2010-02-02: Snow Drifts


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Summary: Snow falls, friendships waver.

Date: February 02, 2010.

Log Title Snow Drifts

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Mikhail is standing out in the snow in the quad, hes just staring up at the sky and watching the snow fall thinking about what happened today, hes dressed in black jeans, a black button up shirt (the one he was wearing before the fight is too damaged to continue to wear, so he swapped it for another stolen designer one), a black tie, black sneakers, sunglasses, his dyed blond hair is gelled into casual disarray, his left arm is in a sling and he has bandages all other his body under the clothes and several on his arms and face, there's a weird look in his eyes, he looks kinda lost.

Dallas wanders through the snow, enjoying the slow fall of the thick white flakes and liking the way they obscure the world and blanket it in silence. The lights of various buildings and path lamps are like halos of gold and orange in the distance. He's wearing a letter jacket from his previous school, maroon and yellow over a gray Xavier's hoodie, blue jeans and sturdy hiking boots. The combination is clean cut and casual. He sees the new and (maybe) improved Mikhail and nods the bandages. His expression goes from cheerful and thoughtful to worried as he wanders over. "Hey big guy. What's up?"

Mikhail hears Dallas approach and smiles at the familiar scent, "Hello Dallas, snow", he points up at the sky, so weird its like a literal ending, the demons go and the snow falls, nice to see Dallas survived the month.

Dallas looks up, nose wrinkling as a few flakes melt with cold kisses and then looks back to Mikhail. "Well, technically, they are coming down." His voice is wry at that. "Nice to have real weather back, isn't it?" He looks Mikhail up and down and says, "Been in a scrap?"

Mikhail nods smiling again, "Yes its nice to have things back to normal", he looks round at Dallas and nods, "Yes i was in a scrap, i fought the demon Christopher and demon Topher, there back to normal now, its all over", yep its all over, time for change now.

Dallas whistles and says, "You fought /two/ demon-taken types and all you have are some bandages? Go Mik!" He grins and shrugs. "Better than me, man. Better than me." He stuffs his hands in the pockets of his jacket and pauses a moment before asking, "Hey, do you have a minute? To talk?" His scent is nervous and his heart his beating a little quickly, but his expression is fairly level and cheerful. "Don't worry, it's not something horrible I'm going to dump on you or anything."

Mikhail shrugs, "I had help, there were two avengers there too", he'd probably be dead if it wasn't for them, "I fell 50 feet", he raises an eyebrow at Dallas recognizing that scent coming from him but never hearing him ask to talk but he nods, "Yeah sure Dallas, i can talk anytime, you don't have to be nervous".

Dallas blinks. "Well, I guess you bounced." There is a trace of wry humor there. He looks out over the snow. Funny how a good coating of it makes everything seem new and pristine and trackless. The only paths are the ones you make, starting right that instant. He says, "Ok, I've been kind of a rotten friend to you. I'm not saying that to get you to say 'no, no'. It's true. I've been wrapped up in myself a lot and even when you /told/ me that my mess was bleeding over to you, I didn't really listen. So, I'm sorry. You deserve a better guy for a friend." He grins faintly and adds, "But you know, you work with what you have, right?" He pauses and says, "So we both know I've been hiding that I'm into guys. And I'm afraid that because /I/ was hiding, you may have picked up the idea of being ashamed of yourself. Being who /you/ are."

Mikhail shakes his head, "You're supposed to be wrapped up in you, caring too much will get you hurt, you and Robyn are my best friends, i wouldn't want it any different", he grins slightly when Dallas comes out, hes not being horrible or anything, its just old news, "Dallas, i figured you were into guys a few weeks ago, no big", he shakes his head again, "Im assuming your talking about my new look, its not me mimicking you, well at first it was, but then my options changed, and this became necessary".

Dallas blinks. "Your options changed? And this stuff became necessary?" He turns to face Mikhail full on. The fact that his friend knew doesn't surprise him. Dallas has figured out the scent thing pretty well by now. He asks, carefully, "Ah, if you want to tell me, what changed? And how?"

Mikhail sighs, "I cant watch the people i care about in pain anymore, its too hard, so I've been learning to blend in with normal humans, cos i decided that when this was over and you guys were safe, i would…"

Dallas blinks and says, "Dude! No." He pauses, marshaling his thoughts and says, "Ok, obviously, you're going to do what you're going to do but let me give you a couple of thoughts. First, you're a likable guy. You're going to make friends with somebody, somewhere. And there is a chance that person will get hurt too. So that doesn't help much, really. Second, we like you. This place would suck without you around, man. Also, you're on your way to being a real, live hero. Look at you. You fought side by side with /Avengers/, dude. Who gets to say that?"

Mikhail shakes his head, "I wont be likeable for long, first of all by normal standards I'm weird, second of all I've been learning to be a bad person, trust no one will like me", "Also you get a new student here every other week, someone else like me would come along", he growls slightly when Dallas talks about being a hero, "I don't want to be a hero, i fought with the Avengers because i had to, not because i wanted to".

Dallas blinks at Mikhail. "We're all weird. Everybody is weird. There's no such thing as normal. It took me a while to figure it out, but I believe it's true." He pauses and says, "And so, somebody new comes along. Just because new trees grows, it doesn't mean you don't like the shade under an older one. And you don't want to be a bad guy. I don't believe that about you. As for the rest … well, that's your life, man. As long as you aren't hurting people, I'm behind you a hundred percent."

Mikhail laughs, "That might be true but i know enough to be what people think normal should be, trust me I'll blend in", he gives Dallas a piercing look, "How do you know I'm not a bad person, up until a month ago, you didn't even know me, I've done bad things, the other day i found Lucas and i kicked the living shit out of him, does that sound like something a good person would do?, I'm an animal Dallas, plain and simple".

Dallas gives Mikhail a closer look and says, "Well, yea. We haven't known each other that long. But I knew you before we taught you to lie, Mik. I've seen the real you. And he's not a bad guy." He reaches out and up to rest a hand on Mikhail's shoulder, a little worried about a violent reaction now that things are out in the open, but apparently needing to reassure his friend by contact. "And you know what? Kicking the shit out of Lucas is, like, a public service. It's like culling the deer population so they don't eat all of the corn or cutting back kudzu before it can cover a whole building." He shrugs and says, "Here's the thing. I've been judging myself on the worst thing I did. The worst things I thought I was. But that's not how it works. If you find /one/ person who sees you as the /best/ you can be…. it changes. I swear. And you're not an animal. An animal wouldn't care who he hurts or who hurts around him. You do."

Mikhail laughs bitterly, "Like you said I know how to lie now, so how do you know i care who i hurt, i could lie when i say that i do", if Dallas hates him it will be so much easier to leave, "How do you know i didn't know how to lie when we met?, you must have noticed that i learn very quickly".

Dallas shrugs and says, "Because I'd rather believe in a fundamentally good and decent guy than a cold and manipulative one." His tone is simple and a little sad. He half suspects Mikhail is trying to break up their friendship but he's not going to make it that easy. After a moment he continues, "Dude, if you want to go, I can't stop you." He grins and says, "In fact, unless I power up, I think you'd probably throw me over the school. But if and when you want a friend or two? Me and Robyn will still be here. And both us wish you'd rethink things. I don't normally speak for other people, but I'm pretty sure I know on this one."

Mikhail growls deeply, "Believe what you wanna believe Dallas, either way im not who you thought i was!", he shoves roughly past him then runs at full speed across the grounds.

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