly acquired a massive headache. "I know," his muffled voice says. "I'm just tired of the guy playing around with all of us."

Christopher walks over to Skyler and can't help but give him a hug. "I know Skyler, that this sucks, but we'll figure out something. I wish being a mutant didn't come with all these hardships but I think it's in the DNA package somewhere. Besides just the powers we get to deal with all this crap."

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