2009-11-18: Slow World Vs Fast World


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Summary: There's a new girl in school, and she doesn't live in the 'Slow World'.

Date: November 18, 2009

Log Title Slow World vs Fast World

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Cafeteria

There is a large cafeteria for the students. Blue and white tiled floor lines the floor and there are large windows that let in a lot of light. Six sturdy blue plastic chairs sit around each white table. There are a few snack and soda machines along with a few microwaves and refrigerators sit along one wall.

Today is a day of exploration for Heather. She slowly meanders about the school, trying to get her bearings. Well, slowly in her frame of reference. To anyone watching her, it would seem like she is going at a strange run, her legs not really moving like a runner's legs should. She just appears to be walking very fast. At the moment, she is at the snack machine, staring wide-eyed into it, her fingers trailing along the glass wantingly.

Hopping into the cafeteria is a rather large frog, about two feet tall to be exact. He stops in the middle of the room and sighs. "Alas, my princess is not to be found in here." He exclaims before spotting Heather. He hops right up to her and looks up. "Perchance you might be a princess?" He asks with an attempt at a dashing sort of grin.

What appears to be a suit and tie but missing the man strolls slowly into Cafeteria with a briefcase floating where a hand might come out of the sleeve. It's just Robert Weyrin, invisible teacher. He's looking for someone today but upon spotting a frog, he pause. "What in the…" he trails off, unseen eyes narrowing.

"You are the biggest talking frog that I have ever seen," plays over Heather's tape recorder, which she produces as soon as she sees something else in the room that makes sound. She rapidly kneels down next to the frog and says through the device, "I am a princess, yes. Princess of the world. Queen, too, I'm not choosy." She pauses for a moment upon 'seeing' the invisible man. The same humourless, recorded voice states: "You are the biggest invisible man who I have never seen."

"I am not a frog, but a prince who has been under a terrible spell." Explains Robyn as he is in that state where he is believing that he is The Frog Prince at the moment. "Ah you are a Princess and a Queen, I am sorry my Queen, I can not ask you to cheat on your husband and kiss me." He says beliving that if you are Queen you must be married to a King. After all, that's how it works in Fairy Tales. A sudden tounge lashes out to grab on to an oatmeal raisin cookie near by.

Invisible eyebrows shoot up. Tape recorder girl and a character from a video game. Sighing a little, Rob steps towards them. "I'm Mr. Weyrin, one of the teachers here. Who might you two be? New students?" he asks, eyebrows arching again at the tongue that snags the cookie.

"I have no king. I lost him," offers Heather. She gets up to her feet, and shakes her tape recorder, zipping on back to the snack machine. "I have not seen these snacks for a long time. I was captured, too, you see." She is not under the influence of any kind of fairy tale spell or anything at the moment, but she tends to play along with things. "I was put in a scary white prison, and told that I would be locked there forever. But I escaped." She turns towards Rob and tilts her head, playing from the recorder, "I am Heather Brown. I just arrived in the latest shipment."

"You already know me Mr. Weyrin, for I am Prince Robyn." He says doing a sort of Froggish bow by standing on his two back legs and putting one arm on his chest and bowing. Frogs shouldn't move like that. As Heather explains her story, Robyn moves to take on of her hands in his. "I am sorry to hear that Queen Heather, it must have been horrible for you to be captured like that. I am glad you escaped the evil that kept you hostage." He says shaking his head with dismay.

Rob just stares a vew moments as he listens to all this. Eventually he sighs and reaches up to rub the bridge of his nose. "Should have just stayed in bed," he mutters. "Alright…so…first, what's with the tape recorder? Your powers turn your voice off?" he asks Heather, not beliving the Queen thing for a moment. He then looks down at the Frog. "Prince Robyn? I'm afraid you're going to have to try again. The only Robyn I know is not a frog or a prince."

There is a few moments of silent staring. Instead of whispering into the tape recorder, Heather actually speaks up. It is incomprehensible racket, "ThD'vice'sus'ds'thatpipple'nthsloworldc'ntalkt'th'pipple'n'th'fstwrld." She stares at the frog for a moment and then says through the recorder, "It was horrible but now I have escaped. They can no longer do things to my mind or brain."

Robyn tilts his frog head as Heather speaks the first sentance and he can't understand her at all. He looks at Rob and blinks a few times before shaking his head, putting a hand against it. "Ugh…this is weird. Sorry Mr. Weyrin, sometimes I don't feel like myself." He says in Robyn's voice. "I somehow got turned into a frog, I'm the same Robyn you know from Alpha Squadron."

"Alright then," Rob sighs slightly. "Stick to the tape recorder," he says. "Though you might wanna update technology-wise. I'll see what I can do about that," he says, making a mental note fore late. He frowns at Robyn though, expression unseen as always. "OKay…when did you get turned into a frog?" he asks.

"The tape recorder is what I brought in. It's what the people in the white dungeon used to hear me and I to hear them," says the Device to Rob. "Are you not a prince anymore?" says Heather, a bit disappointedly, "Fine. That's fine. What are you now?"

"About two weeks ago?" Robyn says thinking about it for a bit before answering. "It was after the Big Bad Wolf attacked in Manhattan, I woke up the next day as a frog. And No, I'm not a Prince just somehow… I'm this and sometimes I'm not in my right frame of mind."

"Don't worry about it," Rob says quickly to Heather. "Wait…white dungeon?" a sigh and a pause. GO away for a week and things go crazy. "Big Bad Wolf attack? Alright…and does the doctor know about this? What about Mr. Summers?"

Heather just grins for a few moments. Her unkempt appearance is enhanced by the appearance of her yellowish stained teeth. She looks through the glass of the snack machine. "Why are these things behind glass? I don't understand it. What do you think it means?" She turns around and leans on it, looking perplexed.

"It's a vending machine." Robyn says to Heather. "You just put the money in the machine and then select the numbers of the stuff you want and it comes out." He explains finding it strange that she doen't know what it is. "I think Mr. Summers knows about it, I haven't talked to him yet."

Rob mutters something inaudible before nodding. "Yes. Vending machine. THe glass is so you can see what's inside," he says. "But it looks more like you should see a dentist before you go to candyland," he states. "And you should see Mr. Summers soon. Let him know what's going on," he says to Robyn.

"My dental hygiene was not my prison-keeper's concern," says the device, probably directed at Rob, "It's not mine either. Why is it yours? I don't have any money. Do either of you?" Heather eyes the vending machine and says, "When I had these things before, they did not need to be bought."

Robyn shakes his head. "I do not have any pockets as a frog to keep money in. There are some snacks and stuff over there." Robyn says pointing to a table where the put stuff for the kids to eat so they don't have to always pay for it. "Where did you live before here…it sounds…" Horrible? He doesn't want to say that. "Different."

"It's not so much hygine as it is being concerned for your well being. Ya know…cavities can be rather painful," Rob remarks. He takes a pair of dollar bills from a pocket and hands them to Heather. "Here. Should get ya something from in there," he says. "You know if any other students turned into animals, Robyn?"

"It is like I told you," says Heather's voice, in response to Robyn, "I was alone and trapped and they asked me questions and I told them answers and then they left and I was alone again. There was nothing strange or funny or beautiful there." She smiles at getting the dollar bills and quickly slides them into the machine, purchasing an Oh Henry bar. "Thank you, Mr. Weyrin. I am sure I will enjoy this."

"Mr. Weyrin is the best teacher in this school." Robyn says with a nod. "I don't think anyone else is animals but I know Robin was acting different too. I don't know about anyone else yet though. My powers work as usual and I still go to class." Robyn explains. "I'm really sorry to hear that, I'm glad you here now and away from being trapped."

Rob smirks slightly at RObyn and shakes his head. "Don't worry about it," he says, making another note to ask Scott about Heather too. "Alright…I'll talk to Mr. Summers as well…see if he knows what's going on."

Heather takes the change from the machine and offers it back to Rob. She nods quickly at Robyn and says, "They said that they needed to keep me in isolation because I was a dangerous mutant. So I went here instead, where everyone is a dangerous mutant!"

"I'm not a dangerous mutant." Robyn says looking confused. "There aren't that many dangerous mutants here, we may not all have control but we're learning it. Mr. Weyrin is actually my teacher when it comes to lessons with my powers."

"Keep the chance. You can get another snack with it later," Rob tells Heather, frowning at her story. Definitely something to ask Scott about. "I also teach history classes here."

"Thank you for the change. History! I love history!" says Heather's recorder. It also happens to be her absolute worst subject, since she knows virtually nothing about it and has a tendancy to make up bridges for gaps. She puts her hands on her hips and replies to Robyn: "You are not? Well, I guess I am the only dangerous mutant." This last is said kind of mournfully.

"Mr. Weyrin is a great teacher." Robyn says with a nod as he hops over to a chair to perch himself on so he doesn't seem as short. "I don't mind his history lessons, they're actually quite interesting." He looks over at Heather and is curious about something. "What is it that makes you a dangerous mutant?"

"There are many dangerous mutants and non mutants in this world, Heather," Rob remarks, adjusting his tie. That invisible smile returns as Robyn continues the praise. "Alright, I'm going to go find Mr. Summers. You two stay out of trouble, alright?"

"Well, it's because I was classified as unsafe, of course, and therefore dangerous." says the recorder, while Heather eyes Robyn in such a way that suggests she expected him to know that. She turns to Rob and hits play on the machine, while gesturing towards it, "If you say that I can upgrade this, that would help me. I will make sure that I don't make or find any trouble."

Robyn waves a green hand at Rob. "SEe ya later Mr. Weyrin!" He says as he looks back to Heather. "What are your powers? And oh, I'm Robyn by the way, not Prince anything, just Robyn. I have mental powers but I don't think I'm dangerous or anything." He says with a shrug.

Rob gives an unseen nod before turning and walking from the room. THe student he needed to see about a history paper will have to wait until another time.

Heather stops leaning on the vending machine and walks a bit closer to Robyn. It becomes pretty clear pretty quickly that her powers seem to place her in perpetual fast forward. It would explain her twitchiness. "I live in the normal world, but you can call it the fast world. And you are in the slow world. That is all."

Normal world, slow world, fast world, it doesn't really make a lot of sense to Robyn but he just nods. "I have mental powers, I can posses people and do a few other things." He explains as he doesn't like tellng people he just met he is a mental vampire. "Well, welcome to Xavier's. When did you arrive?"

"Today, just today in the morning!" says Heather, now seeming a little bit excited. She looks around and says, "I was at the other place for three slow years. Do you know how long that is in the fast world? I can tell you. It's not a secret. But it's not interesting either." She opens the Oh Henry bar and takes a large bite, seeming blissful as she quickly chews it.

"I got here a few months back, maybe six months ago or so?" Robyn says smiling at her excitement. "I think you'll like it here, it's really cool, this school." He winces at the rhyme he accidentally made. "How long is three slow years in the fast world?" He asks curiously as he's not really sure. "Actually I know nothing about these different worlds."

"In fast world, everything is fast, you see. When you throw a ball at, say, five miles per hour, I say five miles per slow-hour. That's your hour. But when I throw a ball at five miles per hour, I throw it at my five miles power hour. That's five miles per fast-hour!" says the recorder. Heather is really not really great at relaying concepts to other people. Socialization is not exactly her thing. "One slow year is five fast years. One slow hour is five fast hours. What is ten fast minutes?"

"Fifty fast minutes?" Robyn says unsurely as he's trying to figure it out in his head since it's all so confusing to him. "The only other world I know is the astral plane where it's really not much different from this world. Just kind of a ghost like world." He says trying to explain that one. "It's like, I can see everything on this world and no one can see me. It's like a mental world."

"Nooo, ten fast minutes is ten fast minutes, you silly goat!" laughs Heather, clearly heavily amused judging by her non-recorded high pitched laughter that follows. "Was Mr. Weyrin on the astral plane? I couldn't see him. I think… he seemed to see me." She scratches her head lightly and asks, "Can you take me to the astral plane?"

"I'm not a got, I'm a frog." Robyn says chuckling. "The goats are the billy goats gruff." He says as if it's someone he knows. "No, Mr. Weyrin was not on the astral plane, he is just invisible. Like the Invisible Man on the old tv shows and stuff. I've never seen him myself, and no I can't take anyone onto the Astral Plane with me. I'm just learning how to get their myself."

"You're a frog-goat, perhaps, but silly all the way through!" laughs Heather. She claps her hands together and says, "I'm going to go to the Astral Plane, then. Why would I find out about it if I can't go there?" She smiles widely and then frowns, playing on her recorder, "I can't leave fast-world, though. I'm stuck."

As a frog, Robyn is sitting on a chair while talking to Heather who is by the vending machine. "I don't know, I don't know if you can get their without mental powers. I just know it's part of my mutatant powers that lets me go to the astral plane." He says nodding as he tounge lashes out to grab another cookie that are out for the kids to enjoy.

Heather takes another quick bite of the Oh Henry bar and then plays from her recorder, "Well, I will be able to." Her voice sounds completely certain. After all, in her mind, her logic for being able to go checks out. She tilts her head at the frog a far ways and she says, "Is your power being a frog, too? Because I…" She glances around and then says a bit quieter, as if telling a secret, "I don't think that's a very good one."

July steps into the cafeteria while drinking Smoothies! She wasn't expecting to find anyone in the cafeteria right now, the rubber girl just walking around aimlessly, but she finds Robyn the kind-of-a-frog and a new girl talking, and she blinks, but shrugs. "Hey Robyn." she says, smling and waving to him while approaching the two. She looks at Heather and smiles, "Hello."

"No, I got turned into a Frog, it's not my power. My power is all mind related, possesion, astral projection and some other mental stuff." Robyn doesn't really know a lot about his psychic weapondry. Seeing July walk in, Robyn waves before hoping down on the chair. "HEya July, unfortunately I'm about to get going. It was nice meeting you!" He says to Heather as he hops out of the room.

"Goodbye, Prince!" says Heather, as Robyn leaves the room. She pushes off of the vending machine and walks up to July. The walk is at about the speed of a rapid sprint, but she stops immediately when she is close enough to examine the other girl. "Who are you?" plays out of the tape recorder that she has in her hands.

July waves to Robyn as the frog makes his way out, "See ya, Rob." she says, smiling, before blinking as she looks back in front of herself as Heather quickly makes her way in front of the rubber girl. "Um…" she mutters, confused at having a question asked by a recorder. "I'm… July? Sorry, but, are you a mute?"

Annalisa comes strolling into the cafeteria, and then gasps, trying to hide a bit. She spies a wild July, and smirks. "Eh, heh heh." She giggles, and tries to sneak up behind July, going to grab her around the waist from behind.

Heather blinks a few times rapidly at July and takes a couple of quick steps back. She puts up one finger to tell July to wait and then speaks loud enough that she can actually be heard. Her voice is annoyingly high-pitched and she says in a very rapid mishmash of words, "ThD'vice'sus'ds'thatpipple'nthsloworldc'ntalkt'th'pipple'n'th'fstwrld." She seems surprised at the appearance of Annalisa, and she takes another couple of quick steps back.

July blinks, confused, and she rubs the back of her head, for now unaware of Anna's presence as she focus right now on the girl before her. She hmms, and crosses her arms, "I can say for sure that I have NO idea what you just said. You lost me at 'device'. So you speak too fast? Why not relax abit?" she offers, smiling. "What's your name?"

Annalisa puffs her lips up in a pouty manner. "Are you ignoring me, Juuuly?" She shouts, tightening her arms around July's waist almost painfully.

"I am Heather," says the device, "Heather Brown. I live in the fast world and you live in the slow world, that's all, no relaxing about it." Heather blinks a few times rapidly and then just stares at Annalisa, "Who are you?"

July meeps as she's squeezes, "Sowwy!!" she giggles, her waist yielding more than a normal person's waist would yield to a squeeze, and July giggles softly, "She's Anna. She's my girlfriend." she says with a smile, looking back at Heather. "Nice to meet you, Heather. So… you are always in a fast-forward sense? You never slow down?"

Annalisa smiles sweetly at July, and stands up, leaning against her form. "Aww, I do like the sound of being introduced like that." She nudges July softly in the side.

"Your girlfriend?" says the recorder, "You have a girlfriend? Hello July's girlfriend Anna." She doesn't linger on this for too long, though, and she snaps her fingers once and says, once again through the recorder, "I am always in the fast world, yes. Just like you are always in the slow world. It's just the way it is."

July blinks softly as she rests her arms on top of Annalisa's, and she arches one eyebrow. "Slow world? I'd like to think we're in the normal world." she shrugs lightly, leaning as well against Anna.

Annalisa ponders for a moment. "I don't understand. Is she from the future or something?"

"I like to believe that I'm in the normal world, too. That's why I didn't use normal world, because everyone loves being in normal world," says Heather's recorder. The girl looks at Annalisa with a puzzled expression and she plays, "She is from right now." She takes a bite of the Oh Henry bar that she's been working on, finishing it.

July chuckles softly, "No, not the future." she says, kissing Anna's cheek softly, before looking at Heather. "Heather seems to be in a constant state of increased speed. Or soemthing like that." she shrugs softly, smiling, "So, Heather, you're new here? Got a roommate already?" She asks with a smile, looking at the speedster.

Annalisa blinks a few times. "Increased speed? Thats crazy…" She states, seeming still quite confused.

"I was assigned to the same room as July. I think that's you. They didn't tell me about any other Julys," says the device. She tilts her head slightly and says, "I can explain it to you, what the difference between fast-world and slow-world are. In fast world, five minutes pass. In slow world, one minute passes." She pulls some strands of her unkempt hair apart. "I moved myself in this morning."

July blinks softly at that, "Oh? Cammy's gone? Oh, a pity." she shakes her head softly, before smiling again, "Well, I look forward to sharing a room with you, Heather." She nods gently, "though it's a bit creepy with the recorder." she giggles a bit.

Annalisa gasp a bit, and glances between the two. "I wanna share a room with July…no fair…" She exclaims in a very disappointed voice.

Heather shakes her head quickly. "The tape recorder is what it is. I only hear your voice through it, you only hear mine through it. Fair is fair." She shrugs and says, "I will be glad to have a roommate. Someone to talk to all night!" She grins briefly, her teeth yellowish-stained in keeping with her generally unkempt appearance. She looks over at Annalisa and states, "If I wasn't where I will be then where would I sleep?"

July chuckles softly and pat-pats Anna's hair gently, "You already monopolize my time enough, dear." she giggles playfully. "Don't worry." she nods gently and kisses her cheek, before looking at Heather. "So, you just arrived, hm? Rough trip?"

Annalisa blinks at Heather, and just tilts her head. "What?" She doesn't seem to understand what was just said, but she smiles at July. "I like to monopolize your time, its fun."

"The trip was great. A great change of pace. Very good. This change in scenery is inrisuous," says Heather's voice, the girl looking around a bit. She scratches her scalp and then adds, "I'm glad."

July blinks softly, and she rubs her head gently as she looks at Heather, "Really? No offense, but you look a bit… unkept, Heather." She says softly, before wrapping one arm around Anna's waist.

Annalisa nods a bit with July's statement, looking over her own well taken care of body. "Mhm, girls need to stay neat and stuff."

"You are very critical, July, Anna," says the recorder, and Heather crosses her arms. "It doesn't matter what I look like. Besides, I couldn't attend to it where I was before here. And I just got here this morning." She runs and puts her wrapper in the garbage. "That was the first chocolate bar I have had in more than three slow-years," she notes. Mournfully, the recorder adds, "Now it's gone."

July oh's softly, "Really?" she asks, before she reaches into her pocket, smilin, pulling out a chocolate bar, and offers it to Heather. "Here. Want this one?" She offers to her new roommate, while still holding Anna close to her with her arm around Anna's waist.

Annalisa pecks July on the cheek slightly. "July's like a candy machine sometimes, Iunno where she keeps it all…"

Taking the chocolate bar, Heather's recorder says, "Thank you July." She rapidly opens it up and examines it. "Before I was here, I was kept somewhere that I couldn't get candies like this. Three slow-years. Do you know how many fast-years that is?"

July smiles, giggling, "I hide them within pockets of air within my legs I make." she grins softly, "I access them through my pockets." then she turns to Heather. "Um… well, using your previous information… fifteen years?" she tilts her head, and then she winces, "Sorry about that."

Annalisa gives July a few pokes in the sides, smiling. "Iunno if I wanna say neat or gross." She says with a grin.

"Fifteen fast-years! Yes!" Heather seems very pleased that July has calculated it out. She takes a bite of the chocolate bar and says, "Do you know how incredibly good this is? It's incredibly good!" She pauses and then plays from her machine, "Air pockets in your legs? Well, that is a good storage space. It's always good to keep your supplies with you."

July giggles softly and she pats her legs, "My body is rubbery. Like taffy. I can even change my shape, so I change the shape of my thighs a bit to make some air pockets so I can hold more things than my pockets normally would." she grins. "And, yeah, I know how good sweets are. I love eating them, I can eat as much as I want!"

Annalisa continues to poke July in the side for several moments. "The lucky girl never gets fat, she can eat millions of cakes."

Heather blinks a few times and says, "Millions? That is a lot of cakes. I don't eat very much. I get sick if I eat too much." And it's true. She doesn't eat much for someone who eats five times more than someone her age and build should.

July chuckles softly as she lightly jabs Annalisa's side, before looking at Heather, "What my none-too-subtle friend here means, is that I can eat as many sweets as I can without getting fat, since I can control my mass."

Annalisa giggles, as she twists from the jab. "That tickles July!" She exclaims, going to try and tickle July's waist.

Heather claps her hands once and says, "Well, that is very neat. If I could control my mass, I would make myself very, very light so that I could fly."

July giggles softly, "Not QUITE like that." she says, smiling, and she squirms a bit, giggling agin as Anna tickles her waist, "Hey, calm down, Anna." she says, smiling, before looking at Heather again, "Check this out:" She says, and then she reaches her free arm out, and her arm stretches longer and longer, stretching all through the room to the other side to get some water from the tap with a paper cup.

Annalisa pouts at July, but nods. "Finnnee…." She says with a sigh, but can't help but smile at July's stretchy arm.

Heather just watches July's arm go around the room. Unlike most new students, she does not really seem surprised by the show, but does smile at July. "That must be a good power to have." She blinks and then says to Annalisa, "What is your ability?"

July giggles softly as she brings her arm back, "That… was quite troublesome at first to master. I spent a few weeks as nothing but a fleshy puddle blob on a bed back home." she says, smiling.

Annalisa glances at Heather as she asks about her ability, and almost seems to flinch a bit. "Oh…nothing…important…"

"Nothing important?" echoes Heather through the voice recorder. She puts her hands on her hips and says, almost disappointedly, "Robyn was right, there really are no other dangerous mutants at this school."

July chuckles softly as she holds Anna closer to her, "I wouldn't say that, Heather. Anna's power is… unstable. She creates fire." she explains softly, smiling a bit sadly.

Annalisa leans against July, and sighs a bit. "Hot fire…lots of it. If I lost total control, I might blow the whole school up!"

Furrowing her eyebrows in thought, Heather decides, "So you are a dangerous mutant!" She seems really upbeat about this. "Me too! I'm so glad to meet you!"

July blinks at Heather's words, "Huh? What do you mean, 'you, too'?" she asks, tilting her head softly.

Annalisa tilts her head to the side with July's. "Uhmm, its good to meet dangerous people, why?"

Heather stares silently at both of them for about five whole seconds. If one does the conversion, that's a very long time for her to be staring. "It's not that it's good that you are dangerous, but it is that we both have someone dangerous. Even if we are put in isolation, we will be put in isolation together! It's comforting."

July blinks again, mulling it over her head, and then she shakes her head fast and then sighs exasperated. "Wait wait waitwaitwait!" She says, blinking, "Alright, uhh… explain." she rubs her head, frowning lightly, "Why are you dangerous? I mean, why re your power dangerous?"

Annalisa blinks too, and gasps. "Will they really put us in isolation?" She exclaims fearfully.

Heather shrugs at July and then says to Annalisa, through the recorder, "Here? I have no idea. I don't know! I don't have any experience here. I'm guessing… no? Yes?" She really doesn't seem to know. "And my powers are dangerous because that's how I was classified. 'Dangerous mutant'. That's the stamp they used when stamping my file. I know! I saw the stamp!"

July sighs softly, smiling, and then she reaches a hand to gently pat Heather's shoulder, "You're not dangerous." she says, smiling softly, "Humans classify all mutants like us as 'dangerous'. I swear, a mutant's whole power could be to hold his breath much longer than a normal human, and he'll still be classified as 'dangerous." she shrugs.

Annalisa glances over at July, and sighs. "I'm actually dangerous though." She says with a nod.

Head tilting slightly, Heather's voice says, "I'm not dangerous? No, that doesn't sound right. I think that I am. Why would I have been put in isolation if I weren't dangerous, see? Maybe I'm not dangerous anymore? But I was." She furrows her brow slightly and stares down at the floor.

July sighs softly, shakes her head, "Then what your powers are? What's all you can do, Heather?" she sighs gently, smiling a bit, "If all you do is to be on a faster state than normal, you're not dangerous. And normal humans think that ALL mutants are dangerous, no matter their powers."

Annalisa leans against July, and nods slightly. "Thats true..they do…but you could probably do some neat stuff."

"I live in fast world, that's all. That's the only difference," says Heather. She considers for a few moments and says, while dragging her finger tips through her tangled black hair, "I am able to hurt people, very easily, on accident."

July nods softly, smiling gently, "We all can hurt people on accident." she says gently, "Others more than some, but that is true for everyone, mutant or not."

Annalisa glances over at July, and sighs at the thought, almost seeming to tear up a bit. "Y-yeah…"

"Have I upset you?" says the recorder, as Heather looks towards Annalisa. She shrugs and then continues, "I never try to hurt anyone, though."

July rolls her eyes a bit, smiling, "Well…" she says, "Anna had a 'hiccup' with her powers when they showed up, and she ended up causing a nasty explosion by accident." she says, smiling a bit sadly.

Annalisa sighs a bit, and looks up at July. "Yeah…" She places her head on July's shoulder.

"I had a hiccup with my powers once," says Heather, "But it was because my mom was challenging me…" She narrows her eyes slightly and says, "I don't think it should happen again here, though." She says to Annalisa, "Sometimes, control is lost. I never have control."

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