2012-09-08: Smokey Situation


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Summary: Summary of what happened.

Date: September 8, 2012

Log Title: Smokey Situation

Rating: R

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

It's late afternoon and Cloud is settled in the Rec Room with a pile of books and his laptop, to one side of where he's set his stuff on the table in front of the couch is an assortment of snack foods and on the otherside coffee and other beverages. He's dressed in dark grey/black jeans and a light grey t-shirt and every couple of minutes he glances up from his laptop to check the score of the game he has on in the background.

Walking into the rec room in a plain green t-shirt over a pair of jeans is Nicholas. His hair is a bit wet, but he doesn't seem to care as grabs the remote to the television and plops down in one of the chairs. "You mind if I turn the television on? They do a Psych marathon every Saturday." He sees the snack food around Cloud and sighs. "That's what I should have brought in here with me, food."

The window opens up and Miwa climbs into the window Her big scaly wings folded behind her. She close the window behind her. She gotten into the habit to using large windows to get in and out as much as a door when she flying.

Or, she would close it, when suddenly a hand grabs at the end of the window and holds it open, and on the other side of it is Quenton himself, the Academy's resident bad boy staring at Miwa when she moves to close it. "I hope you're a student. I really do," he says, coldly. "Because things with demon wings…" Dragon wings, but Quenton doesn't know that. Well. Dragon wings would be more accurate, but she is a mutant, not a dragon. Still. "Have a tendency to come in and fuck with us. Or, well. I'd bet they'd do."

Miwa golden eyes narrow behind her sunglasses as Quenton gets her in her face. She takes a deep breath and blows out a puff of black smoke right in his face. She then speaks in a think japenese broken english, "I student…. You rude boy. You shame family." She then walks pass his slaping the back of his with a large wing. She picks up a coat in the corner where she lefted it before her flight and puts it on.

Cloud shakes his head at Nick without looking up, "Sure go ahead, i can catch the score later", the comment about the food has him looking up to check the pile he's assembled, "Feel free to help yourself but if you eat all the M&Ms i won't be responcible for my actions", he reaches for a bag at his feet and emptys it onto the table and out falls gummy worms, reeses pieces and a few twinkies, "Incase you don't like the other stuff, bought all this when i was starving the other day and i need help getting rid". Catching Miwa out of the corner of his eye he frowns, "Student or are the demons attacking again?"

Nicholas doesn't even change the channel as his attention is caught by Miwa and Quenton. "Wow Miwa, you're funeral." He says to Miwa, looking at Quenton and giving him a 'what the hell was that?' look. "So Cloud, how's it going?" He asks as he looks back at Miwa. "Miwa, just to let you know, you're being an insensitive bitch right now."

Quenton's lip twitches when the wing slaps against him. Then she says something about shaming his family. "I didn't… fucking touch you." But she touched him. But she's a girl. And Quenton doesn't hit girls. And so he just stands there, his upper lip curling, before he abruptly leaps into the room and begins heading for her. Just because he doesn't hit girls doesn't mean she knows that. So his arm jerks out, and his hand hits the wall right by Miwa. "Who the fuck is this, Nick?" he wonders to the taller mutant boy, his red eyes jerking to him.

Miwa frowns, "Bitch? Is that a bad thing?" Curse and slang were never part of her English classes. Miwa then eeps as the boy comes after her. She backs away until her back and wings press to the walls. She shakes slightly at the action and smoke comes from her nose. Her wings want to open but her coat does not allow it to happen, "NO! DON'T HURT!"

"It's going, just making use of the school's resources before i head off again", Cloud's about to ask what Miwa did wrong but then remembers what Quenton said back in the court yard, not knowing who Miwa is so he can't help there, still he has to try and difuse the situation, "Quenton, save the rage for the FoH and the like yeah? Don't need to get the staff on your back".

"She's some foreign student, Quenton. I'd say she doesn't know better but that's just b.s. to say that." Nicholas says giving her an exasperated look. "Yeah it's a bad thing, it means you're being an unreasonable pain in the rear end? Is that good enough English for you?" She insulted Quenton, especially with saying something in regards to his family and that's enough to rub Nick the wrong way. "It's not that easy Cloud, believe me."

"Don't pretend you know anything about my family," Quenton mutters to Mihu, jerking his head forward, an animalistic growl escaping his throat. Still, the smoke catches him off guard, and he hesitates, eyes following the trail from her nostrils. "And don't pretend you know anything about the rage," he snaps over at Cloud. He's no angry at him, no, but when Q gets going, he snaps at everyone. Still, Cloud and Nick's words calm him a little, and he withdraws, even hastily, staring at his gloved hand and then clenching it into a fist.

Miwa is learning how to use her powers to protect her self even if she does not likes harming other this boy is scaring her. She close to trying a move an octopus would be pround of, "No mean be bad. Boy was rude he is Brutch." She takes off her sun glasses letting her golden eyes with the black slit be seen as she look into Quenton eyes, "No so close. Rude boy move back please."

Cloud holds up his hands, "No, no i don't but i know what detention in this place is like. Still butting out". He looks to the Japanese girl, "Miwa is it? tip to help you out here, don't start with comments on peoples families", he tries to think of a way to explain it but all thats popping into his head is old Sameri movies, "It's dishonerable".

There's a red vein throbbing in Quenton's temple. Brutch. Did she call him a brutch? "What the hell is a brutch?" He had withdrawn already, but her confrontation makes him approach again, and this time, the wall meets his fist. And while it doesn't break (the room has to have been made Q-proof by now) it does groan under the pressure. "Listen, Sailor fucking Venus. You want to see me when I'm trying to be rude?"

"If you can't deal with the consequences Miwa, think before you speak." Nicholas says to her taking a deep breath. "Listen, you just said something about his family, you have no clue what his life is like, just like I have no clue what you're life is like. Let me ask you something, before you play all innocent victim being hurt by the bad man." His pitches his tone up a mocking pitch on the last sentence. "What did he do to hurt or insult you?" He leans back and rubs his temples. "Word of advice Miwa, you keep poking the tiger, he's going to eat your face off."

Well the fist is all that she needs to set her oof her eyes flash for a moment and then she takes a deep breath and blows out thick black smoke into the room filling it up until no one could see in front of there faces. She ducks under the arms able to see. She strips her coat letting her wings open if she wants them to. She then turns to Quenton and with a firm kick to his crotch she hoping to drop the boy.

Cloud frowns watching Miwa 'poking the tiger' and steps closer to Nick and say quietly to him, "If this goes sour are you able to lift him away?". He waits to see if Quenton can calm himself down before stepping in, getting involved too soon could make things worse, could piss Quenton off more, could cost Cloud his face and he likes his face how it is. With the room suddenly filled with smoke he holds out and hand to see if he can absorb it to clear the room.

Nicholas's eyes instantly start to glow blue as as a faint shimmering outline appears around him, keeping the smoke just off of him. At least there's no fire but the smoke and the smell is reminder enough to cause him to break out into a cold sweat. "WHAT THE HELL?!" He yells out in frustration. "You are a stupid….." He clenches his hands in frustration in front of him as he stumbles over the word to call her. "Stupid Cu-Crazy Bitch!"

Well. Some people respond to fear with violence. And that violence works particularly well against Quenton when Miwa's foot finds his groin. He doubles over, but doesn't drop. Still, he staggers back. The smoke is suffocating, and this makes him cough. His first thought, weirdly, isn't swinging. No. Instead, he tackles in the direction of Nicholas, and should he contact with the boy, he keeps going, so as not to hurt the other mutant, and jerks in the direction of the window, smashing through it and hopefully getting the younger mutant boy to safety.

Cloud groans as before he's able to absorb the smoke away the fire alarm goes off, still he absorbs until the room is clear enough to breathe and see and the proceeds to cough out several smoke rings. Looking around to see the damage Cloud is pleasantly suprised to see Quenton protecting Nick, that leaves Miwa, "*Cough* Miwa, what the *cough* fuck was that?!"

Miwa blinks as the smoke vanishs she looks around she had seem the two exit thought the window. She then slump to her knee and she pants, "that scarry" She picks up the coat and sunglasses. She then picks her self up and looks at Cloud and bows, "So sorry" She then goes to the window and jumps out and opens her wings taken flight

Nicholas isn't having any trouble with the smoke but just because he can breath with his telekinetic micro environment doesn't mean he can see. There's an 'oof' sound from Nick as he's suddenly tackled by an unseen force and carried outside. "What's going on?" He asks once their through the window and out in fresh air. "Quenton?" He asks once he realizes who carried him. "I'm going to KILL that woman!"

Quenton releases Nicholas already, but he doesn't stop there. Seeing Miwa flying through the window, he just leaps up after her, flying after the woman. He darts after her, barking, "You little fucking -bitch-. You could have fucking killed the other two."

Miwa frowns as the guy comes casing after her. She stops and hovers in the sky. She calls at him, "GO AWAY!" She moves her hands as if she trying to tell you to move aside. She really does not a fight but if she backed in the corner she will.

Cloud runs out the back door after the other three just in time to see Quenton take off, "Dammit, can you fly using your tk? i haven't thought of an energy source i can use to do that".

Nicholas is taking a few deep breaths as he sits on the lawn. "No, I can't, I hate fire and I hate smoke and whatever Quenton does to that girl she deserves. I know Quenton can be a pain in the ass sometimes but he didn't do anything, she's just a psycho hose beast." He watches the two fight in the sky as he fishes out his cell phone and begins to text Shane. *You might want to get outside of the Rec Room, someone's pissed off Q. Not his fault*

"Go away? You could have killed my boy. I ain't going away," Quenton mutters, shaking his head. "Oh, no. I'm going to…" He trails off. He's not quite sure what he's going to do. He can't hit a girl, even one who's hit him in the groin, but she did blow choking smoke in the room. Still, Nick seems fine, so he doesn't yet swoop for her. Still, he points at her with his gloved hand. "I didn't fucking -touch- you. You hit me with your fucking wing, then kicked me in the fucking balls. Give me a reason I shouldn't fly over there and rip your fucking legs off?"

Miwa frowns more, "You rude. Hit you with wing no hurt." She then folds her arms under her breast, "you corner I defend, You swing I defend. You start I defend." She narrows her narrow eyes, "you scary. Me no want to hurt you start."

"She may have started on him but rather than letting him do what she deserves, think of what will happen to him if he does, i'd rather keep him at the school", Cloud sighs, he can't reach them up there, "Nick, you know him better than i do, please try and talk him down".

*CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP* rings out around the corner of the house, and before long a tiny, almost unhealthily skinny young student pelts around the corner, wearing what appears to be a modified verstion of the school's powers-training gear; black sleeveless bodysuit, red scarf wrapped around her lower face, and bicep-length red gloves. On her feet, producing the heavy *clomp* noises, red boots that look to have began life as clubstompers, but were since armored and teched-out. Skidding to a halt, she looks first at the smoke drifting out of the Rec Room, then at the standoff in the sky, and takes a deep breath. "HEY! WHO THE HEMORRHAGING *FUCK* SET MY ANIME ON FIRE?!"

"Why?" Nicholas asks Cloud. "She started it and she deserves whatever she gets." He doesn't move from his sitting position in the grass seeing as he doesn't trust himself to be steady on his feet. "Shane, I don't think there's been a fire, just a lot of smoke. If there were fire too I'd probably be a complete wreck." He's not joking. "She's an idiot right?" He asks Cloud. "Am I deaf or is she short a few…a lot of screws?"

"I didn't touch you. Trust me. If I did, you'd be fucking put through a wall," barks Quenton back, beginning to fly closer to her, his hand clenching into a fist, tight enough that his knuckles are cracking. "-I'm- scary? You know who else hurts people because they're scary? Fucking Purifiers and Friends of Humanity. I didn't fucking touch —" He's cut off by the screaming below, and then peers down at the clodhopper-wearin mutant. Instantly his anger fades, and he even begins to drift away from Miwa.

Miwa epps and backs away from the Quenton when he comes closer. She really is scared at the, "You swing I defend." She has no idea what a Fucking Purifiers are or really Friends of Humanity, " You try to hurt me I defend. You…." She breaks off when he backs away." She circles the school to cool down her self.

Cloud shakes his head, "I'd say she's more short an entire hardware store", at the sight of the loud fierce little figure that is Shane, the twenty year old former quarterback actually takes a step out of the way, "No fire and i got rid of the smoke but now we have another problem", he gestures to the two in the sky.

Outside the Rec Room, Nicholas, Cloud and Shane are loosely grouped on the patio, staring up at what was once a fight about to break out. At the news that there wasn't actually a fire, Shane seems to subside a bit, reaching up and beckoning Quenton down. "…'F any of'm got ruined from the smoke, I'm'a take it out of her *ass,*" the pink-haired mutant snarls. "So what *happened* here, huh? Jesus, place looks like someone's tryin' t' make Backdraft 2, or somethin'."

Nicholas just throws up his hands in frustration. "What the hell is that woman talking about?! Miwa! Don't you realize YOU /STARTED/ THIS! Maybe if you APOLOGIZE you won't worry about getting your face torn off. You slap a tiger then kick him in the nards and he IS going to be pissed. Are you really that stupid?!" He yells up to the duo in angry frustration. "I dunno, Miwa decided to pick a fight with Quenton then act all damsel in distress. She's living on Planet Nine or something." He has no clue what Planet Nine is, it just sounds foreign enough.

There's the sound of air being displaced in a familiar *bamf* sound as Skyler suddenly appears besides the students gathered outside of the rec room. He's an exact duplicate of Kurt Wagner, save for a red diamond on his forehead, and is dressed in a pair of blue shorts and a matching T-shirt. His eyes narrow as he peers through the broken window to try to assess the damage. "Okay," he says evenly. "Somebody mind telling me why the smoke alarm went off?" He pulls his cel from a pocket and starts poking a few buttons until the alarm turns off.

"Swing at you? I swung at the wall. If I swung at you, I would have —" Quenton's hand abruptly moves for his face, and he begins to dig into it with his fingernails as he watches Miwa, then jerks down, hard, beside Shane, the ground underfoot giving a bit of a CRUNCH. "I really… really need to fucking…" Skyler's appearance has him squinting over at him. He doesn't say, himself.

Miwa does a lap around the grounds in the air and then comes in for a landing. She comes in fast and as she places her feet down to the ground to go from flying to running and ends up tripping and then rolling before she ends up on her back looking up at the sky. She rubs her head and use a few choose words in Japanese before sitting up and gets to her feet. She storms over to the others and then folds her hands infront of her and she bows, "I is story. No mean trouble." She then looks at the Skyler and frowns some before signing. She walks walks to the window, "I do. I sorry. I lose power. Things go bad." She looks back at Quenton and then back to Skyer, "He save people" She nods her head at Quenton.

Cloud coughs out another smoke ring and jerks his thumb in the direction of the rec room, "Dragon girl smoked up the room, got rid of it". He leans against the wall, "The window was Quenton trying to help Nick out".

Everyone inside the rec room and the immediate exterior suddenly hear a familiar voice, at least familiar enough to most. Emma Frost does not so much as walk in, but appears besides Skyler, "Well now… this is certainly an auspicious means of inaugurating the new year." The form of the Headmistress walks THROUGH the couch and towards the window, looking at it a moment, and then those outside before adding with a simple and arched brow, "Mister Michaels, Miss Morgenstern… Mister Gerhardt. Would you all care to come back inside… preferably through a door."

"Hey… Hey," Shane murmurs, taking gentle hold of Quenton's forearm. Not, clearly, attempting to restrain the boy, but simply to reinforce her presence at his side. "S'cool, okay? Nothin' bad happened, right?" Glaring up at Miwa's back, the slight young mutant opens her mouth to start in on what is likely to be a truly withering screed, but is hauled up short by the appearance of first Skyler, then Emma. Snapping her mouth shut, she looks to the ground for a moment, nodding once. "Y'okay… c'mon, Q…"

Nicholas lets out a sigh and pushes himself up, dusting off his pants. "Really?" He says to Miwa. "Really, now you're going to play all sweet and innocent? You are unbelievable." He turns to Skyler and starts to explain. "Well Miwa came in the rec room, then Quenton, Quenton said something about hoping she's a student and not a demon and she just went crazy. She smacked him with his wing and tha-" But he stops talking when Emma makes her appearance. "Great." He mutters, shoving his pockets in his hands and heading back in the rec room, through the door.

"Don't —" Quenton is cut off by Miwa's words to Skyler, and he watches her, unsure of what to say. And then Emma Frost comes out, and her words cause him to scowl at her. Ever the rebel, he ticks his head over to Shane and Nick. "These two didn't do anything," he claims through gritted teeth. His eyes turn to his girlfriend and he watches her a moment, before he moves to press his lips against her forehead, as gently as he could, then his gaze returns to Emma. "It's just me. I'm the one who broke the window."

Yellow eyes flit from person to person as they try to explain to Skyler what went on. The older mutant just lets out a long sigh and nods to Quenton. "Okay. Let's all go inside, get comfortable, and work out what happened and what we can do to keep it from happening again." With that, he follows his own advise and makes something of a point of walking through the door to the rec-room.

Miwa frowns at the others. She was trying to take the blame for everything and make Quenton out as a hero but the others open there mouth and unravel it. She then climbs into the broken window and then picks up her coat and sunglasses and put them on, "No this all my fault. No one do harm." She take the blame it was party her fault but the man had fanally backed down. She not the type to squeel on others.

"Miss Frost, Quenton and Nick didn't do anything wrong, Miwa started with a comment and kept going, if Quenton hadn't broken the window people might have started choking, and Shane literally only just got here", Cloud needs to stand up for the students, he didn't do much to help, "Maybe Miwa just needs to learn a little more how to act in America but the others did nothing wrong i swear", he moves to follow everyone into the room.

"My my my, this IS rich…" Emma replies as she ends up tutting and then purses her lips, "It could be his fault… or her fault… or it could be Colonel Mustard, in the Conservatory, with the Wrench." Turning around, the Headmistress moves over towards the pool table, and begins to examine it once more, with a slightly critical eye, "I did not ask for any of you to take responsibility. I want you to come back inside. Yourself included… Miss Itou." Looking back up, the image of the woman turns her head, ash blonde locks falling to cover one eye, "Mister Saint James will assess you all, and provide an appropriate decision on how the outcome will be handled. Because… for the moment… I am perhaps far too amused to become annoyed. Pray we do not reach my coming to that state, children… now… shall we?" Motioning to the now smoke-scented couches.

This is one of those times when, in Shane's estimation, speaking up is not going to get traction with anyone, and since anything relevant has already been said and noted, she simply nods at Emma, tugging Quenton toward the couch. A glance is thrown to the DVD cabinet, in particular the space that tends to hold her occasional temporary 'donation,' eyes narrowing… but nothing is said aloud.

Nicholas doesn't make a move to do anything, he just looks at the broken window and the spots on the couches where the smoke might have settled. He doesn't say anything either, just keeping his hands in his pockets with quite the angry look on his face. "Damn right it's all your fault." He eventually mutters in regards to Miwa.

Skyler looks, if anything, surprised at Emma's decision to let him handle this situation. Quickly composing himself he coughs into a hand. "Right. Well. Firstly, is anybody hurt? Secondly, since everybody says that it's not Nick and Cloud's fault, maybe they can tell us what happened."

Quenton digs his fingers into his cheek, just shaking his head, but he allows Shane to tug him along inside and onto a couch. Still. He scowls. And tries to mock. "Pray we do not reach my coming to that state," he grumbles. But he's compliant, just letting his eyes draw over to Cloud and Nick a moment, watching them. His own eyes follow Shane's to the spot where her anime is hidden.

Miwa walks over to the couch and sits cross her ankles, "No they do nothing bad. I do bad they good" She frowns at the others not sure why they squeel on her and take part of the blame at the same time. She speaks up again, "I demand punishment and no punishment for others." Frown frown at Nicholas and muttering to her. Before she came here taken the blame and keeps her mouth shut would been praised.

Cloud frowns as Emma almost laughs as people try to explain what happened before sitting himself back down at his books and laptop. "I've said what i saw happen, my part is done", he desides to start his research again, pretty sure things won't come to a fair conclusion.

Miwa and only Miwa hears in her mind, "Miss Itou, you are in no place to demand a thing. How any punishment will be decided is out of your control. As any of these other, more experienced students will attest… I am not someone who suffer fools lightly, and you are dangerously close to the role as it stands. You will speak when spoken to, you will answer HONESTLY, and you will comport yourself with the dignity of your given culture. That being said? I would be inclined, were I you, to not set back the cultural understanding between The United States and Japan to the nineteen eighties." Emma's silent apparition just smiles… waiting…

Shane lets out an explosive breath, rolling her eyes ceilingward. "…So Nick, you were here, yeah? Nobody else is coughin' up details, maybe you wanna? Cos I'm *still* tryin' t' get how sh—er. All 'is went down." Clearing her throat, she spares a glance at Emma, then leans into Quenton's shoulder.

Nicholas looks around the room and grimaces before telling his story. "Like I said, Miwa came in the window, Quenton said something along the lines that she better be a student and not a demon and then she hit him with one of her wings and said he was a bad boy and shamed his family." A dirty look is shot at Miwa as he says that. "Anyway, Quenton charged on her and punched the wall. Cloud and I warned her not to keep on pressing his buttons but she decided to fill the room with smoke and kick him in a nice not place. Quenton grabbed me and jumped out the window cause of the smoke, and Miwa flew off with Quenton chasing her. And that's pretty much how the room got filled wit smoke and the window broken."

Skyler's attention flicks back and forth between Nick, Quenton and Miwa. With a sigh he just shakes his head and slumps into one of the chairs, giving Emma a helpless glance. "Okay, Quenton, since you broke it I'm going to have you repair the window. Miwa…" he pauses, trying to think up something appropriate. His eyes drift over the Rec Room and end up on Shane. "I'm going to have you clean the Rec Room. Top to bottom, checking everything… and I mean everything for smoke damage. If anybody's personal property has been damaged by your display of powers, I'll leave it between the two of you on how you want to settle it."

"I was fucking —" Quenton cuts himself off. He's about to lurch for some free peice of furniture, presumably to break it, but he stops himself, mostly due to Shane leaning against his shoulder. Instead, his fingers move for his cheek and begins to dig into it roughly, leaving little bloody red lines. "I don't even know how to fix a fucking window," he mutters through gritted teeth. "And if I try I might break shit further." Fix the window. Shane can feel his body stiffen and his gloved hand, the one close to Shane, clenches and unclenches.

Miwa blinks at the frowns at the world in her mind frm Emma before she reappears. She hate to think to think someone can be in her mind. She dislike the idea her thoughs can be taped like a phone by the blond woman but said nothing of it. She looks Nicholas and then speaks, "I learn not to tell attorities about activities. I say it's my fault alone. If punishment given only to me please." She listens to Skyler and smiles at the punishment. She raise thumb, "a okay. It be good as John Wayne." She then turns to Quenton, "I fix window too" not that she knows how.

Once more, everyone in the room is privy to the voice of Emma Frost inside their heads, the lips of the apparition unmoving as she 'says' to them all, "Miss Itou, you will be too busy scrubbing every inch of the room and checking all the items… especially Miss Morgenstern's collection of video games… to be able to to assist Mister Michaels." Walking past the small group and towards the hallway, she is still heard, behaving as if she really was present, save for walking THROUGH the couch once more, "And Mister Michaels? You will learn how. I believe as Mister Gerhardt would so adroitly put it? Do… or do not. There is no try."

"It's 'kay, Q," Shane murmurs, "I'll spot ya. 'N we c'n g f'dinner after, yeah?" Patting Quenton's arm, she looks from Emma, to Skyler, then to Miwa, lips thin and pale. "'N jus' 'cos guess nobody else said it? 'F I hear you talk 'bout people shamin' their family when you don't know *shit* about'm, *we're* gonna have words." Her outrage at this comment, it would seem, overrides her good sense at what to say in front of the Headmistress.

Nicholas folds his arms across his chest and rolls his eyes because in his opinion, trying to save a friend warrants punishment. "I'll help however I can Quenton. Anyway if we're done here, is it okay if I go up to my room?" He's in a miserable mood, then looking over at Shane, Nick just shrugs. "I tried telling her that but she was too busy spewing smoke and proving to us she's the badass damsel in distress around here to listen."

Miwa jumps to her feet looks at the the woman who dares to talk to her about shaming, "A man who thrents a woman is shameful and he shames him self and his family" She looks at Q, "I am willing to take the blame for my part and your part. You and friends still blame me! You corner me! Ask you to stop no hurt. YOU SWING AT ME I DEFEND!"

Skyler gives Nicholas a nod. "Yeah. I think we're done…" his voice trails off as Miwa starts shouting. "Or not," he mumbles under his breath. "Yes." he says. "He did swing at you. He should know better than that, and that's why he's going to be helping fix the window. You retaliated in kind however, and in such a way that could have endangered the health of not only your aggressor, but innocent bystanders. You should have also known better." He folds his arms and approaches the young, angry mutant, tail swishing back and forth agitatedly. "And. Right now. You need to calm down."

"There there'll be a whole lot of do not, Frost," Quenton snaps back to the woman. "I can't control my strength. You know that. What's worse, I fucking raged a couple months ago, and that makes me have to start over again. I'll just break the stupid wall further," he mutters, shaking his head. "Unless you have…" A Shane to spot him. Well. That works. And dinner after. More time with her. "Whatever. You're the fucking boss." Still. Skyler gets a sneer. Poor Skyler. And then Miwa speaks again. His jaw clenches at that. "I. Did. Not. Fucking. Swing. At. You. If I did, you wouldn't be fucking standing right now, and I'd be in a lot more fucking trouble," he snaps at her. "I haven't even mentioned you since the teachers showed up. I kept your name out of my fucking mouth. Shut the fuck about my family." Skyler's interjection makes him snap, "I didn't fucking swing at her. I didn't ever fucking swing at anyone in this stupid school, ever." Still, he doesn't rise, not when Shane's against him. But there's s But there's steam rising from his shoulders now.

There is a sudden pressure in the air as Quenton, Shane, and Miwa all feel themselves suddenly forced into a sense of calm as their brains suddenly get a nice shot of dopamine and oxytocin, a fugue of calm washing over the three as their bodies are made to sit back in a relaxed pose. Nick is allowed to depart while all are held in this position for about a minute. Emma's sense of being returns to all, the image of the woman gone, but her presence felt much more heavily on the room.

Once Nicholas has left, and is out of sight and out of mind, the voice then comes, ringingly loud, "If this little time out does not make things abundantly clear… this conversation is annoying me. There is not a single right mind in this room at the moment. I am seeing, hearing, and remembering this from every angle. Mister Saint James has made his decision. Mister Michaels, and Miss Morgenstern will depart for now. Miss Itou, Mister Saint James will show you where the cleaning supplies are. One more word. ONE MORE. And I will demonstrate to you all how -I- handle detention." The presence then lifts, and all three can move again.

Having permission to take his leave, Nick stands up and gives a look over at Quenton, Shane and Cloud and gives a wave. "Sorry things have had to suck. If you need help with fixing the window, just let me know Q. I can use my telekinesis and stuff." He gives Miwa a second look of exasperation in one night and shuts his mouth before he snaps at her. He turns and grumps out of the room before Emma does her thing.

Skyler visibly winces at Emma's declaration and turns to Miwa. "C'mon. Let's get you started." He turns and walks out the door, expecting the Japanese girl to follow him.

Calm. Calm is what Quenton needs. The rage still burns within him, clawing at him, trying to escape, the steam still rising from his under his skin, but the calm helps him fight it off, and he closes his eyes, blowing out some air. Hell, even when she releases them, he clings to the feeling. For Shane's sake he doesn't challenge Emma at all, and for once, he stays silent. His red eyes flit to Shane's face, questioning wordlessly.

Shane blinks sharply, face going slack as her brain chemistry is — if only for a moment — tinkered with, and it's not until the pressure eases that she comes back to herself. Shaking her head to clear out the lingering fog, she glances up at Emma through her bangs in silent, sullen reproach. "…C'mon, Q," She murmurs, taking the boy's hand and tugging him up from the couch. "Like she said… let's go."

Miwa spins on her heels at Skyler, "He stronger!" She points at Q, "Only two chooses Smoke or Fire! I hold…." She feels her body no longer hers as she feels calmer and moving on it's own will. She Still does not like this no matter how calm she is. She listens to the woman's voice She folds her arms some and knows that yelling would get her no place right now. She stands and follows Skyler to find the cleaning supplies.

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