2012-11-27: Sneaking Into Mutant Town


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Summary: Connor and Robyn sneak into Four Arms Apartment to pay Rashmi a visit.

Date: November 27, 2012

Log Title: Sneaking Into Mutant Town

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Four Arms Apartments

With the detonation of the EMP bombs and the subsequent severing of Mutant Town's power grid… not to mention the botched assassination attempt, Rashmi has spent a great deal more time in the apartment than before, curtains drawn in case the Purifiers have decided to put her under surveillance. By candlelight she reads, at the moment, a well-worn paperback copy of The Return of the King cracked open, Dex on her lap, Zero rumbling sleepily as a cat-head sticking out of a throw pillow, and Bamf balled up on the back of the couch. Now and again, her eyes stray toward the covered window, just in case.

Having managed to find a small little camper cooking stove in some of the supplies, Amunet manages to make some soda bread and grabs some cheese and butter from the kitchen. It's not much but with the tension around apparently her want is to either eat or cook. Moving over towards the couch, she glances around a small but at where everything is by candle light, "Miss Rashmi? You need to eat something… " Holding out the small plate and biting on her bottom lip.. "it… it's not much but… " Again she nervously shrugs her shoulders. "I might be able t-" She stops suddenly in mid word as the plate falls from her fingers starting its slow tumble forwards. Her light blue eyes noticably turning white, the black of her iris even turning a misty grey as her face loses it's color.

In a voice that sounds much more like several different women's voices all speaking together, Amunet's voice seems to blend in with these other voices all coming from her own lips. Her face taking on a rather blank expression as she stares forward but seems to see nothing. The air around her starting to chill slowly as her whisper seems rather loud and easily fills the room, even though she never seems to raise her voice.

Queen of ice, tumbling down.
Clean Frosty grass, red smattered ground.
Lightning that drowns out,
The blissful of night, a scream cuts through the haloed right.
A school bell rings,
One, Two, Three
Dropping the shadow to his knees
As ever will will be
Taking what is free and mine
school bell being broken in twine
The dawns dusting clears the way, but never do the bells to play
For greying mist, and blood soaked ground
The childrens cries, only echos allowed,
Sign on the line
your contract bold
An 'X' in place of who be told
In silence come, they'll rain lightning down
Till only ruin, be known to ground.//

"Oh *thank* you, Amunet," Rashmi says, putting the book aside and beginning to straighten… only to dive for the plate as it slips from the girl's fingers, looking up in alarm. "Amunet, are you o—" The redhead trails off, as the strange new voice speaks poetic prophecy, and she listens with absolute concentration. Once the verse is over, Rashmi's lips can be seen to move as she repeats it to herself, to make sure she heard right the first time. Scooting Dex out of the way, Rashmi clears her throat, reaching up to tug on the younger girl's sleeve. "Amunet…? Amunet are you back…?"

Deep in the bowels of the building, down through the basement and into the sub-basement where the old boiler and gas heating systems are set up and sit fallow because of all services being cut off, a sudden light flares into existence, casting water-like patterns into the air and causing the entire chamber to light up brightly. Through the strange noises made by the energy vortex swirling in an empty back corner once used to store old furniture and oddities, a pair of boots can be heard touching down, and then another pair of shoes after. As the light vanishes, Connor clicks on a small Mag-Lite from his pocket, and then looks around for a moment, checking corners and other spots for any cameras or motion detectors, "Thanks for coming, Robyn… I have to sit through one more debriefing session, I think I'm going to punch someone."

"If you have to sit in one more debriefing session, I think I'm going to hide out side the door and possess the guy and ask you questions like "What is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow." Robyn says as he walks out of the portal behind Connor hugging a large paper bag to his chest. "I miss Rashmi, thanks for sneaking us in here Connor, I know it's not easy. And why do I have to carry everything and you only have to carry a flash light?" He teases since he also has a backpack full of supplies for Rashmi, Travis and the others. "Damn it's dark down here."

It seems to take a moment as even the breaths seem to be those of the combined voices. Then one by one they seem to fade away till left with only Amunet again. Her eyes having slowly darkened back to the soft blue, the iris once again black again. Her face however not regaining its color, her lips having a rather blue tinge as if she'd been out in the park with no coat for the last three days. Starting to shiver rather hard she blinks and stumbles back on reflex. Landing hard on her back side. "Cold." She whispers raggedly as her arms go around herself tightly.

Rashmi hurriedly grabs the nearest blanket to drape around the girl's shoulders, rubbing briskly to help warm Amunet up. "Hey… hey it's okay, you're all right…" Shaking her head, she lets out a breath, taking the cup of tea and pressing it into the teenager's hands. "I think you need this more than I do… so… that was one of the big ones, huh?"

"Because I aced killer robot combat at school, and you're the one who's always hauling sixty pounds of clay and art supplies up and down three flights of stairs?" Connor replies with a very faint smirk, and then proceeds to move forwards towards the steps, and the door leading up into the storm shelter and storage basement. The shutter-door opens like it should, and he holds it for Robyn to pass through before putting the fake lock back in place, "Just in case something bad happened, Magneto wanted every mutant to be able to escape safely to the Embassy… so they worked out all the water and sewer lines that could be safely travelled, and what buildings they connected to. Someone called the Morlocks supposedly helped him out with it once, but not really sure who or what they are. Can you see allright?"

"Yeah, I can see fine. And really, I'm not surprised. There's just as much underground in New York City as there is above ground." Robyn says as he follows Connor out and does his own look out. "Let's just head upstairs as quick as possible before this food gets to cold. I'm really itching to see Rashmi and find out if she's okay." And the amount of batteries in his backpack are getting quite heavy.

Amunet's hands are shaking fairly badly, her eyes having started to squint rather tightly between the time of the cup being pressed into her gloved hands and the end of her .. whatever it is. Her face taking on a pained look. "I'm … going … a towel… " Setting the cup down without warning and tilting her head back. Starting to swear in something that probably goes along with her arabic lessons language wise. Her gloved hand pinching at her nose. "Dammit…" And shivers again. Blinking a bit as she teeth chatters still and she asks through her hand, "Do… do you hear… something scratching?"

Rashmi blinks, brow furrowing. "….Scratching?" she asks, tilting her head to one side. "….No…? But hang on a second… you wanted a towel, right? I'll heat up some water and soak a washcloth for you, okay?"

Checking every window on the fire stairs on the way up, Connor helps Robyn past all four flights of stairs from the basement, and eventually to their floor. He's alert while trying not to be on alert, and then looks at where the door used to be, and has been replaced. For a moment, one of his gloved hands brushes almost the char-mark on the wall where the breaching charge went off, and he then steps back and knocks three times precisely, and says with a bit of a grin, "Penny?" Turning his head, he winks at Robyn, and does it a second time… and then a third, all in rapid succession.

Robyn stands behind Connor and leans forward to give him a quick kiss on the cheek before he knocks on the door. "I hope Zero has been okay too." He whispers, almost like he's afraid of alerting the neighbors though they probably wouldn't care if they were there or not. He doesn't need to say anything else as Connor knocks, he knows Rashmi will instantly know it's Connor from that.

Amunet keeps her head tilted back and starts to cough a bit. "Nose.. bleed." She whispers, scrunching her eyes shut while she leans back against the corner of one of the walls that separates the kitchen from the livingroom area. Hugging that blanket around her while she keeps quiet other than to murmur tiredly, "Can't fortget this one… it's.. importaznt… happen soon." SOunding tired while still shivering beneith the blanket. "Tired…."

"I won't forget," Rashmi promises, hurrying to the kitchen to grab a hand towel, then screeching to a halt at the sound of knocking on the door, eyes wide. TOssing the towel to the girl, she pelts toward the door, thumping against it as she scrambles to undo the single deadbolt, throwing the door open. "CONNOR!" she cries happily, lunging forward to hug the teleporter tightly… then gathering Robyn up on the spot the moment his face registers. "Robyn! Oh God it's *so good to see you* are you guys all right?!"

Connor is dressed once more in a thick military-grade longcoat, one that looks like it's Navy surplus, and has a knit cap on to cover his stubble-laden head, and part of the scar over his left eye. Right eye still covered in the eyepatch, he hardly looks like himself, even sporting a bit of chin-bristle as he's pulled in like that. Oofing softly, the taller of the two young men gives a one-arm hug back, and then looks over at Robyn a moment before saying, "We are, we are… Robyn got tucked into the campus just before the place when on lockdown, and things have been weird since. But we were more worried about you. Robyn told me about the video you posted, and I figured… well… more like he figured… it was time for me to stop moping and do something."

"Careful of the food!" Robyn says as he's pulled into the hug, unable to return it due to his hands being full, but the large smile is there. "It's so good to see you Rashmi, I've missed you like crazy. I'm perfectly fine, missing school, but that's not really anything to complain about. We brought food and supplies." He walks over to the kitchen area and starts to empty the bag. "Butter Chicken, Lamb Tikka Masala, Rice, Vegetable Samosas and Rice." Once the bag is opened he walks over to Rashmi and gives her a tight squeezing hug. "Now the question is, are you okay?" And now is when he finally spots Amunet and offers her a smile and wave. "Hey, I'm Robyn. I usually live there." He points to his room.
At the sound of Robyn's voice, the sleeping pillow of a cat opens his eyes and yawns before launching himself at Robyn, stretching long enough to wrap himself fully around Robyn's torso. "Hey there Zero."

Grabbing the towel tossed to her, the rather chilled looking Amunet sits on the floor with the blanket wrapped around her. That glazed over gaze watching the reunioon as blood streams from her left nostril, soaking the towel rather quickly. Now again coughing as she shivers and hugs the blanket tighter still. Her free hand rubbing at her temples at all the happy squeeling and loud voices. Not answering out loud she lifts a couple of fingers in greeting.

Rashmi pauses, turning to stare at Robyn as he lays out the food, her lower lip quivering. "You brought…" She seems to choke up for a second, scraping the tears away with the back of an arm, sniffling once before returning the hug. "*Thank you,*" she whispers fiercely, squeezing again before letting go. "I'll go get plates, and Connor, Robyn, this is Amunet… Um… she had sort of a powers episode just before you got here, I'll leave it up to her to decide whether or not to tell you about it when she feels better. I'll be right back." Sniffling again, she darts into the kitchen, rather tellingly having left the question of whether or not she's okay unanswered.

Letting the other two commisserate for a bit, Connor moves off towards the houseguest currently in so much discomfort there in the living room, and says softly, "Hi. I'm Connor." Fishing into his pockets, he pulls out what looks like a little packet of buffered aspirin for travel, and passes it over, "This might help?" And then, in a true gentleman's fashion, he takes off the coat he was wearing to wrap over Amunet's shoulders to provide her with some of his warmth, revealing himself to be wearing a black version of an X-men uniform, with grey striping along the arms and legs, with a pair of jeans overing up the leggings, "I don't mean to seem rude, but I need to go get something from my room, but I'll be right back and I'll make you some tea, Miss."

Robyn watches Rashmi for a bit after Connor wanders off. He walks over to where Amunet is sitting and sits down next to her. "I stuffed my backpack with as much stuff to bring as I could. Flashlights, batteries, a battery radio, beef jerky, some canned stew, I know it's not that great but I figured anything would help right now and non perishables would be best. I'd offer you another jacket but I only have my hoodie on…" He's not dressed that warmly or superheroy, just a Jack Skellington hoodie over a pair of black jeans. He looks over at Amunet with worry. "You okay? Mental powers?" He asks, since she's sporting a nose bleed and he's familiar with those from his powers.

Flinching faintly when the hands come hnear her it takes Amunet a moment to realize their gloved as well. Watching Connor for a long moment and then wrapping her hand around the packet of aspirin. "Rashmi?" Comes a rather choked calling out from behind the towel sher still uses on her bloody nose. "Rashmi…" Pointing where connor went and blinking tiredly, "X… … Sign on the line, your contract bold, An 'X' in place of who be told" And then blinks a bit as she pulls herself more under the layers. Before then looking to Robyn and murmuring, "Sort of…" Looking more than a little bit unsure.

"I heard it all, Amunet," Rashmi says gently, emerging with, it would seem, *all* the plates in the cupboard. Diving back into the kitchen, she emerges with a similar amount of bowls, as well as the silverware rack itself. Opening the containers, she pauses at each to sniff deeply, biting her lip and apparently attempting not to cry. "Okay… there should be enough here that everyone in the apartment can have some, so…" Let's separate these out, then I'll go get a pen and write it down, okay? Just sit there, Amunet, you'll have a nice hot meal in a second…"

Connor watches the interplay between the two for a moment, and then looks at Robyn a moment as his head tilts in a slightly quizzical fashion over this. He fishes his hand into his jeans, and takes a moment to turn off the new smartphone there, just in case, and then he looks around the place for a moment, and says, "I see they cleaned up the dirt… I was told I kinda brought ten feet of Giant's Stadium sod with me… but why does it look like there's someone else here besides the two of you?"

Robyn shrugs at Connor to say 'who knows'. "Need help with anything Rashmi?" He asks before looking back at Connor. "We forgot drinks, didn't we?" Then at the pointing out that there's more than the two of them here, he looks around. "Yeah, I think this is the most cluttered I've ever seen this place, I guess we should ask, what's been going on here since we've been so removed from it."

Amunet tries to shake her head and just winces at the headache. Waiting for Rashmi's arms to not be full before reaching out to snag her sleeve. Waiting till Rashmi looks at her and then pointing to Connor, "Look at his shirt… X." She says again and then stumbles over whatever sher was going to say as the trickle escapes the towel for a moment, though it does seem to be slowing down slowly. Glancing back to Rashmi and asks, "You… you trust them? Not… … not to tell anyone?"

"Because we've been hosting a dozen or so people at a time," Rashmi says in answer to Connor. "Some of them go on to the Embassy, so we bring in people freezing in the tent city. Donovan and Yolanda are probably out right now, but they've been helping with Hooligan's supply ru—eep!" Turning as her sleeve is tugged on, she peers at the jacket, raising an eyebrow. "….Huh. Yeah. Yeah it does… And definitely. These are my two best friends in the world, Amunet, there's nothing I *wouldn't* trust them with." Looking up at the boys, she smiles faintly, shrugging. "SOrry… Just, Amunet's powers could get her into a lot of trouble, if people decided to make *use* of them without caring much what she wants, y'know? So, um… Let me dish things out, then I'll tell you what's been going on… *after* you're sitting down."

For a moment, Connor's expression is somewhat unreadable, but then he looses a soft exhale and looks at Robyn for a long moment. After that, he just replies, "Then I better get what I need from my room." And vanishing for a moment, he returns with a bag that must have been stashed in the venting, or some other secret pocket that was in his room that neither of the other two knew about. The only real clue of it's origins is the head of a wolf on the side of the bag. There's a rather ominous thump as he sets it down by the door, and then walks over towards where the others are, "I know how you feel, Amunet… we both do. I'm a teleporter. Robyn can possess others and make them do what he wants. There's always been a fear in the mutant community that powers like our's could be consider more dangerous than others, simply because of what we can do with them."

But it's all of thirty seconds of looking around, before the man's hands begin to twitch and he starts to rearrange things back to their original positions, moving with a jerky methodicalness.

"Promise, anything you say is safe with us Amunet." Robyn says trying to give her a reassuring smile. "Like Connor said with the powers and stuff, a lot of us have powers that could be really dangerous in the wrong hands." He then nods at Rashmi as he learns others have been spending the night in the apartment. "After dinner I'll grab anything I need from my room, clothes and such. Just as long as my sculptures don't get broken, I'm cool with anyone sleeping in my bed. Sheets can be washed. Need any help dishing out food?"

Reaching over to just under the table, Amunet pulls out a small duffle. Keeping the towel to her face still, her other hand digs into the bag and pulls out a book from the bottom of it and just waits for Rashmi, keeping the book on her lap. Then with a bit of a fumbling with the small pack she gets the aspirin and takes it with the tea that the other woman gave her. Curling up like a ball under both the jacket and blanket.

"Sure that'd be great," Rashmi says, smiling at Robyn as he offers to help. The portions she sets out are small, enough for ten people each to have a little of everything, before she pops back into the kitchen to set a pot of water atop a camp stove, for extra rice. On the way, she spots the bag and frowns, first at it, then at Connor, and sighs. "Anyway… Amunet's power is… sort of *really* scary that way. She's like… um… well… an oracle, really," she says, nodding to the book and sliding a plate toward the teenager. "The book she's got'll show you what I mean." A thought strikes her, and she winces faintly. "I… can't promise nothing got broken, Robyn… I mean we packed them all up and tried to be careful, but… you'll probably want to go through the boxes in your room to be sure."

"My room is a mess, and it looks like someone borrowed my clothes. Oh well… I can get new ones." Connor replies to that with a bit of a sour look, but then his eyes flick to the bag, and back to Rashmi before he just let the shake of his head tell more in his slightly glowing blue-green eyes rather than in any motion. With that, he looks at the meal, and then picks at a piece of chicken with a fork, not really eating it, but not denying at least a little hunger, "I'm just glad you're allright, Rashmi… you ARE allright, aren't you? We all made a promise to be honest with each other when we moved out here. I remember because you two put that on me so I wouldn't end up hermitting in my room all the time, and re-cleaning the apartment every few hours." And with that, he food is put aside as he goes back to work in trying to put some semblance of order back into the losing battle of a living room.

Robyn waves his hand. "No worries, I'll look through them once this all blows over." He seems pretty certain that it is going to blow over. "I just hope I'll be allowed back in college after all this, but really, that's not important." He leans forward and starts to put one samosa on each dish that Rashmi has brought out and then starts to stir the Lamb Tiki Masala to portion out. "If I knew that you'd have this many people here, we would have brought more food. If you want to make a list of things you need, we can try to get them for you and teleport them back. Actually, you know, maybe Connor and I can do a large drop off in the basement..if he's up for it." He looks over at Rashmi when Connor asks if she's really alright and starts to study her face. "You hungry at all Amunet?"

Amunet glances over and shakes her head, "No thank you…. i.. I'll just stick with the tea." Pulling the towel from her face finally but she leans up against the wall and seems to be pointedly ignoring the food for tonight. Despite the two layers, still shivering but at least not as violently as before. Hugging her book to her chest as she asks, "Can you gert… a couple of camping stoves? I… i.. I can bake over a camping stove if… if I can find a … a cast iron skillet…" Teeth chattering again and goes back to sipping at her tea.

"When you're hungry," Rashmi says to AMunet, in that gentle, implacable tone of voice that says before she goes to sleep at night she *will* be eating something. Sliding into an empty chair, she starts picking at her food. "I'm okay, seriously… *now,* anyway. I don't think I've gone this hungry in a long time, and I don't *ever* remember dealing without power or heat… but we're managing. Just…" Drawing in a deep breath, she closes her eyes for a moment. "Just promise you won't freak out too much, okay? I'm just.. y'know… worried aboutt hat, guys."

Connor has to force himself to stop once more, and he moves to sit down next to Robyn, and then takes one of his hands firmly in a gloved set of fingers before he takes a deep and calming breath, "Rashmi, every other day I have SHIELD people with me in a debriefing room asking me questions about what happened, and about you. I have other ones asking me about the ones asking questions, and when that all is not going on, no one is telling us anything about what's been happening. I'm tired of being polite with all of them." Looking at Robyn a moment, he then gives a faint touch of a smile, "Once we get a place to hole up, we'll get you supplies from the mansion. I have Blackbird access, so I can swipe supplies from the survival stores for the jet. Bound to be camp stoves and regenerative energy supplies there. But…" And he says with a pause as he flicks his eyes to Amunet, "Maybe we should get her to the school grounds. I mean, it looks really bad. And Doctor Reyes might be able to help with the worst of it"

Robyn leans over and gives Connor a kiss on the cheek, almost to reassure him. "It's been really tough on Connor since he got back, you think they'd give him a chance to recover and just clear his mind but…" He shakes his head. "At night we've been spending a lot of time together trying to just take our minds off of all of this." He looks to Amunet and nods. "We'll bring what we can, or we can try to get Mr. Parker to make some stuff. And like Connor said, if you want us to take you away from here, maybe go to Xavier's…that's an option. I wish we could do more."

Amunet's brow furrows as her gloved hand starts rubbing continuously on her forhead. The overwhelmed look taking on a whole new level as she looks to Rashmi and then back to the men and then back again. Her mouth opening and then closing again before curling up in the blanket. "I always get headaches after them… the nosebleed… well.. I didn't touch anyone to make this one happen it just…. … Rashmi … you.. you need to tell them… "

"I know, AMunet," Rashmi says softly, then takes a deep breath. "So… pretty much everything in my videos was the truth, and I guess I did pretty good in annoying the people in charge of this place. So… when they launched the bombs that cut out the power… um… a sniper took a shot at me. Just… just me," she says, one hand going down to run a thumb over the dime-sized patch of skin on her belly where, not long ago, a high-powered bullet passed clean through her. "Travis and Sophie were right there, though, so I'm perfectly okay, really. But… yeah. Since then, they didn't bother to get the power back, and don't care about the water, so that's probably going to be next, if things don't boil over soon. Anyway… just before you guys showed up, Amunet had… I guess it was her biggest vision? Anyway, she had sort of a lot to say, and it's probably tied in with the school." Frowning, she slips out of her chair, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and scribbling the prophecy down, before ha

Frowning, she slips out of her chair, grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and scribbling the prophecy down, before handing it over. "So it's not as bad as it could have been… Hooligan's been doing regular supply drops with a garbage truck and some kind of crazy launcher thing. But um… Don't go back to Barnes, guys. Take Amunet to the school, and *stay there,* because the Purifiers have been replacing Senators and key people with LMDs for a *while* before all this. SO, SHIELD's compromised, *hard.*"

Taking a bite of chicken to cover the look on his face, Connor swallows once and then slips his hand from Robyn's, "So this is how it starts… again…" And with that, he stands up and goes over to the Wolf's head bag, "Rashmi… I have more memory than most when time gets weird… but this is a lot like the events that happened which caused what happened to us all two years ago. I think whoever was behind the events that caused Ahab to cross back in time and hunting people… they're trying to put history back on that course." From inside, he takes out a high-tech HUD eyecover, and for a moment he puts it over his good eye, looking out the window, "Robyn, we have to go get my mom and my sisters. They're on a SHIELD agent recovery ranch… someplac in Montana. My dad will know where. But if Rashmi's right, I want my family, and both of your's as well before we go after these guys. No more hiding. If I have to become like Him to stop this…" But that thought seems to trail off.

Robyn looks over at Connor and doesn't look happy. "No you don't have to be like him Connor. You have to be like you. If you go down that path, you're going to lose things you care about. I met him, face to face and….and I hated him." He admits since him and Volk didn't exactly get along. "My family will be safe, don't worry, we can get them into hiding if need be…." He looks at Rashmi at the revealing of the news and can't help but give her a tight hug. "I'm so happy you are alright." The thought of losing Rashmi scares him. "More reason to get you somewhere safe too. Wait…Sophie's here?"

For a brief moment Amunet looks just her age, in waiting for Rashmi to turn away before wrinkling her nose at the 'you will be eatting at some point' tone. Curling up with her head on her duffle bag and hugging the book to her chest as she clings the blanket and coat to her still. Just listening at this point as her gaze goes from one person to another. Confusion is evident but at the moment she doesn't say anything.

"Don't you dare, Connor," Rashmi says softly, looking up from her meal to fix Connor's gaze. "Wear the clothes, use the tools, but you *won't* turn into that. I don't care *what* it looks like, Connor… This is *our time,* and we will fight it *our* way, not theirs. You should know better than anyone how little the future really matters, damn it… *Learn* from that, will you?" Shaking her head and blowing out a breath, she turns to Robyn, nodding. "She's been spending her days at the EMbassy, helping with the wounded. SHe just… walked up to the camp and volunteered to register, can you believe it? But… yeah. Remember that school I told you about, Amunet? Connor's going to take you there when he goes, today. He'll make sure you're all set up and comfortable, even if you'll probably be spending more than a little time in the medical bay."

Connor gets a resigned look as he goes back and forth between the two, and then just nods as he finishes his sweep, and turns off the eyepiece, putting it back away in the bag, "Right… sorry. You know how I am. The constant pessimist." Though he seems to say it more towards Robyn than Rashmi, but afterwards he moves over to the girl, and gives her a hug, tight around the shoulders, "I brought a burner phone just in case… prepaid, photo capacity, and the number it dials to is Pound One. Just in case, allright?" Which from his jeans comes an old camera phone, which he puts next to Rashmi's plate, "We have to get going before someone cottons to the idea that we were here. Which means I suppose you get to finish what's left on your own. Sorry."

Robyn eats his dinner a bit to fast for his liking, but he knows their time here is brief. "I wish we could stay longer, I don't want to leave you." He says to Rashmi with a bit of a choke to his voice. "I'm gonna head into my room and pack up a few things." He finishes emptying everything that he brought in the backpack then goes into his room and the bathroom. After a few minutes he comes back with his backpack stuffed with clothes, some of his DVDs and some toiletries. "Should we leave the cats here or take them with us?"

Amunet blinks a bit and then asks softly, "Does that mean I'm leaving now?" Still curled up under the blanket and jacket. Looking to Rashmi and she asks softly, "you… .. you'll be ok?… " Her voice showing a bit of worry though she's still hugging the blanket and coat a hug along with the book. Then glances to Rashmi again, "You'll… you'll text my mom on from your phone won't you? I… I gave you the number a while back…. Let her know where I am?"

"It'll be all right, AMunet," Rashmi says with a chuckle, shaking her head. "I'll go ahead and text her, sure… but also ask the school about finding her, okay? If they can get her safe, they will." Sliding her chair back, she gets to her feet, squeezing Robyn's shoulder. "It's going to be pretty brutal here… but don't worry, all right? I know what I'm doing. And when this is over, *nobody* will be able to justify this, if I can help it. It was *so good* to see you, guys… But yeah, you'd better go soon."

Fishing his phone out, Connor starts to power it up as he picks up the kitbag and then nods to Robyn once before saying, "Five minutes… grab what you need, say your goodbyes… I'll be in the sub-basement working up the portal for us all. It's deep enough down that they shouldn't come looking unless the Purifiers are using SHIELD to hunt me." His eyes go to Rashmi for a long moment, and then he just ends up saying, "We'll be back. Promise. Next time? Cold Stone." And with that, he's out the door, vaulting down the steps and away from view, leaving Amunet with his coat and Robyn to pack his things. The entire time, Bamf seems to have slept through his human being there, but the moment the door is closed, his head pops up and he sniffs the air once before getting a petulant feline pout on his muzzle, and hops down and over, going to the coat and prompty rubbing on it quite liberally, while purring like a Hemi big-block.

"I just packed…" Robyn says to Connor but smiles at him. "See you in five." He says before going to Rashmi and giving her a final hug. "Sorry, I'm trying not to be a weapy, I don't need to scare you. I just…I'm worried about you guys. Glad to know you're safe. Let Travis and Sophie know we send them our thoughts and hope they're well also. I love you Rashmi." He looks over to Amunet and and smiles. "You ready, or is there anything you need to pack up before we take off. I just need to get my bear and find that cat to tell him I'll be back soon." He goes into his room and after a bit of searching around he finds his black and white vampire bear from Nightmare Before Christmas. "I couldn't find Zero….he's probably mad at me for leaving. Rashmi, I'm holding onto hope for you." He says giving her a kiss on the cheek as he waits for Amunet to say she's ready.

Rashmi returns the hug tightly, kissing RObyn's cheek with a gentle smile. "Love you too. And with our luck, Zero's probably turned into your backpack. Go," she says, stepping back and drawing in a deep breath, nodding to Amunet. "Take him with, if he'll go quietly. If not… he might turn up anyway. You never know." That said, she starts busying herself with packing up the portioned-out leftovers.

Blinking, Amunet slowly stands, grabbing her one bag and wobblingly slinging it over her shoulder. Setting the blanket on the couch and immediately starts shivering again though she keeps the borrowed jacket on over her own set while grabbing for her other bag and sewing supplies. She doesn't own alot so the biggest time is gathering up her study material from the self study she's been doing. Glancing to bamf when he starts rubbing on the coat and then kneels down to pet him lightly. "You want to come to?" She asks lightly… then she shivers again and nods to Robyn, "I'm ready." looking to Rashmi and with ehr gloved hand just squeezes the woman's arm tightly, "I… I'll send you something sweet?" Biting on her bottom lip before moving to stand up and head over to the other man, though glancing to bamf to see if he joins along. Yeah she kinda likes the cats too. "S.. say goodbye to Dex for me?"Picking up bamf lightly and tucking him into the jacket with her.

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