2009-03-05: Spirit Warfare


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Summary: The Spirits go to check on Drew's island… only to find it inhabited.

Date: March 5, 2009

Spirit Warfare

Rating: T

Drew's Private Island

In various ways, each of the spirits has been brought to Drew's island, since he wanted to check on it. With his strange feelings about what's going on, he didn't want to go alone. As he lands on the beach, he glances around. Nothing really seems changed from the last time he was here, at least not to the naked eye. However, each of the other spirits will get a sense of control issues. As if their attuned element is being rubbed the wrong way. Keith's air. Kaden's fire. Dmitri's Earth. Even Xane would be able to feel that something's not right here.

Kaden went along with Drew via the water, clinging to him as he really isn't a huge fan of the idea of ending up in the drink. Once on the dry land he doesn't get that comfort he usually gets once leaving a watery area, something's off. "Something's not right.." He says as Kaden's usually one to state the obvious, and to cement the fact that something's not right whisps of fire seem to be coming off his hands and moving quickly up his arm a few inches before disappearing. The flames appear and disappear too fast to burn any of his clothes but it's definately not his usual loss of control.

The ground shakes slightly, the sands on the beach begain to vibrate, and then move almost like waves in the water as Dmitri slowly raises from them. He does not say anything at first, but even his normaly impassive face reveals that even he is…uncomfortable about something. Still staying silent he moves to stand near the others, closer than he normaly would in an almost defensive stance like he is waiting for something to go wrong.

Keith flew his way out with Drew, wearing boots, jeans, and a tanktop today. The white-haired man has been in an annoyed mood since coming back from that walk with Drew and Kaden a few days ago. And being here now just makes him more annoyed. "Hmm…" he trails off, looking around with a scowl.

"The water is weird." Drew says before turning to look at Kaden. "Huh?" He asks, looking at the flames on his arms. "You… you ok?" He asks, reaching out to try to grab Kaden's hand. After all, fire may steam, but he knows Kaden will lock it down before it did anything to him.

The little lean-to hut (fortunately, quite easy to rebuild), suddenly begins to burn, accompanied by a loud, almost insane sounding laughter.

"I..I don't know, it's never done this." Kaden says as when Drew grabs his hand, he does try to pull away, afarid of hurting Drew. Though he never actually does pull away as it helps him to calm it down. "It's like it….FUCK! That wasn't me!" He says as the hut goes up in flames and the laughter causes him to tense up a bit.

Dmitri just clenches his fist several times before saying, "There is something wrong…its like….like being in the wrong body almost…" The Earth spirit is not one for discussing things like feelings and sensations to start with so he does not really have a good volcabulary for what he is feeling. As the insane laughter starts the sands around the 4 spirits start to move, surrounding them and ready to jump upwards in case Dmitri needs to defend them from something.

Keith's gaze snaps towards the hut and he steps forward. Picking up the winds, he keeps them ready for action. "Let me guess, we're about to run into the us from that other universe. Ya know, I'm really not in the mood to be dealing with -another- me. One is enough," he says, a little joke in there.

Drew immediately reaches for the water to wash a light wave of it over his hut. Fortunately, there's nothing important in it that can't be rebuilt. However, the water fights him… As he moves his arm, it starts and then sluggishly pulls back, as if it doesn't want to disobey, but has no choice. He pushes and eventually the water relents, though as soon as the fire seems to dampen, the water pulls away again.

"Tricky tricky. I wondered if there were some of you here." The voice behind the laughter sounds as a figure, red-haired but distant comes into view. Linked to him by a chain leash is another person with blue hair. Hovering above, white-haired and half-hidden by a tree, and the fourth, dark, begins to rise from the eart. The red-head speaks again. "Come along boys. The rumors ARE true."

It takes a few seconds, but finally a wave of fire lights up the red-head's body, displaying a familiar face, but not the one expected. The otherworld's fire spirit is the one born to hippies in our world. On his leash is the formerly angry Kaden. Landing on the ground, with a leg made of solid cloud, a lopsided grin on his face, is our own stoic. Rising from the earth, with dark hair, is our flighty one. But what of the fifth? At the moment, he's nowhere to be seen.

Kaden can't help but stand there in shock at first, well for a few moments before finally saying. "Mother fucker, I'm a fucking pussy." He's pissed, and it's the whole situation that makes him pissed. He takes a defensive stance and his face shows a strugle to just summon some fire in his hand, it's not want he wanted as it's small and not that hot. He lets out a growl of frustration at the obvious strain.

Dmitri blinks as he sees the rock covered other being, and then blinks again as he realizes it is not the other universes version of himself but Keith instead. Not sure which one is going to be the most dangerous he keeps his eyes on both him, and his near twin with a leg seemingly made of a cloud. His eyes narrow as Kaden curses just keeping an eye on the other versions of the Elements. "Apparently I am ment to limp no matter world I am in."

Muttering a curse and something about orgies instead of fighting, Keith glares at each of the others. "So what do you four want and where's your fifth?" he asks, taking a defensive stance of his own.

Drew sees the other him and looks at Kaden. "Kaden?" He asks softly, moving closer to the fire elemental as he stares at his own other side. "Why did you burn my hut?" He asks, softly as the waters murmur around his feet, rising and falling.

Other-Drew laughs, "What do we want. We want the elements of two worlds, of course. What kind of idiot are you? Power is the only money we know." He rises up on a wave… of flame, letting it heat the air around his body. He doesn't seem to care that Other-Kaden is dragged up into the air by the leash around his neck until the water finally answers and holds him up a little below the pyrokinetic.

Other-Dmitri sighs softly at the others. "Guys, c'mon, lighten up." He laughs, turning to nod at Dmitri. "Looks like it, dude. Though, admittedly, yours is easier to pass off in public." Other-Keith sneers as he looks at the flighty one, earth moving to cover his body like hard armor. "Drew, are we doing this, or are we not?"

Kaden cannot do what the Other-Drew can do but he's not about to let them do what they want. "Fuck power and fuck you!" He shouts at them as he looks to Drew and mutters something to this worlds water-spirit. "I hate water, he might too, I know it might be hard but if you douse him good, it might help." He says as he concentrates on building up the fire in his hands intil he can summon a decent enough flame. "Say when you're ready, you can douse that ass at the same time I'll throw fire at that pussy." He says quitely through gritted teeth.

Dmitri nods at his other self and says, "A good pair of long pants, and maybe something waterproof under them might help to hide it." With a surprising speed for those that have not seen him fight the native version of the Earth Spirit lashes outwards with his power as if he were not just talking nicely with his twin. The first step is quite litteraly a lash made of sand striking out at the other world's Air spirit intent on wrapping around his neck while Dmitri launches his body at the other Earth spirit intent on getting his hands on him and seeing on if his will is strong enough to override the other's control of his armor.

Keith glances at the others moving into action and lifts into the air. "Morons," he grunts towards the Other-spirits. Looking at their fire spirit, he starts drawing all th air away from the fiery hippy. No fire if there's no oxygen and no breathing either.

Drew starts to nod to Kaden, but knows that's probably not the best effort for right now. "I have a better idea." He turns his waters on Other-Keith. "Dmitri! Get out of the way!" He calls out, forcing a soft lull of water that begins to increase in pressure quickly. Erosion is his idea. However, once he starts it, it won't stop to listen to him, the water's out of his hands.

The air is locked in a standstill between Keith's pulling and Other-Dmitri's pushing to keep it flowing. The earth does spread around his neck, but he lifts up, removing himself from the ground to try to separate the power from it's source. He assumes that they both have the same problems. Other-Drew is losing a little of his flame, due to the lack of air. However, Other-Kaden simply sits on the water, not doing anything… at least as far as can be seen. Other-Keith has a will at least as strong as Dmitri's own, however, the water battering at him isn't helping matters. For some reason, the water pressure is increasing to extremely high, battering levels.

Other-Drew growls at the lessening of air and throws an arm of fire at Keith, to try to light him up, if the Air Spirit wants to play dirty, he can play dirty. Other-Keith tries to grip at Dmitri and keep him within the water as well, though his grip isn't as strong. He hasn't been using the earth as long as our Dmitri has.

As the other-water spirit just sits on the water, Kaden shoves his arms forward, releasing all the fire he's gathered up and throwing it at the Other-Kaden. He's pissed and he's also not that smart so any dumb ideas might seem like smart ones and combined with his lack of knowledge and control, who knows what will happen. "Gethotgethot." He grows out as he focuses on the flame trying to make it as hot as possible incase the water comes in contact.

Dmitri hears the call to get out of the way and…tries to turn the fight with the other Keith so that he is using other Keith like a wall between him and the water. Dmitri appears to wressle wtih the other Keith, but in truth he is purposly fighting for a stand still just to hold him while he reaches out with powers to do somethign else. As the other Dmitri takes off he lets the connection between the sand leash he threw at him and the ground break, but trys to wrap the end of it around the Air spirit's neck so he can, to use a phrase he would blame on Kaden even if he has never heard the boy say it, choke a bitch. It is a good thing for Dmitri that only he physicaly has to be connected to the earth, and not what he is using his powers on.

Keith calls up a violent swirl of wind to form a barrier against the flames, dodging away from it still. He continues trying to drive the air away from the other-fire spirit. "You guys are idiots, you know that! There's a reason the elements are acting so fucked up and I'm pretty sure it's -your- fault!"

Drew continues to let the water flow, unable to stop it. He's pulling his arms back, but the force becomes something nigh-unbearable, tearing the armor away from Other-Keith. "The hell? I can't stop it."

Other-Kaden's eyes look at Drew softly, but he says nothing. Other-Drew doesn't really need air. It's fine if he's not flaming, the flames will still take elsewhere. Instead, he turns to lighting as much of the island on fire as he can. Being a Fire Spirit, he can deal with suffocation of self. His body doesn't need air anymore.

Other-Dmitri stops messing with the air around Other-Drew, preferring to focus on pushing the sand with everything he's got, trying to get it off his neck. He can't attack, being too focussed on saving his own life. For the moment.

Other-Keith takes himself downwards, flowing into the sand beneath him to get away from the water, and place himself back within his element for the moment.

The spirit of the Spirit would have been back at the other part of the island sooner, but had to deal with the other-Xane. With his hair tussled, his face a bit scratched and bloody, and his left eye bruised. This world's Xane is carrying the other-Xane on his shoulder, managed to knock him out after a few rounds. The chef spits out some saliva laced with blood as he dumps his doppelganger on the sand. He sees the others fighting and he takes a look, wondering if and who he should face up against next. His knuckles bloody from punching his other-self.

Dmitri stands fast against the water, no matter who might actually be controling it. Good thing for him he does not actually need armor, at least not till the pounding of the water gets a lot stronger. No longer distracted by the other Keith, for now, Dmitri turns his full attention on tightening the collar of snad around his other self's neck. Suffocation may not be very pleasant, but it is something that can be stopped just short of death and it is not near as mean as a few of the other things Dmitri could try and do.

Keith shoots forward now that he's got what he wanted. Just as long as the other-Drew can't 'flame on', he's thinking his plan will work. Aiming for the other-Drew's face, he swings a hard punch while keeping the winds up to keep the fire away from himself. "You idiots being here at all screws up the elements! Get back to where you came from!"

Our Drew is trying to pull the waters away. Trying to hold them back as they turn and aim for other-Dmitri now. His arms are waving madly as he tries to get the water to listen to him. "What the hell?" He shouts, really irritated as he finally takes control of one stream of it and fires it off, accidentally smashing a tree to the point that it has a hole in it. He pauses, "Whoah…"

Other-Drew gets punched in the face, and glares angrily at Keith as he moves to attempt a grapple and bite.

Other-Kaden's eyes are moving with the water, which has now gone into the ground to attempt to flush up the earth elemental that's down in the sand.

The other-Dmitri is unable to keep the air flowing very well as he falters. This Dmitri is apparently not much of a fighter.

Other-Keith is still in hiding for the moment…

Xane gives a grimace at the sight of all the powers fighting each other. He doesn't understand all the fighting, but he's getting angrier, mainly because there's nothing he can do about it. He has nothing that will just stop them, unless they want some food.

Dmitri takes a few steps twords his althernate universe self as he reaches out with his powers again to send a geyser of sand to try and nock himself out of the air as he faulters. The thing that really is startging to Worry Dmitri, is where is the other Keith? Keeping the sand collar around other Dmitri, trying to get him to pass out, he turns scanning the sands looking for any sign of the other Earth Spirit. "This is our world, you may have power but your out of your elements! You can go home now, or we can send you there?"

Keith meets other-Drew halfway. Grappling and slipping away from bites, he arches an eyebrow. "Hey, not biting. We're fighting, not getting ready for fun," he says, trying to fluster or annoy the other-Drew while keeping away from the bites.

Drew's just basically given up as he can't seem to get control of the water, but fails. Perhaps his easygoing nature isn't going to cut it here, but he doesn't know how to be anything else, other than his current confused state.

A fist comes up from the ground as Other-Keith comes up, knocking Kaden back a good fifteen feet with one punch, leaving him unconscious. While it's good for them and bad for us, the other Drew is hit headon as the water turns course, blasting him into the bay. As he goes, the leash is released, but Other-Kaden is left standing in place… on the water. Other-Dmitri is down for the count, as he can't breathe at the moment.

Xane continues to make sure that his doppelganger doesn't get up. He doesn't like killing, but making someone unconscious is perfectly within his boundaries. Though he does have an idea from what the other Xane was doing to the water. He concentrates real hard and places his hands in the sea water. "One, two, three." He's trying to calm the waters down from their rage that his other placed in them. Trying to undo the damage.

Dmitri is slow as the Earth, but till he sees the other Earth spirit tossed into the drink he had not thought himself stupid. With his other self is down for the count Dmitri simply walks to stand in front of the Other Kaden. "The water…was that you? We don;t want to hurt you, but this is our world and your being here is hurting it…and I bet it is not helping your world having you ripped out of it."

Keith lets out a yell as he's so violently separated from the other-Drew. They were grappling after all, Keith likely left with scratches from the other-spirit's nails if he has them. "Dammit. I like a decent scratch as much as the next guy but only when I get the payoff of earning 'em," he grumbles, lowering to the ground.

Drew decides what the hell, and goes with it. Looking at the Other-Kaden, he gives him a quick nod. Between them the water really hits the rising Other-Keith, smacking him soundly, despite any armor he may bring up. As the other spirits are settled down and down for the count, the other-Kaden looks to Dmitri and gives him a soft nod. "They never listen to me." His voice is a soft whisper over the water. "I told them that this world didn't concern us, but… Drew can be bloodthirsty sometimes. And the others went with. I'm not strong enough on my own…" He says, letting the waters bring the bodies of the others to him. "I'll take them out of here. I promise."

Xane takes his hands out of the water, shaking off the excess. He heaves the doppelganger over his shoulder again. "He'll be fine, but he's gonna have some chewing problems for a little while." He says as he rubs some of the blood off of his lip.

Dmitri nods at the other Kaden, and then decides to do something out of character. He steps forward, places a hand softly on the side of the other Kaden's head and leans in tojust kiss his forehead. "Your stronger than you think. You took out your Keith and Drew, water flows around those things that it can not move…and has the patience to move mountains in time."

Keith sighs. "I'll have Doc White come by. She's probably already at the Marc waiting for us," he grumbles. Walking over to Drew, he checks on the Water-spirit. "You okay?" he asks. LEading him over to Kaden and Xane, the air-spirit starts to check them over. "How about you, Xane?" he asks.

Drew just nods lightly. "He's got more hard control than I do. Everything I do is so… light." He whispers, looking up at Kaden as he moves to lift his own and hold the unconscious spirit against his chest. He doesn't hide his affection at all, giving the other spirit a full, but soft kiss before he looks up. "The water's been agitated." He says simply.

The other Water nods. "I'll get them back through the portal. The one in LA should be functional now. If I have to, I'll freeze them in the north until they stop trying to come back." Other-Kaden chuckles as he lets the waters take the other spirits with himself away.

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