2010-11-05: Sir You've A Ninja Infestation


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Summary: Due to rising hostilities towards the Fujikawa's Tony and Kaji lure trouble out to a remote estate where the ninja's get more than they were paid for.

Date: November 5, 2010

Log Title: Sir, you've a ninja infestation

Rating: R


Fujikawa Remotely located estate

It had been at least two months sense the trio of Americans had landed in Japan to handle the rising tensions between the people, and the lackluster police force that had /not/ been fairing well with the Yakuza. Slowly but surely Stark and Kaji had wormed their way through the network of scum and villainy till several of the more powerful Yakuza leaders trusted them to get situations taken care of. At the same time the undercover dynamic duo had policed the situation with their insider information to take out various prostitution rings, a few drug factories, and pulled untold numbers of weaponry off the streets of Tokyo. This last week had seen quite a bit of activity as the Yakuza struggled to find those that were disrupting their criminal organization, and Stark had been dealing with the impact at Stark-Fujikawa. Knowing that tensions were rising and that the environment was becoming more unstable the pair of American's now ventured out of the city with Kenjiro Fujikawa to put the last part of the plan into motion.
Leaving the crowded city via an unmarked transport was Kenjiro, Kaji and Stark. By cover of nightfall the small car wound its way through the lush landscape of Japan toward a relatively remote location where the Fujikawa's had built an estate amongst the hills. In the early morning hours the car arrived at the picturesque setting of rolling lush green hills, the trees blossoming all about the older architecture that was the home to one of the richest and most powerful families in Japan. The servants were more than happy to settle Kaji into a guest room that overlooked a garden in the center of the home whereas Kenjiro went to meet up with his wife on the far side. Tony was left to his own devices and as such had retired to his room that had been left as it was since the last time the billionaire had been to the estate. Ken spent most of his day conference calling, and handling business whereas Stark was busily lining things up to deal with the head of the Yakuza clans.
Emerging from a room where a paper door slid to the side Tony stood in traditional Samurai clothing, not the armor, and walked bare foot across the large interior garden towards the Koi pond. It was around lunch time at present so the dining room was where he was heading to, passing by Kaji's room listening to see if his friend was awake or still catching up on some much needed sleep.

The fluffy part of this duo was awake, and he was still in his room. Most of his stuff was already laid out and either used or powered on. But now, he was just sitting in a chair; shifted into his anthro form as he looked out over the gardens. Just taking in the sights, smells, and sounds. Kaji took in a slow deliberately deep breath as his eyes closed, only opening them when he exhaled. He didn't notice Tony pass by the room, as lost as he was in just the serenity of things.

The wolf may have not noticed the man but the man had caught sight of the meditative wolf sitting in the middle of the room facing the garden. For a moment Tony simply watched and envied his friend as meditation had failed to assist Stark in any way the last two weeks. Seeing the servants wandering about off in the distance Tony folded his arms behind his back clasping his hands together as silent feet ferried him to the open door of Kaji's room.

An ear flicking is the only part of Kaji that moved for a few seconds before the wolf let out a soft chuckle. "Hey, Tony." Kaji turns his head to look over towards the man before he gives one of those wolfish smiles. "Sorry, got a bit lost in the scents of things. It smells so pure here… well, compared to the city. Both where we were and New York." He turns his head back towards the window before he gets up; his tail swaying behind him slightly as he leaned against the edge of the window. "This makes up for all the lovely apartments we've been staying in."

Tony full body shudders, "I may need a trip over to a spa resort just to recover but that is something to figure out at a different time." Bowing his head to enter the room Tony steps inside taking a look around the guest room to see the collection of weapons, and the lone laptop. "I see you unpacked faster than I. I think it is time for a break, no? Lunch is being served and I'm sure you'd like to see more of the house."

At the mention of food, the wolf's tail flicks energetically before he shifts back into his human form. "I'm both hungry and interested in both of those." A smirk plays over Kaji's lips before he looks over at his stuff, "Well, to be fair, I didn't have much to actually unpack." He motions with a hand for Tony to lead the way and he'll follow.

Tony ducks out of the room once again then waits for Kaji to exit before sliding the door panel closed. Resuming the slow walk through the garden with hands clasped behind his back he points out the information about the area where they are and how the house came into being. "It may look like something out of a period piece but it is actually well secured and modernized. Try looking for secret panels if you get too bored waiting for me to tell you what our next move is going to be."

Kaji chuckles, following with his hands in his pockets. "Actually, I think I may go out and wander around in the forest if I get too bored." A humored quirk of a brow before he says, "It's a rather lovely place. I honestly wish I could have a chance to sketch out this place. At least from the outside. Would need a good vantage point."

"I will send you a working map of the area. I'm sure you'll be able to find something that would suit the situation." Tony offers his friend a smile as someone scurries ahead of them to pull open the large paneled door ahead leading into the main house. Once inside the furniture speaks of a modernized Japanese home save for the dining room that they walk into which is a low square shaped table where one kneels down to enjoy the meal. Lunch has been spread out catering towards opulence and quantity as much show as substance is how it should be viewed. Kenjiro apparently is missing lunch so the American's are left fending for themselves as they take up a spot at the table.

Kaji smirks, slightly amused at this before he looks around the room for the lunch. He hms softly as he walks around, and finds an empty spot. "Or I could just climb up a tree that looks high enough." He chuckles a bit, the image of a wolf climbing a tree running through his head.

Tony snickers under his breath as he kneels down at the table. Lunch is a mostly quiet affair until the men start sharing stories about parts of the Japanese culture that they are familiar with. Then lunch appears to be just like old times back in New York when they were sacked out on a large leather couch battling foes in Call of Duty. "I must attend to a few things around here before I can take another look at the information we found yesterday that prompted this excursion. Please, make good use of the map and enjoy sketching whatever suits your fancy."

After lunch, and acquiring that map, Kaji set out with his art bag; into the forest around the building. He referenced the map as much as he could, and it took him a good bit of time to find the perfect spot for it. Thankfully, the tree wasn't up too high! After a bit of fuss of getting up the tree, the anthro was sketching out the sight that he saw. The horizon peeking over the tree line with the house nestled in the middle of nowhere. Occasionally, Kaji would pull out a pair of small binoculars to see things in the distance and sketch those down as well.

Whereas Kaji was enjoying the countryside for all of its beauty, Tony was fairly busy trying to run his company from overseas, get things settled with some of his more than furious board members, and sending out two very lengthy email messages. Once that was done the man running on nothing but sushi, caffeine and will power, found his way into the main house seeking to assist those leaving in under an hour. A small minivan like vehicle pulled up along the dirt path behind the only other vehicle parked at the estate. Several servants began piling into said minivan chatting amongst themselves. A trio of stragglers appeared nearby with one sticking out like a sore thumb, that being Stark with his blonde hair, and dark brown go-t. Anyone paying attention would think that he was having a serious conversation with the staff when in actuality he was speaking to the Fujikawa's who were in disguise.

Thankfully with the binoculars, Kaji can keep an eye on things from his lovely little perch. He does keep an eye on Stark when he's talking down there, but he's still sketching his heart away. Already down a good few pages in his book before he looks at the house more intently, tilting his head a bit before he starts to just sketch the garden. To see if he can do it well enough from memory.

It is too bad that Kaji is so focused on sketching that he misses the servant that embraces Tony then another that hesitates before doing the same for a considerably longer time before releasing the embrace. A formal bow is given as the /servants/ pile into the van. The van putters off down the dirt road with Stark watching it grow smaller in the distance till it is beyond his sight. With a quick pivot on the ball of a foot he strides out of view back into the house just three hours before night would descend upon the hillside.

After about an hour up in that tree, Kaji's back started to ache as well as his shoulders from leaning over his book for too long. He rolls his shoulders with a grunt before he packs everything up. When he's ready, he looks down from the vantage point where he's at and he sighs. "Knew I should've thought that far ahead." He digs into his bag and pulls out two of his throwing knives. He flips them around and uses them to climb down the tree, muttering to himself.

Dinner was not set out like lunch had been. In fact, those remaining in the home had to fend for themselves in the kitchen or go without for the near future. Night fell swiftly across the lush landscape bathing everything in shadow ushering in the pitch black darness. Lanterns were blown out across the estate till everything appeared still within. Along the walls shadows climbed then crawled across the tiles of the roof heading for the living quarters seeking to enter and dispatch the occupants then be gone as smoothly as they had arrived. Tony was sitting on the mat in his room with legs folded, and eyes closed apparently attempting to meditate and apparently unaware of the door panel to the room sliding open several inches.

With dinner not being as fabulous as lunch is, and coupled with the fact that Kaji has no idea how to make sushi. He's left to fend for himself. And there's a bowl of shrimp in the fridge that's waiting for him. The soft hum of the fridge while its open is the only thing making noise in the room. Kaji's nearly shoulders deep within the fridge looking for that seafood as one of the shadows in the kitchen comes to life.
A soft grumble from the mutant before he leans backwards, pulling the bowl of shrimp out as he says, "Why'd they put it in the back of the fridge." He pops one of the shrimp into his mouth and turns around, not blinking as he comes face to face with a guy. Dressed in black. With the tip of a sword right in Kaji's face. There's an awkward moment where neither of them does something. Then Kaji sucks the rest of the shrimp into his mouth and swallows it. "Well now. This is new." The ninja's eyes narrow before he draws the sword back to push it forward. Giving Kaji more room to slip to the side and ram his elbow into the man's nose.

At the opposite side of the house a small bamboo shaft appears at the top of the doorway to Tony's room. Inch by inch it slides further into the space until an unseen person blows out a poison tipped dart at where Tony is seated. The impact occurs, a sound of a body falling to the side causes the unseen assailant to drop into the doorway. The black clad figure steps into the room towards the fallen body to be ambushed from behind by Stark who has wrapped his arms around the man's neck to suffocate him. Slowly the struggling body ceases to move and when the body goes limp Tony simply drops it to the ground, searching quickly for any sign of who this man is before flipping off the image inducer that was attached to a training dummy.

Kaji picks up the bowl of shrimp off of the counter and downs the last two in the bowl before he shifts into his anthro form. His ears flicking as he tries to catch the sounds, but not working that well. He lets out a soft mutter before he walks towards the hallway, putting himself in the shadows as he slinks through. His eyes flicking towards someone else setting up a shot at Tony across the house. He plants his hands on the ground and sweeps his leg across the floor; sending the man to the ground before Kaji just plants the empty bowl hard down over his head.

Tony pulls the glove back from the wrist of the fallen ninja to see the symbol that had been plastered around the Yakuza holdings he was familiar with. Sliding across the floor on his knees in an Aikido move Tony places his back up against a wall waiting for the next move to occur. When a shadow appears against the paper panel near him he drives his hands through the panel grabbing a hold and tugging the man through the panel. There is a bit of a struggle until Tony's able to grasp a hold of an arm in a submission move that winds up dislocating the mans shoulder. A quick punch to the face to knock the man out, Stark pulls the katana off the floor from nearby and darts out of the room towards the far corner of the inner garden.

With the bowl faced ninja out like a light, Kaji makes his way through the hallways; keeping within the shadows as he moves as quiet as he can. When he reaches another hallway, he slides the door open a bit; peering down the hallway before he takes in a sharp breath as a sword pushes its way through the paper door! The anthro falls onto his back before rolling backwards onto his feet.

There are shadows peeling off the roof across the garden, more appear behind far paneled walls, and there is the sound of shuffling from nearby where Stark is pressed hard into a darkened corner. With nowhere to go but into another room or out into the courtyard Tony cuts a slit into a nearby wall then enters that room finding it mercifully empty. The clang of metal sounds in the room, the room hadn't been empty after all, and Tony finds himself spinning around to face an attacker with widened eyes that is feeling the reverberation from where the blade had struck the hidden golden armor beneath the thick samurai garb. There's just a brief locking of determined eyes before the pair get into a duel that sends them through an adjoining wall into another room.

There's a feeling of time frozen as the anthro stays crouched near the door where the sword was pushed through. Kaji narrows his eyes as he watches the door. A quick burst of shadow as the door bursts open and Kaji pushes off of the ground. There's a thud of an impact and the anthro slams a man down into the ground; splintering the wood floor a bit as well before he presses forward to barrel through another door to find himself tumbling into a group of four.

Things are not going so well for Stark. Whereas he can pick up a katana he's by no means skilled at it and is basically using it to deflect blows the best he can. If the ninja were paying any attention at all the strikes that did land did no damage to the man, just the clothing upon him. The few that struck a hand or face however healed up quickly. Both men fight their way into another room, which happens to be the dining room off the kitchen where they are joined by another ninja coming in from the outside. "I need a vacation…" Tony mutters in Japanese before running for the opened panel leading into the kitchen. What happens next is something out of a comedy as Tony puts himself behind an island, jumps on top of it to hop incoming blades and rains pots down upon a man before hefting a fairly massive Tuna to slap the other ninja upside the head.

There's a moment where Kaji's ears fold backwards as he looks at the four men regaining their composure. He gulps as his hands flex slightly before he pushes himself backwards; through the hole in the door that he made. He rolls backwards, dodging a few darts that they shot at him. When he rolled into his feet, a sword found a new home in his shoulder and Kaji let out a snarl. Gripping that with a hand, he pulled the man towards him and slammed him into a wall. Turning his attention back to the other three as he pulls the sword out of his shoulder. "Whose next."

The kitchen antics continue with Tony blocking a sword shot with a rolling pin, and a dagger stab with a wok. When an opening finally occurs Tony takes it by kicking the closest ninja in the face sending the man stumbling backward. Hopping off the island Tony lands several shots that knock the ninja for a loop causing the man to collapse to the ground in a daze. Now in a one on one Tony reaches for what he thinks is a sword and when the ninja across from him is in the ready position Tony lifts up a thick wooden spoon. "Aww, c'mon!" Throwing the spoon at the ninja's head he quickly puts the island between them.

With a myriad of cuts and gashes on Kaji's shoulders, arms, and chest; blood running down through the black fur as he faces the final of the group of four. THe other three ninjas are on the ground or halfway out of windows. "Ya may be quicker. But I'm sure as hell more powerful." He steps closer, wincing as a cut forms on his cheek and he turns behind him. "Yer a rather fast one." He mocks a step forward and then plants a snap kick against the ninja as he attempts to run behind him. Sending him through the wall as the anthro lets out a growl. He turns his head back towards the kitchen, faintly hearing Tony's voice before he shifts into his wolf form; taking off down the hallway. Blood dripping onto the ground as he runs.

With all of the noise coming from the kitchen the remaining ninja's are starting to pour into the garden heading for the room. Tony seems to have gotten into a close combat fight with the lone ninja he was facing in the kitchen by the time wolf Kaji appears bloodied and on all fours. Stark has taken a few nasty shots that are trying to heal themselves even as the man continues to fight hand to hand with the attacker. The ninja appears to have the upper hand for the moment until Tony lands a solid gut punch that doubles the man backwards towards Kaji.

Kaji presses off of the ground, pushing himself up into the air as he shifts into his anthro form. He grabs onto the ninja that Tony punched back towards him before he lands. Pivoting on one foot, he drags that man through the air and lets out a yell for effect as he hurls him at the door where he came in. Just in case there were other ninjas there waiting for them.

Alas, two unsuspecting ninja's are toppled over by the flying body of their brother at arms. The three land in a tangled heap but the remaining pair come forward in a bid to enter the destroyed kitchen. With flour along one side of his body caked with blood from healed over wounds Tony grabs up a dropped weapon from the mess of items on the floor and walks over the pile of bodies to face off against the two out in the garden, knowing that Kaji would not be far behind, even as the three untangle themselves trying to get back to their feet to continue their mission.

Kaji follows Tony into the garden, the blood drying on his arms as the wounds start to clot. His eyes flick over towards the man, and then over at the garden as he mutters, "Vacation indeed." His hands flex as he takes off towards one of the ninjas, a snarl bursting forth from his maw.

Claws, fur and the flashes of steel can be seen when lightening cracks the sky illuminating the interior garden. Granted, Tony isn't much of a sword fighter and is simply using the blade to deflect as best as he can to get into close combat with the ninja. Once he is inside the man's guard is where he excels with furious punches and blows aimed to disable the man. Tony's target goes down as the two that had been tangled up before with the thrown man approach. One is opting to continue a weapon assault as the other is now engaging with Tony in hand to hand. Stark flying backward to land in a fountain knocking the statue over and sending water and fish into the air.

Kaji gets out a grunt as he's thrown up against the wall, shaking his head before he rolls tothe side. A sword sinking into the wall where he was a second after he got out of the way. Claws and pads scrape against the ground as he gets his footing back; the water in the air making that more difficult before he reaches through the man's guard and grabs at his shirt. He pulls him forward and then hirls him over his shoulder against the statue that was now against the ground.

Tony is not a fan of being drowned in a man made fish pond so he struggles with the hold the attacker has on him, turning to raining blows into the man's side till the grip is lessened and the two men go rolling out of the fountain/pond. The pair knock into the other standing ninja intending to take a shot at Kaji knocking the man off balance as a pair of throwing stairs sail through the air landing harmlessly in the ground away from Kaji. The wobbling ninja is knocked into again sending him face first into a stone bench knocking him out cold as Tony fights to gain the upperhand on the ninja he's wrestling with. "Hey…" he gasps. "Watch…the…hair…."

Kaji jumps backwards as the stars land near him, and he looks back at the ninja who threw them only to see him getting knocked out cold by Tony. HE lets out a huff of air before he heads over toward the one Tony's wrestling with. He watches them for a second before he reaches to grab him when he has Tony on bottom to just pick him up by the scruff of his shirt.

The yank from the massive paw pulls the Ninja off Tony long enough to let the man scramble away to regain his footing. With Kaji effectively holding the only ninja still coherrent enough to put up a fight it seemed now was the time to play twenty questions. "Who sent you?" Stark spits out the words with a smattering of blood that hits a broken fountain tile nearby.

Kaji is panting hard before he tightens his grip, making sure that he can't slip out of his clothes before he lets out a low growl. "I suggest you start talking." He encircles the man's wrists with his other hand as he lets Tony do the rest of the talking.

The ninja is tight lipped even when Tony yanks the hooded mask off revealing the face of the man. Quickly files are accessed from the Tokyo police department to see if the man was on the grid anywhere be it a criminal, or someone higher up the food chain. Nothing was coming up which meant they were going to have to do this the hard way. Tony reaches up to work his jaw around for a moment. "I know you were hired out. Who sent you?" The man laughs then spits as it is clear he is biting down on a small object in his mouth. Reacting quickly Tony tries lunges forward to try and force the object free before the poison is consumed but it is too late. Within a moment the mouth of the ninja froths and the body trembles in reaction to the poison. "Hmm, his choice. Let's see if someone else is a bit more talkative."

Kaji drops the dead man with a grunt before he looks over at the rest of the house. "I… don't know if there are any still alive." He tests at his wounds for a moment before he winces a bit. "Well, that one's deep."
"Didn't Taskmaster teach you to dodge?" Tony's only teasing as he looks about as bad as his furry counterpart. "There's got to be one of them playing possum. Find one that's coming to and don't let him take the easy way out." Tony goes about searching the fallen ninja's that are in the garden but it would appear that they were either out for the count or had woken and taken the easy way out. "Any luck over there?" Tony calls out nudging over a ninja with a bare foot.

Kaji lets out a laugh. "Against four people? Dodging became kind of a last ditch option." He rubs at his shoulder for a moment before he looks at the other ninjas. "I think one may still be alive… well as alive as ever… Try the ones in the hallway near the kitchen. There should be one halfway out a window."

Tony nods then enters the home via the torn panels to take a look at what used to be the kitchen. As he walks over a body, then another, he grabs an apple from an overturned bowl and bites down into it as he enters the hallway to find a man just stirring as he slumps out of the window to the floor. Casually strolling over to the ninja, Tony leans up against the wall chewing a bite of the apple and kicking the nearest weapon away from the man. "Seems you're in need of a break." Another loud bite of the apple before he waves it at the man now looking up at him. "Give me a name, and I'll let /you/ vanish into the shadows. Don't and well…I don't think you'll like what I have to say about that."

Kaji follows Tony into the hallway, leaning up against the door frame as he looks into the wrecked area. He quirks a brow as he looks down at the ground, nudging at the man left in the splintered dent in the ground. "Hmn… went a little too hard."

There's an amused smirk tossed Kaji's way before he turns his focus back on the still confused ninja. As if Tony had all day to wait around for an answer he continues to bite large chunks out of the apple until the ninja feels free to join the conversation. "Harada…" The man struggles to speak. A gasp of breath then the man collapses again as if his injuries has driven him unconscious. Tony seems unphased by this and polishes off the apple before walking back into the kitchen to drop the core into a waste bin. "Makes sense…" Turning towards Kaji while tightening the belt at his waist. "Grab your things, Benji. It's time we paid a visit to the Chief of Police."

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