2010-08-01: Sorry About Your Face


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Summary: Still on his task of hunting down the Cult of Kalumai Deadpool finds himself encountering Heather and Caleb, whom give some hurt to some thugs.

Date: August 1st, 2010

Log Title: Sorry About Your Face

Rating: R

NYC - Hell's Kitchen

The rough neighborhood in Midtown West New York known as Hell's Kitchen almost has a darker tone to it. Once you step into this neighborhood the city takes on a different feel, the buildings are shorter but everything feels darker. There is real grit to this part of town where many of the New York City criminals see to make their home.

The sun had gone down, Hell's Kitchen had this gloomy enjoyable comic book Gotham look to it that Deadpool found almost enjoyable as he sat slouched on a bus bench, the rain battering the outside of the plastic and metal overhang in heavy drums. He was wearing his outfit of course, a trenchcoat and a hat were also sported though, his face was visible underneath where the mask was drawn up and he was cramming the bit of a chili dog in his mouth one leg casualy draped over the other, ankle rested on knee. The street wasn't all together busy, idly he was watching a pimp dressed in far too much 'bling' yell and scream in the face of one of his money makers. Boring, if he got bored enough he could do something about it but eh… they'd just be at it tomorrow. His head on a swivel he looks down the road towards the apartment complex he had been observing, two men seated on the porch, one on a lawn chair. Both men seemed absorbed in whatever no doubt ultra intellectual conversation they were having that probably involved the words, 'bitches, hos, bitches, and gat' several times over.

It's getting late and for the second time this week Caleb's lost track of time at Craig's place, so again he has to walk though Hell's Kitchen at night, he's dressed in dark jeans, a dark blue buttoned shirt, his usual roxas airwalk trainers and his violet eyes are glowing faintly as is the yellow stone on the silver wristband on his right wrist, he's walking at a fast pace down the road Deadpool's on, no matter how hard he tries to be on time, he usually only just makes it.

It struck as it always does when he sits there, a groan escapes some inner voice that he pictures is surrounded in yellow boxes, "Dum dum dum de dum duh, you're never alone, you're never disconnected! you're home ith you're own, when company's expected, you're well protected!!! Then you're set…" Make it stop ~yes dammit stop do something else~ "Fine fine, no singing." Deadpool hadn't realized he was standing and his arms where thrown out into the air one hand up, "Ahem" he sits back down bringing one hand forward to prop up under his chin, resting it there as he stares across the road looking at the pimp and the prostitute again, his voice picking up a strange accent as the man waves his fist infront of the girl,"I swear, one of these days Alice, bam zoom right to the moon!" Entertaining himself while he waited for his query to show. No mind that Caleb was near him.

Caleb is just walking past the bus stop when Deadpool stands up and starts singing, he just stops and watches for a few seconds, "Ok, what's up with him?", when the strange guy stops he still finds himself rooted to the spot, completly forgetting about the rain.

Realizing he had an audience both of his eyes would narrow to slits and he would stare back at Caleb, no sound escaping him. Deadpool's stare locked and held in place, his chin still rested on his hand propped up by his knee, the sounds of the man in the baggy clothes decked out in rings and necklaces was now striking the woman, his attention however didn't move from the young man before him, that stare locked. His Dick Tracy style hat and trenchcoat at this range not concealing the red and black outfit he wore, or the fact he was strapped with a few firearms. He blinks first we sucker punch him and steal his wallet ~Agreed, dibs on his shoes; can't find those at just any Lady's Foot Locker.~ the two voices in Deadpool's mind holding a conversation about the newcommer.

A bright umbrella protects the tangled hair and the mismatched clothes of Heather Brown from becoming soaked in the heavy rain. She zips quickly down the street, though, having to keep the umbrella at a strange angle from herself to keep dry and keep it from being caught in the wind. She stops, though, at the sight of this pimp and prostitute fighting here, pausing. "Excuse me," she plays on her tape recorder, "This is a conflict?" Caleb and Deadpool do not immediately catch her attention

Caleb is about to look away from Deadpool gaze when he spots the firearms, trying to remain calm he phases, so if this guy uses them he won't get hit, either way that guys gaze is as unnerving as the guns, but he does catch the sight of the pimp hitting the whore and Heather appoaching them, "Feck".

"We win!" Deadpool shouts. Yet not fists came, instead he flopped back onto the bench and gave a bored look across the road, "Shu sparky, you're ruining the mood." A gloved hand rises up and he waves it in the air dismissively at Caleb.

The pimp his hood up, grill showing across white teeth was shouting spit sprayed out in front of him as his hand struck the attractive redhead again, bloodying her nose - she would fall against the wall of the brownstone building they were standing behind and a kick would be delivered to her side. The shouting continued, noone around them paid mind, several people would pause briefly but continue to walk. The other 'working girls' not far off would look away as one of the men up on the buildings stairs would laugh, "Hit her again T-Virus!" None of them seem to notice Heather near or what Caleb and Deadpool were up to across the street.

Her hands clapping together twice, making loud sounds like thunderclaps, Heather tries to draw attention to herself. "Do not ignore me. Is this a conflict?" plays Heather's tape recorder. But she does not wait to intervene, instead zipping in front of the fallen prostitute to put herself right between T-Virus and the woman, seeming to speed in at such a rate that she almost just appears.

Caleb raises an eyebrow when Deadpool announces he wins and tell him to shu, "Whatever Dick", he then sighs and runs across the road to wards the confrontation, he stops when he sees the girls speed, "Mutant?", geez and he used to think superhuman were rare other than superheroes.

"What the? Get out of the way trick!" The thug snaps at Heather, his hand was already upraised the rings on it gleaming as rain fell, which had obscured her movements making the pimp or T-Virus as he was called miss that the action may have been superhuman in origin.

The girl on the ground whimpers as one of the men on the stairs leaned over the edge, connecting to the brownstone building the stairwell was a good eight feet up where both men were located. "Hey crazy b%$ch move on, if you a pig you know better than bein over here… what the fu…" His exclamation as she *blinks* into view before T-Virus. Then the approach of Caleb, "Yo D, check this shit out… I think we got us a pair of heroes or somethin'." His voice overheard past the rain the other man who had been sitting on the lawn chair stood up and joined the first standing there, his shirt being drawn up to make sure the gun was seen that was tucked into his belt.

Deadpool remained back where he was across the street, "Rude and you run like a girl!" He shouted as Caleb ran off.

"Hero? No. Meddlesome youth," plays the speedster. Heather's fingers quickly and expertly tuck the tape recorder away, and she retracts her umbrella into its smallest form before extending her arm towards the pimp. The umbrella extends out once again, zipping at its full extension at a blistering pace right towards T-Virus's chest. She glances now over to his friend, making a high pitched squeaking sound at the sight of the gun, a single word incomprehensible to any that don't live in her speed-ed state.

Deadpool's comment is ignored in favor of the situation in front of him, Caleb is gonna get in so much trouble in Barnes finds out he got involved, he holds out a hand that begins to glow violet, "Somethin', look if you just stop, no one else has to get hurt", the threat is slightly ruined but the shake in his voice.

A 'whumpf' escapes the thug as he is bowled backwards by the umbrella, impact due to velocity alone knocking him off his feet with a load crash as something hard in his pocket shatters, most likely a cell phone. "B#@ch you just f$ck$d up!" Shouts the man on the stairwell who had first been talking, he leapt up and over the ledge to land by Heather. Once the man stood up he swung his fist out at Heather aimed for the side of her head.
"Ray man, Ray dawg that white boys got some sort of… purple shit… I dunno…" . The second man mumbles up on the edge, looking left and right he then drew out the pistol aiming it at Caleb. "Back off freak, this ain't any of your bizness!"

The umbrella that Heather uses is a little bit reinforced, just so that she can use it without breaking it. As such, it makes a fantastic weapon once extended. She spins back to get out of the way of the fist coming towards her (by her perspective, in slow motion) and also to gain enough momentum to smack the guy on the shoulder, the speed at the end of the umbrella (which, while extended, is not open) enough to make the strike feel like a baseball bat delivered by a particularly burly thug.

"Ok, i didn't catch a word of that", when the gun is pointed at him Caleb reacts without thinking, he unphases and fires a blast of violet energy at the guy pointing it, his other hand begins to glow in preparation of another blast.

"Grnf!" Escapes the large man as he tumbles forward almost falling to his knees after the assault of the umbrella now being delt on him. T-Virus watching Ray get battered pulled out his own firearm and aims at Heather holding it sideways as was 'gangster' and killed accuracy with Heathers speed she would be able to react before he took aim and squeezes off two to three rounds which is what he was now doing.

The third man, his own gun flew out of his hands a sa blast of energy slams into his chest knocking him into the wall to fall in a tumble down the steps.

The prostitute who had been getting struck was up and running as were the others, a few more had also started to scream and run off. Deadpool as well was flailing, screaming and running around in a circle with a crowd that was trying to escape the gunshots and energy blasts, obviously caught up in the moment and bored.

Indeed, Heather's eyes focus on T-Virus as the gun gets raised up in the air. She shifts her position to get out of the path of where the bullets will fire, since she's not quite fast enough to dodge the bullets themselves. The umbrella, since Heather is out of range for a direct attack, is thrown towards T-Virus with similar strength and speed to all of her attacks, right towards his face.

Caleb can't help but grin when the guy pointing the gun at him is knocked down, his excitement is short lived when people start running around, "Shit, please don't call the police yet", when he spots the guy pointing the gun at Heather he runs forwards and fires a blast at him

A *klak* of a skull meeting concrete was audible as T-Virus head slaps off the wall behind him never having bothered to pick himself up he was firing from the ground rested into the wall. The bullets would ricochet off the stairwell behind Heather and into the street. The thug slumps as his gun falls from his hands, her umbrella dropping off to the side along side some of his bloody teeth mingled with golden 'grill' Downed already a second strike only seems to increase the amount of suffering he was in, his face becoming and upper body becoming a ruinous mess as magical energy slams into it.

The remaining man reels away from the almost explosive spray of blood and energy that came off of T-Virus as Caleb's blast hit home, "Holy shit you killed him, holy shit…" His words abruptly cut off as a red to black clad form is standing behind him, his fingers set together in a chop like motion, obvious he had just dropped the man with a hit. "Eww messy!" Deadpool says loudly, one foot rising then the other, "Is there any on my feet?" A quip of "Way to go Carl!" Came from him as he looks over at Caleb. Obviously he was trying to imitate Mother Winslow.

Heather zips over to her umbrella to pick it up. She flips it open and raises it above her head, pulling out her tape recorder and playing to Caleb, "Check his pulse. My touch can be too damaging. I was able to handle it, you just went over the top there." The speedster shrugs, though, and takes a few steps back to look up at Deadpool.

Caleb gasps and takes a step backwards as some of the mans blood hits him, the shout of "you killed him", has Caleb but a hand to his mouth in shock, when told to check the guy's pulse by Heather he shakes his head, "I..i…", did i kill him?

"Let me start off by saying, your umbrella fighting skills are very League of Extraordinary Gentlemanly and I dig the Purple Power Ranger sidekick but… YOU both just totally messed up my gig!!!" Deadpool's hands threw up into the air and he paces back and forth, "Hold up wait, was this coincidence? Because if so I won't maim the two of you? " The mercenary pauses and walks over to the guy they'd both double teamed, nudging him. A burble of blood came out of his face, or where his face was. One eye rolling up. "Nope, he's alive, for the moment. Kind of looks like the Toxic Avenger now though. " Leaning towards the man he whispered "Don't worry I can sympathize." Spinning back around he stared at both Heather and Caleb. "So… Speedy McHotness and her slightly squeamish friend, coincidence or intentional?"

Heather blinks a few times quickly at Deadpool's speech and she spins her umbrella between her fingers for a moment. "I was concerned that there was a conflict, I intervened. As for being here, I was just passing through. I don't know who you are, and I don't want to mess up any gigs." To Caleb, "You may want to call for an ambulance or something for that guy. I can't speak on the phone."

Caleb breathes a sigh of relief and actually smiles when told the guy is alive, "I'm not a killer?, thank fuck for that", sure he seems to have pretty badly maimed him, but he'll feel guilty about that later, "I was just heading back from a friends house", he reaches into his pocket to take out his phone to call an ambulance, but it isn't there, "Fuck, i left it at Craig's".

"Call me gullible for now, or Sally - which has a lovely ring to it. But I suppose you just randomly being here… "Deadpool's arms fold over his chest, one finger tapping at his jaw studiously he gazes upon Heather then Caleb, realizing or at least deciding neither was faking it."I'll buy it. Next question then… " Reaching into his trench coat he pulls out a piece of paper, etched into it is an emblem of a goat's head. "Recognize this at all? Oh oh, that was a lie one more question after that. Promise that's last one. " Curious if either one of them had any knowledge of the Cult of Kalumai. Something he had been working on hunting down for the past month.

Unseen by Deadpool as his back was to it; further down the road a black luxury car stops, remaining parked several moments as the forms inside observed what was going on at their intended destination. A window rolls down and soon it is slowly driving away what they would catch notice of is a redhead with shades looking over at them; a frown on her face before the car was out of sight.

Helpfully, Heather offers, "That looks like a drawing of a goat." She watches the luxury car go by, a raised brow at this, but continues playing on the tape recorder, "That is all I can tell you about that picture." She pulls out her own cellphone, unlocks it and gives it to Caleb, "Just call," she plays on her recorder for Caleb's benefit. Talking on the phone using a tape recorder is just too hard for her to manage a coherent conversation.

Caleb looks over at the picture, "It kind of looks like the cover of the hellmouth in season seven of Buffy, but in real life a goat's head like that one is usually associated with some form of cult", he takes the phone from Heather and dials 911, "Hello, i need an ambulance, i don't know exactly, bus stop in Hell's kitchen?, thanks bye", he offers Heather her phone back, he hasn't spotted the car or woman.

"Feh, leave him for Daredevil or Moon Knight, one of them schlubs, this is their turf. Eh hrm, you're kind of right, it does look like a Buffy cover, more of an Angel fan myself though and yes ding you're right it is associated with a cult! But neither of you got a clue… " Deadpool seems on the side of disappointed neither of them knows anything about the picture aside from it being a goat, pocketing it once more he looks down at Virus who on his left wrist had a tattoo of the same design Deadpool just showed. A heavy exhale came from the Regenrate'n Degenerate and he pops over to Heather, one arm lifting up to obviously gear for draping across her shoulders, "Second question, or was that third or fourth? Anyways, ASL gorgeous? Include digits too!" A wink escaping the masked lunatic. Yes, apparently Deadpool was hitting on Heather.

Heather glances as the arm is draped across her shoulder and she shuffles quickly away from Deadpool's grasp to try and get the arm off of her without physically pushing him. Once she manages to get into a position where Deadpool can see her, she responds with 'Between 16 and 35, female, New York' in American Sign Language, just so she covers all her bases on the acronym. Then she takes the phone back from Caleb.

The arm drape met air and Deadpool swayed as it fell down clapping against his side, the following motion she gave him caused a sad-faced expression to appear on his mask visible by contours of his features before his smile sprouted back up. "Fiesty, I like her. "He tosses at Caleb one thumb jutting towards Heather who he turns back to."Your lovely retort has daunted me for now but alas fair maiden, resistance is futile." Realizing police and paramedics would be here soon he gave a wave to them and began a quick sprint down the road. "Don't stay up late kids, pappa won't be home early!"

Soon an ambulance and two squad cars would be coming around the corner at the end of the street. The man who was knocked out remained in a sprawl, the other man on the stairs was trying to crawl away but not making it very far while T-Virus laid against the wall, his body obliterated still had one eye open, staring towards both Caleb and Heather.

"Goodbye," says Heather to Caleb, knowing it's best to clear out before the authorities arrive. She's a mutant, after all, and even though she can claim self-defense on this, it is unlikely that she'd get away with it. To the thug, she plays, "Uh, sorry about your face." It's time to vamoose. Zip, and she's gone.

Yeah, Caleb isn't gonna be hanging around either, he's just committed GBH and really doesn't wanna go to jail, so one quick look at the thugs and he flies off, hoping that Barnes somehow doesn't find out.

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