2009-12-23: Smoke And Mirrors


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Summary: Robyn and Robin receive an important message from the reflection on the television screen.

Date: December 20, 2009.

Log Title Smoke and Mirrors

Rating: G

Living Room

Cream colored couches and chairs are placed among end tables and a coffee table. A large entertainment center covers one of the blue walls. The windows are set back a bit creating comfortable window seats for those who want to read.

Sitting on the couch, or more lying on his back on the couch, is Robyn. He has a golden ball in his two hands and he seems to be throwing it up and down. He's not watching television at the moment but he does have some music playing over the stero system. He hums along as he listens to the techno influence song.

In from the lobby come Robin and Blank, coming to see what the sound coming from the livingroom is. Robin looks as though she hasn't had much sleep lately, from the black circles around her eyes. She glances around the livingroom until she spots Robyn, at which point she rubs her eyes lightly and says, "Oh, hey." Blank waves tiredly as Robin speaks.

Robyn drops the ball to the ground and sits up. "Robin, are you okay? You look…I dunno…exhausted." He says as it's hard not to notice from how she looks. He moves so that he's sitting in a standard frog position. "Has the whole Cinderella thing been…has it been happing a lot or something lately?"

Robin shakes her head. And then nods. She looks confused for a couple of moments and says, "Ah, yes it has, but that's not why I'm tired. It's the fog and the voice and the pleas for help…" She rubs her eyes again and smiles weakly, "I still don't know. And it's been happening more and more, almost everwhere I look now."

"That's really weird, well not wierd with what's going on, but just…annoying I guess." Robyn knows that he'd be grump too if he wasn't sleeping well. "Have you figured out anything yet? Or is it just the same thing over and over?" He knows it's something to do with what's happening with them, but not what.

Just as Robyn is talking about seeing the pleas for help, another one appears on the Television. The music that Robyn has playing stops and plays a sort of mysterious sounding theme song, like something in the background of a movie. The television has swirling fog in the screen and the words: "Robin, Help Please" start forming on the screen as if someone's writing them.

Robin answers Robyn and says, "No, I haven't figured…" There's a pause, and she shakes her head and runs over towards the tv, hopping any furniture in the way, to get a closer look. "What can I do?" she says to the screen urgently, resting her hand on the glass and trying to listen to the voice. To Robyn she says, "Do you see it? Do you see it, too?"

Robyn sits there with his mouth open wide, which is pretty wide considering he's a frog. He just nods slowly. He just hops down off the couch and sits next to Robin. "What can we do to help?" He decides to try asking, knowing that Robin has probably asked that many times before.

The Television fogs back up again and writing starts to appear again. "I can't control it." Are the next words that apaear along with a faint voice accompaning them. It's definaely femine but has an airy, echoy quality to it.

Robin keeps her hands on the screen and says, "You… you're the one who made all this happen… what can I do to help you? Help you control it?" She seems almost panicked, and probably is, but the mirror has never changed what it says before this. "Why are you coming to me?"

Robyn puts his hand on Robin's shoulder and looks at the television intently. He wants to ask what he has to do to not be a frog, but he decides to be quite for now, for Robin's sake. After all, she's his hope right now.

"Yes" The writing says in big letters across the screen before it fogs up and the writting starts again. This time it's quicker and the writting is a bit messier. "You went to the school, you got help at the school. You are the only one I know."

Robin blinks a few times at the writing, and says, eyes wide, "What? Nobody… nobody knows me. Who are you?" She stares wide-eyed and unblinkingly at the tv, apparently having forgotten completely that she's tired. "I will help you in any way I can."

Robyn looks at Robyn with a worried expression. "Someone has to know you Robin, someone who doesn't go to this school? Right." He says trying to think where she might have met other people.

The writing continues, along with the voice, becoming more and more familar to Robin. "Mutant…like you…can't control my powers." The fog seems to fade from the television like there's going to be nothing more then one word appears "Sister" before finally fading.

"Megan?" whispers Robin, as she keeps her hands on the tv. "I… I… I don't know what to do, Megan…" Her eyes well up with tears and she says as the fog fades away, "Wait! Wait, please don't go! Where are you? Megan?" As the word sister fades, Robin presses her forehead against the glass from the screen and starts to softly weep.

Robyn stays slient for a bit, not sure what to do, but it seems Robin does know the person. After a bit of Robin crying, he pushes up on his back legs so that he can give Robin a small hug. He wants to ask questions to get answers but he wants to let her calm down first.

Robin brushes some of the tears out of her eyes, and says to Robyn, "Megan's my sister… she… she was my only friend growing up." She shakes her head slowly and slumps down a bit. "And now she's in trouble, and I'm just being useless…"

Robyn looks up at Robin and just listens and nods. "You're sister? I didn't know you had a sister. And you're not being useless, you were trying to find a way to help even before you knew who it was. I can't even help you help her, it's just…this is hard Robin."

Robin nods. "My parents kept trying until they got a girl… I have a bunch of older brothers and Megan's my little sister. I need to help her. I just don't know -how-." She wipes at her eyes again and says, "I just need to know where she is…"

Robyn nods slowly trying to think himself on what he can do to help his friend, help her sister. "Well…how did they find us, this school. I know I knew nothing about before they contacted me. If she's a mutant, do you think you can ask if they can find her? And what about calling your parents? See if they know what happened to her, or where she might be."

Robin looks horrified at the idea of calling her parents, but that facial expression fades as she considers her options. "Do… do you have your cellphone on you? I still remember the phone number at my old house…" She also nods at asking the school, "Yeah, they located me on the streets, sleeping in a dumpster. They could probably find /anything/." It may be a strange to imagine the normally fastidious Robin sleeping in a heap of trash, but hey, that's how things go sometimes.

Robyn looks down at himself and shakes his head. "I don't have pockets and it's not easy for me to carry anything around, my cell is up at my room, if you wanna go there and grab it." He says putting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm glad they found you and you're not sleeping in a dumpster anymore. They found me in a hospital, but, Megan, did you and her talk before this happened at all?"

Robin shakes her head at Robyn and says, "I didn't want to call home. I was scared of what would happen if the wrong person picked up… There's a reason I left home." She adjusts her glasses slightly, shrugs and says, "I'll just send Blank to get mine…" With that, she closes her eyes and freezes, and the puppet runs off quickly and silently to retrieve the phone.

Robyn never knew why Robin left home, even that she did leave home, he's not the type to ask people about their past if they don't want to freely share it. He looks at Robin for a second and jumps so that he's huging her around the neck. "Want me to stay here with you while you call back home? If you want to do it by youself, I do underand. I'm just worried about you, and your sister." He says finally going back to the floor.

Robin breaks her concentration for a moment to utter a single word at Robyn: 'Stay' but keeps herself in the puppetteer stance, fingers lightly twitching and she moves the puppet about. It doesn't take very long before Blank returns, with cellphone in hand, and drops it in front of Robin, who breaks her concentration completely to catch the phone. "Umm, yeah, it's probably best if there's someone here with me." She dials the number, and then brings the phone up to her ear, looking pretty nervous.

Robyn nods and reaches over, placing a hand on Robyn's leg as she dails her family. "I'll stay, and I'll do what I can to help you figure this out." He says chewing on his lower lip a bit nervously as he waits.

Robin speaks into her phone, forcing her voice to be a bit deeper, a little more masculine than usual, but not incredibly so. "Uhm, hi…" There's a pause, and she says, "This is Robin. No. No. Your son…" The voice on the other end gets louder, and not necessarily in the happy way, and Robin says, "Listen! I… I don't have time for this. Do you know where Megan is?"

Robyn watches Robin nervously, hoping that she gets an answer. Sure Robyn knows the Robin is really a boy, but he has trouble thinking of her like that. He almost looks apologetic as she talks.

Robin listens for a minute or so to the voice on the other end which is shouting, and Robin closes her cellphone. "I think that's pretty much all I'm gonna get… going that route." She sighs and puts her phone away, "She disappeared, back when this all started. Just before the wolf, I guess. Dad thinks I have something to do with it." Robin bites her bottom lip and says, "I… I guess that means I should talk to the staff."

Robyn can't help but wince as he hears the shouting, he doesn't think anyone should be treated like that. "Well you got something, you know where she isn't?" He says trying to be a little positive, though he knows it's hard. "And whatever he said, it's not your fault, at all. And yeah, lets go see if we can find a staff member." He says looking up at Robin with a bit of concern.

Robin nods slowly and stands up, "Yeah, okay, let's go." She seems a little bit disheartened about her sister's appearance in the mirror and the conversation with her dad, but she's also a little bit more determined now.

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