2010-02-28: Sinister Time At The Mall



Special Guest


Summary: Sinister claims another of his past victims.

Date: February 28, 2010

Log Title Sinister Time At The Mall

Rating: R

Westchester - Generic Rebellious Teen Store

Once past the door to this store, its customers are assaulted with rows and rows of black clothes, some of which reference childrens cartoons that probably went off the air before said customers were even born. Toward the back there are racks of CDs, displays of jewelry (many with a skull theme) and a clear case of stickers with rudely witty phrases on them.

The mark has been flaring on and off with Brian for the last week, it's the same game that happened quite some time ago with him. Now Brian has this nag, this itch in the back of his brain, that he needs to be here, at this store. After all, Brian would believe it's his little brother's birthday and the /exact/ gift he wants is here. Is it really his brother's birthday or the place where he wants a present from, more than likely not but Brian does believe it right now.

The crimson haired young man would certainly fit in with some of the people here merely because of his hair. But other than that, he's looking at this shirts. Going against what Lorna had told him earlier, and most of his better judgement in fact. Brian is there, searching through the tees, trying to find the one that would go best with his mutant-hating younger brother.

A teen with pale white skin and long, shoulder length, dark hair, comes over and stands next to Brian. "I don't think he'd like that shirt, I think he'd like the other one better." He says calmly to Brian, as if he asked him is opinion and he's just answering.

The energy user stares at the shirt. Nodding in agreement with the pale teen. "Yea, you're right." He says, too entranced by his errand to notice the teen. Brian picks up the other shirt, and opens it up, taking a good look at it.

"So, why are you buying Nicholas a present when you hate him so?" The teen asks and then something hits at the back of Brian's head. How does a stranger know about his younger brother, how does he know he hates him. "I know he hates people like you."

Brian looks to the pale teen now, not thinking twice on the matter before answering. "Cause, it's his birthday, and he's my brother." He answers, before his eyes open a little wider, shocked that someone knew. "H-how did you know about Nick?" He asks.

The teen puts a hand on Brian's shoulder and as he does, the mark starts to tingle, even burn a little. "Oh Brian, I know everything about you. I know about your brothers, your family, your little bought as Death. Oh I regret that failed project." He says with a smile that shows pointed teeth. Brian would now start to know things are wrong, things are very wrong.

Brian starts to step back from the tee shirt as soon as he starts talking. "Why do you still want to go after us?" He asks, simply, he knows that Sinister is way more powerful than he is. So there is hardly any use fighting with him.

"Since you recognize me, there's no used continuing my guise." Mr. Sinister says as he shifts into his usual form, the odd thing is, that noone in the store thinks a pale skinned man with a red diamond on his forehead and the black attire with the pieces coming off his back. "Why do I still come after you….simple…I want to."

The young mutant shakes his head. "You're too smart to just come for us again just because you can." Brian offers up, clearing his thoughts of what he may do. He's only going to act on impulse. If he does act at all right now.

"And you're too smart to know that you can't beat me Brian. So what is it, do you lose fighting, lose running, or just come with me willingly?" Mr. Sinister asks looking around the store, lots of innocents about. "The choice is yours though the outcome won't be any different."

The energy user gives a grimace, his mood changes dramatically. "I've already lost doing both, just make it quick, will you?" He asks, hoping there's at least some shred of humanity in Sinister. But he's really doubting it.

The cell phone Brian is carrying is brought to Sinister's hand and he looks at it. "I really did hope for a fight Brian." He says as he presses the panic button on his phone and throws it away. Why, because he wants them to -know- they failed their student. "Now Brian, just stand there for a bit." He says as Brian would find that he is physically paralyzed via Sinister's telepathic control. "Don't think you've stopped anything by being submissive." He says reaching over to grab Brian as he blasts a hole in the roof so that he can fly out of the store and away with his newest catch.

Somewhere, in the back of his mind, Brian's a bit glad he didn't give Sinister the pleasure of a fight. If it were any other baddie, someone with whom he could beat. Brian would have died fighting. But, Sinister doesn't want him dead. Only tortured, which in ways is much worse.

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