2009-03-26: Special


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Summary: Nathaniel and Leo meet near the lake. The each begin teaching other new moves… and learn alot about each other in the process.

Date: March 26, 2009


Rating: R

Spuyer Devil Cove

It's that time of evening where Leo likes to go off on his own, by the cove. He's known to be here regularly by those that know him. On the side of the lake, he's doing his yoga exercises, careful and patient, light glimmering from his body. In the dusky light, he seems all the brighter than he naturally is. Along with that, he's just alone.

Nathaniel may not know Leo well enough to know about him coming to the lake, but he recognizes the young man's 'vibe', as he calls it, easily enough that he can follow it. He meanders calmly along the edge of the lake, his hands tucked into the pockets of his buckle-and-strap covered longshorts, dual-colored hair mussed and unruly; as he draws closer to Leo, the light makes it into an oddly toned halo around his head. He watches the yoga movements with a cocked eyebrow before he settles on top of a rock next to the lake and peels out of his shoes, setting them aside so he can wiggle his feet in the water, hands resting on either side of his hips to hold his weight.

Though he doesn't look in the direction of the new arrival, Leo does smile. "Hey." He says softly, shifting until only his crotch is against the ground, his legs raised and his upper body raised in a near-perfect arc. He's wearing a white tank top and compression shorts for his workout. "Howzit?" He IS a little brighter than the other day, but not excessively so. Control is what he's going for right now, holding his body in these shapes to keep his flexibility.

"S'all right. How's it with you?" comes the idle drawl, Nathaniel apparently not surprised that Leo knows who it is, or at least recognizes enough to be friendly. He leans forward, curling comfortably until he can fold his arms and rest them on his knees, looking down at his feet in the water as he rubs them together, creating small swirls that circle his ankles and glimmer in the mix of dying and generated light, "What're you doing?"

Legs are pulled up to pull him nearly into a circle as Leo grins. "Yoga." He says with a chuckle. "Jared and I are thinking of gathering a group of people who want to learn. Dai's going to be a part of it. Vladimir wants it to be naked yoga." He snickers softly as he slowly moves around, sliding his legs along the ground to bring them to a lotus position in front of himself. "Not bad, really."

Nathaniel shrugs slightly, angular shoulders causing the strap of his tanktop to shift, revealing a smattering of freckles that he proceeds to scratch absentmindedly, "I'd do it. It seems soothing. Flexibility never hurts, either… though my exercises keep me pretty flexible, I think." He actually does seem to think that over for a few seconds, leaving off his shoulder to ruffle through his hair before he quirks a faint grin, "Naked yoga, hm? Who's Vladimir? I've never met him."

Leo turns to look upwards towards Nathaniel with a grin. The freckles are adorable, to him, but then, Leo finds things he likes about everyone it seems. "He's a technopathic student. Very… open." He coughs slightly. "And almost as flirty as I am, with people that I know can take it." He chuckles, tilting his head. "Well, you're more than welcome to practice, if you'd like. I wouldn't mind at all."

Nathaniel does another one of those rolling shrugs, tilting his head down slightly before he murmurs, "I'm not used to doing it outside a dojo, honestly." Is he… shy? The boy who discussed sex openly with Leo only a day before? Apparently so. He rubs the back of his neck as color shows on the back of it, obviously blushing, but after a few seconds of thought, he shifts to his feet with a sigh, leaving damp footprints on the stone before he moves to stand closer to Leo. He breathes out until his lungs feel empty, then inhales carefully as he begins to move through slow, even motions; he pays attention to everything he's doing, muscles flexing as he keeps tension throughout his body with each motion. It's very controlled, which may be the point, his foot placed neatly before the other slides alongside it.

Leo watches carefully as Nathaniel goes through his own motions. He smiles, remaining still in his own seated position. Of course, the shyness does throw him off a bit, but he isn't going to say anything about it just yet. "You move well." He does state. Separate thing, so it's ok. "It really suits your body." He leans forward onto the ground, just keeping his eyes on the other guy.

Nathaniel can't be two-dimensional; most people are shy about /something/. He pauses when Leo compliments his movements, a pleased smile flickering over his features, "Thanks. I was a small kid, and I wanted to be an artist, so dad figured it was the only way to keep me from getting my ass kicked every day." He's obviously been at it for a while, at the very least, the deliberate movements graceful and relaxed despite his tension. He stops again after a while, suddenly straightening and looking curiously at Leo, "Want me to teach you a couple things? I can show you how to throw somebody if they come at you…"

"I'd like that." Leo nods brightly. "I can also teach you some interesting moves, myself. I've been…" Usually, Leo is quite open about this with some people, but for some reason he resists putting the words out for Nathaniel. As if he doesn't want it to affect anything. "I've… trained in Gymnastics since I was five. I'm… uhm… If I hadn't started glowing, I would be in the next Olympics."

"The Olympics? Really? That's impressive," Nathaniel says with his eyebrows lifted, and he does mean it, though it isn't with the usual exclamation point like most people would. Yes, he's impressed, but he doesn't overdo in any disingenuous fashion. He motions for Leo to come closer, nodding thoughtfully at the same time, "I think it'd be nice to learn something about gymnastics and yoga. They seem more useful than most people might think." He'll wait until Leo is nearer before he simply reaches out and starts adjusting his position; he starts with his shoulders, indicating that Leo should square them before he leans down, grasps his hips, adjusts them slightly, then taps the inside of his knee so he'll spread his legs, "You want your feet and shoulders to match up. You know about balance and everything, but you have to learn to keep your balance while someone's trying to pick you up or knock you down, and then how to lose it just enough that they lose theirs. There's lots of different ways to take someone out…" He rambles in that quiet, even voice like that for a little while, describing some of those ways in an abstract fashion, drawing a couple lines in the ground to make up a 'mat' area before he returns to standing in front of Leo.

Leo nods, standing upright and moving next to Nathaniel. As Nathaniel puts his hands on him to maneuver his body into the position he wants it, Leo has a sudden rush of bashfulness through his body. It doesn't stop him from moving as requested. "I understand." He nods. "I'm usually really good at keeping my balance in odd situations. After all, stirrups move, as do handgrips. So, I should be able to do some of that." He admits. "Though, my agility makes me pay a little better attention to things. Better reaction time and all." Is he… rambling? Yes. He is. He's a little embarassed for some reason.

Nathaniel tilts his head in a way that Leo will likely begin to associate with him registering something with his empathy - which he is, picking up on that sudden bashfulness as well as the embarrassment that follows. He stands, staring at Leo even more intently for a few long seconds before he asks, "You all right? If you don't want me to touch you, I won't…" Touching, of course, makes it that much easier to feel what Leo is, but he doesn't mention that for now, only quirking an amused smile in response to that rambling and waiting for the go ahead before he does anything else. It's funny, but Leo's been good to him, so he has no interest in being a prick.

"It's not that…" Leo says softly. "I just… I don't know." He coughs and shakes his head. "I'll be fine." Of course, a few seconds after the touch to Leo, Nathaniel himself will feel any pain vanish and feel an energy charge, like having a couple cups of coffee, but without the annoying buzz. "I just… think I like it. I know I talk a good game, but there are a few people that actually mean more. You've been straight with me, ya know? Something I don't think the others have seen. It makes me feel… good."

Nathaniel blinks at Leo a few times before he suddenly blushes himself, an abrupt flush that burns in his cheeks; he looks surprised, if nothing else, and doesn't say anything for a minute or so. He eventually smiles and shrugs one of his shoulders, lifting a hand to rub the back of his neck in that same habitual fashion, "Well, it's… you know. It's easy with you. I mean, you kill the pain in my head, sure, but… I don't know. It's just not that hard to talk to you. I guess because you don't make me feel like a freak." He sucks at his lower lip for a couple seconds before he laughs and shakes his head, that energy making him feel a bit more, er, active than usual. He reaches out and tugs on the hem of Leo's tanktop lightly, free hand lifting so that his fingers brush white hair away from Leo's temple. It's only a cursory warning, though, followed by the taller boy leaning down and pressing his mouth gently against Leo's own. It's not a rough, needy, lustful teenage boy style kiss; actually, it's almost casually affectionate. It's slow and firm, lips moving against Leo's before he eventually withdraws with an easygoing smile, "There."

That was completely unexpected by Leo. There's a soft squeak from the Living Light conduit as he's held and kissed. Though the casual affection does cause an obvious amount of desire within him, in a way he's completely not used to. He squeaks again and smiles, cheeks and nose turning pink as he looks down, brushing a bit of hair out of his face. "Th… thank you." Of course, then there's the embarassment from him. "I… yeah." He doesn't know what else to say, but has a beaming smile. It's almost as bright as his glitter.

Nathaniel is still blushing hotly even though he appears pleased with himself, lifting his hand to ruffle through his hair while even the tips of his ears burn, "Yeah." He rolls his shoulders, shakes his head, then clears his throat, not entirely certain why he feels so embarrassed. He wanked someone in the woods, for Christ's sake. Instead of furthering their mutual embarrassment, he instead motions to Leo and says, "Okay, let's… go ahead and practice. A lot of movies show people taking them down while standing right next to them, right? That's not always the best way to do it, though…" He proceeds to show Leo a number of takedowns, making sure never to actually hurt the other teen, though he will wind up on the ground a few times. Each of them tends to involve a good bit of physical contact, including about the legs, and the faint scent of Nathan - clove cigarettes and something spicy - likely becomes familiar soon enough, along with the dust around them and the nearby coolness of the lake. At least they're not practicing wrestling or things would go horribly awry; as it is, by the time they're done, Leo will at least know good ways to keep his balance when someone's trying to take him down and various ways to avoid losing it in a fight.

Over time, Leo gets over the bashfulness of it all, but has also gotten better than he was already at rolling with a throw/fall. He's always been good at it, but he forgot about it for a while. The scents are one thing that Leo will remember. He remembers almost every scent he's ever had. There's at least one person who could tell Nathaniel about how scents actually affect him… if that person wanted to. He does fall, occasionally, but he's never been an 'attacker' per se, or an attackee. He's always just bounced around and enjoyed himself. Every time he falls, though, he laughs, trying to bring Nathaniel down with him. The random touches from the other student eventually get returned throughout the exercises.

Naturally, Nathan laughs when Leo tries to pull him down, referring to him as if he were the enemy and allowing it more than once, until they're both pretty dirty. It's to help avoid being hit, too, which is really more dodging than throwing someone. When they've finished, the taller teen flops onto the ground with a laugh, stretching out limply and closing his eyes with his arms folded behind his head; his own tanktop tugs up during the course of this, showing that he has freckles on his stomach as well as a birthmark an inch or so below his belly button. He seems willing to lay there for a little while, skin gleaming faintly with sweat and hair sticking to his forehead in thin wisps, blades of grass sticking out of it. He seems more comfortable and relaxed than usual, even with Leo, the workout apparently giving him some kind of release he's been looking for. Still smiling easily, he says, "You're pretty good at this. You should take up karate or something… I mean with an actual teacher."

Leo's natural flirtation is there, but subdued and turned to a sweeter note as he reaches a hand out to brush it over the exposed stomach as he lays opposite the empath. "I may. We do learn to fight here, and there are a lot of teachers with different styles. Even Ms. Pryde is a ninja." He chuckles. The hand just plays lightly over the skin, barely brushing but not doing anything that may not be wanted. The sweat and dirtiness don't really bother him. And any bruises they may have gained will be gone within seconds anyway. He leans in closely, breathing in without actually touching Nathaniel with his head. He's just registering that natural scent. "You're… you're a lot nicer than they realize."

But there's something he's hiding in what he says, he's just bashful about what he wants to say.

The hand brushing over his stomach causes Nathan to tense it for a second, a mild reaction to ticklish urges, though he relaxes again just after, turning his head to look at Leo when he lays down next to him. He nods in understanding, though his expression quickly becomes bemused at the mention of Pryde being a ninja, the arm between them lifting so that he can loosely grasp Leo's thigh just above his knee, tugging him an inch closer for no real reason other than to reassure him that the closeness isn't unwanted, "Am I…? …it's better for me to be nice to only a few people than everybody, though, right? Makes some people special." This last is said with a playfully amused look, but he catches that feeling of bashfulness and licks his lips thoughtfully. In the end, he decides to ask, lifting his chin curiously, "What is it, Leo?"

"Believe me. I do feel special right now." Leo nods softly, scooting in closer at the movement. "I just think you're amazing. That's all. You know so much about things that I never got a chance to learn." Sure, it's only basic moves, but he doesn't know that. He's a very talented gymnast, but to him that's commonplace. "And I just… I'm really enjoying this." The touching, the conversation, the learning, it's all making him much happier than he normally is, but in a content happiness rather than an excited happiness like he normally has.

Nathaniel blinks again, the universal sign of surprise and borderline confusion, that flush spreading through him once more, though he doesn't seem unhappy. He laughs, though, shaking his head and assuring the other boy, "I… really don't know all that much." He does pick up those feelings, though, as much as what causes them, and he can't help but feel rather pleased himself. He looks at Leo quietly for a while, just contemplating the other youth's features in a calm, intimate fashion before he shifts smoothly on the grass, turning onto his side and moving closer to Leo. He'll wrap his arm around Leo comfortably, propped up on the other and brushing Leo's hair off his forehead with his palm, not trying anything as of yet other than satisfying that desire for nearness, "Good… I am, too. And it sounds… stupid and cliche and weird, but… you /are/ special." He'd already told him a couple reasons why, but he feels the need to reiterate it.

"There's a difference in being told that all your life. Having family members, nannies, and teachers all tell you that. But it's different to feel it." Leo says, with a blush as he moves his arms to mimic the other boy's. It's true, too. When one has money, everyone thinks they're special. But Nathaniel doesn't know that part of Leo's life. The most he knows is the olympic aspect. "Jared's made me feel good, but he's my best friend, he's supposed to do that. You… didn't have to." He grins, leaning in lightly to rub his nose against Nathaniel's, as long as he doesn't move away. "It's just really new to me. To feel it… like that." He's not that great with words, but he tries.

Nathaniel laughs throatily at that, brushing his nose back against Leo, his pale green eyes turned to the almost too bright blues of the other teen's, "You want to know how I feel about you? I can share it, after all." He runs his long fingers through Leo's haire slowly, enjoying the color and lightness of it, letting it flow between them, though he eventually murmurs, voice idle, "No one's ever said I was amazing before… or special. It's… it's nice. It's… important." He says this last with a small furrowing of his brow, his emotional stuntedness coming into play as he fails to fully understand the ramifications involved therein. It's not a complaint, persay, just a sharing of information. He didn't have money or even particularly attentive parents, much less nannies; he had a nice art teacher once who thought he had talent, but that's about it. His fingers have a light, fluid touch - graceful, even, as they follow the lines of Leo's features, just studying the shape of them in that same casual fashion.

"I'd like that." Leo nods softly as he listens to what Nathaniel says. As the finger traces down near his lips, Leo can't help but pucker slightly, giving a soft kiss to any of them that approach. "I mean, I'm sure you feel everything from me." He chuckles, slightly bashful at himself. He can't control things like that, but he'd never try either. His hand rests gently on the exposed stomach again, quite content. He turns his head slightly, tossing hair, but does his best not to dislodge fingers.

"Okay, but just for a little bit…" The darker of the two says, though Nathan appears to be distracted by Leo's lips, running his thumb over them slowly, though he smiles despite his preoccupation, "Yeah, I do." This last comes with a teasing flicker of those green eyes, but then he tilts his head down to press his mouth against Leo's, still slow but with a steady, intense pressure. It is a precursor to a sudden flood of emotions that likely fill Leo up in a way that may feel odd if he hasn't experienced it before; normal emotions are like a creek flowing steadily through us, rising when we're upset, lowering when we're zoning out. This is as though someone decided to crack open the dam and is flooding the creek past the shore. It's not unpleasant, though, just strong. It's a tide of warmth, a heady sense of pleasure and happiness; a hint of something softer, sadder; the familiar heat of desire. All are mingled with a steady thread of interest and affection, as well as a certain level of confusion tha

that's being held down by how much he seems to be enjoying himself. It'll give Leo a good look at how weird and complex it can be inside Nate's head, but it also only lasts a few seconds. He'd rather not risk driving anyone else crazy, thanks.

Leo is a lot stronger mentally and emotionally than people give him credit for. Perhaps because of the sheer healing force of the Living Light flowing through him. In his targets, it heals bodies. In him, it heals body and mind. As the lips are pressed to his, his own part gently. His breath moving slowly and carefully, being held in time as the emotions flow through him. The similarity to his own emotion in most ways causes a bit more relaxation in the living light manipulator. Finally, he manages a few words, punctuated by a yawn. "Why the confusion, babe?"

Nathaniel seems to find it more comfortable to hold that kiss until he's finished sharing, withdrawing with a lax look to his features that is reminiscient of someone settling in for rest, calmas can be, "Ah, I'm just not used to this… /this/. I don't know why I feel like I do. I just do." He shrugs simply enough, combing his fingers through Leo's hair and kissing the bridge of his nose playfully, "You're looking like your two hours are coming up, Leo. Get some sleep. I won't ditch you out here, I swear." He slips his hand from Leo's locks in order to put up a mocking Boy Scout salute, expression serious despite the glint in his eyes.

"Oh… ok." Leo nods, smiling happily, again. "Of course, if you stay here, you probably won't be able to get much sleep. I haven't learned how to turn it off yet for sleep." He whispers softly. Then there's a quick giggle. "You're really working a number on me, handsome." He doesn't have to say what he means, he's sure it's already felt.

"I think being around you is one of the few times I'll be able to sleep, actually," is the calm and honest reply, Nathan closing his eyes as he settles his head into the grass, nestling his face against Leo's forehead and mussed hair. It's true. Leo is a calm person, generally, and when he isn't, he usually doesn't feel so much that Nathan hates himself. His healing keeps the boy from getting a headache, too, which is incredibly helpful, more than even Leo will likely ever know. He'll probably fall asleep before the other youth at this rate, but either way, he'll stay on the ground with him for now, letting Leo use him as a pillow if he likes. If he wakes up later, he'll go play in the water again, but he won't go back to the school until Leo's woken up.

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