2009-11-08: Somethings Odd About You Two


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Summary: The Rob*n's don't seem like their selves, Anna and July notice.

Date: November 8, 2009

Log Title Something's Odd About You Two.

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Recreation Room

What was once the Parlor has been turned into a Recreation Room for the students. A nice plush carpet meets the light blue walls giving it a homey feel. A pool table at one end, a foos ball table at the other, and entertainment center with video game systems, movies, and of course, cable TV. Big comfy chairs and couches surround a coffee table for comfortable loafing. Long glass windows with a pair of French doors line one side of the room bringing in plenty of light during the day. The main rule in here is to clean up after yourself.

July is alone at the Rec Room, which is amazing in and of itself, since the place is rarely empty, the rubber girl right now enjoying some Need for Speed Underground game on the big TV, grinning widely as her car drifts back and forth on one of the tracks available in the game, the rubber girl cheering for herself at every well-accomplished maneuver.

Annalisa strolls into the rec room, and gasps, spying a wild July near the couches. "Heh heh heh." She mutters, sneaking up behind July as best she can. "Boo!" She shouts, nomming down on July's ear, and stretching its rubberyness with a mock growl.

Behind Annalisa enters a frog? He doesn't look like a normal frog though, it looks more like a cartoon come to life. Vibrant green, prehensilish fingers, and about a foot tall. He hops into the Rec Room and up to sit on one of the chairs. The frog blinks and then looks at the television and back at the girls. "Hello July, Annalisa."

July gah's as she's taken by surprise by Annalisa's surprise-glomp, her earlobe indeed stretching while tugged by Anna, until she squirms away, while her car drifts a little bit too much and ends up crashing, "Anna…" she sighs, as many cars pass by July's car. But the game is forgotten as the frog is noticed. July blinks, and then she blinks again, staring at the talking frog. "Uhh… Who… and WHAT are you?"

Robin walks in a few moments after the frog, wearing a long, brown kind of plain looking skirt, and a light blue top. Her hair is tied back, which is kind of unusual for her, since she usually wears it down. "Ah, what are you doing there, frog?" She figures it's just a result of someone's powers or something.

Annalisa giggles at July, looking over at her poor ruined game. "Sorry July, I couldn't resist, I thought your reaction funner thoug-" She glances over at the frog and gasps. "Eww Frog!" She quickly hops over the couch and lands across the couch, and partly ontop of July. As a side note, she is wearing a pair of tight looking jeans, and a light pink top, with no shoes.

The frog looks at Robin and waves a hand. "Hey Robin, and thanks for the Eww Anna." He says in a somewhat familar voice. "It's me, Robyn. The day after we saw the Big Bad Wolf in the city, I woke up like this. I dunno why, but I'm a stuck as a frog." He says shaking his froggie head.

Robin stares at Robyn for a few moments and says, "Huh, that's weird…" She's not /really/ surprised, though, since she was at the same event and has not been feeling herself lately, either. She fiddles with her hair for a few moments and says, "I wonder if it affected everyone who was there…" Blank enters the room a few moments after Robin did, and she appears to be just kind of surveying the room. She also seems to be carrying some cleaning supplies with her.

July blinks again, staring at the frog. "Robyn?" She asks, stunned by the revelation, "What… how did that happen to you!?" she asks, before looking at Annalisa with an arched eyebrow, "I was focused in the game. You scared me." she says, before looking at Robin, "Hey, Robin… you know what ahappened?"

Annalisa positions herself in a better sitting position, but seems to hide behind July somewhat. "Oh…Hi…Robyn…" She mutters, keeping a safe distance from the scary frog.

Robin shakes her head at July and says, "Well, I dunno, I just knew there was a strange fight with the big bad wolf and little red riding hood was there…" She and Blank both scratch the backs of their necks, after Blank places to cleaning supplies on the floor. "I don't know what it was all about, though. It was very, very strange."

The frog Robyn shakes his head and shrugs. "I dunno, I just woke up and I found out I'm a frog now, kinda. I just don't feel like myself all the time, something weird is going on." He says looking between July and Annalisa. "I was at the fight with Robin, and it was strange. And what's up with Blank and the cleaning stuff?"

July blinks and tilts her head at the 'frog', "Woke up like that? Not like yourself? Weird…" she rubs her chin, looking up to the ceiling in thought, at least until Robin's other half is mentioned, and July looks back down, "Huh?" and then she turns her head to face Robin, "Planning on cleaning the floor?" she giggles.

Annalisa glances over at the cleaning supplies, and perks an eyebrow, but keeps her distance from "Frobyn". "Uhmm….?" She questions, leaning against July.

Robyn looks down and sighs a bit as he can tell Annalisa is keeping her distance. "Well I don't think I'm a real frog as I don't look like a real one but I'm still all…frog like. I have no idea how to get back to my normal body." He says going brush the hair that isn't there out of his face, just an old habbit.

Robin blinks a few times at July, as if the question is unusual and simply says, "Yes, I am. And everything else, too." She nods at Robyn and says, "I have no idea what we ought to try." She takes a broom from the cleaning supplies that Blank has brought in and begins sweeping the floor and humming to herself.

July remains silent for a few moments, and then she slumps her shoulder and sighs softly, shaking her head, before looking at Robin, "Clean. Everything? Are you nuts? This place has many maids to clean this place, this mansion is too big for a single person to clean everything." she arches one eyebrow, before looking at Robyn, "And you, uh, Robyn? Have you talked to the teachers?"

Annalisa ponders for a moment, and gasps. "Can't Blank teleport around cleaning stuff like a magical fairy?"

"Blanks not a magical fairy…" Robyn the Frog says as he knows a little bit about Blank from being friends with Robin and watching the two of them. "No, I haven't talked to any of the teachers but I figured they all saw me the other day at class." He looks at Robyn confused, at least as a frog he can still convey emotion on his face. "Why do you feel you have to clean everything? It's not your responsiblity, well maybe your room."

"Blank? No. I'm lucky she's even carrying cleaning supplies," sighs Robin. "And I've got to clean it all, or else my stepmother will be so cross with me," she replies to July and Robin. Apparently, all her marbles aren't exactly in place today, either. She continues humming to herself now that the questions have been answered, though at no point does she stop cleaning.

July blinks again, toward Robin, this time. "What? Stepmother?" She rubs the back of her head, curious, "But you don't have a stepmother, don't you? I mean, you still have a mother and a father. I'm sure you mentioned them sometime in the past…" she hmms, trying to recall it, but doesn't come up with any clear memory of it. "Anyways. In any case, what does your stepmother even has anything to do about you cleaning the school? This isn't her place."

Annalisa blinks a few times, glancing between the frog and Robin. "This is so confusing…Did something happen?" She questions with a tilt of her head.

"Well obviously something did happen, otherwise I wouldn't be a frog." Robyn says pondering a few things. "Stepmother? You're parents are here to get….mad…" He says his voice trailing off. "Shit…frog, Big bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood…do you have any mice talking to you Robin?"

"Of course, and they are very nice," says Robin, answering the question as if it is absurd. She gives July the same look at being told that her stepmother has nothing to do with cleaning the school. "I have a stepmother and two stepsisters. I never told you guys that? Strange…" Blank directs her towards all the spots that it appears she's missed, and she starts cleaning those areas too, for maximum cleanliness. Surely her stepmother will not be upset!

July blinks again. She is close to mastering that art! She turns her head to Robyn-frog, "Mice? Big bad wolf? What are you talking about, Robyn?" She asks, tilting her head softly and rubbing it gently in confusion. "What does that have to do with each other?" Then she turns to Robin. "What? You have mice pets? Since when?"

Annalisa scratches her head from side to side, and gently sets her head on July's shoulder. A look of pure frustration crosses her face. "I'm so confused…"

"Have you ever seen any Disney Movies or read any Fairy Tales growing up?" Robyn asks as he grew up with Fairy Tales and anything creative as a kid. "I have a bit of a theory but I dunno, Cinderella, see how this sounds." He says to Robin. "Big Bad Wolf, me as a Frog, Frog Prince sorta thing, you having the need to clean and talkng mice and step sisters and step mother who are, let me guess, ugly and evil."

"Oh, you've met them?" says Robin to Robyn. "They are dreadful, but I really must do what they say, or I will be punished." She looks at July and smiles and says, "Oh, no, the mice aren't my pets. They aren't anyone's pets. They are just very helpful and very nice. They live out in the courtyard." She tilts her head at Robyn and says, "You think you are a Frog Prince? All you need is a kiss then, isn't it?"

July sighs softly, her shoulder slumping a bit, "So… your girlfriend needs to kiss you to turn you back to normal?" she arches one eyebrow, and then she jerks a thumb toward Robin, "And her.. think she's Cinderella?" The rubber girl shakes her head softly, and then rests both elbows on the backrest of the couch, and her chin on her hands, "Sooo… a lot of people were turned into real life versions of fairy tales?"

"I really don't know. And I don't have a girl friend and I don't remember if it's supposed to be a Princess or not, of if the girl is supposed to fall in love with me to turn me back…" Robyn says shaking his froggie head. "I'm just spouting off therioes. Maybe it'll work if I could get Jordan to kiss me?"

"Aw, that would be so romantic!" says Robin, smiling at what Robyn says. She seems to be working pretty efficiently on getting the parts of the floor that need sweeping done, and is now looking at the carpeted areas contemplatively. "Perhaps I should wait to clean the carpets until I won't interrupt any conversation," she says aloud to herself. She seems to pretty well ignore any accusation of being Cinderella, but notes, "Well, it sure does look like Robyn's from a fairy tale. I wonder if anyone else is experiencing that?"

July arches one eyebrow at Robin's obliviousness. "Yeah. Someone like you." she sighs, watching as Anna goes to do… a phonecall, whatever. She shakes her head, slumping a bit, "Bleh. Are you going to tell me, Robin, that you lost a crystal shoe or something like that?" she smirks, saying that playfully adn shaking her head before looking at Robyn. "Soo… we need someone to kiss you."

"Besides the two of us, I don't know Robin." Robyn says scratching his head. He misses having hair. "I guess I might need someone to kiss me, I really don't know. I don't know much of anything right now except I'm a Frog, there was Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf in New York CIty and I think Robin is Cinderella. I should probably find Addison. He was there."

Laughing at the thought, Robin says, "Where on earth would I get a crystal shoe? I would love one, of course, but I hardly have the means to afford one…" She grabs the feather duster and decides on using that instead of vacuuming. "I dunno. I've been feeling a bit off lately, but I doubt I'm really all that affected by this. And I'd kiss you, Robyn, but it'd be more of a peck on the cheek. I don't know if that would even work."

July sighs and shakes her head, hanging her head for a moment, "Can't a couple months go by without something really CRAZY happening to this school?" She rethorically asks, sighing and sitting back down on the couch, before looking at Robyn, "You say you feel fine, aside from the frog thingie?"

"Right now yeah, but yesterday something was off." Robyn says hoping down from the chair. "I think I'm gonna go see if I can find Addison, he was there. And we're mutants July, we're targets for crazy stuff." He says waving a froggie hand. "Don't stay up all night Robin." He says before hopping off.

Robin nods her head at Robyn and says, "You have a good night. Hopefully you find your prince or princess or whoever you need to kiss you." She continues dusting and notes to July, "I dunno. This place really is kind of crazy. Kind of a change from the quiet life I was used to."

July waves slowly at Robyn as he leaves the room, and then she turns to look at Robin, her eyebrow arched, "I still don't understand why you have to clean up a mansion that doesn't belong to you or to your stepmother…

Robin eyes July for a couple of moments and says, "Well, of course it doesn't belong to me. I'm far too young to own a mansion. I don't know about my stepmother or whether she owns it, but she told me to clean it, and I'm not about to disobey her." She shrugs.

July arches one eyebrow at Robin. "Soo… if the owner of the place, or, at least, the ones who are responsible for this place, tells you not to go cleaning around, doing the maids' job, would you stop?" she asks, curious.

Annalisa blinks a bit, and raises her head up from July's shoulder. "Eeep! I dozed off…" She mutters, glacing around to see if the oddities continued.

"What? I'm doing the job I was given, that's all. I guess I still wouldn't disobey my stepmother if someone told me to stop, though. Like I said, I do not want to be punished. Who would stop me from cleaning up, though?" says Robin. She shrugs and continues to dust. The frog is gone now, though, but that's really the only change that Anna might notice.

July sighs and hangs her head again for a moment, "Even if the very owners of this place told you that you shouldn't be cleaning it? You're a student, Robin, not a maid."

Annalisa scratches her head a bit, and looks between the two. "Why is Robin thinking shes a maid?"

Robin blinks a few times at being told she's not a maid, Robin says, "Well, no, I know I'm not a maid. I'm just supposed to clean this. My stepmother will have a fit if she sees that I haven't, like I said."

July sighs and shakes her head slowly, before turning her head to look at Annalisa, "Robin, she… thinks she's Cinderella. I don't know about the story, but, according what Robyn said, it seems she thinks she's in the Cinderella book."

Annalisa blinks a few times, and scratches her head. "I guess being a-wait, she wasn't a princess huh?"

Robin blinks a few times at July and Annalisa, looking kind of perplexed. "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm fine." She shrugs and continues cleaning.

July sighs, "And apparently they have no idea about themselves. Seems like they think that whatever state they're in is the normal." she shakes her head a bit and sighs again.

Annalisa nods a bit, understanding, but not knowing how to help. "What should we do?"

Robin puts her hands on her hips and sighs at the other two, but doesn't stop them or distract them from discussing. Like Cinderella, it appears that she's being pretty submissive, so she's not about to argue with them any more. She just keeps dusting while Blank seems to just stand around not being particularly useful at all.

July sighs and rests her chin onto her arms, shrugging, "I have no idea. Short of trying to find a telepath to read their minds and see whats' wrong with them…" she explains, "It has something to do with that werewolf that showed up a few days ago…"

Annalisa ponders for a moment, and looks over at July. "I could set her on fire?" She says in an obviously joking manner.

"It wasn't a werewolf. It was the big bad wolf," says Robin to July. "He was attacking Little Red Riding Hood. We tried to stop him, but when we subdued him, the woodsman came and chopped him right open! Freed Red's gramma, though." She shrugs and says, "I'd rather you didn't set me on fire, by the way."

July blinks at Robin's description of the scene, "Oohhh-Kaaaayyy…." she then shrugs, before looking at Annalisa, "It would be amusing, Anna, but wouldn't help us any." she says, before looking back at Robin.

Annalisa shrugs a bit, and sighs. "Well, I don't know what to do…."

"That's what happened! I was there!" says Robin to July at her seeming disbelief. "Gosh. I wasn't very useful there, though."

July shrugs softly, "Sure. But, still… it does sound weird, y'know?" she says softly, looking at Robin. "Fairy tales becoming reality? So weird…"

Annalisa blinks for a moment, and then gasps. "Am I gonna get to be a princess!?"

July blinks at Annalisa's reaction, and then she arches one eyebrow at her friend. "You? Become a princess?" July asks, a bit confused, "Why would you? You seem pretty normal, unaffected."

"Hm," says Robin, dusting off some more stuff. "How I would love to be a princess. Oh! That would be so lovely! Just imagine it!" She sighs and says, "Well… I guess that's kind of a pipe dream, though. I'm sure my stepsisters would keep me from marrying any prince."

Annalisa gasps at July in shock. "I wouldn't make a good princess? I could dress up in a gown, and you could take me to the ball!"

Robin says, "I would like to go to a ball. Do you know of any balls happening?" She sighs and crosses her arms and says, "Never mind. I shouldn't entertain those kinds of hopes."

July sighs and hangs her head again fore a moment, "No, Anna. I'm just saying that you've not been affected by whatever changed those people's bodies and/or minds." she says, before looking at Robin. She wants to say something, but she won't, lest some fairy godmothers decide to join.

Annalisa smiles at July, and glances over at Robin. "Something's gotta jog her memory…"

"My memory does not need jogging, Anna," says Robin, putting her hands on her hips. "I remember everything just fine."

July chuckles softly, "Then tell me about your mother and father, Robin?" she asks, sitting sideways on the couch, smirking a bit as she faces the girl-turned-fairy-tale-character.

Annalisa ponders for a moment and then exclaims. "And what about her?" She shouts, pointing at Blank.

"What about her? That's Blank?" says Robin to Annalisa, a little bit bewildered at that question. She scratches her head lightly and says to July, "Well, what is it that you want to know about them? My mom died when I was little, not long after I was born. My dad married my stepmother, but passed on when I was a little bit older." Pause. "I've never told you any of this?"

July arches one eyebrow, "Y'see, that's where your story seems kinda fishy, Robin. Because, a few weeks ago, you told me that your mother taught you to cook and bake." she says, smiling, hoping that would jog her friend's memory a bit.

Annalisa scratches her head a bit. "Cinderella didn't have a magical puppet fairy named Blank…"

Robin gestures at Blank and says, "Blank is not a magical puppet fairy…" To which Blank just responds by waving. To July she says, tilting her head, "Are you sure? That doesn't sound like anything I might say. It makes no sense."

July sighs and pinches the bridge of her nose, "What makes no sense is what you're telling me now. Your mother and father are still alive, you told me that much during our many conversations, and that your mother taught you how to cook." she then stands up, and turns off her video game, since it seems she won't go back to playing it. "I guess I should get going, this isn't going anywhere…"

Annalisa sighs, and glances over at July with a frown. "Do I get a goodnight kiss at least?" She says with a pouty expression.

Robin raises her eyebrow at July and says, "Well, have a good night, July. And I don't know, maybe you misheard me about my mother and father?" She shrugs and hands the duster back to Blank.

July sighs, "Hard to have 'misheard' it when it was spoken more than one time, but… not pressing the issue." she says as she packs her game, then looking at Anna with a soft smile, "Sorry, dear." she says, approaching her and giving her a soft kiss on the lips, "Good night, you two. I'm off to sleep." she says, before making her way out.

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