2009-06-29: Slip And Slyde


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Summary: A quiet day in New York City is interrupted by Slyde robbing a bank.

Date: June 29, 2009

Slip and Slyde

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Financial District

The Financial District is an area at the southern tip of Manhattan. Major sights include South Street Seaport, Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange, Battery Park, and Federal Hall National Memorial where George Washington was sworn into office. The Financial District is lively during the day with businessmen and women scurrying about their affairs or visiting the many take out restaurants during their lunch breaks. At night the area is quiet due to barely anyone littering the streets and most shops and restaurants being closed.

New York City really can't have a quiet, peaceful day. Just a hazard of being in the city that never sleeps. As such, when the doors explode off a bank, people may run and scream but they really aren't panicking. Silent alarms have been going off and cops are on the way but traffic is keeping them mostly away. Standing in the doorway is a man in a tight black suit. He's got goggles and a mask hiding his face, a sword on his back, and a pair of bags full of money with him, he seems to be looking at the damage. "The explosion was way bigger than I thought it would be," he mutters.

Coming out of Battery Park, a slime covered teenager just blinks as a bank door slams into the street in front of him. "Well, the weather didn't say it'd be raining doors today…" he remarks.

Pallaton also seems to have been milling around the park, but unlike the slimy teen, Pallaton's been using his disguise, looking like an average teenager, probably one with a fondness for My Chemical Romance. At the sound of the explosion, though, he's looking towards the bank, shaking his head. "Another bank robbery?" He runs off, diving into the bushes, then re-emerging, sans disguise. This is a job for the big wolfish mutant, after all.

Shelly was out checking out the city a little bit on her bike. She's got her tennis racket slung against her back, not unlike that sword, and a couple bags of random tennis gear and a bit of food stowed away in bags that are attached to the industrial-strength bicycle. She already figured out that in New York, bicycle or foot completely beat cars any day. Plus she can't drive, so that was a factor too. The explosion draws the teenager's attention, and the student has directed her bicycle in that direction to go see what's going on. She isn't quite sure if she can help or not, but it's worth checking out. Stuff like this never happened in boring old Salt Lake City!

Jennifer had just stepped out for a bite to eat at one of the corner hot dog stands. She's in a nice business suit, and in her human guise at the moment, lugging around a large attache case. She turns when one of the banks explode ducking her head a bit in reflex. When she sees who it is she just rolls her eyes. Setting her attache case and kicking off her shoes, she shifts into She-Hulk.

"Clear the way! Slyde's coming through!" the man in black yells out, pushing forward. He 'skates' along the ground and right off the stairs. A pair of cops try to stop the man but end up punched. Slyde comes to a stop by a street light and looks around. "Man…where are the news crews? I should have taken hostages," he can be heard mumbling. Doesn't seem to have noticed She-Hulk, the big wolf, or the teenagers yet.

One of those teenagers, the slimey one, frowns when the cops go down. Leaving a trail of the green ooze as he goes, he moves to check on the officers. "Ya know, ya really should be nicer to the cops," he scolds Slyde.

Slyde, huh? Well, it's nice to know who's going to get a world of hurt. Pallaton charges forward on all fours, sprinting as fast as he can to get to Slyde. It's an obvious charge, but he's not going to smash into him, no. Pallaton dashes to one side at the last moment, lifting a hand and growling something, firing off a short spray of pebbles. Shotgun-rocks? Seems so.

Shelly decides that her best method of helping out is to get a little bit at range and blend in with the various parked cars, near an alleyway, and open up one of those bags, just trying to stay off Slyde's radar as any sort of threat. For now she's not getting right up in the guy's face. The girl is new and she doesn't know how to use all her powers yet. She is not entirely suicidal to go up against a dude with a sword and is likely a supervillain. Her eyes do widen at the sight of Pallaton. Okay, okay…she met a guy with angel wings the other day. Wolf guy? Not so weird. Maybe. She'll deal later.

Jennifer clears her throat loud enough to catch Slyde's attention. "Give the money back, Slyde," she commands, "And I'll make sure that the courts go easy on you."

Slyde just stares at Tim a moment. Before he can say much, there's Pallaton. "Holy hell!" the man exclaims, reaching into the pack on his costume. He grunts in pain as the pebbles hit but flings some sort of capsule at Pallaton. It'll explode into an oily substane that will make it very hard for the wolf-mutant to keep a grip on the ground. He doesn't stick around though, moving quickly. The man comes to a sudeen stop at the sound of She-Hulk's voice. "She-Hulk? Perfect!" he exclaims. "Catch me if you can, hero!"

Pallaton growls again, this time his hands pointing to Slyde's feet. That is, right up until the capsule shatters on the ground, making Pallaton face-plant on the ground. Worse, when he tries to get up, he just slips and slides. Fun. Deciding not to bother getting up, Pallaton just raises his hands again and growls, trying to form a nice pair of rock boots on Slyde's feet. With the laces tied together, of course.

Shelly pulls a wide-brimmed floppy hat out and slips her sunglasses on as the man is talking. She pulls a couple of tennis balls out of her bag, draws her racket up, and then serves the balls, full-on tennis player style. She's got enhanced strength and spent a long time practing the game, so if they hit she's hoping they'll do a good job of shattering or damaging Slyde, much in the same manner of what they did to that tennis court before she came here, given the sheer speed of the serve she can achieve. The serves are aimed at the back of the man's knees, one tennis ball directed at each. She'll be serving in the 'sniper' role today, keeping to the shadows and trying to stay behind him as well as she can.

Jennifer grumbles to herself, "Why do they always want to do things the hard way?" Her eyes dart around to assess the situation of the other heroes and she moves to stay in front of Slyde, to keep his attention on her. "You bet I can," she says. "You're just small fry compared to some of the other guys I've faced."

Tim stares in surprise as Pallaton goes slip and slide. He's already gotten the KO'd cops out of the way so he goes to check on the wolf guy now. Sliding over on what seems to be globs of blue ooze coming out of his shoes, the teen doesn't seem to be slipping on the oil from Slyde. "You okay, fuzzy guy?" he asks, crouching down next to Pallaton.

Slyde laughs. "If case you didn't notice, She-Hulk, I'm the new and improved Slyde!" he declares, posing dramatically. Then there's rock boots. The man blinks a few time and wriggles. "This won't hold me," he states. And true enough, he tumbles forwward, feet slipping clear of the stone. Seems he's got some kind of slipping power. The man gets to his feet in time for a tennis ball to hit and glance off him, the other missing. "Ow! Hey! Watch it!" he yells to no one in particular.

Pallaton nods as Tim kneels down, still trying to get to his feet. "Just a damaged ego." He does fire off another shot-pebble blast at Slyde as he tries to get back to his paws. Then the beat-down commences.

Okay, the tennis balls at least stung him. So, Shelly grabs some of the ball-sized rubble from the explosion and starts serving that at the man instead, launching two more shots at him. These have some sharper edges to them than a tennis ball and they're harder. "Heck of a way to come to this city," she mutters under her breath. She's still going for the man's knees, because if he can stop a person from moving, that makes them much easier to deal with, in her experience.

Jennifer takes a few steps forward, now that the man is properly distracted, to launch a punch for the man's solar plexus. While he may be frictionless, he's not impervious to a shot to the gut.

"Want me to help ya up?" Tim offers to Pallaton. He frowns, poking the oil on the ground. After a moment, he looks back up at Pallaton and offers a slimey hand.

Slyde starts to skate towards where the tennis balls came from, reaching back for his swords. THe rubble hits his knee-pads, rattling the man and bringing him down to his knees. He reaches into his pack and sends a trio of shuriken flying in Shelly's direction. This comes just in time for She-Hulk's punch to connect Slyde lets out a curse and goes sliding across the street. He hits a car and then falls to the ground. "Owww…."

Pallaton nods, taking the slimy hand with a wrinkle of his nose, then sprinting after Slyde, pausing to throw up a quick blast of sand into Slyde's eyes. Or, at least, attempting to. The continued use of his Terramancy is taking it's toll, and he's visibly breaking a sweat. He does make a grab for Slyde's sword, trying to disarm him of at least that. Hopefully…

Shelly lets out a very heroic 'EEEK!' and ducks down behind her bicycle, one of the shuriken embedding itself in her forearm while the other two are blocked by the bicycle that appears to be made of industrial-strength parts. She's new to this stuff, okay? She isn't firing any shots off right now as she extracts the shuriken out of her arm, muttering a few very unladylike phrases throughout the process.

Jennifer rushes over to where Slyde has fallen, not letting him get a chance to stand back up and goes to grab one of the few places of the man's uniform that can't possibly be frictionless: His goggles.

Tim helps Pallaton up, getting a lot of sticky, green, mint-scented slime on the guy in the process. Atleast he's not slipping on that oil anymore. "Sorry about that. Water'll get rid of it real quick," he offers, going to check on where that 'EEK' came from. "Are you okay?" he calls when he sees the girl and the bike.

The shurkin will be very hard to grab onto but eventually, a grip can be gotten and it removed. The weapon will hurt more coming out that going in, sadly. Slyde meanwhile seems annoyed as his goggles are hit with sand. "What's with you?" he asks, reaching for his sword. He just gets scabbard as Pallaton takes the short-sword. Slyde starts to say something only to get grabbed. He lets out a very unmanly squeak and starts flailing around. "Lemme go!"

With the sword in hand, Pallaton's tossing it away, to make sure it's out of reach. "There's only one place you're going." he says, stepping forward to give a quick, powerful jab to the stomach in an attempt to knock the wind out of him. "Pipe down and listen to the fat lady sing."

Shelly rubs her arm once she dislodges the shuriken and grabs a bit of gauze and bandage to wrap around her arm quickly. "I'll be alright," Shelly assures Tim as she gets up and wheels her bike a bit closer to the action, doing her best to recover a bit of dignity. This is helped when Slyde shrieks himself. At least her eeek wasn't that bad. She doesn't really seem all that interesting in pounding on the guy, as She-Hulk appears to have him alright.

Jennifer easily lifts Slyde off the ground by his head. She gives Pallaton a hard look before mumbling, "I am NOT fat." Clearing her throat again she addresses the villain. "Okay. I've caught you. Give up now?"

Tim follows Shelly over, giving her a concerned look. When Pallaton punches slide, the slimey teen frowns at the slimey wolf. "That didn't seem like it was needed," he remarks quietly.

Slyde slumps, air rushing out of him once he's punched. Groaning and hanging by his goggles, the villain doesn't seem like he wants to fight anymore. "Yes, ma'am."

Pallaton looks to She-Hulk confused, complete with tilted head. "Huh? Sorry, that wasn't what I meant, it was metaphorical, not directed at you…" He then shakes, or attempts to shake, the slime off his hand, looking to Tim. "Thanks for the help, by the way."

Shelly raises her eyebrows at the villain's comment about being ready to give up. Huh. She's looks around, keeping the sunglasses on over her eyes. She is favoring her arm a little, but is doing her best not to pay any obvious attention to it. "That wasn't exactly what I expected going out for a ride today".

Jennifer marches Slyde over to the police for due processing. She keeps a hold of him to make sure he doesn't escape, but she handles him gently now that he's given up.

Tim offers a smile and a wave. "No worries, big guy. Always happy to help. And sorry about the slime. I can't really control that," the red head says. Meanwhile, the slime sticks to Pallaton even despite the shaking. It's annoying like that.

More cops arrive just in time for She-Hulk to hand over the criminal. He goes along quietly, apparently done for the day. He's got to rest up for the battle that'll happen once his wife finds out he did the super villain thing again after all.

Pallaton nods, patting Tim on the back, and possibly getting slimed more in the process. "Hey, don't worry about it. I know a bunch of people that can't control stuff. I'm Pallaton, by the way. Was nice to kick butt with you."

"I'm just glad nobody got seriously hurt," Shelly says. "Though we might consider moving somewhere else," the teenager adds, glancing around. "I've got a feeling this place is going to start getting really crowded quickly". What with the cops starting to show up and all, she'd rather not get grilled today, thanks.

Jennifer goes back to where her attache case and her shoes are located (and the remains of her business clothes,) retrieves them and trots back to the other heroes. "Are you kids all right?"

Patting Tim on the back does indeed get more slime on Pallaton, slime splashing off the teen. The slime-maker stumbles slightly but smiles. "I'm Tim. And you guys did the butt-kicking. I'm just a slimy cheerleader," he chuckles. "You guys go on ahead. I'll handle giving a statement and everything," he offers. She-Hulk gets a grin. "Yes, Ma'am. I'm all good."

Pallaton nods to Jennifer, then has an idea. "Oh, umm, I'm fine, but… Well, this is more of a favor to a friend. Could I get an autograph? Made out to Eddie. He's a huge fan of… well, of everyone's, I guess, but I think he'd like this."

"Could be worse. Got a cut on my arm, but I'll survive. Just made more work for me in fixing up my bike," Shelly says. It stings and it hurts, but it isn't like the girl is planning on showing that around the hero types.

Jennifer chuckles at Pallaton and nods, snapping open her case and pulling out a handy photograph of her in one of her patented cheescake poses. She quickly signs it 'To Eddie, She-Hulk' and hands it over to the fuzzy mutant. "Here you go."

Tim smiles and nods. "It was great meeting you guys," he says. "And sorry about your arm," he adds for Shelly. "See ya sometime later," he adds, heading over to talk to the cops. Looks like the day is saved…even if Shelly needs stitches and Pallaton needs a shower.

Pallaton nods with a smile to Jennifer, using his non-slimed hand to slip that one into his pocket. Best keep it pristine. "Thanks very much, I'm sure he'll love this." He then nods to Tim, giving a wave. "I think I'd better head back, too. Curfew and all…" With that, he's heading off into an alley to blend in again. Though with the slime on his hand, it's hard. The little boy has a floating, slimy hand bigger than his actual hand looks. Bathroom pit-stop to wash it off, then home.

Shelly frowns at mention of curfew. "Should probably get moving too, yeah. Thanks," she says, directing the last bit to Tim. She's got a date in the infirmary. At least it took her a few days to get her first injuries? That's doing good, right? She hops on her bike and heads off, after removing the shuriken from her bike's body and shoving them in a bag.

Jennifer nods after handing off her autograph. "It's the least I could do. You guys did good," she says before nodding to each in turn. "Now, I have to get back to the office and get a spare change of clothes. Excuse me."

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