Ariel "Six" Campbell
Portrayed By Gaspard Ulliel
Gender Male
Date of Birth August 25
Age 17
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue-gray
Height 5'8"
Weight 200
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Aliases Six
Place of Birth Lubec, Maine
Current Location Xaviers
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Joseph (Father) Campbell, Marlene Campbell (Mother), Beth (Grandmother), and Liz Campbell (Sister)
Significant Other none
Identity Public
Known Abilities Wings
First Appearance None


Joseph and Marlene Campbell ran the West Quoddy Head Lighthouse in Lubec, Maine. This historical site is very well known, and one of the main tourist attractions of the area. It's known for being the Eastern Most point of the US, and is perched mere miles from the Canadian boarder. Joseph's mother, Beth, lived with them, and pretty much lorded over everything. If a benevolent ruler.

Joseph often accepted a spot on one of the fishing boats of the area, for extra income, meaning that he was away for large stretches of time during the year. Not an absent father, but it'd often be a week or more gone when he was on the boat.

Naming their first after Marlene's grandfather, Ariel was a difficult birth due to his physical mutation, but healthy. The boy was born with four arms. Two normal, and two, somewhat larger arms, on his upper back. No one knew him for a mutant, and instead they felt that he was a conjoined twin. A lack of money kept those arms from being removed, and since Ariel was healthy he was sent home. The Campbells had no idea that there were doctors out there who'd have done the surgery for free. Which is a good thing for the boy.

As he grew Ariel began using all four arms. While the second set lacked the dexterity of the first, Ariel could still very much use all four arms to an excellent degree. It was also a bit stressful as the second set was longer than his first, allowing him to reach things he shouldn't. His parents thought this strange, since twins like this aren't suppose to be able to, but they dealt with it. One thing they were sure about was that the boy wouldn't go to school. Staying home, he was schooled by his grandmother, and hidden away from the tourists who came near daily to the lighthouse. It wasn't that he was entirely hidden. The locals knew about him, and he had the occasional playmate growing up. It was that his grandmother didn't feel he could be seen by the tourists, so he wasn't. Nor was he abused in any manner. His parents and grandmother both loved, and treated him well, even if they were kind of creeped out by their son's extra set of arms.

Before long his sister Elizabeth (Mark 2) arrived. She was a normal child, but they didn't treat her any different than her older brother. There were some troubles when she went to school and Ariel couldn't, but Beth set the rules and she said Ariel stayed home. That was that.

Those arms grew along with him, but were not obviously wings until the boy hit puberty. Before puberty they had long, spindly fingers that limited his dexterity, and some webbing between said fingers, but that was it. Almost more like an amphibian than a flier. Upon reaching puberty the changes began. Not only did his voice start changing, but those arms did too. He grew more muscular in the torso, and those arms grew larger and longer. The fingers stretched out, growing at a distressing, and sometimes painful rate, until they became the wings they were meant to be. Ariel found them becoming awkward too. It wasn't comfortable to hold them up and back, so he not only had to deal with teen-age awkwardness, but big, clumsy wings on top of it. He was banished from the nicer areas of the house, and found rooms confining.

They hadn't even reached their full size when Ariel tried to fly. Liz, his sister, was there to cheer him on as he made attempts from small heights. There were cuts, bruises, and the occasional broken wing bone, but it wasn't long before he was gliding out over the ocean. There were also some long swims home, but he doesn't like to admit those.

By the time he was fifteen, Ariel was flying for longer, and longer stretches. He frightened his parents a good deal, and was grounded more than once for going out, but there was little they could really do. Their son loved to fly, and for all of their worries, he never got lost.

To try and keep him too occupied to get into trouble, they began putting Ariel to work. While his wings made it difficult to navigate boats, he could still work on the docks, and that he did. He soon apprenticed under a mechanic. Long hours there, dealing with the stares of others, but it did at least keep him from flying off and possibly never coming back. The teen hated it though, but he was a good boy and did as he was told. It was during his time at work that he got the nickname Six. Mostly due to the fact he had six limbs. The name stuck, and to be honest Ariel didn't mind. He hated the name Ariel. Six was a huge improvement over a girl's name.

The only good thing to come from this is in finally getting to date and socialize. Ariel never dated long, especially after other parents and friends found out about his 'issues', but it gave him a wonderful glimpse into his sexuality and preferences.

Things would have remained like this, working and developing something of a social life, but for Liz. His pretty, little sister proved to be a mutant too. They had been arguing about foolish things (Isn't that always the way with kids?), when Liz lashed out with her powers. Unlike her brother's physical set, she was able to warp space. Motioning a hand, a warp portal appeared behind her brother, and swept him into the unknown. She also sent the couch along with him.

Where did Six end up? Probably the best place possible.. Xaviers.


- Six hates his given name, Ariel.
- The name Six came from hazing of other teen-agers, but it was better than Ariel so he kept it.
- He loves to read, and is home schooled.
- Six's younger sister is a mutant too. She creates warp portals.
- He's a member of the 'New Mutants' squad.



A mental gift that Six is not even aware of. It has no physical manifestation. What this means is that, like some birds, Six has a map and a compass in his head. Sure he might not know where he is, but he will never get lost. Always knows where North is, and how to return 'home'. Even under the affects of Vertigo he's still going to know the proper directions. This has nothing to do with balance and the inner ear. This could be disrupted by those with magnetic powers, or strong magnet locations, as it scrambles the ability.


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