2020-06-09: Small Debates


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Summary: On a walk they take out a couple hunters and have a casual conversation about the current state of things.

Date: June 9, 2020

Log Title Small Debates

Rating: PG-13 (LV)

The Future

New York is in shambles, basically obliterated. Sentinels are everywhere. Mutants are being attacked. The morlock tunnels have been taken over by mutant freedom fighters, and the sympathetics, cloaked from detection. Westchester and Salem Center, once mutant havens are now camps for depowered mutants. Food is hard to find, as is clothing, but those in each camp have access to them. 10 years from now in the current game time lies the future, this future.

A form lay on his back, arms and legs twitched as he pulled in an elongated spiked tongue slowly trying to ravel it in for a second attack before one of their assailaints realized, from his vantage point he could see the bloated hole riddled body of one of his companions. Dead, killed swiftly, the smell of burnt ozone and charred flesh permiated the air, some of it was his, yet he was a fortunate sort, more resiliant than he looked and he healed quite fast. Hopefully they did not see him, hopefully he could get free, send out a distress signal and one of the other Hunter packs or a Sentinel patrol would find him, help him crush these murderous rebel pigs.
A shadow would peel away from surrounding darkness like a spectre and plant a breath expelling boot upon his chest,"Wait no!" A ca-chunk was heard and brain juice splattered the cement with fragments of skull and an expulsion of pellets. The smoking barrel of the Italian Benelli 'Nova' removed from above the now deceased Hunter, slinging over an armor encased shoulder as Arsenal turned around, four of them, not a one was a big hitter sadly. But, at least they were ended before they could call re-enforcements. "Think they were doing anything out here worthwhile?" He said loud enough his voice would carry through coms to Domino. "It's a deadzone out here, not a damned thing you'd shake two sticks at out here… no signs of life, no tech to scavange." His scanners were fired up, slicing out and running as far as they could, nothing of note to be picked up on.
Silence was of the essence when it came to the topside travels. Stealth came with that and she had it honed to a near perfection. But mishaps happen to even those perfectly "lucky". Her lean on a branch reached forward to watch the slow pacing body of a Hunter cross beneath, and with that lean the dryness of the tree many months into its death caused a solid *snap* to resound, making the hunter look up. His hand darted for his own comm piece, but from the shadows the flash of alabaster against darkness had her form descending swiftly.
The hunter was backpedaling and turning to run, his eyes being the dead give away that he was a mutant, and this was the worst part of the job for Domino. Booted footfalls took to the ground just at his heels and as his scaled hand darted up for his comm her hand snapped out, wrapping around his head and jerking him back against her. His back linging her front in the struggle with muttered obscenities behing her gripping pale appendage.
A flash of silver and the wrist sheath baring her blade snapped forward, her hand gripping the hilt and drawing it back in a quick thrust across his throat, opening him another mout to talk through where the blood poured in a copious amount and bubbled with stolen breaths. Amongst that as his body crumpled to its knees and then fell flat she responded. "Nothing that gives me a workout anyway…" Lowering she pat down the Hunter and withdrew his pistols as well as clips for them, and a wallet. " Ever know a Burke, Tony?"
" Peons. " He sighs nudging the corpse at his feet with a boot, artificial thunder sounds boomed lividly from the direction of the city. "Someone is definitely having some fun." Arsenal would remark before holding up another firearm, this one not a traditional shape turning it in his hand to look down the snub barrel of the regulation issue S.H.E.I.L.D. PBH, "Somethings wrong with the focusing ring." He was pessimistic today, it would be tangible and blatantly obvious to her, probably all due to his belief he was missing out on a bigger fight somewhere, but this out here was necessary, he was trying to find another hide-out, someplace to fall back on as a failsafe, one not too many others would know about.
Domino's upper lip drew back and her nose wrinkled in disgust as she lowered to wipe the blood off her blade. Mutant blood, that is what bothered her most about it, their own kind… Placing the knife back in its sheath she pressed it back beneath the sleeve of her hardened latex body suit. It was more than met the eye but it did not hinder her movements either. In the flickering lighting of fires, where it burnt the brightest you could tell the attire had to be mended, and remended in many areas. All of them would be like that, it might have been resilient, but there was only so much in these years..
Glancing over to Jakob as she approaches but is watching the horizon for any large signs of eruption in that direction. Down underground there was no stretching room, and up above it was not like they had much quarry to run after and gun down, the Hunters were good, but the ones here seemed younger, less tried and just looking for a place to be. Pessimistic was correct, Domino was hardly optimistic unless it was a great gig and their team was on it. "Where do you think the guys are?" Add that to the pessimism…
A shrug, "SUSFU, going to File 13 these slags before we go." Arsenal would rumble before grabbing an ankle and tossing the body through the air to land in a tumbled heap near the others, the rest being treated in the same manner. one after another hauled and dumped. Several minutes later he was walking away from the general area, the broken away pipeways having been a suitable vanishing point for the corpses. Domino no doubt would be moving along side him, "What do you think of Sanctuary?"
"SUS.." Brows furrowed. "SNA..bah." She wasn't going to argue the damn acronyms with him, he seemed to be in a mood and when he started hauling bodies she took up her own weight in that as well and placed him on the pile, fingers sweeping down the face to close his eyes and walk away without a second glance. So many years and yet sometimes she would look back when something had finally gotten to her. But it was just as quickly wiped away and she rejoined at Arsenal's side, her hands still feeling unclean and being rubbed down her sides, liek it would take it away.
Slate blue eyes focused on him with that question and she looked ahead and then out, but her main focus was up, many liked to come from above and it made sense, most people forgot to look up. "Honestly I cannot judge yet, I have a first impression that leaves a foul taste but then again they are new to me and have been doing things their way for a long time. Maybe some time to adapt. The place…Is a place. What do you think?"
"A long time? You believe that?" He was obviously skeptical, his stride lengthening once she caught up, "Too stationary, you know how I feel about that." She would know, thier group was one for constant movement, always mobile it kept them unfound or at least standing a better chance to remain a strike cell. "We'll give it the best shot we can, already stood my ground enough I figure they'll know we're serious about helping. I see alot of weak players there, they look soft, feel it… maybe I'm being too critical though, they've gone through the same shit we have, more or less." He shrugs again, buckles on his LBV rattling in dull clinks.
"Maybe not as the same unit, but living like that, yes. They seem rather…comfortable and trusting of it.." She knew where he was going with this, they were on the same page, but approaching it from a different point was all. "I don't like it either, and we have done well as we have been, I am not desiring that to change, when the rest get back, if they do not like it, you know where I go."
Domino seemed to pause in thought and then turned slightly towards Jakob as she walked but her eyes darted up towards a third story window where a flash had reflected off a sliver of light. Movement that may have gone unseen unless you were looking. A silent signal as she spoke on. "It is also good to have a few allies where needed, if ever needed. Baby steps Jakob, we cannot call them allies yet nor can they us." Slowly her steps were edging towards that building.
Stopping as Domino begins to walk towards the building he moved over to drop into a crouch, watching her as she moves. Already scanning the area visibly and other-wise, " We're fighting the same war, thats a start." Arsenal replies, no weapon drawn just yet but the shotgun was clutched and drawn up to rest across his thigh in a relaxed easy to draw postiion. Holding his ground for now, unspoken it was obvious she knew he was prepped and ready.
Reaching the broken sidewalk her eyes remained up, but somewhere along the lined both her Brownings were drawn and held at the ready. Closer inspection had it the base of a can where the light had hit and arched with a breeze, causing the motion. Jumpy, the tension eased out with a roll of her shoulders, glancing to Jakob and shaking her head as the weapons were put back.
"My biggest problem is how we fight it versus how they do. As you have pointed out, they seem a little doughey at the edges, and it makes me wonder if we will be like oil to water with them." Walking around and handling small business would tell them nothing, the only way would be to really experience it outside of the cavern. This brought her back to meet Jakob half way and continue on their path while the rolling sound in the distance continued.
"Book and cover judgement bullshit right? Doubt they're all just mutant furniture."Reviewing memory as he spoke, "Rashmi has an edge to her and that ginger with her… the crazy one, thats probably one of the most eerie people I've ever set eyes on. The other two, Scrounge? Scourge and didn't catch other guys name." He trails off, his thoughts unspoken as they got nearer their destination, "Wait and see, hurry up and wait." Arsenal remarks as if that answered everything, "Lets go eat something and snare some rack-time, maybe accomplish something productive later on. Speaking of doughy…" A finger came out in a jab at Domino's side. A mood shifting taunt, one in attempt to clear up the dark mood he seemed to be in.
"Tch. The furniture thing, I don't..I sure hope her powers do more than make her a bean bag." She did not know of the Ginger he spoke of but she had to nod a bit to his assessment on Rashmi. "She seems to have assumed some semblance of leader amongst them, the one with the one red optic that doesn't speak…" With the roll of her shoulders her neck tilted, loosing some bit of forbodance. She owed him one but she would let it drop with the prod to her side, her eyes dropping to his hand as her own snapped up and gripped said prodding finger, bending it back ever so slightly if she caught it - the return hint of a smile etched over dark lips. "Don't make me break that, you're the one that rations the e-rats."
"Forget what hand that is?"Arsenal's brow under the visor shot up, the finger curled in and he drew it back. "Funny when you say E-rats, not sure what it is about your voice." His head shook as a wry smile formed and he was leading way into the land of Zzz's. "Shut-eye a definate need." He would mumble.
Domino snorted at him and muttered walking in behind him with one glance back out into the streets, whatever had been going on in the distance finally quieted. "Not like it can't be fixed.." Muttered last word in, she had to have it though one brow did rise in curiousity at what he meant in regards to her saying e-rats. Later, solace and sleep was far better than arguing, despite it being in an amusing undertone to forget about the stresses.

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