2010-05-20: Spider Sculptures


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Summary: Connor and Robyn adjust to being roommates.

Date: May 20, 2010

Spider Sculptures

Rating: G

Xavier Mansion - Connor and Robyn's Room

Robyn's side of the room is cluttered but not messy and has a bit of a creepy feel to it. His bed has black sheets with a Nightmare Before Christmas pillow and comforter. On the wall is a Nightmare Before Christmas poster and a poster showing the art of Edward Gorey. On his end table is a collection of little figures that seem to have a deamonish quality to him. On his desk are more little figures like a tree that instead of leaves has hands and a snake eating someone holding a 'help me' sign. He's got a few art books on his desk along with his regular schoolbooks. A cased cello sits in the corner of his side of the room.

To someone without enhanced senses, superspeed, or the ability to sense his mind just before portation, only the ripple in the air is any sign that Connor has arrived in his room… three feet in the air. Appearing and having to land somewhat unsteadily, he pants a bit, and then grins as he holds up two bags… one from a little hamburger place around the corner and off the main roads of Salem that is known for two things… unhealthy food and REALLY GOOD food… the other a Mrs. Field's Cookies bag that has the scent of oatmeal-peanut butter-chocolate chip cookies. Smirking a bit, the older student says, "Dinner."

There's news paper all over Robyn's desk as his school and other books are in a stack on the floor. He's at work painting a new sculpture, almost makes one wonder if he ever quits. He's painting a spider with large thin legs but on the end of each foot is a bunny slipper and on top of the spider is a harness and it's being ridden by a Rabbit as well. A very weird looking rabbit as if inspired by Rayman's Rabid Rabbits. He doesn't even notice the wavering in the air but he does hear the quiet landing and looks up. "Oooo Cookies!" Robyn says as his sweet tooth gets the best of him. "Ya know, I'm gonna need to get used to the fact that you never use the door."

Connor points out to the hallway, "Because there's cameras covering every inch of this school except the bathrooms and private rooms… and I've personally had enough of the chats with security when I accidentally sleep-port…" Sighing once, "I -DO- walk… just not when I don't want others to know I was doing a cookie run for you." Putting down the bag, he fishes out your dinner… one sloppy burger with extra bacon and cheese, a greazy container of fries, and several packets of condiments. Going to sit on his own bed, he takes out a 'basket' of fish and chips, and begins to dress his own meal, "That thing stares at me at night. It's unnerving. One of these days I should let you see what I described when I was a kid. Might have come from the same place."

Robyn moves so he's sitting on the floor and can eat his dinner there. He grins and muffles a thank you with a big grin as he takes a big bite out of the burger. He does like fast food. Once swallowed he gives Connor a confused look. "What thing stares at you at night, the cameras?" He's not exactly sure what his friend and roommate is talking about. "Or is it that thing that whispers?"

Connor points at your freaky spider-thing, "That does. You had it turned towards me last night while your base coat was drying… it was creepy. You did the eyes a bit TOO well…" Exhaling as he manages somehow to make his food look neat while chewing on it. He actually squeezes a drop of ketchup onto individual fries instead of making a pool like everyone else would. After chewing down one of the fish fillets, he then smiles, "But why bunny-slippers?"

Robyn looks at it and bites his bottom lip. "I dunno. I'll keep it in the art room next time. I don't want it keeping you up." He looks over at hit and then shrugs. "I dunno, I just thought it'd be unexpected and there's something kind of funny about a spider, being ridden by a bunny, while wearing bunny slippers. Like the Bunny's tamed the giant spider and humiliated it by wearing the slippers of the creature that controls it…..um..nevermind." Robyn says as he knows it just sounds weird. "I owe you dinner next time."

Connor shakes his head once before smiling at you, "I didn't say it was BAD… it's just unnerving sometimes how… well… real some of your stuff feels. But I can see the irony, once I get it. It's just a bit more literal than I'm used to. But to me… I don't actually see it as being humiliated… it seems more like it's…" Stopping to take a bite of some fries, "It's like it actually takes pleasure in it… Everyone thinks there's a pack of bunnies running around, and it's actually him."

Robyn can't help but chuckle at Connor's interpretation. "That's the fun thing about art, people take in different things. Just cause I have one idea, doesn't mean everyone needs that one." Robyn continues to eat as he looks back at his spider. "I dunno, I'm glad you think it feels real. I've been doing it since I was little. Ever since I was young I've loved clay and sculpting. But I would be curious to see what you described as a kid."

Connor casually devours another fish fillet, adding several things to it, and carefully wiping his fingers afterwards, before he smirks, "I think my favorite one was describing my version of the Mayan Jaguar Warrior… because when they put on their boots, gloves, masks, and loincloth… those parts became just like the great cats… so well… I went on to describe subtle things like how when everything melded with them, faint spots start to appear along their backs and the backs of their arms, the sides of their legs… it's… I have it in my head, but I can't really say it other than… they didn't have eyes, so in order to look around, they had to open their mouths… so it always looked like they were roaring when facing you. It wasn't that they couldn't see… it was that their senses were entirely different… does that make sense?"

Robyn listens to Connor carefully and he doesn't answer right away, since in his mind he's trying to visualize it. He's gonna have to see what he can research in regards to it later as well. "It does a bit, I mean, it's like they were becoming the Jaguar they were trying to mimic. It's just the lack of eyes I'm trying to connect but I like the idea that it looks like they're always roaring, like the lack of eyes and the open mouth is an intimidation factor so that way they had that edge over their enemies." That's what Robyn takes away from it as he finally starts to eat his fries.

Connor grins a bit, "It goes with the story… which was me about at ten trying to write about stuff I was reading out of the school library. The story was about this kid who was adopted from south america and was raised kinda like you and me… he goes to the zoo on a field trip and he sees a jaguar for the first time. But instead of being afraid, he goes up to the edge, and it watches him back. The story sorta takes off from there, but I never finished it because well… it's bloody. Because in the end… the main character is chasing himself. The men who are protecting him, aren't really protecting him… they're trying to kill him when he's in his other form, because if they do, he'll return to normal. But he doesn't know that, so he has to devise ways to defend himself… it was really twisted, but the ending went badly when I wrote it out. I was trying to do too much… I didn't even really have a concept. We'd just been studying South American culture for history, and I really got into it."

Robyn listens as he continues to eat, absorbing in all of what Connor says. "Wow…see..I can't do that. Make a story like that. I my head I see images that I think are neat, or weird, and I just have to make those images out of clay. Most of the stuff in here is just that, a small creation with out much of a story behind it. The fact that you can create a story like that…at ten? That's just really cool Connor. Who cares if it ends bloody, I mean, not everything has to have a happy ending and I bet, like art, sometimes the story controls you. Like sometimes the sculpture just controls me and I start working without fully thinking."

Connor slurps down some drink stashed in under his bed… which you've seen… sealed boxes, always one full twelve-pack of either coke or Dr. Pepper, and usually where he hides his computer if it's not locked in his desk, "See… you'd like the one I tried a couple years later… it was after a trip to an art exhibit that was about modern interpretations of the gods. So I got this idea… what if the Egyptian Gods had lost so many worshippers they became mortal… and decided to try and regain their power by coming to America… only the twist of it all is they, in their own way… find God. Big G. It's one of the few I really loved, because it, in my head, was looking at how we define being human, from the perspective of something utterly inhuman. Kinda like Death Takes a Holiday. I really liked the cactus-tiger thing you made last time… that made me think of how angry people get over stuff here, but how much they forget how they hurt themselves in that anger."

Robyn nods as he continues to listen to Connor and it's obvious he's taking everything in and really listening to his friend, and fascinated a bit. "The Tiger and Cactus, but dangers things but two things you wouldn't find together or really fighting each other. One plant, one animal. You know though a fight between them wouldn't end with one walking out unscathed. It's like…I dunno, how tough you think you are, the fight is gonna hurt. And…question for you Connor. You haven't been to the city yet, so you haven't been to the MET? Do you wanna go? Like..next weekend?"

Connor starts folding up the paper basket his food was in, not even a crumb spilled somehow, "I really didn't get to see much of New York except view from where I was staying, and the ride with Doctor McCoy… so yeah… really can't say I've seen much of New York… but the Met? Heh… that'd be cool. We could even ride the train in like normal… no porting unless it's an emergency, allright? Maybe we can even stop by and see your parents while were in town. You can get anywhere on the rail system, right?"

"Well I was thinking…maybe we can leave on Friday and crash at my parents house you know, spend a night away from here." Robyn says as he finally finishes his food. "Just…my place isn't that big and kind of cluttered but I mean, we can crash in my room. And my Dad's cooking is always an adventure." Robyn says with a laugh. He really does love his parents and it's obvious that he does miss them a bit. "And yeah, we can get there from the train and from the apartment in Brooklyn to the MET from the subway."

After a few moments… he nods, and then laughs a bit, "I'll try and restrain myself while we're there allright? Just… understand if I need some space. And besides… I would ask Jordan if he's okay with us going someplace together… he seems like he might get unsettled a bit if he didn't understand the context." Sighing once more, Connor then lays back and glares at the ceiling, "I have homework to finish, and you should stop for the night and get your math done. It's still on your bed. And before you get on me about mothering you… You're the one who tends to ignore everything for the sake of art, Robyn. Besides… I brought you cookies. You have to do what I say." Winking at the last bit as he smirks broadly.

Robyn doesn't get on Connor's face but he starts laughing. "Okay okay, Math and cookies." Robyn says as he cleans up his wrappers and flops over on his bed and starts to look over at his homework. "Spider can wait, and yeah..I'll make sure that he can't look at you tonight..or is it a she?" He asks with a shrug as he finally opens a math book.

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