2010-08-03: Something Fishy


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Summary: Sam runs into Selene in the kitchen; looses his appetite.

Date: August 3, 2010.

Log Title: Something Fishy

Rating: PG.

Xavier Mansion - Kitchen

This kitchen was designed to feed large numbers of people, and looks it with its bright white walls and stainless steel appliances. The stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are all larger than normal. There is an island with stools around it for people to sit and eat around along with a table for twelve by the windows in back. Along the wall is a hole in the wall looking into the dining room so food can be passed back and fourth. Anything you want to cook or eat in the kitchen you will find the food and supplies to do so.

It's early evening and Selene is finally on the prowl in her new stomping grounds. Having recently become an invited guest, she's been systematically roaming the inside of the school; testing the fences so to speak as she double checks what she has access to and what she does not. Now, in the kitchen, the Black Queen sits down to do something even she rarely does: consume food. Before her, a wooden tray covered in an assortment of Sushmi. With chopsticks in hand, the once-was villain looks over the assortment, smiling as she mentally names each piece after one of the many people found inside the school's hallowed halls. [Oh…the giant squid, yes…that's Emma. I think I'll eat it first.]

Hunger has hit the country boy from Kentucky, well he's not so much a boy anymore but the country is something that's he'll never grow out of. Sam Guthrie with his blond hair a bit disheveled and wearing a pair of jeans with a plain t-shirt walks into the kitchen to grab something for dinner but stops short at seeing Selene in the room. Politeness leaves Sam as he finds it hard to have those 'Southern Manners' around a woman whose been an enemy of the New Mutants for a long time. "What are ya doin' here? Shouldn't ya be…Ah dunno, plannin' yer next act of evil?"

"Patience Sam," Selene says with a dark smile as she looks up with out moving her head, "One cannot do battle on an empty stomach." The tuna? That was just renamed to the boy standing in front of her. "And my stay has just been extended due to Emma's good graces," she says with a glint in her eye, "So, it would seem as if we will have the chance to become close friends. Care to join me?" Selene waves a hand over the raw fish, "I have an excellent selection. Yellow River Dolphin, Giant Panda, Siberian Tiger…perhaps some Northern Right Whale or baby seal? I can't quite recall your tastes in anything except your own teammates."

"Ya got tah be jokin' me, seriously, Emma let ya stick around?" Sam says as this is just wonderful. Not one but TWO! queens of the Hellfire Club hanging around, there's gotta be something going on. He'll have to call Berto and see if he knows of anything fishing going on in the HFC since he doesn't trust this at all. "Sorry, Ah ain't eatin' any fish that ain't cooked." He's not as sick as Selene, or that's his unvocalized thought. "Seriously, what are ya doin' stickin' round here. Ya been nothin' but a thorn in rear since Ah've known ya."

Pushing the tray away, Selene steeples her hands and smiles softly at the boy. Having recovered fully, she's back on her early 20's and has chosen to wear a rather modest black on black ensemble that marks her as more of a Bizarro-Emma than anything else. "And I'm sure we'll devolve back to our original roles soon enough Sam. But for now, as I said, I am a guest—in your home." There's a slow blink, "Who knows? Maybe I'll petition to become a teacher, run some of your little danger room sessions, or battle villains as a member of some team you're part of. Stranger things have happened."

It is his home and his Mama did always teach him to be nice to guests but…it's Selene and he just sucks it up and decides to be…civil. "Well Ah hope yer gettin' yerself settled in and Ah'm sure if ya need anything, Emma can help ya out after all, she's the main…host 'round here." He's not going to go beyond being civil. "Ah ain't so sure that yer the most…teacherly of types Selene." There's gotta be something in all this for her, she's gotta have an ultimate plan, that's Cannonball's thought.

Selene only smiles, a sure sign she's eating up Sam's discomfort, "One must learn to spread one's wings and try new things. Lest they be nothing more than an child with the ability to fly." She shifts a little in her seat, "So, Sam, if not a teacher, what would you have me be?" It's a marked invitation for the X’er to take a cheap shot—and they both probably know it.

Gone is the obvious answer, along with dead, away, buried underground, in a cell in Rikers, anywhere but here. "Ah'll be honest, Ah don't trust ya Selene, Ah don't trust ya around these kids here. Ya already nearly killed a few of 'em and Ah ain't 'bout tah let that happen again." He doesn't know if Emma's off her rocker or what but he eventually does walk over to the table and sits down. "If Ah had mah say in what Ah'd have ya be, probably suck on some planet far away from here."

"Well, then, I'll just have to consider myself lucky that you're not in charge. Won't I?" Selene says with a saccharine smile, "But, thankfully, the White Queen still believes in Charles' dream." She blinks a few times, "Oh, sorry…Emma. Those old Hellfire habits die hard. Just ask your headmistress. Or Magneto the next time he's around." She takes aim at Sam's distrustful side, should he have one, and pulls the trigger with glee. "So, I'm guessing I 'don't' have your support foe being a teacher then?" Frowny face.

"So Ah've been told but what is it that ya think about the Professor's dream?" Some habits die hard and Sam calling Charles Professor will be one of them. "And Magneto was once a teacher of mine." Granted they didn't treat him well and the New Mutants were more jerks about it than anything. "And no ma'am, you ain't got mu support for bein' a teacher here. Ah don't care what Ms. Frost says, ya tried tah kill a few students here just a few weeks back, what's tah make me believe you're remorseful?"

"While performing duties as The White King—if memory serves me right," Selene says of Magneto as she skips over the subject of Charles, "Duties he may not have felt nearly so compelled to accept had you treated him with more…shall we say…respect?" Just a little twist of the facts there. She raises a thin eyebrow, her form still sitting with its fingers steepled, "I wonder what sort of tasks I may feel compelled to take on if I am not treated better than he." To the rest, she waves a hand, "I did what I felt necessary—at the time—for my survival. I now see the error of my ways, and given a second chance things would end differently." Starting with the loosing part, perhaps?

Sam doesn't exactly believe that, he believes she's biding her time, for…something. "Selene Ah ain't sure what your sellin' but Ah ain't buyin' it. Emma decided tah keep ya on, Ah don't like it but Ah ain't got a say in who stays and who goes." But Emma is going to hear about it from him, possibly Scott too. "So what's different now Selene, what makes this…incident different than any others?"

Another slow blink, followed by a slight cant of her head, ""Would you 'really' like to know Sam? Really?" Her hands slide over the tabletop's surface as she stands. Leaning against the arms that currently support her weight, she gives Sam a nod, her eyes cast through a few stray black hairs, "I have words only another immortal can hear that will explain everything."

Standing up Sam just stares down at Selene. "Anythin' ya say is gonna be bull so Ah think it'd be best if Ah just left now." Sam says not in the mood to play games with Selene as he's got quite a bit of annoyance festering inside him and he needs a way to vent it. "G'night Selene." He at least gives her that courtesy as he he leaves the kitchen aiming to head to the danger room to take out his anger there.

Selene smiles, watching her long-time foe leave, "Exactly my point. For an immortal's ears only." She retakes her seat and pulls the wooden trey back over, "Now, where was I. Oh yes, the tuna…"

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