2009-07-17: Slime Rebound


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Summary: Tim gets tossed out of the bookstore and meets a returning Young Avenger

Date: July 17, 2009

Log Title: Slime Rebound

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Queens

Queens is located on Long Island just north of Brooklyn. Brick apartment buildings are found more on the Northern part of Queens where as you get further south towards the Atlantic, more homes with yards can be found. Queens is home to Shea Stadium, home of the Mets, John F Kennedy Airport, and was the home to the World Fair in 1939 and 1964. The Unisphere, a 12-story high, stainless steel globe still sits on display from the Worlds Fair in Queens.

"Get! Out! GO!"

"Alright! Alright! Sorry! Don't get so bent out of shape. I said I was sorry! Ach!" the slightly Irish-accented voice of one Tim Olsen as he's shoved rather rudely out of Barnes and Nobles. The young man's dressed normally but looking rather annoyed, dripping a thick green slime as he goes. Getting up off the sidewalk, he sighs and starts to dust off.

Cody has had the majority of the summer to do what he wants, so after a small visit home to see his mother and sister, he went to Europe for a small tour d'force. Now he is back with a fresh sea-side tan straight from the mediteranian, and his hair has gotten longer and blonder that typical due to the sun. He also appears to have put on some real athletic muscle. He's becoming a man. He pauses upon seeing man and slime on his way into the book shop, tilting his head to the side he asks. "One of those days, huh?"

Tim jumps slightly, looking around. The slime production slows but doesn't seem to stop as Tim spots Cody. He gives the teen a once over and a nod of approval before chuckling. "Yeah. Just tried to buy a book and they freak over a little slime. Stuff doesn't even stain," he says, gesturing.

Cody gives a nod of his head and looks at the slime and then back to the guy before giving a shrug. "Interesting gift. A walkin' jiffy lube." He seems amused by the idea and just shrugs. "Tough town, thickin' yer skin. You'll be alright."

Tim blinks then laughs. "Yeah, I guess you could use this stuff as lube. Green ain't the best one for it though," he chimes, managing to stop the slime. "Oh, got nothin' to worry about on that front. I've actually been handling NYC for awhile now. Just never had money till recently."

Cody raises a brow. "Yeah, well. It still can be a little culture shockish to me, but it's full of people coming and going and those that stay know the truth behind this place…" he shrugs. "Anywho…Oh? You got a job? That's cool. What do ya do?"

Tim looks up a moemnt. Sure, what he does could sort of be considered a job but he doesn't see it as such. "Naw. No job for me. I just got a home. My housemate has a well-paying job. I take care of the house and such," he explains. "What about you?"

Cody shrugs a little. "I'm a black sheep trustie. I get paid a great deal of money by my dad to stay out of sight so that he doesn't look bad for having a mutie for a son. And then I get a chunk of change from the government for helping the Young Avengers." He shrugs. "What do you do to make money then?"

Tim stares for a second, rather caught off guard. "Wait a tic there…" he begins. "I'm sorry, did you just say you're a mutant and a YOung -Avenger-?" he asks, wondering if he misheard.

Cody shakes his head. "Naw, you heard everythin' right." he offers with a shrug of his shoulders. "Been on vacation for a couple of months, but ya know…Work hard, play hard."

"Well," Tim begins with a laugh. "I'm not sure how much info I can give out but I'm affiliated with those Avengers too. I live with one of 'em," he says with a grin. A hand is offered. "Tim Olsen but people 'round here used tah call me Ooze a lot."

Cody smirks and shrugs a little and offers a hand. "No worries, not gonna make you tell me shit you don't want no body knowin'….Cody Barrows." he offers his hand.

Tim shakes the offered hand, accidentally getting some sticky green slime on it. He winces. "Sorry 'bout that," he laughs. "So…what can ya do that got ya into that Young Avenger group? And which one are ya?" he asks, having been looking up information online.

Cody raises a brow. "Tactile Kinetic Absorbtion and redirection…." he offers with a shrug. "Rebound."

Tim blinks. "Um. I'm sorry to say this but…" he chuckles nervously. "What is that?"

Cody looks at the hand with the slime on it and then rubs his fingers together testing it before he just wipes it on his jeans. "Anytime I take a level of impact outside of the normal…I absorb it into a field that generates around my body. Then i get to use it, make my punches harder, throw things further, make things explode, shake the ground…"

"That stuff'll break down and go away on its own in two hours or so," Tim chimes. Listening to Cody, the redhead lets out a whistle. "Sounds like an awesome power, Cody."

Cody gives a shrug of his shoulders. "Down side it the more I take in, the less I can control my actions…makes me like a mini hulk, I guess."

Tim arches both eyebrows and shrugs as well. "Beats leakin' slime everywhere," he says. "Well…I can do other slimes for different stuff too," he says. "Wanna go grab some coffee or somethin'?"

Cody grins a little and nods his head. "Yeah, coffee sounds good…." He offers, indicating a place near by.

Tim nods and follows after Cody with a smile. "So what's it like being a Young Avenger?" he asks as they go.

Cody shrugs a little. "Hasn't hit the uber dangerous state of mind that the Avengers are in. We do minor stuff. Saved the world a couple of times, but honesty….hasn't been that much of a challenge. More like a sport….non-competative and more cooporative…."

Tim nods slowly as he listens. "Well, sounds kinda like it's fun," he says. "Not the kinda thing for me, though," he laughs. "I'll scuffle if I need to but me and my slimes aren't very combat ready."

Cody shrugs a little. "Not everyone is made to be a combatant. Everyone has a talent and a place on one team or another. Hell, we got a telepathic…for combat, he ain't nothin' but headaches…but he's damned handy to have."

Tim looks up thoughtfully. "Telepath? Like mind reading? Man…don't know how I'd last around a mind reader," he laughs. "Too many embarrassing things up here," he admits, tapping his head.

Cody makes his way over to a table and shrugs a bit.

Tim follows along, offering a wave to the staff just to make sure it's know they're in the building. Sitting down, the slimey mutant leans back. "So, do you Young Avengers still go to school or is it like a 'get out of class cause I have to save the world free' pass?"

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