2009-08-27: Smudge


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Summary: Dai falls asleep on a drawing. Jared and Eddie wake him up.

Date: August 27, 2009


Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Observation Deck

Glass windows surround the circular room giving a full view of the school grounds. Two telescopes sit in front of the window for students to looks at the stars. A few comfortable chairs are placed up here for students to relax. Its a quite place up here that allows the fresh air in through sky vents in the summer and is well heated in the winter.

Shortly after dinner Daisuke came upto the Atrium to draw for a bit, he was so lost in his drawing that he lost track of time. Now he's lying on the floor with a few sheets of large drawing paper in front of him, face down, asleep. It seems he dozed off while sketching since the pencil is still loosely in his hand. He's wearing a pair of ripped jeans over a tshirt with his socked feet sticking out of the bottom of his pants.

Jared knew that Daisuke was going off to do some art after dinner, but since it has gotten later and he has not made an appearance agian Jared has decided to go look for him just in case. Dressed in his grey sweats at the moment, with a pair od grey and white socks instead of shoes, he has done a quick check of Dai's normal haunts before managing to sense him in the Atrium. With a small grin on his face he leans against the door to the room looking at his room mate. "Is your bed really so uncomfortable that this is a better option Dai?" he asks almost to himself while trying to decide if he should wake the other teen, or jsut carry him back to thier room.

Eddie hasn't been hunting Daisuke but he was already on his way up to the Atrium. Fresh from the Danger Room and a nice shower, he's still a little damp from but dressed in jeans and a Spider-Man t-shirt. Spotting Jared up ahead, Eddie smiles and moves to greet his brother with a hug. The power-booster starts to say something but notices Dai and quickly quiets, not wanting to wake him.

Eddie doesn't have to worry about waking Daisuke up as Jared's voice has already done that. He had just dozed off not to long ago so he was in very light slieep. With a slight groan he pushes himself up. "I must have dozed off, Hey Jared, Eddie." Daisuke says smiling bright at the presence of his boyfriend and best friend. "How's it going?" He doesn't notice that there's smudge of pencil on the side of his face.

Jared just grins for a moment as Eddie shows up and returns the hug. He does the single finger in front og his mouth thing, but realizes that it is futile as he already woke up Dai. "Yeah, I figured you had dozed off finding you in here out cold on top of your drawings. I'm pretty good, how aobut you Eddie?"

Eddie chuckles slightly and shrugs. "I'm alright. Just fought Bommerang down in the Danger Room. It was fun," he says. "You got something on you, Dai," he says, pointing to his best friend's cheek.

"Boomerang?" Daisuke asks thinking it might be a giant boomerang he fought. "YEah I didn't mean to doze off but someone's been keeping me up at night." Daisuke says with a chuckle and wink at Jared. "Huh, something on me?" HE says as he rubs his cheek only rubbing the gray even more across the side of his face.

Jared grins, and has the good sense to blush a little at the comment about keeping Dai up at nights. "Its not my fault, really." Jared does laugh a little as Dai goes to clean his face. "Um…dude your just making it worse."

Eddie blushes as well, looking away quickly. "Yeah, Boomerang. He fought Spider-Man a few times and I fought the real him once awhile back. Just giving another shot to it. Did a lot better this time," he says. May have something to do with the lack of the person that got him blown up during the real fight. When Dai makes the smudge worse, Eddie smiles. "Its like…pencil dust or something," he says

"Cool Eddie, I've been doing okay with the few Danger Room sessions I've had lately. Working a few new tricks." Daisuke will them the when he's gotten them down. "I've been watching old stuff of Banshee and Syrin and getting ideas." He stands up and chuckles. "Oh I must have pencil on my face, I'll wash it off later."

Jared smirks a little and nods. "A bit more than a little pencil now, but nothing a few seconds witha wash cloth won't cure." Jared reaches out to noogie Eddie a little, "Yeah, I get the cool older brother that can kick serious villian backside. Truth be told I have been working a lot latly on trying to fine tune my powers out int he woods…not sure I am getting it at all."

Eddie starts to ask about Daisuke's new tricks when he gets grabbed and
noogied. This brings a squeak out of the power-booster. "Brooo~ooo!" he flails slightly, blushing. "What kind of tricks, Dai? And what's wrong, Jared?"

"Just stuff that Banshee and Syrin do, litle things." Daisuke says with a chuckle. He laughs at Eddie's noogie and shakes his head, subconsciously smoothing out his hair. "YEah, maybe we can help?"

Jared shrugs a little. "The whole sensing living things, or more turning it off, I got. Its trying to control the flip side of my powers I just can't seem to get a handle on. No idea what it is, jsut can't get what ever it is I need to do to surpress it." Of course the frustration at not being able to turn his power off is not helping at all either.

Eddie frowns a little. "Maybe Addison can help you?" he suggests. "Could be some weird little mental block."

Daisuke nods. "Yeah, Addison can help a lot. Also you can try asking any of the teachers for help with your powers. I'm lucky, keeping control of my voice is all the control I need over my powers." Daisuke says with a bit oc a chuckle. "Maybe try meditating before you practive, clear your mind?"

Jared nods, "YEah your both lucky. My powers are always active and I have to learn to supress it instead of learning to turn them on. Yeah, I keep meaning to ask someone but never really get to it…"

Eddie gently nudges Jared, shrugging a little. "I dunno. I had to do a lot of work to make sure I wasn't boosting people whenever I got a little upset or something. Still accidentally power people up though…" he trails off. "Meditating does sound like it'll help."

"Lucky, I guess, I just have to worry that when I get mad and raise my voice I end up using my powers. There's no turning it off like you said but I have to control my volume and…sometimes it's hard to be quiet." Daisuke says with quite the blush on his face.

Jared nods at Eddie and Daisuke. It takes a second for him to realize the meaning of what Dai said and join him in blushing a little. "I guesse its just you two make it look a lot easier than it is. I have tried the meditation thing, closest I can get is when I do my yoga poses."

Eddie squeaks and blushes when Dai mentions not being able to be quiet, covering his face a moment. "Man…" he trails off, squirming on the spot. "Have you tried different ways of meditating?"

Daisuke laughs through his blush and shrugs. "I was going to say that Eddie, maybe try something that isn't Yoga since Yoga is different than meditation in some ways. Maybe try to learn some Tai Chi at the same time? Just some ideas we're throwing out there?"

Jared nods, "I have tried the whole sititng there emptying the mind thing, can't seem to get it to work. Haven't trid Tai Chi, but I am betting it has the same problems Yoga does because of the physical movment thing. LIke I said, its just the closest thing I can get and even then my mind does not empty the way it should."

Eddie looks down for a moment. "Maybe Mr. Logan can help you somehow?" he suggests. "He's a really good fighter so maybe he knows some kind of meditation tricks too," the booster reasons.

Daisuke nods and bends down to pick up his drawings. "I bet some of the teachers know some good suggestions too, but I think i'm going to go down and take a shower. Get this pencil off my face." Daisuke says with a chuckle and he goes over and gives Eddie a tight hug followeed by a tight hug for Jared along with a kiss. "See you guys later!"

Jared nods and hugs Daisuke back and turns the kiss into a dipkiss just for the sake of it. "Sure, go get cleaned up but I think you look cute with the smudge. Kinda….fitting for you." Jared nods at Eddie, "Yeah, Mister Logan is an awsome fighter, and I bet he does have a trick or two he could teach…"

Eddie returns the hug, giving his best friend a squeeze. "Okay, Dai," he says. Watching the kiss makes Eddie blush again. "Yeah. HOpefully he'll teach ya."

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