2009-03-25: Sound And Fury


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Summary: After working on a mental trap, Addison and Daisuke have a little power practice session.

Date: March 25, 2009

Sound and Fury

Rating: PG

Xavier Mansion - Danger Room

A product of Shi'ar technology, the room generates apparently solid, realistic imagery by manipulation high-resolution force fields and holograms. The walls and floor appear as a steel room until a program is turned on. Overhanging the room in the center is a control Room managing the room's mechanisms to oversee the exercise while ensuring the subject's safety.

It's still early. Many of the students and teachers are in their morning classes. However, Addison and the other mentalists from his world are currently gathered in the center of the danger room. It's shielding is the best place for what they're doing. In the center of the circle of telepaths, is the blond Betsy Braddock. Gathered around her, the others all glow in a sharing of Addison's fire. Their eyes are all open, but look as though they're not really paying attention to the real world.

Knowing that Addison helped Eddie with his power and realizing more, Daisuke thought that it was worth a shot asking Addison as well. He heard he was down in the danger room so the sonics user made his way down there. He steps in and notices that there are several people in here and decides that he should probably just leave. He doesn't want to interupt since Daisuke figures his question can wait.

Slowly, the telepaths settle, each blinking and looking around. Addison coughs gently. "We'll have it ready before it happens. I promise." He says, looking to the others. After a moment, the others, Betsy… Jean… charles… Emma… Dante… all make their way out of the danger room. "Sorry about that. We're trying to find a way to catch Farouk." He explains. After all, Farouk is a mentalist as well.

Daisuke sees Addison and nods. "Well, what if you try it with some of the telepaths of our world?" He asks thinking maybe if they gathered more than the six it might help, but he doesn't know much about telepathy. "I'm really sorry to interupt, Sir…Addison…Mr. Falk…" He doesn't know what to call him especially since they're not that far apart in age. "I was just wondering since you helped Eddie with his powers, do you think you can help me? I just…I have to get better sir."

Addison blinks, staring. "I'm barely any older than you are. Don't call me sir. It's weird." He runs a hand though his hair and chuckles. "Just Addison." He chuckles, nodding. "The telepath we NEED we can't get to, since she's dead here. The one that HELD Farouk for years." He chuckles before moving into a cross-legged seating position. "Sure, I don't mind at all. As long as you call me Addison and don't mind me being in your head while you're working."

Daisuke nods. "I'm sorry Addison, it's just, habbit I guess." He feels like Addison is older than him, it might be that he's had more experience. "I don't mind you being in my head, I just hate constantly being not strong enough to defend myself and I know there's more I can do that I just haven't learned yet." He admits and he does seem over all determined. "I know I should also learn some hand to hand combat as well."

"Hand to hand is NOT my forte. I mean, I can fight dirty, but… my mind is my weapon. Obviously." Addison says with a bit of a grin. "Life models." He calls to the computer, creating a few robotic looking opponents. His mind reaches out to link with the sonic manipulator's. ~~ Just fight them as you normally would. I will try not to overhear anything I shouldn't inside, but I've… my shielding and sorting was damaged by Farouk.~~ He says, getting a feel for Dai's mind as he's in there.

"Okay." Daisuke says to Addison's telepathic talk and then repeats it just in his mind getting used to telepathy. ~Okay.~ In side Dai's mind it's surprisingly logical, as he looks at his openents and concentrates on them. Addison would be able to tell that Daisuke is looking for any weak points to exploite using his power of weakness detection. He'd also notice that Dai's mind isn't compeltely on the fight as a part of him can't help but think about his roomate and the awkward crush that's forming.

Addison raises an eyebrow for now, but doesn't say anything about the crush for the moment, preferring to focus on the current situation. "Alright, always a good way to begin things. Checking things out. But go on for your attacks. Show me everything you've learned how to do." He actually speaks, watching mentally and physically as he surrounds himself.

Using his weakness detection, Daisuke notices where the joints are weaker in spots and which would be the most vunerable and takes a deep breath before letting out a scream, aiming an attack at those spots. He doesn't have the best pin point control so it's kind of a wide blast that hits more of the spot he was aiming for. He has tried to learn pin point control but he never got it down. He doesn't seem to be able to do much besides blast and form sheilds at the moment.

Being inside Dai's mind, Addison would notice that his lack of self confidence is really one of the keys to holding back his potential.

"Daisuke?" Addison asks. "Why are you so afraid?" That's the important thing, in his mind. "You're holding back." He whispers, mentally backing his words in case he wasn't heard physically. He takes a moment. Rather than calling on the danger room to change things, he creates a mental appearing. One of the constructs appears as Sinister, who he just learned of from Brian. Behind him, there's a chamber holding Eddie. Everything else vanishes.

Daisuke is kind of surprised that Addison says that since he doesn't realizes he is. He tries to stammer out an answer but before he can, he sees Sinister and flood of emotions rush back into him. Fear, Anger, the memory of being under his control, experimented on and becoming his war. Seeing Eddie there just heightens the anger but there's something inside that knows it isn't real. "I hate you." He whispers to Sinister as screams at him as hard as he can, sending a sonic blast at the White Faced Villain with more force behind it than he's ever used before.

Addison didn't know that Dai was also manipulated by Sinister and winces. The force of this one actually causes a movement in the room as Addison smiles, despite the accident. "I'm sorry, I didn't know he did that to you. But see? you've been holding back." He offers, letting the sinister illusion go.

Shaking slightly, even after the illusion is gone, Daisuke just nods. "That's why I have to get better, because I don't want people like him taking advantage of me again." He says as he tries to blink back a few tears. He still has nightmares of the things Sinister did. Inside his mind, Addison would be able to see a lot of his fear comes from being beaten on and worse by his father along with the several times he's been kidnapped and it's caused him to just feel like he can't amount to anything. Daisuke is serious about wanting to get better to stop the feelings though.

"Did you see how hard you let it all out that time?" Addison asks, softly. "And believe me, I understand. That's why I'm trying to help create something to hold the Shadow King in someone's mind. I don't want him ever doing to anyone what he did to us again." He pauses for a moment. "Remember that anger. That fear, and let it out against one of them." He points at the still standing practice dummies. "I know they say to focus and do the right thing, but sometimes, the emotions, positive or negative, give us that extra edge we need. That extra push. Do it."

Daisuke looks up at Addison and nods. He doesn't like being angry and usually tries to hold it in but not always succesfully. "I don't ever want him doing that to you, or anyone else, Addison. It sucks to be controled and not knowing your actions." He was forced to kill several people but at least he's come to terms that it wasn't his fault. "Okay s..Addison." He says nodding as he takes a deep breath and lets a scream out at one of the practice dummies, it's not quite as strong as it was before but it's still a stronger force than what he usually does.

"Better. Much better. You're getting stronger by focussing that irritation." Addison says with a grin. Each person has to learn differently. For Eddie, it was just to open up. For Dai, it's to channel those emotions constructively. "Now… I'm going to show you something, alright? Just to see how it works, and if you can do it."

Daisuke is still taking a few deep breaths as he's still a bit unnerved by seeing Sinister earlier and having to focus on what he tries to ignore most of the time. He needs to use what he hates to channel being stronger. "Okay, let's go." Again he's determined to be better and not what he thinks of himself as, weak.

Addison nods softly and displays how power flows for someone else. The forward thrust and shielding that someone does, and how they turn them to their advantage, turning into a way to lift and move in the air. Sure, it's noisy and annoying, but it's a whole new freedom. "I've worked with the Cassidys in my world. They have equivalents here."

Daisuke has tried to learn how to fly before but it's much different seeing it from this perspective. His mind breaks down the physics behind what he has to do and even thinking about it he realizes the strange advance of the weird sleeves in the costume. "Okay so if I…" He starts muttering to himself as he works it out in his mind and it's obvious when it comes to things like this, Daisuke is very smart. After a few minutes of figuring it out Daisuke takes a deep breath and nods. A low thrum can be heard from him as he works with the sound, focusing it to do what he wants it to do and after a while he manages to get about a foot off the ground, hover there for a bit, before falling. It's a start and he can't help but smile.

"Almost." Addison laughs, watching. "Now you just have to practice and get used to it." He lifts himself upwards with a grin, covering himself in flames. Of course, he's been doing it for a while. "Do you need be to give you another display, or do you think you have it now?"

Daisuke gets up and runs a hand through his hair, the smile still on his face. "I think I understand it but another display might be nice, so I can study it to see if there is anything I missed." He says the smile fades to one of concentration. "I think I need to get a costume like one of theirs, it will really help from, if what I understand is correct. It allows some extra mass to move with sound, kind of like a sail, for sound."

Addison goes through the mental display once more, a little bit more slowly. "That might help." He nods. "And you really need to believe in yourself. It'll definitely help your powers grow. And, it'll probably help you with your roommate." He offers a slow smile as he runs a hand through his hair. He can't say anything, considering that one of his teammates has a lot in common with him, as well.

Daisuke pays attention to the mental display again and smiles, picking up a few things he missed the first time. "I know, I know I have problems with my self confidence, it's something I've known for a while, it's just not easy to believe in yourself over night and when you're constantly attracting bad luck." The the last part registers with Daisuke and he blushes quite a bit. "Wh-what do you mean by roomate?"

"Your mind was on that. I apologize, I couldn't filter it. He looked cute, though." Addison offers with a half grin. Of course, he thinks that in itself might help with Dai's self esteem. To have a partner that cares about him. "I did warn you that I may not be able to avoid certain thoughts."

Daisuke continues to blush and looks down. "He is but…" Daisuke's just really shy when it comes to relationships. "Anyway, flying..I should try it again." He takes a deep braath and manages to get more than a few feet above the ground this time and stay up longer. He hasn't tried moving around yet, but at least he has learned the basics of hovering. Now he just has to figure out how to land.

Shaking his head, Addison decides he'll have to talk to Jared later sometime. To see how he actually feels about Dai. "Just lower the power gradually, instead of all at once. That'll bring you back down, softly." He grins. "I think I'm going to go nap. That wore me out. The trap building."

Daisuke does what Addison says and he starts to decend and then lands, but not exactly gracefully, but it's a start. "Okay, thanks a lot Addison, I think I'll stay here and practice for a bit. I'll talk to someone later about getting a uniform with the arm sails." He doesn't know exactly what to call them. "Thanks again Addison I really appricate it. Rest well."

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