2010-02-18: Something Sinister Around The Corner


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Summary: Robyn pays Jono a visit down in the Medbay.

Date: February 18, 2010

Log Title Something Sinister Around the Corner.

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Medical Bay

The Medical Bay contains the latest medical equipment to patch up students and X-Men with the smallest and worst injuries. Six beds line the walls for injured patients. Equipment lines the walls, medicine in the cabinets, and more serious medical supplies locked in cabinets. One this about this room it screams sterilization.

The medical bay is quiet, and Jonothon can be found in one of the beds furthest from the door. He's sitting tailor fashion on it, hunched forward with an elbow on the bed table before him. There's a laptop there, some paperwork, but mostly the man is just sitting there with cheek on a hand, eyes closed. Sure he's only half a face, but he looks tired. Shoes and jacket are on a chair next to his bed, leaving him barefoot and in the same clothes he was in the day he was brought down here. The black doesn't help him look any less thin. Approach though and he lifts his head a little, dark eyes opening. «Hullo.» A weary sound as he pulls earbuds out by their cords. Was listening to music as he half dozed.

Robyn can't always get used to the fact that Jono seems to say Hello before he's really there. As he walks into the medbay he waves at Jono. "Hey, I just wanted to see how you were feeling. And I know how it can suck and get lonely being stuck down here." Robyn says heading over to the bed where Jono is. Jono helped him out in the past so he wants to see if he can be there for the person he admires.

A perk of telepathy perhaps? Jonothon wouldn't think it so. He straightens, careful of moving his right shoulder too much, and closes the laptop before him. Not that he cares if you see what's on the screen, but to save on power. Albeit a little. «Being alone doesn't bother me.» Well, at least not like this it doesn't. «I'm bloody tired. Mark isn't hurting all the time now, but it wn't let me sleep much.» And for a man who's quite literally all mind, he needs his sleep. «Thanks for asking though. You okay? The drain didn't hurt you, did it?»

Robyn shakes his head. "I'm fine, it was just a lot at once and I just felt really awake. I did end up pushing it to my limit though as usually I just take what I need from you or Addison at the begining of the day and I'm fine." Robyn pulls over a chair and sits down and tries to offer Jono a smile. "So…what exactly happened. I heard the name Sinister mentioned but I don't know who that is."

People are asking that a lot. Jonothon rubs at his face for the asking and motions a sigh. «People never seem to believe me when I claim I'm dangerous, Robyn. The explosion was me. The pain from the mark startled me is all.» He looks over with a melancholy expression. «You felt how much energy I carry. I have to go into the danger room every day and use as much as I can just in hopes if that kind of thing happens it's small… and it was small. I barely made a dent, and for that I'm grateful.» Not explaining this well, is he? Jono motions to his chest. «My power builds up all the time. There's no stopping it. When something catches me off guard, and it used to do a lot when I was younger, I'd blast uncontrollably. That's what the mark triggered. The pain was so intense I blasted. Thankfully I'd recently been to the danger room or it would have been worse.» Sinister? Well, that in a moment..

"You told me you have to go to the danger room to let it off. We're kind of the opposite, you create too much of it and I don't create enough." It's not that Robyn doesn't create enough it's that he uses to much of it with his powers. "You're more psychic energy than I've felt before, even more than Addison. Though…" Robyn doesn't know how to say it. He felt the pain and fear that Jono was feeling through his psychic energy when it was pooring off of him after the explosion and he wishes he could reassure Jono, but he can't. He's just a student with barely any control. "I glad you're better."

Jonothon nods about being opposites. «It's why you should never feel bad about using me for your powers.» While he can be hurt by such drains, he doesn't believe he can be. Looking away at the idea he's better, there's another shrug. Mostly on the left side. Not being in pain is better he supposes. «Sinister is a bloke I don't remember ever meeting.» Easier to explain this. «Skyler says I was there, and the mark tells that too, but he must have wiped my memory, for I'm missing a few months.» Turning back to you, he continues. «Sinister is a scientist who specializes in genetics. He's like Frankenstein times a hundred, and he's no morality at all. Can do bloody incredible things because he doesn't care who gets hurt, or killed, in the process. The X-men have gone against him repeatedly. Seems fixated on Summers and Jean. The lady who's monument is in the courtyard. Trying to make the perfect mutant I guess.»

Robyn gets really worried at what is said and stays quiet for a bit after Jono talks. Processing what he can. Frankenstien, he's familar with Dr. Frankenstien and his monster, he's seen the old movies many times. "And…he's somehow marked you and is now, doing this to you? And the others that Hank mentioned?" There's a slight hesitation in his voice as he says that, his voice a bit unsteady from a slight bit of fear creeping in. "Just, be careful, okay?" He's not going to say the dumb thing that so many might, I'll protect you or I'll make sure you're safe. He might say that to another student but he's smarter than that, he knows they'd be empty words.

Another, slower, nod about being careful. «It's why I'm here.» The medbay. «This is going to get worse before it gets better. Situations like this always do.» Jonothon is resigned at this point. Trying to keep damage low. «He could be toying with us, and if his mark works in like it looks to be doing, I may have no control over myself. Like the demons. Be careful yourself, okay? I start doing weird shit, don't be afraid to hurt me to stop me. I'd rather be hospitalized for a year than kill any of you.» Pessimistic and practical?

"Yeah, like I could really hurt you." Robyn says not knowing if he'd be able to attack a friend if it came down to it. Also he's not sure if he could hurt Jono. That'd be like sticking a puppy against a bear. One can just kind of yap and the other has claws, Robyn really isn't that much of a foe with his limited understanding of his powers. "Things never stay normal for long around here, do they?"

Jonothon's laughter is a small thing, but it shows for that line. Allow and he reaches out to set a hand on Robyn's head. A brief touch of attempted comfort and understanding. «No, they never do.» Stay normal around here. «It's why I kept trying to escape years ago. I wanted normal. Craved it. Demanded it, but it was always denied me. Resignation and acceptance have me here again. I can't escape it. Become a part of this place and that happens.» Such a cheerful guy!

"I want a normal life once I get control." But how likely is that for someone who depends on the psychic energy of others? But Robyn has dreams and he wants to follow them. "Honestly I like it here and I hate it here at the same time. I like the people, I like learning how to control my powers but I don't want to be a superhero. It seems like they're trying to make us fight and so many kids have X-Men dreams and I don't. They make it seem like powers are everything when they're not."

No arguing from Jonothon. «The school is different from when I attended. My whole class was squad sized. There were seven of us, and it wasn't like a normal school. We trained to be X-men. Makes me glad that they don't enforce that now. You guys train, but only as much as you want, and only for control. They aren't trying to teach you to save the world every week like they tried to train me.» A little pause and he pushes away that bed tray to be able to rest back. The bed is in the seated position, so he lounges, drawing up his legs. «You think it's about powers now? You haven't seen anything. We trained every day, and for all kinds of dangerous shit.»

"I would have probably hated that and left so fast." Robyn admits as he doesn't think of himself as a hero or even super hero material. Really though, who knows what he would have done in that situation. "It feels like they're trying to teach us to save the world. It's only three times a week that we train but it's all this 'team work' stuff too. It's a whole different world here that's great and horrible at the same time. I don't think a lot of the others really realize that either."

«No, they don't.» Realize how incredible and terrible it really is. «Mainly because they are sheltered.» Jonothon's eyes smile, for all it's a wan one. Too tired to put real energy in it. «Think of it this way. In being staff here I see aspects you don't, and in having graduated from a different type of school it's very clear to me. They aren't training you to be a super hero. Promise. That's not the goal. What they /are/ training you for is to be able to handle the horrible shit that comes down and survive. Not save the world, not be stupidly brave and all that bollocks, but to save your own life, and maybe those you care about. See, this place stays with you, and trouble often follows. That's why you train.»

"Thanks Jono." Robyn says with a nod and he means it too. "I guess I'm still getting used to things even though it's been almost a year. The problems here are so much different that it's hard to get used to." He's actually realizing a few things, how people might deal with being a mutant differently and he might not have realized it as that. "I don't want to try to be stupidly brave again, I like to think I learned my lesson but how come I have a feeling that eventually, I'll be that idiot again?"

«Took me years, Robyn.» Jonothon shakes his head at himself. «You're doing much better than I ever did. I couldn't accept being what I am. I was never suicidal, but I was so depressed I carried negative emotions around like a cloud. Really, you're doing great, even if you can't see it. That's why I try and help. I've been about as low as it gets, and I'm hoping to spare you guys that pain.» Why that feeling? «Because you care.» That's an easy one to answer.

"Well one big thing in my household growing up was to always be yourself. My mom taught me it didn't matter how may friends you had, how big of a success you are, but being true to who you are is what matters. And I'm a mutant, it's what I am. I can't change that so why be unhappy about something that I can't change. I think that's why my Mom still cares about me even though I have powers." Robyn says just kind of talking. He's never had a problem with depression, he's always been fairly happy through life. Which is why certain things hit him hard, he's not used to 'dealing'. "My Mom, I don't know if I told you, she -hates- people with super powers, she thinks they just cause damage and a bother, which is why it's kind of a big deal that she doesn't care about me. It took her a bit at first but it's who I am."

«Sounds like you've got good parents.» Jonothon approves! He listens, nodding on occasion. «My da is the same way, for all I can't say he's accepted me.» Then again it's been eight years. Jono doesn't know if his father has come to grips with it. «Can't say your mum is wrong about powers either, but then I think I'm biased against them.» Said with a little laughter. No, Jono doesn't much like being a mutant.

Robyn nods at the good parents comment. "I got lucky. Only weird thing is this seperated at birth thing and having a twin brother." Robyn has no clue about where to go about that. "There's a guy who just started here, I don't remember if I told you about it, who looks /exactly/ like me, we're both adopted and have the same birthday. Dr. Parker-Mayfair pretty much said he was pretty sure we're twins, I think so too but, Richard's convinced he's an alien." He then looks at Jono and nods not really sure what to say, since he can understand hating a power like his.

«Weirder things have happened.» About twin brothers. «No, you didn't tell me about it, but eh.» Jonothon half shrugs, not really all that surprised. It's hard to be at this school. At least after all the time he's been with it. «Did you ask McCoy about it? He could run the genetics and figure it out.» Alien and all.

"I'll have to see if Richard's willing to go through with it." Robyn says as he should also make an effort to get to know Hank a bit since he's the doctor around here, or one of them. "And I agree weirder things have happened, I don't know if it gets weirder than getting stuck as a frog for over a month." He says smiling at that with a bit of a chuckle himself. "So anything else from Dr. McCoy about the mark, or just what he found out the other night?"

A frog? So not asking. Glad he missed it. «Hank may already have Richard's sample, but ask. It'd be easy for him to do.» Not so easy for Jonothon. In fact he wouldn't know where to begin. «Any idea what Richard's powers are?» Twins with different powers are not uncommon. «Eh, not really.» The mark. «He said he would try and halt the progress, but my whole existence works against him. Not sure he can find anything considering I don't have a living body. It's all literally in my head, and Hank works with the living, not the telepathic.»

"Yeah, I just want Richard around, and to agree to it, before I ask. I don't want to force him, I mean it has to be weird. Finding out you're a mutant, then getting shipped here, then meeting someone who looks just like you? At least I've had time to adjust here before that got slammed at me." Though with Robyn it came at a bad time when he was already stressed enough. And the Alien bit didn't help matters. "Richard's super strong and can fly. I think he believes since he's like Superman he has to be an alien. So wait, you're entire body is just a telepathic body?" He's trying to fully grasp that concept.

«Good idea.» Permission is good. «Heh.» A bit of laughter about being Superman. «Sounds like he'd rather be an alien than a mutant.» Jonothon is laughing though, even if it shows only in eyes and tone. «Give him time. If he's new to this he will come around.» Eventually. And about himself, there's a shrug. «Telekinetic, but yes.» Resignation there. This isn't something he likes. «Took me years to accept it, but I died eight years ago. Blew myself up, along with a bunch of other people. Guess you could say I was too stubborn, for I reformed myself afterwards. Just.. not very well.»

"Why does being a mutant have such a negative conotation." Robyn asks rhetorically. He knows why but it's still frustrating for someone who wishes to be 'normal' one day. "You died eight years ago?" There's a bit of an odd tone behind it. Wonder, surprise, sorrow, confusion and a few others mixed in. "Maybe it's a good thing you're too stubborn." He says with a smile, glad that Jono is around now.

«Because it takes people outside their comfort zones.» That's why it's negative connotations. Jonothon knows a lot about the negative. «Pretty much.» That he died eight years ago, and there's that half smile for you thinking it's good he's here. «Thanks. Yeah, I've blown myself up a couple times since too, and reformed each time. Problem is, I reform whole, then all that energy inside blows my face off again.» He shakes his head with it, motioning a sigh.

Robyn winces at the thought of the energy blowing his face of every time. He can't help but ask the dumb question. "Does it hurt?" Caue it sounds like a horrible thing to go through. He kind of feels bad for asking it as soon as the words leave his mouth though. "I guess it makes it better that the worse that can happen to me, if I don't absorb enough, is I end up in a coma. At least, I think that's the worst."

Robyn nods at the answer and as Sinister is mentioned again, the fear hits him. He knows something bad is gonna happen to Jono and again, he's powerless to stop anything from happening. "Yeah, I just hope that I can figure something out. I don't know, am I always going to be dependant on others? For the rest of my life? I mean, can I be normal, or I should say, can I do what I want to life if I need to rely on people to function."

Jonothon tilts his head for that. «Robyn, but you are already entirely dependant on other people to function.» The man points out. «We all are.» It's not just Robyn. «Where does the water in the pipes come from, the processed food you eat every day, the heat for the school, the building itself, the clothing you wear, the vehicles we all drive around in.. each and every one of us is dependant on our fellows. So what if you need a little energy on top of that? That's what society is all about. Being dependant on one another. It's nothing to be ashamed of.»

"At least with you and Addison, I'm not hurting either of you when I drain you. With others, I am. I guess that's what kind of worries me. I can't hide that I'm a mutant out there." Just like Jono can't, Robyn thinks to himself. He might not have a phsyical difference but how many 'normal' people, people without powers, are gonna accept him out there and just let him steal their mental energy on a daily basis.

A nod about him and Addison. «Keep in mind that you're also still very new at your powers. A year of training seems like a lot, but your powers will change as you age. Things may be very different when you hit twenty two, or twenty five. Don't assume that this is how it's always going to be.» Jonothon attempts to assure. «In five years you may not have to drain people. I know that five years ago I didn't know I made my own body.»

Jonothon pages, "In the comics, and even with half a face, it was constantly stated how handsome Jono was. c.c;" to you.

Those words are reassuring to Robyn and he smiles with a nod. "I guess I just figured what you got was what you were stuck with, not much changes. Well other than control and the fact that I can do stuff for longer, like my Astral Projection." He just has to learn to build up his mental resistances. "I guess that's kind of reassuring, about being able to make your own body, cause if the worst happens, I can keep that mind."

«Nothing stays the same, Robyn.» Not even this strange school. «Not even if you want it to.» Giving hope to the students here gives Jonothon hope too. In spite of himself, he feels better for getting to talk like this. «Not sure it's reassuring.» Said with laughter. «I think of it as being too damn stupid to die. I'm not ready to move on yet, so I cling to life.» Now if only he weren't so scared of himself. Things would be much easier.

"Death is scary." Robyn says as if stating a fact. He is pretty that if he was able to cling to life by sheer force of will, he'd probably do it. "It is and it isn't." Reassuring that is. "But I think you understand. You want the good to stay the same and the bad to change, but it doesn't always work like that." He smiles though trying to let Jono know he's not feeling down about it or anything. There's just the slight fear though of what might happen to Jono, the fear of the unknown.

Jonothon nods about death being scary. Very scary. «Yeah.» If only the good could stay and the bad change to something better. Jono doesn't have the knack for that. As tired and worried as he is, the man really does understand. Leads him to remember something. «Not sure if I can, but want to see something I've been working on.» It will be good practice to try this while tired.

Robyn smiles and nods. "Yeah, I'd really like that Jono." For a teenager, being offered to check out something someone they look up to is working on, it's a cool moment.

A little nod and he lifts his hands to his face. Normally not using gestures, Jonothon is tired enough to where it helps him focus. And it takes a good deal of focusing. The air grows heavy, rather like it did in the atrium. Disconcerting perhaps, but this is merely a sign of his telekinetics at work, and not impending danger. What he does isn't obvious until the cracks in his cheeks begin to disappear. Their lines fade to unbroken skin, and once they are all gone he opens his eyes. Fire lingers in pupils, but he isn't aware of it as he looks to you.

Those same hands begin to pull down the black mask. No psy-fire this time, but a whole face. If this is what he used to look like, he was very handsome indeed. «Still can't hold it long, but I've been working on it.» Still can't eat, or speak, yet either, but small steps.

Robyn is quite surprised by the reveal, and quite surprised at what Jono would look like with a face. He's trying to do his best to act normal but he can't help but think, Jono's good looking. "That's really awesome Jono. I'm glad that you can at least do that. Something is better than nothing." And it gives him hope, not just for himself but others out there struggling. That if you put your mind to it, litterally in Jono's case, you can over come obsticles that seem impossible. "How long have you been working on it?"

Fingers linger over his face a little before dropping away. No, he's not used to it either. «Since I came back to the school.» The words are still telepathic, but he mouths them just the same. So Jono's only been working on this a few weeks. «I can hold it a little longer every day. Still can't talk proper, but I need to get to the point I can hold it before I figure out vocal cords.» Rolls his eyes at himself. Now just imagine if he cleaned up. Right now he's certainly not at his best.

Robyn smiles and is happy for Jono, he believes that he deserves better than the psy-fire face. "Start with holding it first, then work on talking, but I think you know that. At least you're getting as far as you are. You're not giving up and that's what's really important. And think about it this way, at least with a face like yours you never have to shave?" He's teasing of course but hey, always look at the bright side.

This time he rolls his eyes at Robyn. «I'd rather have to shave.» It would sure beat having to try and make your own face. «Not that you should talk.. could you even make enough fuzz to shave?» Ha. Teasing right back at you. In spite of the teasing he pulls that black material up over his face. As much as he loves having it, he's not ready to walk around with it yet. Especially not since he holds hands to face and allows the cracks to reappear. They aren't exact as they were minutes ago, but close enough. «Hoping for another month before I can show it to people proper.» For now he shows the few he trusts.

"I can." Well mostly the upper lip and chin, the sides of his face, nothing grows there yet. He's the typical seventeen year old teenage and he can go days without shaving but the dark hair colour makes it more noticable than if he was blond. "Well good luck and if you want me to keep it secret for now, I can't." It's not like he's gonna blab it over the school or to anyone anyway.

There's a shake of the mussed, auburn head. «It's not a secret.» Nope, not really. Jonothon just has a bad habit of not telling people things. «Covering it is easier in case I drop it.» That's all. And he has that habit.. yeah. Mostly he's hoping the Sinister mark doesn't ruin his efforts. He's been a long time in finally working at this. Worn to the bone, the man just rests against his pillows and smiles at you with his eyes. «Just don't be afraid to stop me if something goes wrong, Robyn.»

Robyn nods not being able to vocally comfirm that he can, cause honestly, he doesn't know if he'd be able to. Though knowing Jono's ability to reform himself might make it easier. "What…what would happen to you if you were attacked by a psionic weapon?" He asks wanting, maybe needing, to know that answer. It will help so much if worse comes to worse.

Jonothon frowns for the question. «Probably the same thing that would happen to most people.» He's no good defense against such things. Should be, but he's done absolutely nothing to learn the true extent of his telepathy. Hates it too much for anything like that. «I'm hardly immune to anything.» Just too stubborn for a few things to affect him. Like bullets and the cold. There's a pause after this as he grips at his shoulder. It's a slow action, but the pain that shows is clear. «..Christ.» The mark begins to hurt again. With it, the man rolls somewhat onto his left side, facing you better, and getting weight off the hurting side.

Robyn nods and at least he knows that if it does come down to it, and Robyn has to fight Jono, that hiting a man made of telekinetic energy with a psi-weapon won't disrupt him to the point of no return. "Jono!" He says as he notices the pain and it's more a reaction of panic. He's not Hank, he doesn't know what to do in this situation. In fact, recently, it seems he doesn't know what to do in a lot of situations. "Is there something you need?"

There's nothing like the reaction of the first time, but then he's far more prepared for it now. «Can't yet.» Can't yet what? This is in answer to you asking if he needs something. Jonothon curls up some, near fetal position, and endures. «Can't use another painpatch just yet.» That's what he meant. «I'll be okay.» Looks to Robyn, and holds out a hand if the other wants to take it. «Have to work through the pain. It won't last.» Or at least he really hopes.

Robyn takes a hold of Jono's hand and nods. He figures that Jono might need something to grip, or the support, to fight through the pain. "Just hang in there okay?" He says eventually. And at the mention of not being able to use another pain patch, Robyn wonders just how much has Jono been suffering, how often is this happening?

Holding that hand has him gripping in return. Not enough to hurt though, but Robyn is right in that he takes comfort from the contact. «Stubborn, remember?» Reminding that he's not about to give up living now, even in the face of all this. It's not long either before Jono is beginning to relax. The pain is already passing. Doesn't move from his curled position though. Will need a few minutes for that. «Brief that one.» Thankfully. And relief is clear in his tone.

Robyn smiles and nods. "Well I guess it's good that you're so stubborn." He says letting out a chuckle. It's kind a relief to hear that. He is gonna go and try to read up on Sinister though, just to see if he can get a general idea of /what's/ going on and /who/ he is. "It really sucks that you have to go through this."

«Live isn't fair.» Yes, it sucks he has to go through this. «Sorry, mate, but you mind if I try and sleep?» His mental voice shows well how tired he really is. «Thanks for the visit.» It really did a lot for his mood, even if Jonothon won't quite admit it. Lets go of that hand too, curling his arm back near himself. «Won't be able to sleep long, but if I don't try I might not at all.»

Robyn pulls his hand back and nods. "Yes, of course I mind if you try to sleep." Robyn says teasing him, trying to keep some things light at least. "Rest up Jono, I should be getting to class anyway. At least it's English." Better than Math or History. "Then I have squad practice. I'll try to come back soon and see how you're doing." Soon might not be today but there is a chance of tomorrow or Sunday.

«Cheers.» Warm, if quiet. Jonothon can't immediately sleep, but gradually he will drift off if give the chance. A couple hours here and there are keeping him going. A good plan of Sinister. Wear out the subject to the point he doesn't have the strength to fight it anymore.

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