Skyler "Doppelganger" St. James
Skyler St. James
Portrayed By ???
Gender Varies
Date of Birth 8/20/1990
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Leo
Aliases Doppelganger
Place of Birth Schenectady, NY
Current Location New York City
Occupation Student
Known Relatives Alex, his sister
Significant Other None
Identity Secret
Known Abilities Genetic Mimicry
First Appearance A while ago

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Skyler grew up in your typical American suburbs out in Schenectady, in the Tri-City area. His mother worked at the University as a professor, and his father a freelance consultant. He has an older sister, Megan, and a younger brother, Brian, all born within a year of each other. Having been the middle child, he tended to act out in goofball ways, trying to draw attention to himself by clowning around, and playing pranks on his siblings. For the most part it worked, and unfortunately, this trait carried over with him to school.

He did well enough in school, but he was never really all that interested in academia. After the first couple of school plays that he went to, he got the thespian bug and tried out for every play he could find. He was usually able to land a part, and when he was old enough, he joined the community theatre, and quickly to a shine to the stage. Not only did he get hooked on acting, he also got hooked on everything that went on behind the stage. Lighting, sound, costuming, everything. When everybody was reading Harry Potter, he was reading Arsenic and Old Lace.

In his first year of high school, about mid-way through the term, his power manifested itself quite accidentally. He was biking along home like he normally does, daydreaming, like he normally does, and completely not paying any attention to where he was going, when a cat streaked out in front of him. He slammed on the brakes of the bike, hitting the front brakes a little too hard which managed to flip the bike over, and landed on a wrist, cracking the bone. He lay there for a while, trying to collect his thoughts through the pain when the cat, curious about the human who nearly ran him over, came over to investigate. Some instinct took over at this point, and he reached out to the cat craving something he couldn't define.

When Skyler made contact with the cat, everything changed. Upon contact, he had re-written his entire genetic code to be exactly the same as a cat, and his body followed suit, healing him as he changed into the exact copy of that cat. Unfortunately for him, he also copied the cat's basic animal intelligence, and as a result, wandered off to hunt for a tasty mouse or bird to eat. The change made him hungry.

Somewhere in the primal intelligence still lay Skyler's wants and needs and knowledge. After finding a tasty morsel, he found
himself wandering home, meowing at the front door to be let in. His parents found him, and thinking nothing him nothing more than a common stray, gave him to the humane society. He was adopted by a girl, and for a while, life was good. He got fed regularly, there was plenty of attention paid to him, everything that a happy cat would want, but there was always something in the back of his mind, telling him that something wasn't quite right, and that this isn't where he should be. So, one day, he slipped out of the house, and wandered off, guided by an internal compass to find a place that could fix what wasn't quite right.

Little did Skyler know, however, that after his first transformation, his parents panicked after finding his abandoned bike and clothes, and no other trace of the boy. They spent months searching for him, filling out a missing persons report, hiring private investigators, everything to find their missing son. They even went so far as to put his face on the backs of milk cartons (some of which still show up on occasion) but after a year, they finally gave up Skyler for dead.


Skyler has the ability to rewrite his genetic code to copy that of any animal he touches. This allows him to take on the exact appearance of whoever his target is, as well as any innate abilities that target may have. The good news is that he's able to use his power voluntarily. The bad news is that the rewrite is, unfortunately, permanent, so he'll be in that form until he uses them again.

Typically, he's limited to copying that of any vertebrate, and if it's a mutant, anything that still has a genetic code. So most aliens, techo-organic beings, sentient toasters, or what have you are beyond Skyler's abilities. When he first changes, his mass stays pretty close to what it was originally, only normalizing after he's been in that body for a while. Usually nobody will notice a difference if he's copied a human, although it could take a week or two to shed the extra hundred and fifty pounds or so if he turned into a common housecat.

While Skyler is able to copy powers that have been a result of genetic mutation, (either from birth, or from genetic experimentation, or accidents) any powers that he would copy he'd be able to use, but only at the raw, untrained level, unless e'd spent time in that body and trained with those powers himself. Also, he's not able to copy any kind of knowledges or memories, unless they were genetically imprinted in some way. Also he gains whatever mental capabilities his subject has, so if he copies a genius, he, then, becomes a genius. On the other hand if he turns into the aforementioned housecat, then for all intents and purposes, his mind is that of a housecat's. He is able to retain his knowledge and personality regardless of whatever form he takes.

The process of shifting from whatever his current form is to the next is a fairly fast process, usually taking under a minute. It's uncomfortable for Sklyer, and can be downright painful depending on the degree of change he must go through. Additionally, shifting from one form to the next is able to heal most wounds, but it does takes a toll on his system, and could very well leave him unconscious, or in the case of a mortal wound, in a coma.


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