2009-09-16: Social Troubles


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Summary: Kaden vents a bit to Tim about their GED class.

Date: September 16, 2009

Log Title Social Troubles

Rating: PG-13

NYC - Starbucks

Everywhere you go there's the green and white logo of Starbucks. Coffee, tea, iced drinks, and many specialty coffee drinks and pastries can be enjoyed here. Supporting WiFi and outlets to hook up your laptop, Starbucks is a great spot to relax or study.

It was another long day for the fire spirit. All to happy for his GED class to be over, Kaden practically bolted out the door and left the building making his way to the Starbucks. He knew he had to get away from that one kid in his class because he couldn't trust his tempter to not take a swing at him, again. He's already gotten his drink and just sat down at a small table for two, the hot apple cider moving between his hands as he hasn't touched it yet to take a drink.

Having stayed behind to speak about something with the teacher, another student from that GED class is a bit late in getting to this prime, post-schooling establishment. Tim Olsen, today managing to not drip any slime is just coming away from the counter with a frappichino of some kind. He doesn't really know what it's called, just that it tasted good. Glancing around for a place to sit, the red head smiles when he sees Kaden and walks over. "You outta try out for a track team, seein' how fast ya got away from class," he tries a joke in greeting.

Kaden just looks up and glares at Tim for a bit. If he remembers him from that one meeting they had or the fact that they're in the same class it's hard to tell. He doesn't really give any recognition in his face. "Screw track." Is all he says as he goes to look out the window, even if isn't next to a window and he has to look across three or four tables to do that.

Tim pulls himself a seat out and nods. "Yeah. Sounds like a plan," he says. "Never been much one for running myself anyway," he remarks, sipping his drink. "So, how was class for you?"

Kaden turns his head as Tim pulls the chair out and sits. It's hard to tell if Kaden's giving that 'Did I ask you to sit down?' look or not, but it's definately close to that look. "Seriously, if you like your face not black and blue we won't talk about class okay?" If that's not an indication of how class was for him, nothing is.

Tim chuckles slightly. "Wonderful," he remarks, apparently unphased by the look and the attitude. "Drink good?" he wonders.

Kaden raises his eyebrows at Tim's laugh, wondering to himself what's so funny. "Yeah real wonderful, that class is a barrel of laughs." Maybe if he didn't feel so stuipd through most of it he'd be okay. "It's okay, it's apple. It's better than coffee."

Tim nods. "Yeah, I can't stand it either. Class is such a pain in the rear but we gotta do it if we want that GED," he says, sighing a little. "Apple? Hm. May try one next time then. I just needed a caffine boost right about now."

Kaden makes a face as Tim mentions caffine. "I don't drink that stuff." He's weird like that where actually doesn't like a lot of sugary stuff or caffinated stuff of the sort. He does watch what he eats. "At least you don't have some asshole in your class calling you stuipd for the last few months."

Tim takes a deep breath. "Well, I did till I glued his ass to his chair," he says lightly. "That the wanker ya decked?" he asks curiously. "I don't think you're stupid. Don't sound or act stupid so the guy's just full of it."

"Thanks." Kaden mutters but he is convinced that he is dumb having heard it most of his life. "Yeah well I'm not exactly smart so…" He finally takes a sip of his apple cider and shrugs. "And don't tell me I'm not stuipd just to get on my good side, I don't have any good sides." A lie but it's a way to keep from getting to close to anyone that isn't one of the spirits.

Tim chuckles again. "I dunno, side I'm looking at now is pretty good," he says. "Wasn't saying it as idle flattery," he pauses to drink. "Just honest observation," he admits. "Never really thought of myself as smart either."

Kaden gives Tim an unamused look at the flirtatious line about his looks. "Yeah well that asshole is right, I'm dumb." He's not really he just struggles with school. It takes Kaden a while to really understand what's going on but once he's grasped it he's golden. "Maybe I should quit and stop pretending I can ever pass that stupid test."

Tim just gives an innocent smile to the look. "Naw, he's just a pissy little prick," the slimey mutant remarks. "Just takes you a litle longer to get it than the others, right?" he takes a swing at a guess. "I gotta go over things a couple times before I get 'em. Not stupid, just a different pace."

Kaden actually does crack a bit of a smile as Tim calls him a 'pissy little prick'. "Ya know, I really do try to keep my temper but I just snap easily. I dunno, I've always been stupid and it's always been hard for me to under this shit but he doesn't have to go rubbing it in that stupid all the time."

Tim lets out a thoughtful little noise. "Want me to glue him to something?" he half-jokes. "See how smart he looks walking around stuck to table or something," a laugh. "But yeah, people have enough problems without some little jerk getting in the way."

Kaden shakes his head. "No don't glue him to anything, it's more fun to punch him across the face." He takes another drink from his Apple cider before leaning forward to rest his elbows on the table. "Yeah well half the time I am that little jerk getting in the way so maybe it's that karma bullshit."

Tim chuckles. "Yeah. I guess that would be fun. Not much one for the physical violence unless I absolutely have to," he says, stabbing his drink with a stirrer for a moment. "What do ya mean?"

Kaden shrugs as Tim asks him what does he mean. He stays quite for a long time, choosing to look out the window as he concentrates on his drink. It's not until he's finished drinking it that he answers. "Well I'm a jerk myself, a real asshole."

Tim nods slowly. "Don't seem all that bad to me," he says, sipping his drink again. "Why do ya think ya are, though?"

Kaden looks at Tim and rolls his eyes. "What is this, twenty fucking questions about me? No." Kaden says flat out refusing to say anymore about himself. Not to prove that his is an asshole just because he's too scared to open up to anyone that isn't bonded to him through the spirit link.

Tim makes that thoughtful noise again. "Well. Alright then," he says with a shrug. "If you'd like to play twenty questions, I'd be happy to but I was just making conversation," he says. There's a pause, Tim finishing off his drink. "I think we're gonna get a thunderstorm this week."

"I wouldn't know that, air and weather aren't my thing." Kaden says with a shrug. "And I'm not gonna play twenty questions with you, you can sit over there and I can sit over here and all will be swell." He says obviously trying to close himself off emotionally from Tim.

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