2010-01-02: So You Got Something New


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Summary: Robin and Robyn talk about what just occurred in regards to the Fairy Tale while working on art projects

Date: January 2, 2010

Log Title So You Got Something New

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Xavier Mansion - Art Room

The Art Room has pictures of classic artists and small sculptures of famous pieces of art around the room. Any art supply you need may be found in this room, a large variety of paints, charcoals, markers, pencils, clays, canvases, easels, paper, and much more are accessible for the students. A large kelm is in one of the far corners of the room as well. On one side of the art room are a few sewing machines with a large variety of fabrics and sewing supplies for the students as well.

It's early evening, just after dinner, and Robin has come to the art room in order to relax a little bit. Blank sits cross legged on the floor, doodling on a sheet of paper. Robin, on the other hand, is in front of a canvas, using the very paints that Robyn got for her. She is currently painting a fairy-tale-esque scene, though it's a little bit eclectic and strange.

Munching on the last cookie that he grabbed from the kitchen, Robyn wanders into the art room as what he put in the kiln a few hours ago should be ready by now. He smiles as he sees Robin in the room. "Robin! Hey! And hello Blank." He says as he's been in an amazing mood the last few days cause he's back to normal. "What are you working on?" He says coming up behind her.

"Hiya, Robyn! Ah, it's just a painting…" Robin says oh-so-helpfully, "I just needed to get all this stuff out of my mind, 'cause I've been thinking too much about it." It's very colourful and busy, with a princess, a dragon, a prince on a horse, a frog by the water, a boat, a distant castle, and a few other details, while also being whimsical. She stops painting, though, and spins around to face Robyn. "How about you?"

Smiling, Robyn can't help but chuckle at the painting. "I'm great. And I have you to thank for it. If it wasn't for you I'd probably be still stuck as a frog. Maybe you were the princess I needed a kiss from." He says teasing her with a chuckle as he knows they're just friends. "I know what you mean by getting it all out of your head, so how are you dealing with the aftermath? Is your sister okay?"

Robin nods her head slowly and says, "Yeah, she's been sent off to learn control with the Fantastic Four. She's okay." She scratches her head lightly and shrugs, "And as for the aftermath? I'm dealing with it quite well, actually. I've just had fairy tales on the mind, lately… And… I'm just glad that you're yourself again."

Robyn does notices some changes in Robin but doesn't say anything about it. "I am too, it's just nice to be able to stuff I enjoy again. I think I spent two hours playing the cello this morning. And I'm finally getting around to sculpting Jordan the rest of his Christmas present, and I want to make something for Owen." He says but he's not sure what. "That was really smart thinking of that story, it really was. I knew you wouldn't be useless."

Robin smiles slightly and says, "I've always liked telling stories. Megan and I, we used to do that a lot, make up stories and play them out together. It was a lot of fun…" She scratches the back of her neck lightly and puts her paintbrush down. "I guess she was kind of playing the same game." She adjusts her glasses a bit and says, "I'm really happy with the ending of that story, even if there were rough parts in the telling…"

Robyn nods and smiles. "Hey, I'm just happy to see the two of you aquanted again. Even if it meant me being cursed as a Frog. It really wasn't that bad and I knew it'd eventually end." He squeezes Robin's shoulder before heading to the Kiln to get out his sculpture of the orginal five Xmen for Jordan. "Maybe thinking of her childhood was the best way to deal with what was going on with her mutation?"

"Knowing that it'd eventually end probably helped out quite a bit," notes Robin, shrugging in synch with Blank. "I was so glad to see her again, though. I think she always looked at me as a big sister, contrary to all evidence…" She touches the side of her face lightly, feeling her cheek, and notes cheerily, "Or at least she must now."

Robyn looks at Robyn and smiles as he walks over to a table near her to start putting a base coat on what he made. "Yeah…I did notice that but I didn't know how to bring it up. You're now offically a big sister I guess." Robyn smiles happy to see that his friend got what she wanted.

Smiling, Robin says, "I guess it's kind've hard to bring that up. I really don't see any non-awkward way of doing it. 'Hey, I noticed that you might be an anatomically correct girl these days, is that true?' Yeah, it is true. It's so… wonderful, but strange. Different, but still kinda what I expected." She bites her bottom lip lightly and contemplates for a few moments, picking up her paintbrush again. "I haven't had to shave my face since then."

Robyn resists giving Robin a big hug cause he doesn't want to ruin her painting. "I'm happy that things worked out that way." He hopes that it will finally help her gain some confidence as well. "I still have to shave but only right here." He says indicating his mouth and chin, he hasn't started growing much facial hair on the sides yet. "And I can go a few days without it showing." Ah the beginings of puberty.

Robin smiles softly and says, "My voice has changed a bit. You can't really tell, since my regular speaking voice is still in my range. But yelling doesn't make me sound like a boy anymore! I'm just worried if I ever have to have a conversation with my parents ever again. My dad would be pretty upset if I…" She trails off and touches her paintbrush against the painting, noting, "I didn't grow much facial hair, but it was dark, so I shaved twice a day to keep it at bay."

"I'm brunette so when it actually grows it is pretty dark." Robyn says as he continues to layer on a base coat on his sculpture, getting it into all the small cracks. "I hope Jordan will like this." He says to himself before looking up at Robin. "I don't know about your Dad but I didn't like the way he sounded on the phone with you."

Robin glances past her painting and says of the sculpture, "Well, I don't see why he wouldn't! It looks really awesome, Robyn! I want to see it when it's all done." She smiles and then leans back behind her painting, making a few more lines. "Well, I dunno. I don't really get along with my dad… He's the reason I black out the lens on my glasses. Well, kinda. It just got infected. I don't really get along with -most- of my family, anyways. I just wish it didn't have to be that way."

Robyn nods and looks at Robin. "I wish it didn't have to be that way either. I wish I could lend you my parents for a bit." Since his knows his adopted Mom and Dad are great. He finishes putting othe base coat and goes to move the sculpture to a shelf. "Thanks, I put a lot of time into since I got turned back to normal….I wish things were easier for you Robin."

Robin chuckles softly, "Blank still has proper depth perception, actually. Things have become quite a lot easier for me, lately, though. I used to think I'd have to deal with lots of other stuff, hormones and doctors and all that… It's poof, gone now." She smiles slightly and says, "Still, I do hope to be a role model someday… for people like me." She looks up at the sculpture, "You're really good at sculpting. It's awesome."

Robyn smiles and nods and heads over to Robin giving hear a hug. "I'm glad things worked out for you Robin, it's awesome, but I gotta get going right now. I have to call my parents about going over there for tomorrow." He says as he can't help ruffle her hair. "I'll see ya later Robin, now that' you're a real girl."

Robin hugs Robyn and says, "Yeah, I'll seeya later, Robyn! I'm really glad that you're not longer all green and froggy anymore, too!" Blank waves at Robyn and then both the puppet and the puppeteer return to their individual artistic tasks. "Have fun!"

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