2011-01-06: Skinhead

Players: Prodigy & Supernova

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Summary: Prodigy and Supernova have a Danger Room session against Skinhead

Date: January 6, 2011

Log Title: Skinhead

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

Sitting behind the controls of the Danger Room, Prodigy in his white and yellow uniform with a long white trenchcoat, types in some scenarios. Since Chamber has been gone, David has decided to run some scenarios for the Excelsior Squad. He has summoned Supernova to the Danger Room, not having done a Danger Room Session with the young mutant in a few months.

Annalisa was standing in the main area of the Danger Room, ready for one of her typical sessions. She had been making a lot of progress recently, now capable of actually calling on her powers without having a complete breakdown. Annalisa, or Supernova, was dressed in her Excelsior uniform, a shoulderless outfit, black in color with a brown X across the majority of it. She wore brown elbow-length gloves, and though she had the boots of her uniform, the bottoms were cropped into smaller shorts.

"Annalisa, Thanks for coming. I'm stepping in as a Teacher's Assistant today for Jono. I'm looking over your progress and see you have made quite a bit, so let's see how that progress holds up in this scenario." Prodigy winks and smiles as the lights in the Danger Room dim and the empty metallic chamber is gone and replaced with a rather nasty dingy and dirty looking alleyway reminiscent of something from Mutant Town. The alleyway is strewn with skeletons and other various body parts and behind a dumpster there is a glow.

Over the loud speaker, Prodigy's voice rings out, "Supernova, for the purpose of the simulation, there have been a series of murders and missing mutants in Mutant Town and you've just come across this alleyway. And it's night time." The sky changes from day to nighttime.

Annalisa glances about the alley, looking a bit nervous at the skeletons. She flicks her finger, making a small blue fire at the tip of it to light the alley. "Hmm…" She looks around at the surroundings slowly.

The glow from behind the dumpster begins to grow and laughter, sinister laughter can be heard getting louder and louder, "Another flatscan to munch on! I can smell you from here." The dumpster is shoved and pushed forcefully at a surprisingly quick speed towards Annalisa.

Prodigy steps out of the control room and appears directly into the scenario and appears at the top of a fire escape as he watches the happenings down below.

Annalisa blinks as she hears the laughter, trying to find the source. Before she knew it however, a dumpster was flying at her quickly. She rolls to the side, and out of the way, though perhaps not in the most graceful manner, as she ends up against the wall, trying to get back to her feet.

The dumpster flies past Supernova and the dumpster crashes into the brick side of the alleyway. It is all but smashed showing the villain to have superstrength. Finally revealing himself from where the dumpster was, Skinhead stands revealed. He is a tall villain and his form is just a body of muscles and tissue with no skin, "I'm hungry, girl! Time to eat." He leaps out at Supernova.

Annalisa eeks as the villian reveals himself, he was less then a sight for sore eyes. As he leapt at her, her eyes would let off an eerie blue aura, and her hair would float and glow blue. The area around her would be surrounded by a dome of hot blue flames, that would expand outward from her form and attempt to repel the enemy.

The aura of flames expands out and knocks Skinhead over and off to the side of of the brick wall. Some of the muscle and tissue from his left arm and shoulder peel off and stick to the brick wall. He curses as he looks at the wall and then starts to laugh, "Nice trick. I look my food cooked!" He simply walks in her direction now not caring of the blue flame aura. Prodigy watches and looks down intrigued.

Annalisa jerks her palm towards Skinhead, letting out a slight yelp, her eyes and hair would continue to glow. Out from her hand, a large plume of fire would shoot, flying straight towards Skinhead.

As the blue flame shoots out from Annalisa's hand and strikes Skinhead dead on, but he continues to walk towards her. As he walks the muscle and tissue begins to smoke and starts to diminish and grow smaller and decay off, but he continues walking towards the young mutant. When he is within reach of her flaming gloved hand, he attempts to grab it and push Supernova closer to him. From above on the fire escape, Prodigy shots out "Don't let him make skin contact with you!" He leaps off the fire escape to land on a pile of garbage, he rolls out of the garbage and is a few feet away from Skinhead opposite Supernova.

Annalisa jerks back nervously, she starts to back up, tripping and falling on her heinie. She crawls back across the ground, and lets out a scared scream, pushing her hands foward. A pop could be heard, and a rush of blue fire easily twice as large as the last plume would fly from both her hands, rushing towards Skinhead.

The large plume of blue flame strikes Skinhead and keeps him from moving forward. Nearly all of the muscle and tissue is gone and all that remains is a skeleton. He howls and screams out, "Girl, I will eat your flesh and use your body for my own." The skeleton runs back and towards Prodigy, who dodges the running skeleton and runs away from him, "Supernova, he is vulnerable in his skeleton form.!"

Annalisa jumps up to her feet, and thrusts her fingers forward, aiming at a fire ladder ahead of Skinhead. Small balls of blue fire shoot forward and melt the sections that hold it to the building, sending it falling in a way that COULD strike Skinhead, assuming it'd workout right

It does work out and the ladder falls onto Skinhead's right shoulder and knocks off his skeleton right arm. He stops and tosses it at Annalisa while the skeleton continues to move towards David who takes a defensive pose ready to strike out at Skinhead though careful not to touch the villain directly.

Annalisa jumps backward from the arm, she laughs a little at that. "Woww…" She mutters, but decides to see what Prodigy will do. Her powers aren't really made to be used right next to an ally.

Not wearing gloves, Prodigy dances around Skinhead taaking off his trenchcoat and then holding it out attempts to successfully tackle Skinhead covering his upper body with the coat. Rolling off to the side, he stops short by Supernova, "Blast him!" Prodigy shouts out as he is away from Skinhead who stumbles about trying to throw the coat off of him.

Annalisa jerks both her hands forward, the palms out like she was firing some sort of anime blast. Fire swirls about and shoots forward in a cylinder plume, straight for Skinhead.

Skinhead manages to toss off the white trenchcoat, but only has a second to notice the cylinder plume of blue flame strikes him and all but incinerates the vampiric skeletal villain. All that remains is ash and dust and Prodigy moves forward to examine the pile of ash and dust, "Great job, Annalisa!"

Annalisa moves over to lean against the nearby wall, panting softly. The blue glow around her hair and eyes fades. "That was scary…"

Prodigy looks up and then smiles at Annalisa. The alleyway goes black and dark and then the room is once again the empty metal chamber of the Danger Room. "It was scary, but you did great. Chamber would be proud. It was a stereotypical horror environment, but you held your own and even though he stood up to your flames at first, you never lost your cool."

Annalisa scratches her head a bit and nods. "Thanks…I'll have to show July the tape, she'll be proud. Didn't cry at all.."

David blinks, "Ok then. Actually the last time I worked with you in the Danger Room, July was with us." A holographic keyboard appears in front of David has he reviews the tape really quickly, "Yeah, you've come along way since then." Still looking at a holographic 3d image of the simulation, David asks, "How was your holiday?"

Annalisa ponders a bit as he mentions the last simulation. "Oh, yeah, I had forgotten. Um, my holiday was pretty typical. I didn't get to go home, but I called my family some."

Nodding as he listens, David then makes the hologram of the session disappear, "Where is him for you? So you were here. How was it? I was heading home, but decided to stay in Mutant Town to help with its reconstruction."

Annalisa nods slightly as she responds. "I didn't really go anywhere else. Had a little holiday here, basically."

David shrugs, "Well, good job.with the simulation." He exhales alright, "Well, I'll see if I can schedule you and Zach for a join session. Get you working with the rest of the Excelsiors." He looks his watch as an alarm goes off. "Well, more training. But once again, great job, Annalisa." With that David heads back into the Control Room to begin programming for the next student.

Annalisa waves to David as she goes to leave the Danger Room and head off. She needed some rest.

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