2012-09-05: Social Hierarchy


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Summary: Paul asks for the low down about Xavier's from Nicholas.

Date: September 5, 2012

Log Title: Social Hierarchy

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Quad

There is a square side walk of pavement with a nice grassy area in the middle with a few stone benches and trees along the corners. The pavement leads to the paths to the grounds of the school, the Dining Hall in Xavier's and the Ramsey Dormitories. It's not particularly large but it's a nice place for students and teachers to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Paul is propped up on the ground against a tree, strumming the guitar he 'borrowed' from the music hall. He still hasn't returned it and nobody has noticed yet. He has fashioned a pick out of an old Safeways loyalty card. he is strumming and practicing the first few chrods from Seven nation Army, the White Strypes version. His foot taps along with it.

How someone can get so dirty before noon is always a valid question, especially when Nicholas comes walking into the quad covered in mud. There's even mud on his face and in his hair, but he doesn't look frustrated or annoyed. His t-shirt and jeans are clinging to him as the wet mud has soaked a good half of his body, and splattered the other half. He's heading towards the dorms when he notices someone playing guitar on the front yawn. There's a scowl that crosses his face for a moment, almost as if he really dislikes Paul, but it disappears quick enough. "Sorry, I thought you were Mason from a distance."

Paul looks up, breaking his concentration ehough to mess up the song. He sighs and stops. "Nope, not Mason today, not mason yesterday. Who is he? Maybe we can jam together sometime." then he really takes notice of the mud. "Damn, what happened to you?"

"Mason Steel, he's this Justin Bieber wannabe kid, well I don't know how much wannabe since apparently he's had a CD or two and been on a few Disney shows I think." Nicholas doesn't have a high opinion of him but that's also for personal reasons. "Oh the mud? I feel off my horse, no big deal. I was pushing Orion a bit and I should have been paying attention more. I didn't realize how muddy the woods were gonna be."

Paul is somehow not surprised this place has horses. He shakes his head. "Dang, this place surprises me every day. It's like some kind of preppy school one moment, and a miltary boarding academy the next." He plucks a few chords from the guitar. "I'm not into the Beib, I'm into real music. Is this mason kid a student here too?"

"I think everyone's opinion on what real music is, is different. I just know I like what I like. Most people think Country sucks around here but I like Toby Keith." Nicholas thinks as long as it sounds good, that's cool with him. "I dunno, all I know this place is bigger than my last school. I'm still trying to get used it and I've been here almost a year." He says trying to wipe a bit of the now drying mud from his cheek. "Yeah Mason's a student here. If you're into all that music stuff, you'll probably meet him. I'm Nicholas by the way, or Nick." He doesn't offer a hand seeing as they're quite dirty.

Paul shrugs. "I've been known to rock out to the Man in Black once and a while. He kept it real." Paul extends a hand anyhow, not caring about mud. He's been in worse. "Paul." he pauses, and asks something that's been niggling him this week. "So do we call ourselves by our real names or our code names around here?"

Nicholas takes the hand and sits down next to the new student. "Mostly our real names, I don't even have a codename yet. Haven't been able to think of one and they haven't told me I need one yet." Though that is likely to change. "Though I don't how well of a 'Guide to Xaiver's' I am, just, expect a lot of weird stuff."

Paul gets mud on his hand. He wipes it off on his pant leg, and on the guitar. He can wipe it off later when it dries. He places the instrument against the tree trunk for a while. "I had a hard time coming up with mine too. Too many ideas sounded a little too much like some kind of porn name." he looks you over, noticing the mud caking and drying. Kinda funny really. "I've been around most of the grounds. What I really need a guide for are the student heirarchy. Who is really running this place? Who sets the laws of the jungle so to speak. Who to avoid like a social plague, who can hook you up… that kind of stuff."

"There, really isn't one, not that I know of." Nicholas says sounding a bit confused. "I've never really known of a school to have a social heirarchy. Shane's cool but she's a bit hard to get to know at first. That's just her though. People to avoid like a social plague…Quenton tough to get along with, people would probably say the same about me to. And I don't have a clue what you mean by 'hook you up'." He takes a deep breath and shrugs. "As long as you don't have a problem with cats you should be fine."

Paul looks at you again for a moment. He thinks that you must be clueless. Every school has an alpha kid the others bow down to or are scared of. From what he has heard, it must be Quenton and Shane. He wonders how much sway they have with the rest of the students. "I've heard about Quenton and Shane. What's so horrible about them?" mental note, Nick is a Straight, and won't have any outside connections for anything fun or interesting. "and Whats wrong with cats?"

"Nothing's horrible about them, we've all got issues here. Some worse than others, Q and I…we've got more issues than New York Times." He shrugs, letting out a sigh. "Nothing is wrong with cats, just there are a few people here whose power is to look like a human cat. Or in my roommates case, he goes from Cat-Man to Giant Cat and Tay is like this Ocelot girl. Warlock isn't a bad guy either. Anyway, it doesn't really matter what you look like, one thing to get used to is that you're a mutant, it means someone out there is gonna be hunting you cause of what you are."

Paul nods at you. "true dat. I guess this place is as close to a safe haven as most of us have. " he thinks it is odd how the felne thing seems to be pretty common for mutants. Gee, wiat til he gets a load of Tooth. "you don't look like you have many issues. other than perhaps mud in your crack."

Nicholas gives Paul a bit of a smile. "You're lucky, you've caught me on a good day. When I first came here I was lashing out at everyone, I've got a bit of a temper and sometimes take things the wrong way. It's my issues and I'm trying to deal with it." He looks around the school. "Yeah, I guess this place is a safe haven, it's the only home I have now anyway."

Paul says, "I suppose lashing out around here could be dangerous for others, depending on what you do. which reminds me. how does the facaulty feel about us using our powers outside of class, or even outside of school grounds?""

"As long as you don't use them on others and pretty much don't destroy the school, you're good. I'm a telekinetic, so I tend to use my powers often." Nicholas explains. "I was using them all the time back…back home, so it'd be kind of hard to stop now."

Paul hmms. another telekinetic. He smiles a little bit, at least his power seems to be fairly unique without him also being a big blue kitty gorilla. Although Mr McCoy seems like a pretty cool teacher. But he's itching to put his abilities to the test against something more challenging than mundanes. "I haven't really had the chance to use my ability since I got here. Do you think they'd have a problem if we tested things out here? You can do your jedi thing and I can do mine?"

Nicholas gives Paul a raised eye browed look. "Well there's the Danger Room, those will be mandatory starting next week but anyway, what are your powers so I can know if I can do my Jedi thing with them or not." The Jedi remark does get a smile from the blond, as he does have a bit of an affinity with Star Wars.

Paul stands up and concentrates for a moment. He puts his hands up and does the mime thing. and does it very well, because there actually is a transparent wall there in front of him. If one looks at the edges, one can see a faint blue outline. "try to bust through this."

Out of all the things one might thing a telekinetic might do to break through, most probably wouldn't do what Nick does. His eyes start to glow bright blue as he reaches out to grab a nearby rock and uses his powers to fling it at the shield he doesn't know how to use telekinetic bolts so he just uses his powers however he can.

Paul watches his shield crack like a thick chunk of glass, leaving a large crack and a dent in it sort of like a windshield taking a rock at highway speed. But after a few seconds, the crack seals itself. "Cool. What's the heaviest thing you could pick up?" He ponders, and drops the wall. time for something a little more offensive. He makes a block appear around you, at about waist level. It feels like being stuck in concerete.

"Heaviest thing I ever lifted was a tractor back home, not entirely off the ground but enough so….so the guy wasn't, well, he's okay." There's an odd sort of tone to Nick's voice as if he doesn't want to talk about it. "I think they tested me at two tons in the…" Before he can finish he's incased in something. "What the heck dude?" His eyes glow blue again as he tries to push it away but doesn't have any successs.

Paul grns and winks at you. "well, two tons is awesome. anyhow, see you around in class maybe." He releases the block construct, which reverts back to regular air in a small swooshing sound.

Nicholas nods to Paul. "Well take care and nice meeting you Paul, thanks for letting me go, I'm in desperate need of a shower." He gives a wave before heading in to the dorms.

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