2009-01-28: Snowball Fight


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Summary: Jeri answers the door, only to be pelted by a snowball from Christopher. They fight with snow for a few minutes before hopping in the hot tub and discussing a few things.

Date: January 28, 2009

Snowball Fight

Rating: R(for undisplayed nudity and romantic discussion)

Parker-Mayfair Home

After working at the school all morning, Christopher's decided to come back to the house and relax before he has to go work at the salon later. He figures he might spend some time in the hot tub and just relax for a bit. He's getting used to living away from the school and finding the peace hear to be something he didn't realized he missed. He walks up to the front door and is about to open it when he gets an idea and knocks instead, hoping that Jeri will answer the door.

As it stands, Jeri IS actually in the house. Ricky's out doing some shopping for the household. Opening the door, he tilts his head. "Oh? Was I sent a strip-o-gram?" He asks with a chuckle, tossing a wink to his husband. "Why'd you knock?"

Christopher has his hand hidden behind his back as he smiles. "Well it could be a strip-o-gram but.." He has a sly sort of smile on his face and he brings around a handful of snow to throw at Jeri, yes he's acting child and instigating a snow fight.

There's a sputter as it hits him, and Jeri glares. "Ooooh, you do know that's grounds for war." He says, tackling at Christopher, doing a quick share to make sure the man doesn't get injured. Of course, after landing, he'll take it all back and run around towards the back yard, scooping up snow from the ground as he does so.

Christopher can't help but laugh and starts to run a bit before being tackled by Jeri right into the snow. He scrambles up after him, scooping up a handful of snow as well and chasing after him to the back yard. "You know you're cute when you glare like that."
As soon as Christopher comes around the corner, a snowball is lobbed by the running mutant. "That was unfair. Now I'm outside, in the snow, without a jacket on. How rude." He says, sticking out his tongue.

Christopher stops as he gets pelted by a snowball and drops the one he was forming while running. He walks over to Jeri and smiles, sticking his tounge out in returns. "Well I can always keep you warm out here babe." He says still chuckling lightly.

"I know you can, but that was sudden." Jeri laughs. "And be glad Eddie isn't here, or Ricky. Considering Ricky's ability, we might be in trouble." He laughs, softly, moving over to wrap arms around Christopher.

"If it was Ricky or Eddie I would have made some excuse about forgetting my keys." Christopher says wrapping his arms around Jeri in return, knowing there would be a 'loophole' in saying that cause otherwise how would he have driven home. "So do you have any sessions for this afternoon?"

"Later on, I do. But not for a few hours." Jeri says with a headtilt. "What's up?" he asks, popping his neck and grinning. "You know Eddie would see through that in a heartbeat."

"Nothing much, just hoping to spend some time with you before I have to go to the salon. And yeah, Eddie probably would." Christopher says with a chuckle. "I was thinking about enjoying some time in the hot tub if you care to join me?"

"I spend a LOT of time in the hot tub." Jeri says with a nod. He opens the back door and pulls out a pair of towels, and places them inside the gazebo with a grin. There's a reason he put a huge stack of towels in there.

"I don't spend enough time in there." Christopher says walking over the gazebo, starting to get rid of all his layers of clothing. "Some days teaching cooking is a piece of cake but when you get days like to day where some jokster decides to not put a lid on the blender then say he has a class to get to, you want to strangle someone."

"Poor Eddie. He keeps appearing when I'm naked in the water." Jeri laughs, stripping down. "I told him it's nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to worry about." He says with a nod before chuckling. "Or there's always the mayo jar." What that's in reference to? Unless Christopher's seen it… is anyone's guess.

Christopher chuckles. "I keep running into Eddie after it seems he's gotten into a fight." Christopher says with a sigh as he finishes stripping down and sliding into the water. "I just think Eddie gets flustered easy, but there isn't anything wrong with it, and I know I also enjoy the view." He says giving Jeri a wink. "Mayo jar?"

"Of course, there's also the times that he and his boy are out here, but I won't say anything about that." Jeri laughs, sliding in and moving beside Christopher. "Oh, there's apparently a long-running thing in the mansion that stemmed from the days of X-Factor. An unopenable Mayo Jar. It was a prank started by Jamie Madrox and perpetuated regularly."Jeri chuckles. " I was the last recipient"

Christopher lasts and shifts so he's leaning against Jeri, resting his head against his shoulder. "Ah, I'm surprised I haven't found that yet and tried to open it, with the amount that I cook there." He then looks at Jeri and smiles. "What him and Ricky do, doesn't bother me. I know they're responsible."

"Oh, it sneaks in there when people don't expect it." Jeri says with a laugh. "I know they are. I trust them. But if they know we sometimes catch them, I'll bet Eddie would blush for hours."

"Blush for hours and also for the next week anytime he saw one of us." Christopher says with a chuckle. "I know he gets flustered when I even hit at you and I doing anything." He says with a grin as he leans up to give Jeri a kiss.

"I know. It's so funny, but you can't help but love him." Jeri says with a grin, rubbing his hands over Christopher's shoulders. "Mmm. Warm water."

Christopher lets out a content noise as he rubs Jeri rubs his hands over his shoulders. "I can't help it, he really is our son and not because some paper says he is." He smiles and seems to relax. "I love the two of you, very much so."

The rubbing turns into a soft massage as Jeri nods. "Believe me, I know. I couldn't love him more if he WAS my own." He says with a nod. "And, fortunately, he's happy in his own relationship. Even if I really don't know the kid."

Christopher closes his eyes and nods. "I love you." He says as Jeri starts to massage his shoulders. "And exactly, I was telling him that the other night, and the little I know of Ricky he's a really good kid. Maybe the four of us should go out to dinner, we can treat the love birds."

"Heh, Oooh, We should go for fondue. Ricky's in a more-human form. Only white hair and eyes. It's about the closest I've seen him come to looking normal." Jeri says with a nod. "Not that it's a bad thing when he doesn't."

"That sounds fantastic." Christopher says. "I think when I first met him he looked fairly normal, wait, he had a tail." He says remember now, but other than the tail, he looked normal. "I just think it must be hard having to deal with your apperance constantly changing." Christopher says leaning back a bit against Jeri.

"He seems to take it in stride, though." Jeri says with a nod. "But maybe he's just got good coping skills." He chuckles, continuing his massages as he speaks. "Melting Pot. With the good food and the great desserts."

"And amazing company. I have this weekend free if you want to try to go then." Christopher says, reaching a hand back to place it lightly on Jeri's thigh. "And you spoil me Jeri." He says commenting on the massage.

"Hmm. Let's see when we're all available first." Jeri laughs. "I spoil you because you deserve it." He chuckles, digging his fingers in, carefully. Of course, occasionally, he leans in to kiss against the skin.

For a while Christopher is just quiet, enjoying the spoiling. "And that's true, seeing when we're all available." Sometimes Jeri seems to be the more sensible one between the two. "You know, I've started spending less and less time at the school, I'm so happy you decided to get a house. It's a quiet I didn't know I missed."

"Isn't it though?" Jeri says with a soft purr of enjoyment. "I never knew I would like being away again so much. I mean, I like my job, and I love the kids, but it's so much nicer to not hear them at all hours of the day."

"Exactly, I love working there, I love the kids, I love their kitchen, but it's just nice to come home to a -home-. To a room that's -our- room." Christopher says and turns to face Jeri. "And come home to a family I love more than anything else in the world."

"A family that's not going to disappear. We still have to eventually plan our 'wedding' for the families." Jeri laughs softly. "Sure, we already changed our names and everything, but the ceremony is important to them."

"And I think Lorna would stand from afar and throw lots of metal objects at me if we didn't." Christopher says with a chuckle. "I know when I told my sister we got married she yelled my ear off for not being there, but I don't know, I like how we just eloped. It was perfect for me."

"It worked. We needed that. We needed the finality. Everything else is just icing on the cake that we've already made. And eaten. And… well, I won't get vulgar." Jeri says with waggled eyebrows.

Christopher grins and leans to give Jeri another kiss. "I like icing." He says with a chuckle. "But we did other wise we might have kept putting it off. Also we exactly don't have mellow lives, working at Xaviers, things tend to get chaotic pretty easy and who knows when you're brother will decide to grace us with his presence again." Christopher doesn't hate Jeri's brother, he just wishes they could some how get along.

"True, but he's not here right now." Jeri says with a chuckle, spinning Christopher around and pulling him into his lap. He waggles his eyebrows. "And, neither are the kids. There's nobody but us here. In the hot tub. Naked." He waggles his eyebrows again." Naughty Jeri.

Christopher wraps his arms around Jeri's neck and gives him a sly, suggestive, I know what you're thinking and I like it, smile. "Sounds like we have our afternoon planed love." He says waggling his eyebrows once in return.

"I would think so. At least, until the kids come home. Well, as long as they don't come back here…" Jeri laughs as he pulls the gazebo shutters closed on all sides.

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