2009-04-24: Small Roses


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Summary: Nik gives Kenta an interesting 'tip' for his music.

Date: April 24, 2009

Log Title Small Roses

Rating: PG

NYC - South Sea Port

Located at the mouth of the East River is South Street Seaport. What was once a fishing port is now a mall. Outside, the docks are lined with people and street performers, from contortionists to singers, mimes, and living statues. Large boats are on display for tourists on the side of the docks. If you're lucky and are here at night, a live band might sometimes be performing.

Daytime in the seaport is interesting. Aaron's in his uniform, but has just finished a night shift, so isn't quite on duty. He's just out and baout to watch what's going on and maybe grab a bite to eat before going home. He enjoys watching the performers, always has. And now, he's potentially a performer himself, though he doesn't have anything to do right now.

One of the preformers down here today is Kenta, even if he doesn't have a licence to preform, he's out here anyway playing his accoustic guitar. He's wearing a black leather jacket and a pair of sunglasses to hide his unusal marks from the dark force while he plays for anyone who listens. HIs guitar case is open at his feet for anyone who wishes to drop some change or even a few dollars in. It's not all about the money for him though, he does it because he loves to preform in front of people.

Moving in between the performers, Aaron stops, looking at the guitarist. He nods lightly as he listens. He's not looking for a busking license right now, so he doesn't even act as though he is. THere's no real pointin it down here. His foot taps lightly as he listens, considering adding something into it with his plants, but not quite sure what would be the most appropriate.

Kenta continues to play, this song is without words at the moment. Sometimes he sings sometimes he doesn't, depends on his mood. Noticing the police officer Kenta doesn't seem to panic or anything, just gives him a friendly nod and smile. He's never really been one to follow rules, well the rules that don't harm anyone.

He's looking over Kenta for the moment, trying to determine what would be right for this. While working as a police officer, he has money for what he needs, but he can't really splurge too often. And, admittedly, Kenta doesn't look like he really NEEDS money, so something more thought provoking might be better. He begins to reach towards the pockets on his belt. Those tiny little things that can't really hold much.

Finishes up his song and goes to take a swig from his bottle of water before starting on his next song. And this one does have singing. For someone who just plays on the street, he's good both vocally and with his skill in the guitar, but that comes froms years of practice. Kenta always focused more on his music than on his powers. The song he sings is a kind of slow sort of ballad that is the typical cliche of lost love.

Lost love? Dark hair? Guitarist? Yup. That settled it for Aaron. He takes a little bit of vine out of the pocket. He breaks it in half, healing it with his fingers before placing a bit back into his belt pocket. The vine that's still in his hand is held out and placed into the guitar case gently. It begins a slow, steady growth, remaining small and compact. There are roots on it, but they're not branching too far, because there's no soil. Admittedly, the plant will need Soil within a day, but for now, it's fine. The vine continues to grow, forming small thorns. It looks a lot like a rose bush. Very small.

Kenta stops playing and singing as the vine starts to grow into a small rose bush, a very small rose bush, and Kenta just takes off his sunglasses to make sure what he's seeing is accurate. He doesn't even care that he's showing off the fact that his eyes are entirely black. "Dude…" He says sounding completely shocked.

It's a good choice, Aaron thinks, as he looks at the man's eyes. Slowly, a perfectly formed black rose forms at the head of the plant. It's a small tea-rose. "I figured, since you seem like you're playing for enjoyment, that I could give you something to enjoy in the future. It will need soil before tomorrow, but it will be fine until then." The officer says softly.

Kenta just blinks a few more times and shakes his head. "Dude.." He says again really not sure what to think. "I..wow…that's..so..you're a mutant?" There are so many thoughts running through his head that it doesn't come out as a coheartent sentanace. The guitar player just never really thought that the NYPD really employed mutants that would be so open with their powers.

Aaron pauses for a moment, unable to resist the sarcastic comment. "Green hair. Makes plants grow. Nah, I'm a frosty from Wendy's." But he does offer a grin afterwards. "And with eyes like that, you're bound to be something yourself." He reaches a finger out to the rose bush, which reaches a vine-like branch towards him. "She's healthy."

"But the question is, do you taste like a frosty from Wendy's?" Okay the sarcastic comment needed one back and Kenta, even in his shocked stuppor, couldn't resist. "They could be contacts…but no, I think it's obvious they aren't. Yeah, I think that's what caught me off guard. Just that you don't expect the cities finest to be throwing a mini bush in your guitar case…and wow, that's something I didn't think I'd say..bush in my guitar case."

"I could make it bigger. But then, you'd have trouble carrying it. You know how thorny they get." Aaron says with a laugh. "They employ some of us. Very few. I've proven myself." He says with a nod. "It's been my dream since I was a kid." He doesn't deny that. Never deny that. "And it could have been worse. I could have grown a tree in your case."

"Yeah, that would have sucked, since I don't know if I'd be able get a new guitar case anytime soon." Kenta is not hard up for money but he doesn't have a lot to spare supporting himself and his son. "Mine was always to be a rockstar, the stage, the crowd but now, I have to settle for the crowd on the streets of New York City. It's not as glorius but it's what I've got."

"Take pleasure where you can get it. That's my family's belief anyway. I get mine in defending the people of the city." Aaron says with a nod as he looks at the rose, pulling his finger away. "And who knows. As things change in the world, maybe your dream can come true."

"It's a bit harder since I'm a single father and raising a five year old, I have to do what's in his best interest more than mine." Kenta says as he son is a significant part of his life and he cares for him greatly. He then offers a hand and smiles at Aaron. "I'm Kenta by the way, Kenta Gilpatrick. Thanks for the flower if I didn't say that earlier, I'll take care of it."

"Aaron Simmons." Aaron says with a healthy nod. "Children are a lot to take care of. I don't have one of those yet. Someday, though…" He says with a firm nod. Sure, he may not think he'll ever find a woman to be in his life, but he can sure as hell hope, and could probably find someone willing to be a mother.

"Armande's about five." Kenta says and unfortunately he's never fully been sure of when his son's birthday is. He has a guess but when they were trapped in the other dimension they never could tell what day it was. "Kids are great, it's just hard sometimes being a single father. I'm lucky my parents are willing to help me out."

"That's definately a good thing." Aaron doesn't ask about the mother. After all, considering the way things are phrased, it sounds like a touchy subject and he doesn't want to interfere. Aaron double-checks his pockets and makes sure they're all closed before he stretches. "Anyway, I thought that might be something nicer than just the hard to come by monetary gift. And, it's something that'll eventually grow into something much more." He says with a quick nod. "I have to go get food before sleeping. I worked a night shift last night."

"It's definately unique, and I mean that in a good way. It's not everyday you see something like that. Thanks man, really." Kenta says as he does find it really interesting. "Well take care Aaron, it was a pleasure running into you. I think I'm going to have a smoke and start playing again." He slides on his sunglasses and pulls out his pack of cigarettes. "Enjoy your day!"

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