2009-05-03: Smashing Green


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Summary: Mr. Faith stumbles his way into trouble once again and this time, Rebound jumps in to help. Afterwards, Mr. Faith helps Rebound back to the Young Avengers HQ.

Date: May 3, 2009

Log Title: Smashing Green

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Union Square

Always bustling with life is Union Square, with its large statue of George Washington standing in the center. Live music, dancers, artists, activists, vendors, and more can all be seen here on a daily basis. There are even some tables set up for chess games. The Green Market can be found here, selling fresh fruit, breads, vegetables and other farm products. Union Square has more of a younger feel as most the kids who hang out here have that artistic, indie look to them, making Union Square one of the more open minded parks in the city.

Sirens, lots of them. Police sirens and one ambulance to be specific. All seem to be converging on The Green Market. Anyone paying attention to police scanners and emergency broadcasts earlier would have heard that three angry metahumans were destroying the popular shopping area. But, now that they're arriving, there seems to be a communication error. There are only two doing any wrecking. One's laying unconscious on the floor with a few loaves of bread around him.

"Oh, I so should not be doing this!" the mutant known as Mr. Faith mutters to himself from his hiding spot behind a watermelon display. He's in his full uniform, complete with goggles over his eyes and a bandana hiding his nose and mouth. He'd just come down here for some nice supplies for his father and half-brother when he noticed the chaos ahead. And since his uniform was already on under his clothes…'I wanna be a hero!' overrode common sense and he rushed into the fight to save the store and people. "Okay…only two of them. And it's not like they're Dr. Doom and the Mandarin…I can take 'em," he tries to reassure himself.

Listening to the police band is something that Rebound does after school and on weekends and between training sessions. He's a big fan of training in real situations. So, jumping from rooftop to rooftop, has become sort of a training regiment for the Young Avenger. He hops down from a near by apartment building, taking some of the force by bouncing off a awning and up onto the top of a dry cleaners roof, crouching low and looking around. He idly taps the ear piece of his visor and looks around for a few moments before noting Faith in costume and not far away. He plants his foot hard against the roof and there is a small flash of blue, sending the young man up in a graceful arch. No fancy flips for him, thank you….he's still learning. But he lands hard and rolls behind the Watermelon stand as well, stopping on one knee. "You one of the good ones or bad ones?" He asks Mr. Faith, unsure of his allegences.

"Where'd that stupid little punk get to?!" one of the rather obvious metas asks the other, smashing through the banana display. The man seems to have scales all over his body.

Mr. Faith meanwhile, peeks out from his hiding spot and frowns. "Maybe I can hit them with the watermelons…" he murmurs. Then there's suddenly a Rebound. Faith squeaks and jumps, hands coming up in a defensive position. He makes little finger-gun gesures but nothing comes from them just yet. "Wh-what?" he askss. "I'm Mr. Faith…I'm with the New Mutants…er…sorta X-men in training I guess," he says, the X-emblem visible over his heart.

Meanwhile, the second thug turns. He seems to be bright orange. "Did you see that?"

Cody smirks a crooked smile at you, head tilting to the side as he takes in your appearance. "Should probably go with the goggles, the bandana makes you look like a bandit." He offers as he moves forward, giving you a pat on the shoulder. "Rebound, Young Avengers…." He offers quickly before turning to give the pair a look over. "Ok…any idea what their powers are?" He asks curiously as he looks over the fruit stand, reaching to pull a small sugar baby watermelon of the stand. "What are you packin'?" He asks Mr. Faith.

Mr. Faith frowns behind his bandana. "I wear it to keep the smoke out…" he murmurs quietly. When the Young Avengers are brought up, the scarred teen perks up. "Young Avengers? How are Wiccan and Vision doing? I haven't had a chance to e-mail 'em in awhile," he asks. A beat-long pause. "Bad guys first," he mutters. "Scaley is super durable and has enhanced strength and orange guy…" he gets cut off, squeaking as several watermellons get blasted with an energy beam. "Does…that…" Mr. Faith trails off.

"C'mon outta there!" the orange thug demands, hands ablaze with energy.
"N-not too much. I'm outta smoke bombs and electricity doesn't work on them…" he trails off.

Cody gives a dip of his head. "Tough and *ERK*" He ducks low as the blast comes through. "Ok….Orange first…." He offers as he looks at Mr. Faith. "Slug me…" He offers, holding onto the watermelon. He's low to the ground so gathering any sort of charge is going to be difficult without exposing himself. "No time for questions, just slug me, hard as you can." He offers, leaning towards the New Mutant and even using one hand to pull down his hood and offer his jaw. "Hurry…." He says.

Mr. Faith blinks a few times, jaw dropping. "Wh-what?" he squeaks. "Why?" he asks. He starts to protest when another blast renders more melons into pulp and juice. The goggle-wearing teen pulls back and punches Rebound. It's…a pretty weak punch. He doesn't have all that much strength behind him.

"Screw this! Just blow it up!" Scales demands, flinging a cash register.

Rebound grunts a little as the fist feels like it's hitting a pillow
and a soft blue aura flares up, almost invisible. "Er…Never mind. Here it is." He offers dropping the melon and jumping up quickly to grab the register, it hits him hard, causing him to rocket back from the impact and land hard on the ground. Both of which cause the aura around him to grow in it's grey-blue intensity. "That's more like it." comes the gruff voice of Rebound as he sits up holding the cash register. He holds it up and takes a deep breath, and his glow diminishes as the glow around the register brightens. "Hey…Sun-kissed." He calls to the orange man, prepping the register by bringing it up over his head and then he puts a little force behind it and it goes streaking towards the energy blaster. "Faith…get outta there." He calls, knowing there is going to be an explosion of one sort of another very soon.

Scales is surprised as Rebound just grabs the register and goes with it. Mr. Faith meanwhile squeaks and stares. "Rebound? You okay?" he asks, edging away from the melons. He jumps when he sees the aura. "Woah…" the mutant trails off. When the register flies, the orange thug unleashes a blast of energy at it, causing a small explosion that sends everyone off their feet. Faith ends up under some apples as the thugs start recovering. "Toast the cape. I'll squish the bug!" Scales advises, stomping towards the apple-pile. Orange meanwhile tosses a beam of rather hot energy at Rebound.

"Shit…" Is all the comes from the Rebound. He's still got a charge, but he wasn't expecting the register to be blown to pieces or to send the energy out to unsuspecting people. He seems the beam coming at him and takes off running quickly behind a stand, jumping hard and out of the way to find himself behind a small watch and sunglass stand. That looses it's handle at the impact of the beam. He can't absorb energy-energy….just physical energy. So, he hides like a bitch. "Faith….How you doin' man?" he asks as he reaches down to pull about 6 bouncey balls from his belt, three in each hand. He concentrates hard keeping his body tight in on himself as he gives the balls a charge and then suddenly bounces, sending the rest of his energy under him and shooting himself into the sky, up and over the orange man, aiming for the roof. As he does so, his lower half passes over him, causing him to be upside down for a moment or two, long enough to send 6 very small and very charged projectiles at the blaster. The young man however doesn't land as well as you might hope. He's not that trained. He is about a foot short, so he hits the wall of a 3 story building hard, and flails for a moment for a grip. He lets out a pained grunt as his body jerks to a half when one of his hands catches onto a storm drain.

The orange thug laughs as Rebound runs and hides. Another blast is cast out, sheering the top off the misplaced stand. "C'mon out, little cape!" he calls. When Rebound goes up into the air, the blaster sends another blast and misses. He yells in annoyance as the charged balls fall around him, causing explosions and rattling the man. "You little punk…"

"Just peachy…er…applely," Mr. Faith's reply comes as the teen gets out from under the fruit only to see scales glaring at him. He squeaks, waves, and chucks an apple. It goes splat on the man face and Mr. Faith lets out a nervous chuckle. "Oh yeah! Wait a moment!" he says, looking towards Rebound. Suddenly, Eddie's scars light right up bright blue and Rebound will feel himself being boosted to one and a half times higher than his current max levels. This is followed shortly after by Mr. Faith's uniform transforming into a blue and white version of Rebound's. "Almost forgot this for a moment," he comments.

One and a half times more powerful….with his mutation. Er….Probably not the best idea. But Rebound doesn't seem to mind. His aura glows bright suddenly, his body barely able to be made out in the swath of dull-blue light. He stares grins a little as a bit of blood comes from his nose and he pushes against the wall hard and moves to rocket straight at the blaster, hoping to tackle him to the ground faster than he can get a bolt off. He's thinking all action now…he's not thinking with his logical part of his brain.

The blaster's eyes go wide as he's tackled, unable to get out of the way. The ground is scorched by the bolt, he starts cursing and struggling.

Mr. Faith meanwhile is looking down at his hands as he back away from Scales. "Alright…he asked me to punch him and then caught that register and the forcefield thingy and…kinetic energy absorption and redirection?" he mumbles to himself. "I hope I'm right," he mutters, running at Scales only to be grabbed and thrown. He hits a wall, not surrounded with a glowing blue field like Rebound was. "I'm right…" he chuckles, moving to repeat this move a few times.

Rebound rockets down hard, catching the orange guy and going with him to the ground. There is a impact trail as Rebound rolls with the man a few yards, knocking things up and into the air or into the street or through glass windows. Rebound glows brighter and brighter at every obstacle. He then grins savagely at the Orange man before patting his chest and breathing hard. The blaster's shirt starts to glow and Rebound just sits there and waits to see the explosion, violent and angry at the moment, he has a sort of sadistic side with this much power. "Tick….tick…." He smiles softly and then flicks the shirt setting off an explosion that will probably put the orange one out like a light if not do some internal damage and cause all the windows in the near by area to shatter.

The blaster curses and struggles the whole time, taking injuries where Rebound gains power. When they stop, he unleashes a blast of heat a the teen hero but likely doesn't hit too much more than the backs of legs due to the odd angle. When his shirt starts glowing, the orange guy starts to pull it off. Then there's the explosion. Glass shatters, buildings crack. When all the light clears, the orange guy's out cold and bleeding.

Meanwhile, Mr. Faith lets out a grunt after his fourth introduction to the wall. "Okay…I think that's enough…" he mutters, shaking his head. "Come and get me, Mr. Giant Handbag!" he taunts Scales, feeling a bit bad about it. The teen waits for Scales to charge and try to grab him, ducking under those arms and punching. His fist connects and there's another flash. Scales goes flying outside, landing next to the first unconscious guy. Mr. Faith blinks and looks down at his hand. "Ow…" he mutters, shaking his fist.

Rebound comes walking out of the rubble with a savage grin on his face. He is missing a great deal of his pants, but there are a pair of polimer shorts on under the swears and harsh red blisters on the back of his knees. But he doesn't seem to notice. He ducks a bit when Scales goes flying and he grins hard at Faith. "Nice…"

Mr. Faith looks up, still shaking his hand as if trying to get the pain to go away. He's feeling very weird, something in his head he'd not heard in a long while speaking up. He takes a step back when he sees Rebound's grin. "Th-thanks," he says, nervous for some reason he can't quite figure out. Letting the boosting end, Rebound's power levels will return to normal as Mr. Faith's uniform transforms back to its usual appearance. "Woah…" he says, stumbling.

Cody lets his smirk instantly fade with your wardrobe, his aura and the blockers that were keeping the pain out of his mind. He lets out a soft hiss and stumbles himself, falling to the ground and landing on his side, reaching back to touch the burned skin. "Damnit…."

Eddie jumps when Cody goes down, letting out a squeak. He moves over quickly to check the other hero out. "Oh man, are you okay? So not good…can you stand?" he asks this all quickly.

Cody smirks a little as he just nods his head and moves to stand up on shakey legs. "Nothin' a little rest won't take care of." He offers, expecting and secretly helping that the Avengers have a really advanced medical facility. He lets out a soft grunt of pain and offers a hand on your shoulder. "Sorry…S'not so bad." He says with a pressed grin.

Eddie frowns, examining the wounds and giving Cody a look. "I'm trained in first aid, ya know," he mutters. "C'mon, let me help ya get to the Avengers Mansion. It's close here and they can take care of you if you're a Young Avenger," he says, moving to help Rebound walk.

Cody gives a nod and accepts the help, slipping an arm around Eddie and allowing him to help him. "I've actually never been there much…just the occasional training session with Cap." he offers as he lets you lead, limping weakly next to you.

"Lucky…I just had lunch with him once," Mr. Faith remarks. Starting to move, he pauses, glancing at landmarks. "Crud…" he says. "Alright…change of plans. Taking you back to the YOung Avengers base. It's closer. You guys didn't move it since the Infinity stuff, did you?" he asks, moving in another direction now.

Cody nods his head and points. "Same place…" he offers, letting Faith lead. He's not about to show him where it is, but if it seems Eddie knows where the place is, then he will probably not be in trouble for bringing someone back.

Eddie smiles behind his bandana. "Awesome. I really liked the place when I was there and I overheard Hulkling or Speed…I forget which one said it…say they were gonna do some building to make the place better. I can't wait to see," he says, trying to keep the mood up and nice. "Can I ask a favor? Could you maybe umm…get me autographs from the team?" he asks sheepishly as they go.

Cody laughs at that and just shakes his head. "Man, you can ask em' yerself. And if they aren't around, I can get em for you…" He offers as he walks down the street with you, getting a few looks from a few pedestrians. "But yeah…place is fixed up. Looks great now. Lockers and showers were built, got a few new rooms…much bigger than it was." He offers as if having not considered it before.

Eddie lets out a happy little noise at this news. "Awesome! Thank you!" he says. His contact information's in the YA computer already so he's not worried about providing it. He offers a few plesant waves and greetins to pedestrians before taking them both along more obscure and deserted routes. Eventually they reach the Seaside Warehouse that hides the Young Avengers base. Heading up to the door and into the 'fake warehouse' area, he shifts Cody a bit before pressing the buzzer. "Umm…sorry to interrupt or anything. Just um…Mr. Faith here. Rebound too. He got kinda hurt and needs some help…" he speaks to the hidden intercom. There's a pause before a voice responds. "I'll be right out." It's Hulkling.

Cody grunts a little and reaches into his pants to pull out a small card that he slides into the lock. The door of course swings open and he tucks the card away, letting you support him. "Can I get your number?" he asks curiously, pulling out his cellphone.

Eddie blinks a few times, reaching into his pack to take out a little card with his cellphone number on it. "My e-mail's in the computers too," he says. Just as the door opens, the big and green Young Avenger known as Hulkling appears. Mr. Faith squeaks. "Woah…" he trails off.

"Heya," Hulkling greets. "You alright, Rebound?" the shapeshifter asks, concerned. There's a pause as Mr. Faith launches into some excited fanboy babble. Hulkling gives Rebound a questioning look before reaching over and ruffling Mr. Faith's hair. "Thanks for getting him home."

Cody takes the card and stuffs it in his pocket, moving to switch his body weight over to Hulking who indeed can take it and more. So, he leans his weight on the big green teen. "Thanks, Faith….I'll give you a call later and see if I can get you what you asked for?" He offers with a pained smile.

Mr. Faith looks close to fainting there for a moment. "You're very welcome, Hulkling!" he says. "Sure, Rebound. And thanks! Get better soon!" he says. "See ya later. I gotta get home before my Dads worry!" he says, turning and jogging off quickly.

Hulkling picks Cody up easily and chuckles. "Energetic little thing. C'mon, lets get you to the med-room and I'll call Wiccan," the shapeshifter states

Cody blinks and really through that the teen said "Dads?" He grunts as he is picked up. Rebound hangs there, perhaps over Hulklings shoulders as a fireman carry would put pressure on the burn wounds. "Hey, Jolly Green." offers the smaller mutant before looking back up and over his shoulder. "Thanks for your help Faith….Want me to have Cap call and explain what happened or something? So you wont get in trouble or anything?"

Eddie pauses at the door to the fake-warehouse. "Yeah, I have two Dads," he explains. His eyes go wide behind his goggles at that offer and Hulkling interrupts. "Sorry, but Cap's away on offical Avengers business. Thanks for getting Rebound back to us," he says, putting Cody over his shoulder. "See ya later." he add. "Bye, Hulkling! Bye Rebound!" Mr. Faith adds, grinning behind his bandana as he disappears out into the world.

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