2012-05-03: Skulls And Dresses


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Summary: The teens (and Skyler) gather in the Rec Room and end up talking about clothing.

Date: June 3, 2012

Log Title: Skulls and Dresses

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

//What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself. //

Taylor sits in front of the television, wearing an ultrafeminine pink and white frilly little dress, hair done up and white heels on. The ocelot student seems to be watching some kind of fashion show and working on a doll that seems to be wearing a similar outfit, idly hand sewing some finishing touches together. The feline seems rather focused on the task.

There's a quiet rustle of taffeta, and the heavy clomp of large, armored boots at the entrance to the Rec Room as Shane enters. Whatever the teen has been doing, clearly she's been doing it in full anime-style maid costume and bubblegum-colored hair, a canvas tote bag slung bavk over one shoulder. Upon spotting Taylor in lace, frills, and project in hand, the slight young mutant raises an eyebrow, and clomps toward the ocelot, pausing her iPod and pulling back reinforced headphones. "…Hey," is all she says, dropping into a nearby easy chair.

Bridgets voice comes from the hall she seems to be displeased for some reason. At first the words are muffled but as she get clearer, "I don't care if you like it! It was not your and you should not of done it! Because of this I have to buy a new thing of ice cream for the house!" She walks into the room follow by her two skulls the black one has pink around it's lipless mouth. She blinks seeing the others and smiles, "Hey there." She walks over to the couch and sits on the arm, "whatcha doing?"

Skyler, currently, is wearing the body of an older gentleman, perhaps in his early fourties, whose black hair and beard has begun to get speckled with silver. The only thing that mars this distinguished look is a red diamond tattooed right in the middle of his forehead. Even though he was on his way to his room, he pauses when he sees a small gathering of students in the Rec Room, but only one he recognizes. So he steps in and announces himself to the onlyy person he knows: "Evening, Taylor."

Taylor puts the needle between their teeth and waves a hand at Shane and says, looking her outfit over, "Hey." At least Taylor will not be alone in looking ultra feminine. The ocelot pulls the needle out and continues working, ears perking up at the sound of Bridget arguing with her own powers. "Workin'," is Taylor's ready reply to the girl's query. The ocelot student sniffs the air lightly at the appearance of Skyler and then says, "Oh. Hello, there. I have to make sure you're Skyler, right?"

The arguing grabs Shane's attention as well, but goes unremarked upon… Until a pair of skulls float in the doorway and approach, trailing behind their owner, which point the pink-haired girl hurls herself against the back of the easychair, knocking it over backwards. Once on the floor, she hooks the toe of her boot beneath it, and with a swift shove rights it again. A wild flurry of activity, ending in a mop of pink hair peeking up over the back of the seat, a bit of panicked panting, followed by "What in the *fucking fuck is that?!*"

Bridget blinks at the pink hair girls reaction and frowns. She always found it strange people reacted that way to her cute skulls. At lease she thought them cute part of the metal link with them. She frowns some, "what you mean Ebony and Amour? There my friends and my powers I guess." She giggles some, "they are harmless mostly." Both skulls float over and seem to bow to the pink hair girl before floating back to Bridget. Each snuggles close to her but she turns to the black one, "oh no you get no snuggles today go to the corner and think what you done." The black one jaw drops and it seems to pout flying over to the corner of the room. The pink one lets a twisted sounding laugh out. She looks to the other man who came in, "hello I don't think I know you are you a teacher here?"

Skyler nods to Taylor, but whatever it is that he's going to say is interrupted by Shane backflipping over her chair. He blinks at Shane, then follows her gaze to Blink at Bridget and her skulls. "Ooookay, then. Thats…" a pause to think of the right word, "… new." Snapping out of it when Bridget asks her question he shakes his head. "No. I'm, uh, I guess you could say I'm Ms. Frost's poolboy until I can get back on my feet." He shrugs, heading over to the pink-haired girl, "Anyway. Used to be a student here. Name's Skyler. You okay?" This last said to Shane.

Taylor raises eyebrows at Skyler mentioning he's Ms. Frost's poolboy, noting, "I dunno if you want to use that, exactly. That term. Poolboy. It might give the wrong idea. Unless you're fucking her. In which case… it doesn't give the wrong idea. Though it gives a /wrong/ idea." The teen grimaces before noting to Shane, "That's… pretty much how I reacted the first time I saw her. I find it creepy."

Shane's eyes flick from Bridget to Skyler to Taylor, disappearing back behind the chair when one of the skulls floats closer. "…Fine," she mumbles, dipping a hand into one of the pockets on the apron and squeezing a fist for a moment. Taking a deep breath, she rises, edging toward one of the chairs farther away from the couch and sitting.

Bridget blinks at that, "wow I thought she would have a younger pool boy but each there own." She smiles and then looks back to the Taylor, "well in your case Ebony scared you in a dark room. He thinks stuff like that is funny." She then looks at the pink hair girl, "would you like to pet one they enjoy that and there fire does not hurt."

Skyler gives Shane a small nod, like he knows that she isn't, but respects her space. Turning, he chuckles at Taylor. "No, I'm not fucking her. It was a joke. A bad one. Anyway." Turning again he shakes his head. "Yeah, well, I was younger when she asked me," he says cryptically. "I think you should probably leash those in. I'm sure they're harmless, but not everybody thinks floating Ghost Rider heads are cute."

"They creep me the fuck out," notes Taylor, helpfully, "But I mean, they're just a manifestation of your powers, I suppose… so… I can't judge appearances and shit." The ocelot student considers and then shrugs lightly. "And… scaring me in a dark room isn't the issue. Dark rooms are not really that dark to me. It's the scaring in the first place I take issue with."

Upon being asked if she would like to pet one, Shane stares at Bridget, in much the same manner as one would stare at a dog, with bloody lips, whose owner has just assured her really is a big sweety. "…Now at *what* fucking point did I ever look like I want to *pet* a *skull* that is *on fire?!* Seriously?" Question raised, she flumps back in her chair, crossing her arms.

Bridget frowns, "leash them? First how they don't have necks and why they never go far from me and I can always find them. Sure they pull pranks sometimes and get into things they shouldn't but I always pay for any damnage done which to date I think the ice is the most expenive thing." She giggles at the pink hair girl and shakes her head, "well there friendly and I wanted to show that. In fact Amour more like a cat when it comes to that stuff." In fact the pink skulls is sitting on her lap and snuggling her owner.

Skyler coughs uncomfortably as the tension in the room escalates a little bit. "It's an expression," he explains. "I didn't mean it literally." In a lame attempt to divert the conversation he sighs and says, "Uh. Nice cosplay there. I'm Skyler. I think I said that already."

Taylor glances between the skulls with a slightly tilted head and then shrugs, "It's certainly an unusual power, but I guess probably not the weirdest necessarily…" The ocelot hums softly and then shrugs and adjusts their own dress, making sure to be completely decent.

"…Thanks," Shane says, evidently grateful to have something else to talk about as well. "'S an old one. Had it when I got here." Smoothing down her apron, she decides now is as good a time as any to lever off her seat, sidling back to her previous chair long enough to snag up her tote bag and return to her new spot.

Bridget is greatful to after all she felt she being yelled at by them for her powers. She keeps petting the pink skull in her lap as the black still floating facing the corner. So What are your power Shane and Skyler?"

"Heh," chuckles Skyler as he sits down in one of the plush seats, and loosening his tie. "I never got into costuming. As a theatre kid, that is. Did my own makeup, though and ended up being pretty good at it." To Bridget's question, he answers, "I copy people, to put it simply."

Taylor glances towards Skyler with a slightly tilted head, nodding at the answer, before noting to Shane, "I like it. Looks good, well put together…" The ocelot student smiles slightly at that and starts fiddling with their skirt.

By way of answer, Shane tugs off one of her gloves, pulls a scrap of fabric rag from the other apron pocket, and wraps it around one upraised finger. The slight young mutant draws in a short breath, and what can be seen of her finger flushes deep red, glowing dully for a brief instant… and with a *crack* reminiscent of a firecracker, the rag is torn to shreds by a pulse of crimson energy, the shockwave created by the 'explosion' ruffling her hair backward for a moment. "…That's my power," she says, lifting a shoulder and turning to Taylor and Skyler. "S'cool. Couldn't get into theater. Bein' on stage." Glancing at Taylor a second time, she lifts a pink eyebrow. "…You make that, Tay?"

Bridget frowns, "are you a shape shifter or something?" She keeps petting the pink skull as she watches the other girl, "wow you make things blow up? That's so cool I wish I could do something like that" The pinks skulls looks up at her and makes a sound like off a holloween sound track. She frowns at the skuyll, "no I love you both and I love having you as my partners. It's just a cool power."

"Okay," Skyler says as the skull's laughter sets his teeth on edge, "That's creepy." He nods to the girl, "Something like that. It's…. horribly complex and irreversible, what I do. Think of me as a living Xerox." He settles down a bit when the laughter stops. "I know. The stage isn't for everybody, but I loved it. It's why I'm this guy. I was auditioning for a part in Arcadia but… enh. It's been too long and I'm rusty."

Taylor nods at Shane and says, gesturing towards the doll, "Yeah, I did. I made… matching… outfits…" The teen trails off and then grimaces at how lame that sounds, before looking towards Bridget, hair standing on end somewhat from the skull sound. "Are your powers… in need of assurances?"

"Cool," Shane says to Taylor, hunching her shoulders throughout the skull's laughter. "Upsizin's easier anyway, smart way t'do it." Once the laughter dies down, she risks a glance up, evidently more than a little bemused that someone's power could be complaining of jealousy, but appears to prefer not to comment on it. "Anyway. Thought about costumin' for stage. Too easy, though. Good cosplay takes a hella lot more planning."

Bridget blinks, "you try out for roles with other people faces? What if this guy sees it? What if someone he knows sees it. Wouldn't sorta expose you?" She keeps petting the skull and as she watches the man if Skyler is really a man with shape shifters you can never tell.

Skyler nods thoughtfully. "I bet. Stage costuming usually isn't designed to be seen up close. Same thing with theater makeup. It's designed to exaggerate your features to make them more visible from thirty, forty feet away." Skyler looks over to Bridget. "Do you know how big New York is? The odds that somebody would recognize me is infinitesimal. Improbably at worst. Even so, it's not hard to convince somebody you're just some guy or girl who looks like the person you know. And, yes, I try out for parts with other people's faces. Like I said, what I do is irreversible."

"I go both ways," says Taylor to Shane. The felinoid pauses for a moment with a bit of an embarrassed look. "I mean. I've upsized and downsized…" The teen makes a bit of a face and then says, "Cosplay seems so complicated, 'cause some of the stuff seems to like… totally defy physics… it's easier with little dolls, I'd bet, but still… seems complicated."

Shane nods once. "'S the point. Weird as hell, makin' it work's a job all on its own. Man I damn near hadda put bonin' in t'support that beltskirt thing I made, like Lulu wears? Figurin' it all out's fun," she says lamely, finishing with a shrug and looking to Skyler. An eyebrow is arched, as he illustrates the downside to his ability. "…Well, least if you bomb an audition, y'c'n try it out later?"

Bridget nods and sighs, "yah I guess your right." She smiles some, "well I don't make my own stuff but I like to stick out with my clothes" She rocks the goth look even thought her mood would not fit a goth. She giggles, "give me a plaid skirt and platform boots and I am happy."

Skyler can't help but snort at Taylor but waves it away, giving her a 'Forgive me' look. Shane's remark, however pulls a thoughtful frown from him. Nodding he says, "Yes, I suppose I could. Never thought of that." To Bridget he quirks an eyebrow. "I'm…. glad you're easily satisfied? I guess?"

"I don't make many things. It takes so long, and my crafsmanship is a bit… lacking. I mean, it looks good, but it doesn't last super well…" says Taylor, "I get most of my clothes from this tailor in mutant town. He has control over textiles, so can custom make mutant friendly clothes without the need to pay crazy amounts." The student seems quite pleased by that.

Shane bobs her head once. "Heard 'bout that place, yeah. Don't go to Mutant Town much anymore. Just hit up th'Fabric District, make m'own stuff. 'N really, 'f you gonna wear somethin' more'n once, may's well double-stitch it just t'be sure. 'N use stuff y'know how t'wash. That's really 'bout it," she says with a shrug, glancing at Bridget's skirt and boots with a raised eyebrow, but no comment.

Bridget sits back down and feels as if people are now judging her for no dressing up more. She has always been judge by her clothes and she use to it but never for this reason. She frowns some and pets the pink skull who like a cat hpe back on her lap as soon as she sat down, "I never heard of this guy maybe I should look for him. She like mutant town she can walk around with out having Ebony and Amour flying over head.

Skyler looks kind of lost now the conversation has turned more fully into clothing. "I, uh, just have to keep a closet full of clothes for all shapes and sizes," he admits with a shrug. "Usually I don't buy nice things because I'll never know if I'll ever get to wear it more than once."

Taylor nods at Shane and says, "I guess I'm not as experienced making clothes for people who actually move instead of staying all tiny and stationery for most of their existences." The ocelot looks towards Bridget and says, "I can get you their address if you'd like. I'd recommend it to anyone with visible powers, especially if they change your clothing needs." The teen then says to Skyler, "That does seem like a bit of a shame…"

Shane looks to Skyler for a moment, eyebrow rising. "…Hm. Wonder how far y'could make somethin' adjustable without ruinin' it…" Her brow furrows at this idea, and she sits back for a moment, puzzling over the concept and what might be involved.

Bridget smiles and nods, "that be great." She then looks at the skull in her lap, "what you two think get you both a hat." The black one floats out of the corner and the pink one looks up. The black speaks with the same hollween sount track voice. Bridget rolls her eyes, "No I'm not ashamed of you. I just thought…." the black one cuts her off speaking again. She frowns, "hey I will not allow that language do you want to have your mouth washed out?" The black skull seems to hang it's head and speaks. Bridget nods, "okay I'll let it pass this time." The pinks skull seems to let out a twisted laugh. Bridget looks down, "your mouth can washed out too." The pink one makes a eep like sound.

"Well, I'm certainly willing to be your guinea pig if it means cutting down my clothing bill," says Skyler. Then the skulls start talking again, causing him to grit his teeth against the awful Halloween noises they make. He tries real hard to sound polite and not worried at all when he asks, "Your powers. They, uh, talk to you? They don't tell you to, you know, kill people right?"

Taylor looks between the skulls and then towards Skyler, ears twitching lightly and saying tentatively, "Don't make fun of her. Her powers are odd, but I dunno, I've killed a bunny with my bare teeth before, so mine are off too. We're all weird…"

After a few moments of shivering, listening to the half-intelligible conversation, Shane's boots *clump* against the floor as she gets to her feet, snatching up the tote bag. "…Gotta go," she mumbles, hurriedly shoving her earphones up on her head as she makes her way to the door. "…Sorry Bridget, just… yeh. Gotta go."

Bridget blinks at the questions and then giggles, "oh heavens no. It's not like the Son of Sam thing at wrost Ebony tells me to steal stuff I like. It's real hard to go shopping with him but Amour always reminds me to not steal and do good things." She grins but then blinks after Shane gets up and rushes out, "was it something I said?" She look worry she offend the girl somehow. Even here she finds it hard to make friends.

Skyler scowls as he watches Shane go. "I don't know," he answers, getting to his feet. "Hey, it was nice meeting you, Bridget," he says raising a hand as he turns to follow Shane out the door. "I'm going to go check up on her."

Taylor watches as Shane walks off and then Skyler follows, and then looks towards Bridget with a bit of a shrug, "I… have no idea." The teen seems not to. "It's… getting late, though, I should go work on homework." Rather than go to bed.

Bridget nods and smiles, "as both the other leave, "okay good night you two." She stands and looks at the skulls, "now it's time for your two to sleep as well." Both start to make that sound track sound but she speaks, "no whinning off you two. I'll be up in a moment to brush your two teeth."

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