Soleil Solomon Pierre Etienne
Portrayed By Willy Cartier
Gender Male (?)
Date of Birth 12/23/1994
Age 17
Zodiac Sign Capricorn/Year of the Dog
Place of Birth Paris, France
Current Location New York City, New York
Occupation Homeless/Baker/Student
Known Relatives Angelique Pierre (Mother), Marcus Etienne (Father), Mama Rose (Grandmother), Aunt Grace (French Aunt)
Significant Other
Known Abilities Chaetokinesis
First Appearance ???

Life makes us learn quickly how closely related concepts of cruelty and curiosity really are…so when life gives you sh*t…bake a loaf of bread and if it still gets on your nerves? Then beat a jerk with the loaf.


Stories are told about The Soldier and the Entertainer…sometimes they are singers and sometimes they are actresses…this story starts with something very similar. In France, there was a ballerina named Angelique Pierre and she was a classically trained ballerina from Paris. She performed in a troupe that seemed to combine classical ballet with Cirque du Soleil type performances. Marcus Etienne was a swamp raised military man in the United States Marines who happened to be deployed to France from time to time. He watched Marie dance and every night he'd wait outside the theatre for a chance to meet the beautiful…birdlike dancer. It is the same old story. They fell in love…Marcus happened to forget his wiener jacket and after he left…Marie was left with an amazing blessing and a potential curse. 9 months after he went to the states, he received a letter from Marie's father informing him that he was indeed now a daddy and…then the rest was a slight on his manhood and his lack of honor.

These were the circumstances behind the birth of Soleil Solomon Pierre Etienne. It was a shame on Angelique's family, so she was put out of her home after it was discovered she was pregnant and she was unable to continue dancing after losing her physique giving birth to her child so she moved in with a distant relative who owned a bakery in Paris and helped out there. Soleil was a quiet and oddly sensitive child…when he was a two, they were going to give him his first hair cut and he screamed like he was being murdered. 'Aunt Grace' believed the child was just over dramatic but it concerned Angelique. He was raised like a little girl (dressed in dresses, wearing bonnets…etc), put in dance lessons at an early age. When he was 5 and figured out the difference between 'girls and boys'…his mother had alot of explaining to do and although a bit guilty, his mother did her best to adjust.

Eventually, Angelique decided that she knew nothing about raising a little boy and contacted his father and his family sent money to France to bring Angelique and her 9 year old son to Louisiana. New Orleans took time to adjust to for both Angelique and Soleil…the little boy actually didn't speak English that well so had some challenges in school while Angelique began offering ballet lessons to little girls and doing part-time work as a maid. The Etienne family found the addition of the little boy and the French woman…uncomfortable and were uncertain about Marcus's attachment to Angelique…believing her motives to be all money and advantage based. Marcus had only daughters with his first and divorced wife so was disappointed in how soft and small his son was…trying to toughen him up by taking him out with him and the boys to go hunt gators or go handfishing from time to time. He learned how to shoot with a rifle and a shotgun but much prefered spending time in the kitchen with Mama Rose (Grandma).

He slowly began to do better in school, loving history and baking…spending many hours hiding in his closet eating cookies and reading through books about history. By the time he turned 12, he was wearing his hair long and was a little culinary prodigy in the kitchen…even working with his Mama Rose prepping batters and mixing dough for her catering business…and then everything changed. During a family dinner, Marcus announced that he was finally going to marry Angelique…and this was met with protests from some of the older members of the family. One uncle in particular called Angelique a gold digging, green card seeking French whore…and Soleil saw red and accessed his powers for the first time. He doesn't remember clearly what happened but that he just pictured something wrapping around the man's throat
until he stopped talking…turns out something did, it was his hair. It scared his family and they locked him in his room.

As 'abilities' go, it did seem rather lame…making his hair grow and wiggling it around prehensively and all that. It took some talking and a couple of months before his Father finally smoothed things over, convincing the folks that did see what they saw that it was just some too strong wine…and allaying all the fears about the child being cursed or evil. Then despite protests from his mother…he was sent to small and remote military boarding school for 'troubled' boys. Uniforms, strict schedules, punishments…never spoken of outside of the school…The Academy, was not necessarily to create 'soldiers' but to drive concepts of being a free spirit out of the mind and discourage certain types of creativity and originality. Basic necessary classes, extra curricular activities like fencing and debate…volunteer requirements and PE (like military bootcamp + self defence).

Most of the boys at the school were juvenile delinquents or sociopaths in the making and some with special 'gifts' but most of them were from well to do families who didn't want their 'strange' children causing stirs in their social circles. Soleil tried to keep to himself, comply to the rules and volunteer his time in the kitchens or in the nursing ward…caring for fellow students. When not volunteering, he'd be taking books from the library and continue to indulge his fascination with history and mythology. At the end of his second year of school…when he was about 14 year of age…there was a special ceremony where students would receive a new uniform and a haircut and be given a higher…ranking amongst the students. A student would go into the room…and come out with shorter hair and a snappy uniform.

Soleil…went into the room and then there a students and teachers alike who were confused and frightened at the sounds that came out of the room when they attempted (despite his protests) to cut his hair. The screams went on for hours and still at the end of the day…he came out, as if in a daze, stumbling about and sent to the nursing ward…in a day or so his hair was right back to the length it was before he got it cut. So he was dragged right back into a similar room and they tried again…learning quickly about how hard it was to cut through the fibrous strands of hair and observing how the strands would change color as the young man screamed and sobbed. After 3 months or so of experiencing something very similar to having your arm or leg cut off every 4 or so days, or once a week…Soleil packed his bag and ran away…with some assistance from his room mates who weren't sure what was going on, but knew he was being tortured or something by their 'teachers'.

He couldn't go home of course, because there was the threat of being sent back to the school. The headmaster and the Etienne family apparently…had connections. They even began searching for him as curiosity about his ability grew amongst the more science minded individuals at the school. So at the age of 15…he ended up hiding/running/hiding…and running from folks trying to find him, going hungry for day and scrounging for food or doing questionable things in exchange for a bit of money and eventually discovered a kind soul named Mr Touley who was an elderly French Baker and a Priest who took him in and due to the boy feigning amnesia 'sheltered' him. Living in Lafayette, Louisiana he kept a very low profile…working with Mr Touley in his bakery, learning more about Cajun cuisine and being known
as Pierre by those in that community. It was a short period of peace…but a period of peace that kept a young man on the verge of losing his mind due to pain and bitterness maintain a bit of optimism and care for others.

When Mr Touley died, it wasn't long after he turned 17 and the man's family wanted Soleil gone due to the whispers and rumors about him influencing the 'will' seeing as he was like a son to the old man. He did not argue…or put up a fight, he accepted the open one way ticket from the family to go anywhere. That is how he ended up in New York. He opened up a map, closed his eyes and pointed to a random location and somehow it ended up…being New York. It was an open one way bus ticket…to his future. As long as he got the chance to leave Louisiana it didn't matter to him where he ended up. A chance to escape from the fears of being tracked down or followed and eventually sent back to school…and a chance to start a new life of some sort…these are both good enough reasons for him. So with…50 bucks, a duffel bag of his clothing and toiletries, a backpack stuffed with vending machine goodies, and a messenger bag with the rest of his meager belongings…he's arrived in the big city. They say if you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere…well only time will tell.


  • August 12, 2012 NYC Hot Dog - Soleil arrives in New York and while exploring Central Park manages to meet an older young man known as Cloud who starts asking questions. Most importantly, he ate his first New York City Hot Dog.
  • August 12, 2012 Dingos Didn't Eat The Baby - Soleil's evening in Central Park turns really weird when he meets a guy that can turn into sand (Bruce) and pokes a boy that can turn invisible with a stick.
  • August 13, 2012 Log Goes Here - Soleil takes a trip to Salem Center, fully taking advantage of his couple of days of site seeing and wanting to enjoy a treat before settling down into grim survival mode…ends up visiting the Cold Stone Creamery and meets a young lady was interesting fashion taste named Shane, a young man with a fondness of Firefly wearing a stylish brown coat at that named Nick and a lovely young lady who gave him a warning about staying safe named Kaylee (Cale). Apparently it was the young man's birthday…Soleil still thinks it was an honor to wish him a happy birthday.
  • August 15, 2012 No Cookies For Kai - Surviving on your own requires sustenance and Soleil hit the 'jackpot' with a trash bag filled with 'expired' goodies tossed out by small stores. While checking stuff over to see what he can eat, he meets Kai who was just out walking around and…after an initial misunderstanding involving Soleil falling on his back again….they talk about food. Kinda.


  • "There are always prices to pay, ulterior motives in place…sometimes trust and believing in security can lead you to an unheard of corner of hell, where you sit and you suffer…and you watch life pass you by in believing that it has been years, when it is only days, and months…when it is only minutes…and you grasp of reality and what it is to not be taken advantage of slips. You must seek out those who are given a good heart and a kind spirit, they exist…oui, but many people wear the masks and underneath are only horrors."


  • Soleil is homeless so he knows how to dumpster dive and is rather good at scrounging for goodies.
  • English is a second language to Soleil so he can speak, read and understand it but it does lead to a very unique…speech pattern.
  • Soleil may be poor but he enjoys using cosmetics, jewelry and unique styles of dress to express himself.
  • …yes, Soleil can bake and he bakes things well.


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