Sophie Marricone
Sophie Adriana Marricone
Played By Ellen Page
Gender Female
Date of Birth 11/02
Age 18
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Aliases None
Place of Birth Chicago, IL
Current Location New York
Occupation Student, general bum
Known Relatives Too many
Significant Other None
Identity ??
Known Abilities ???
First Appearance ???

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Born in a large family, Sofie is the fourth of six children. Her father - John, Mother - Ann, Sister - Kathryn (23), Brother - Michael (21), Brother Vincent (19) Sister - Anna (14) and Sister - Maria (6). They had no wealth and were far from obtaining any soon, running a small Italian restaurant in the south side of Chicago. As a child, Sofie quickly learned to share with her siblings, and to hide what she felt most important to her. For what it’s worth, she had always considered herself to be a middle child, an opinion her other siblings have used to poke fun at her often. In truth they all felt like the middle child, with so many of them around it was near impossible to get either of their parent’s attention for long.

Life was busy for the Morriconi family, spending long days and nights working in their restaurant, the children being watched by any of the grandparents. Comfort began to creep in as more and more of their kids begin to reach the age for school. Their strain was eased a little more by the time their eldest two became of age to watch the others. This would cause a split amongst their first and second kids against their third and fourth.

For all things considered, Sophie grew up with a decent life. Her family didn’t have the wealth to spoil her, but then again it’s hard to come up with the wealth that would be needed to spoil six kids. Her earliest years went by fast, looking up to both her grandparents as parental figures as much as her own parents. Running a restaurant is difficult and time consuming, but they forced it to work by pulling all the resources they had from both sides of their families, letting brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles of John and Ann’s both work their when they needed too.

Being loyal to the family was almost the Morriconi motto, and was forced down Sofie’s throat at a very young age, by all members in her family; internal and external. All except her brother Vinny. His situation was very similar to her own, having been raised at first by their grandparents and then their oldest two siblings; Kathryn and Michael. The eldest two grew up much faster than the rest of the children, and rightfully so. As soon as Kathryn was old enough to watch the other kids, she did. As soon as she was old enough to help out in the restaurant, she did. The same patterned worked for Michael. So there was a natural split amongst the four oldest children, as one side acted more as surrogate parent’s of the others.

Naturally Vinny and Sofie felt themselves to be more of outsiders and were even looked upon as the black sheep of the family. Both did well enough in their academics, but seemed to be magnets for trouble of all type. Her brother Vinny was the worst of the two, having to be picked up continually by family members for crimes both petty and more serious. First it was for stealing a couple candy bars from the local convenient store, and then it was getting caught drinking underage. This went on for years and years. The final straw came when Vinny was a freshman in high school. He thought it would be funny to take a little pellet gun down to the first soccer game of the season and shoot at the players. Only a couple shots were fired off before the cops arrived. After a short stint in Juvenile correction facility, Vinny was immediately shipped off to a military boarding school. Sofie’s only friend and ally in the family was now gone.

It took a couple years for Sofie to find herself a new group of friends. She never tried very hard with other kids in her class, always knowing her brother would let her hang out with him and his friends. Her new group of friends begin to move her into a different direction. The idea of fun was no longer doing the stuff her brother always did; stealing, drinking and setting things on fire. Now it was listening to and trying to play their own music, though there was always that small pull to follow in her brother’s foot steps. Lucky for her it was never anything serious and she wasn‘t ever caught.

Abandoning her relationships with her brothers and sisters, Sofie turned to old classics that people have been rediscovering for years: The Velvet Underground, The Stooges, and Sonic Youth. All became those she felt comfort with when not around her new friends. It drove her sibling’s nuts, having to listen to whatever music she was blasting that they forced her parents to buy her a pair of headphones. She even begin to pick up shifts at the family restaurant to earn money for records (this would cause her grades to slip a little, but she never felt she had much of a chance to go to college anyway). It was the only form of music she could listen to besides the radio. Quickly Sofie became an avid vinyl nut (though she won’t be quick to point out it was out of necessity and not choice). The early months of high school started looking very promising.

Sofie and her two best friends weren’t well liked at their high school by the popular kids, but no one else really seemed to mind them too much. They basically existed within all the dorks and geeks that weren’t great at sports or on the cheerleading squad. They would spend all weekend playing music at each of their parent’s basements, rotating so that none of them could get too sick of the noise. Sofie was able to buy a beat up old drum kit for real cheap, the other two girls picking up guitar and bass. All the free time she could get between school and her parents restaurant went to playing the drums.

It was the first summer after her freshman year that Sofie begin to notice something strange happening to her body. Little lines began forming underneath her skin, being most noticeable at her shoulders. At first she was worried it might be something like a staph infection, but feeling completely fine after a couple days the idea was quickly shrugged. As the weeks and months went on, the pattern under her skin begin to spread further down both her arms and around her back and chest. Being afraid of what her parents might think, she kept it hidden from them, feeling lucky that it started to spread the further and further as winter started to approach.

Her younger sister Anna was the one to discover it, and mistaking it for a tattoo quickly ratted Sofie out to her parents. They were furious with her and demanded she tell them what tattoo shop she went to, wanting to report them to the police for allowing underage kids get work down without any legal guardian’s present. She tried to explain to them that it just appeared underneath her skin wasn’t her fault at all. Of course they didn’t believe her and for punishment locked up all her records and drum set in a small storage room in the basement. She was also grounded until she fesses up the place she got the tattoo from. This seemed almost worse than when they sent her brother away.

Horrified that she couldn’t play with her band anymore, Sofie quickly became very aggravated and agitated. Her temper now very short, she started regressing back to her old ways for entertainment. Stealing things form other kid’s lockers and backpacks as they walked in front of her. The longer she went without being caught, the more and more she would steal. It eventually caught up with her when she grabbed a couple things from some of the school’s cheerleaders.

Already having a reputation for being a kleptomaniac, the girls immediately confronted her in a small hall in between classes one afternoon. They know it would be tight and that if a fight started it would be too packed with kids before a teacher could jump in and stop it. The fight only lasted a couple punches, having caught Sofie off guard she took both immediately. It was mostly the release of all her frustrations that caused her mutant powers to manifest themselves as the little tattoo like lines beneath her skin, resembling a circuit board came streaming out at the top of her wrist. Wrapping themselves around the other girl, she was quickly knocked out by the volts of electricity being pumped from Sofie into her. Once the hall was finally cleared, both girls were found lying unconscious.

Sofie was quickly suspended from school until the administration could figure something out to do with her. Even her parents were afraid that she could end up causing harm to their patron’s and wouldn’t let her work at the restaurant. For a couple weeks she spent all day alone, both her records and drums having been given back. Her friends and band members all came to visit every day they could, not at all hating her for what she was. They all thought it was really cool, helping raise Sofie’s spirits as much as possible.

Then a representative from a boarding school called The Xavier’s Institute showed up at her parent’s house. They promised an excellent education and a chance for her to learn to control her new found abilities. Her parents agreed it was for the best, Sofie viewed it as a way for them to get rid of her just like her older brother Vincent. As much as she wanted to hate them, deep down she knew it was best for her family if she was sent away.


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Beneath Sofie’s skin is a network of wires that pushes energy through out her body. Around her arms, shoulders, upper back and chest they’re visible beneath the skin, with her having the capability to push them externally where they end at her wrists (there could be other places, but she hasn’t discovered them yet). Through this she can push energy through her body, acting like a little generator to help give power where there is none, or applying shocks to others when in danger. When she gets overly excited, a build up of static electricity begins to gather causing the hair on her arms and eventually her head to rise. She still doesn’t have great control over how much energy she can release.

When Sofie uses her ability to run electronics through her own current, it has to come from somewhere, right? It comes from her own energy source, depleting it as it is given over to something else. It just all depends on how much electricity would normally be needed to run the object. Something small like an ipod (something she’d never touch) wouldn’t initially take that much energy from her, just a trickle over time. Running something bigger, like using herself to jump start a car would bring a fast feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. This can potentially cause her to pass out. Same applies when they’re used offensively as a weapon.


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