2011-03-31: Spades And Darts


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Summary: Kaji and Pietro meet. It doesn't go well.

Date: March 31, 2011

Log Title: Spades and Darts

Rating: PG-13

NYC Stark Towers

It's been a while since Kaji's been into anything, or done anything exciting. The past few months have been monotonous to say the least, what with his lack of helping Tony out with the Toad Juice fiasco. Though, the training with Taskmaster has been the only thing that's odd to say the least. It's never the same thing twice. The mutant is currently sitting at a stool in the kitchen area. A dart board leaning up against a wall with pictures attached to it. "Now where to go next…" He tosses a dart lazily, and with a THUNK; it lands square in the middle of Fiji.

Elevator doors part and barely a tick later there's a loud, "Honey! I'm home!" Of course no one is there to greet Tony as he strides into the living room. "No one appreciates a good entrance any more. Oh, hey fuzzball!" At least Athena seems to appreciate the arrival of one very busy inventor. There is some obligatory baby talk to the puppy and then the two bound about the living room in search of toys when Tony hears the thunks in the general kitchen area. "Did someone break in again?" Tony asks the dog who looks up at him with that head tilt that only dogs can pull off. The same expression just doesn't look right on a humans face but Tony manages a decent copy. "Did the toaster come to life again and start a war with the Blender? What's going on?" Seeing Kaji sitting at the bar throwing darts into the kitchen.

Having just missed the elevator as Tony was going up, Pietro waited and caught it after it came back down. Means he doesn't arrive until after Tony and Athena are heading into the kitchen. Doesn't say anything, and pauses just inside the door to listen to the voices. Oh, Tony is home! That's a surprise. Expected to peek in here, then harass Jarvis for lab access. The speedster is wearing an Iron Man tshirt, a jacket in dark blue that's kind of a casual business suit shape, and slacks. This is what he wore to work today. The tshirt is solid red, and an art style, but the faceplate is clearly identified across the chest. "Tony?" What's that thunking noise? Oh, hey, Athena. The dog gets pets as he rounds the corner and finds himself behind Tony.

Kaji looks back at the door, quirking a brow as he twirls a dart in his hand idly. "Just wondering where to go on my next little vacation. Gonna try and get some relaxation time in. Maybe a some art time." He shrugs a bit before he tosses the dart at the board again, this time landing on a picture of one of Hawaii's beaches. "Have we been to Fiji before?" He looks up at the ceiling for a moment, trying to remember before he leans back and spots Pietro. "Oh, so you're the other one that I've been catching a whiff of up here. Was wondering who it was." He gives a two fingered salute with a smirk. "I'm Kaji."

Tony peers into the kitchen then turns around to see Pietro. "….." An Iron Man t-shirt? Really? Fingertips graze across the edges of his go-t before falling away. "The torso one would look better. I've never been a big fan of the faceplate. Though, I never knew you were a fan!" Clearly amused by the shirt Tony takes a step closer offering a one armed hug to the speedster. "What're you doing here? Did I forget something?" Before Pietro has a chance to respond Tony turns back to Kaji, "No, no Fiji. I should really introduce the two of you." But he doesn't.

Caught a wiff of? That sounds so pleasant. Pietro arches eyebrows at the wolf. Very familiar with ferals, he none the less lets it slide. "Pietro Maximoff." Kaji is told. Only then does he shift his attention to Tony. "I'm not." A fan, for all he returns that hug. "It's merely amusing to watch you preen." What is he here for? "No reason other than I had some free time. Work ran late. Have you eaten?" The work ran late part because, well, it's late. "Are you taking in strays again?" Asked of Tony, and about Kaji. A rat, a wolf.. what's next?

Kaji quirks a brow with a laugh at the mention of strays. "Trust me, I'm no stray. I'm what you /would/ call this man's bodyguard. But, it's kinda hard to keep him protected. He's just too free of a spirit." He shrugs a bit before he looks back at the dart board. "Wanna go cliff diving in Fiji then? Seem to love doing that." The question is directed at Tony, since do these two need any reason to go leap off of cliffs? He turns his seat around to look at Pietro. "Nice to meet you anyway."

"I've thought about it but I still haven't found a shadow dimension demon bunny that likes living under the bed and leaving radio active pellets about. Still looking!" It could happen. Tony slips back into the living room to collapse on the leather couch while Athena tries to get attention from the other two men in the apartment. "I've not eaten. I finally managed to get away from Pepper long enough to catch up on some work in the Garage so I came up to see if I could find anything in the cabinets. You're more than welcome to make yourself at home, Pietro."
Kaji brings up the difficulties of trying to be a bodyguard for a man who is constantly vanishing and the man in question shrugs his shoulders. "Hmm, stay in New York to have random people trying to kill me or to pitch myself to my own death. This is tempting."

A bodyguard. Pietro's look of disbelief says it all. "Right, stray given title to be on payroll." Guard Iron Man. He's trying very hard not to laugh over that one. "Which is why you were whiling away the hours doing absolutely nothing while Tony was out? Of course." Sarcasm? Yes, you can have some. Tony is given a look after that, and one for the bunny. Honestly. "Why you let them keep these delusions I'll never know. And don't jinx us." Talking about such things gets demon bunnies. He totally doesn't help Tony pick between those two. Shaking his head at you both, Pietro checks through cabinets and the fridge. What's here? "I'll make something. If there's anything viable at any rate." Dubious in this house!

Kaji narrows his gaze at Pietro with a quirk of a brow. "He didn't leave the building at least, else he told the guards to not notify me." Both of which are plausible scenarios. He rubs at his forehead. "Honestly, do you have to keep calling me a stray, or do you just want to see me get angry." Sarcasm is built into that sentence as well as he leans back in his seat; crossing his arms over his chest in annoyance.

"And me without any popcorn," Tony comments from the couch. "Is this going to degenerate over time to the point where the lot of us have to whip it out? Because honestly, if that's the case then we should just get it over with." Legs are extended then tossed up onto the couch as Stark gets comfortable. Athena comes over to lay in front of the couch just as the television winks on. "I can not be blamed for the barrel of monkeys that one time. Remember that? Not my fault. Honestly, I'd hoped the two of you would get along. Whatever was I thinking?" The feral with the tiny split personality problem and well…Quicksilver.

"I know." Pietro says, feigning delight, "You're here to guard Athena." The sarcasm in return only has him looking amused, "Boy, you couldn't handle me. And considering I've been back in New York for months, and have spent time with Tony at least once a week.. and never seen you? I've seen him quite often on television, and yet never with you. Doesn't that tell you your worth as a body guard? I call a spade a spade when I see one, and you're on the payroll because he pities you." As Tony speaks there's some laughter. "It doesn't have to come close to that. And you should know better." About him and people getting along. Pietro is smiling however. For him this is fun.

There's a moment of silence from the mutant before Kaji sets the final dart down. Wordlessly getting up out of his seat as he gets his coat from the back of that chair. He starts to head towards the elevator, his jaw set firmly as he steps into the car as the doors open with a chime. Speaking to the man was making him angry, and he didn't want a repeat of last time.

A heavy sigh issues from the living room as Pietro's people skills are as great as they've ever been. "I suppose it is too much to ask for everyone to play nice?" Tony wasn't in the mood to have friends bickering let alone getting into a fight in the living room. Kaji all of the sudden picks up his jacket and is heading out of the apartment which has Tony sitting up peering over at the elevator. "Are you tucking your tail and running?" Clearly shocked. "Are you high tailing it because Pietro loves to mercilessly push buttons or you're not in the mood to verbally spar with him?"

Play nice? "Oh please." That's not something Pietro really knows how to do. "He's showing you what an amazing bodyguard he is." There's a pause as he frowns at the contents of the fridge. "Tony? Do you like mac and cheese? That's about all I could manage here because I'm not feeding you Hohos and potato chips. For all I know that's probably what your last dinner here." Shuts the fridge. This is totally useless.. so he pulls a cell phone out of his pocket and starts menu hunting.

Kaji holds the door open for a moment before he lets out a breath. He closes his eyes before he looks back at Tony with a quirk of a brow. "I'll see you elsewhere, Tony. Maybe you should explain things." He presses the car garage floor and the door closes. Before the elevator leaves the floor, there's a loud thud heard from the inside as Kaji slams his fist into the side of the elevator. Buttons pressed, reaction caused.

Tony is splitting his attention between the two of them. If he were in a better mood he might be more involved but as it is he's merely sitting back as events unfold as they are. "The werewolf in Manhattan thing?" Or the bodyguard thing? Not certain. "Wait!" The elevator doors are closing, there's a loud thud from the elevator as Stark's on his feet. "I've HoHo's left?"

Dirty look time, phone to ear, and about the HoHos. "You are not eating only HoHos." Pietro is firm on that. "They are on the counter." Not stopping Tony from having some, but he's totally ordering Thai food. That's what the phone call is for. And yes, he orders in Thai to boot. For all his accent sounds so wrong for it. Will have to work on that one. He's rusty. Once that's done, he hangs up. "He's a werewolf?" Curious. "Hmm. Tony, you should buy an apartment building and drop your strays off there."

Well look at that! HoHo's are right out in the open which Tony would have noticed had he ever bothered to go into the kitchen. They've probably been sitting their for their entire shelf life. The package is ripped open and one of the treats is stuffed into his mouth while Pietro speaks in Thai. "No, he's not a werewolf. Technically he's an anthromorph, artist and occasional ninja." The last remaining HoHo hangs in front of Tony's lips as he ponders a response for the speedsters last comment. "Yes, I tend to take people in and help them along. He however is a troubled friend. Not a stray." Certainly not going to tell Pietro that said friend has a wee bit of a problem that got terribly out of control awhile back.

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