2009-07-14: Sliver Of Hope


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Summary: Wyatt gives Robyn a little bit of hope in escape.

Date: July 14, 2009

Log Title Sliver of Hope

Rating: PG

Secret Lab - Examination Room

Another night, Another mutant to genetically steal from. This situation is not making Wyatt happy at all. Fortunately, they've been leaving him alone as he's been showing results. Though, some of his chemical formulae have remained to the side, not quite making it into the normal rounds. They've finally started bringing the chemically relaxed mutants to him so he doesn't have to waste his own inferior form trying to heave them into the examination room. As it stands, they've just brought another in here. The young one. Wyatt sighs slightly.

Not being able to move too much due to the muscle relaxers, Robyn just stays where they put him quietly for the moment. Sure it was scary in the other room but here, one on one, it's a bit more nerve wracking. Also Robyn's not that fond of being stabbed with needles, dispite he fact that he has a tattoo. He just watches Wyatt for a bit, what do you say in a situation like this.

As he moves over with the needle to draw blood from the young mutant, Wyatt winces slightly. "I really am sorry I have to do this. But, they know my weak spot." He says softly as he tilts his head. While he may not understand a lot of basic emotional states, he does at least know right from wrong. "I wish there was something I could do to help."

"I just wish there was something I could do to get out of here." Robyn says wincing as Wyatt draws some blood. "You said something about them having your family, I wish I could do something for you." He says since after all, isn't Robyn supposed to be the one with superpowers? "Do you think they're going to kill us?"

"I don't know. I don't know their motives, their abilities, or their skills. I simply know that they've shown me video of my parents in a small room being held captive. Taken care of, but captive nonetheless." Wyatt says with a nod as he pulls the plunger back slowly. "Tell me. If you could have any ability other than the mutant ability you have naturally, what would it be?" He asks, pondering things.

"I don't know, I never thought about it. I was never one of those people that wanted to be a mutant or have super powers." Robyn admits. He's not complaining about it but he was never one of those kids who wished he had powers. "My mom always complained about people with powers, always causing fights, disrupting traffic, getting into trouble, I guess she was right. Look at where I am now."

"It really isn't your fault. Technically, having powers is your parents fault. Their combination of genetics granted them." Wyatt points out as he begins to move the blood towards the centrifuge. "But, having seen what you have, what power would you LIKE to have? What would be interesting to you? Just for my own knowledge."

"But my parents adopted me, it's not their fault." Robyn says getting homesick. He's really missing his parents. "I just want to be home, with my Mom, Dad and Jordan and not school home, home home." He says sounding just as homesickas he feels. "I don't know…any power I want?" He says in kind of a childish voice from fear. "Maybe flight? Or Invisibility?"

"Ah." Wyatt nods softly. He has his own invisibility serum. He can modify that to fit the kids genetics, he believes. He nods to himself as he turns on the centrifuge, which begins a very high pitched whine. Afterwards, he starts another machine nearby that's also rather loud. He moves over to start cleaning a spot on the other arm for another sample as he begins to whisper. "I'm working on something to get you all free. I hope it'll work and that you can get my family away if it works. Don't make a motion or act as though I'm saying anything pleasant. The room is bugged. I pray they can't hear me or see me, but one doesn't know, and I could die from telling you this."

Robyn wants to nod but doesn't he just looks at Wyatt. "I'll do what I can to free your parents." He says in response as he winces again as Wyatt goes for another sample. He's tired, he hasn't eatten much and he's scared. "I'm sorry, I miss my family and Jordan and I just want to go home so anything I can do, I will." He says just as quietly but he doesn't make a face like Wyatt's saying anything promising.

"Good. I know the invisible man out there knows I'm planning something. I don't know what. Hopefully you have friends that'll get here first, but… if not, I'm planning it for Thursday." Wyatt whispers as the whine begins to die down. he shifts gears. "And some people don't like invisibility. Some are stuck in it, like Mr. Weyrin out there."

"I know he is." Robyn answers as Mr. Weyrin is one of his teachers but he's not sure if he should tell Wyatt that. "I just always thought being invisible would be neat, but not all the time." And even though Robyn's trying not to with the combination of the muscle relaxers and just knowing his situation a few tears slide down his cheeks. "You're so young, how do you know all this stuff?" He says trying to keep his mind occupied.

"My parents don't know the meaning of the words downtime. When I went into school, I never stopped. I had no summer break. I went straight through from Kindergarten all the way through until I got my doctorate in biochemistry and a masters in genetics." Wyatt explains, shaking his head a little. He starts checking the samples in the centrifuge and nods. Slowly, he moves back towards Robyn as he bandages the spot he took the blood from. "You'll be going back in a few minutes."

Robyn nods to that and sniffs a few times before taking a few deep breaths. "Don't let them know I was crying, cause I know crying won't change anything." Robyn says and he doesn't like crying infront of strangers, or even people he knows that well. "If I don't get out of here, and I die or something, and you get out, can you let me family know I love them?" He asks as he's not really sure if he's getting out of here alive.

"Yes. They have files on people here. If I get away, I'll let them know." Hey, there's nothing wrong with him saying that, even though the machines are dying. That's just comforting the kid. "I'll do what I can." It's about then that they door opens and the guard comes back to take Robyn back to the others.

Robyn nods to Wyatt and doesn't say anything, just wishing he was able to bite the guard carring him or something. If Wyatt gets them out of there, he'll do anything he can to help Wyatt find his parents and get them out safely. He's gotten his cry out of the way too no matter how brief it was, he has to try to act as brave as he can till Thursday.

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