2010-01-28: Spiritual Gathering


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Summary: The Spirits and The Mage keep close during the invasion.

Date: January 28, 2010

Log Title Spiritual Gathering

Rating: PG

NYC - The Marc (Keith's Penthouse)

It's evening and Ethan is still crashing at the Spirit's somewhat palatial (to him) penthouse. After several days of flying patrols, fighting skirmishes with demons (though none of the major powers), he's getting a bit restless. And thus he does every time that happens, he studies his books harder, trying to come up with a mystical solution to a problem that he already knows is out of his league. Which is why he's sprawled out on the floor by the couch on his belly with a half-dozen tomes older than the building open to various pages as he takes notes, rather like a student doing homework. If one's homework consisted of necromancy, diabolism and general hell raising. And lowering. He's dressed in borrowed jeans and a t-shirt that is too loose on him, bearing the name of some obscure band or other.

Kaden walks into the penthouse and even though there are demons out there, he's still going to his martial arts lessons in the city. It's a way for him to keep with with some training which ultimately helps his powers. When he walks in he's wearing his training gi and immedately starts to take the top off as he walks in. Spotting Ethan, Kaden waves. "Hey Ethan, how you holding up here?" He asks walking over to his room to toss his shirt in quick.

Drew, too, is doing his own thing out there from time to time. He comes in from the street-side, through the balcony window. He's soaked, but that's nothing different. He grins at the other spirits out there. "K!" He calls out. Looking further down, at the couch area. "E!" He says, happily. He's apparently really enjoying the company everywhere.

Ethan looks up at Kaden and grins openly at the Fire Spirit's arrival. As usual, the auras of the Spirits are powerful enough that they blaze to Ethan's senses, even when he isn't using his mage sight. Kaden for instance, is like the center of an invisible bon fire, warm on the skin of his arms and face as he looks that direction. "Quite well, thanks. I mean, not /accomplishing/ much, but I'm not getting it done in grand style." And then when Drew arrives he turns towards that window, still smiling. Drew, as opposed to Kaden, has an aura like a cool, soothing pool of water, refreshing and cleansing and restful. At least at the moment. He nods and says, "I would call you 'D' but I don't want to encourage you. Hi, Drew." His tone is mildly teasing at that. He starts gathering his books and putting them aside for safety. Water.

Dmitri has not been seen much for several days, not that that is a very new thing for the least connected of the elemental spirits especially considering the fact that an army of demons are camped out above his home under Central Park. Somewhat disheveled, and looking like he has not had near enough sleep Dmitri just missed taking the elevator up with Kaden, which is probably a good thing because he hates having the small panic attack that a ride int he elevator causes him in front of others. After he manages to make it to the door he uses his key, and opens the door before calling out, "Hello? Is anyone home?"

Kaden walks over to Drew and gives him a big hug. "I'm still kind of gross from practice." He says as he's been taking his martial arts lessons pretty seriously. "I'm gonna need a shower soon, or some time with you." He teases Drew in regards to his water as Kaden has really gotten over a bit of his issues with water. "So what have you been up to Ethan?" Kaden says going over to plot himself down next to the mage on the couch. "Hey Dmitri!" Kaden calls in return.

A hug? That's all? Drew takes a little more than a hug, getting at least a quick liplock from the Fire Spirit before he chuckles. "Well, we can take care of all of the above at once in a bit." He says with a grin before he moves over to Ethan and places a light kiss on the corner of the elementalist's lips. Hey, Drew's a loving individual and all of the spirits know that. "Dmitri!" He says, exceptionally happy to see the earth spirit that he doesn't get to see very often. He opens his arms towards the earthen one. D'awwww.

Ethan sits up as Dmitri comes in, heralded by a sense of solid, patient and calm earth. That aura of stone and solidity that suggests that everything will pass eventually, even if there are a few ripples of aftershock in it, perhaps from that mild panic attack Dmitri's recovering from. He nods and gives the Earth Spirit a smile as well. When Kaden speaks to him he shrugs and says, "Mostly? Learning that the old mages didn't know a lot. They just didn't know it in several languages, with bad handwriting and enough typos to make you wish for a time-traveling salesman to distribute copies of word processing software in Medieval Europe." The kiss is a surprise, but Ethan reaches out to cup the back of Drew's neck for a moment while he does it and then lets go as he flows away like the element that he incarnates.

Dmitri is not the outwardly loving huggy type Drew is, but that does not mean he will not show affection at all. He walks with his odd limp over to Drew to give him the hug he obviously wants. As they embrace he lets himself relax for just a moment placing his forehead against Drews before moving to find a place on one of the sofas to collapse like a ton of bricks. "Kaden, Drew, It is good to see you are well." Dmitri also gives Ethan a polite nod.

Kaden looks at Dmitri and frowns. "Oh I guess you can give Drew a hug but I'm not good enough?" He jokes with him knowing it takes a lot for the earth spirit to be up here. "What brings you up here Dmitri?" He asks as he looks over at Ethan. "So you're reading weird stuff about a time-traviling sales men in a different languages?" A lot of what Ethan said doesn't make sense. Kaden smiles at the kiss to Ethan from Drew and shakes his head. He's not surprised, it's just the way Drew is.

"Doesn't that apply to most people?" Drew says, grinning at Ethan as he curls into the hug happily. He doesn't get to see Dmitri much, but his water just naturally feels comforted by stone. After all, those two elements are naturally compatible. He grins at Kaden as he chuckles. "We're fine, Dmitri. Now that we've gotten Ethan clean of the demon, he's fine. And… well… he's here for a while. I like him." He nods.

Ethan gives Kaden an amused glance, opens his mouth to correct the Fire Spirit and then shrugs. "Close enough. Nothing useful." His tone is bone dry but he knows well enough to keep his laughter to himself, with only a faint hint of a grin to give him away. His eyebrows quirk up at Drew's synopsis and final statement there and he says, "Apparently adopted like a stray cat. Once properly wormed and bathed, of course." Oh my yes, that /was/ sardonic and dry, if still amused. It's hard to be angry at Drew. At least for Ethan.

Dmitri gives Kaden a raised eyebrow look. "He was on the way to falling onto the couch. It would have taken extra effort to avoid him, or to reach you after wards." THe fact that Dmitri looks pretty much wiped should be obvious even to the most unobservent but after a few seconds he does make the effort to change his position so that he is sitting up and looking at all the others. "Well, as long as Drew promisses to walk you and feed you there is no reason for him not to keep a pet. At least if we know he is free of demonic taint I can be a little less worried about all of you up here."

"Well we found out I can rid people who have been turned into demons of their…demon thingy." Kaden really doesn't know how to word it well. "Of course you like him Drew, you like everyone." He says chuckling as he leans against the cloest body. "Hey I have no problem with the bathing Ethan, I gotta do that soon in a bit anyway. But we decided it was best for him to stay here for a bit Dmitri, safer with what's going on. How have you been taking it since you live in Central Park?" More under it.

"Well, I bathed you, but I didn't worm you. Yet." Drew says with a sagacious nod before chuckling and shrugging at Kaden. He finally wiggles his way out of his own shirt. He has a few new cuts and bruises. One rather large one across his back, but he's not letting it bother him, it seemd. "Yeah, we've been worried. We're up here, up high. But you're down there. And when I finally touched ground, well… that's when I ran into Demon-Ethan."

Ethan blushes at that trio of comments. Just when he thought he had the conversational upper hand as well. He clears his throat and says, quietly, "Taint. Or influence. Either works to describe someone under spell." He gives Dmitri a closer look at that 'living in Central Park' statement. The Earth Spirit doesn't /look/ homeless. He nods at Drew's mention of his former self. "Yth'n. That's what my name translated to, apparently." He sounds and looks uncomfortable at the memory.

Dmitri nods as he listens. Despite the height he likes being around the other spirits, expecially since it is far more relaxing than dealing with an army of demons above his head. "It has been…tiring. I have not had any demons burrow thier way into my home, yet, but any time I try to go anywhere they tend to find me. It has been luck that it is only the least powerful ones I have had to deal with."

Kaden looks at Drew and reaches over and fingers the cut on his back lightly. "Drew, what happened?" He asks sounding concerned. He then nods to Dmitri. "Yeah, Drew found him and he called me to help him so, of course, I came running. Just be careful down there Dmitri, I know you don't like it up here but it might be safer for you if things get too bad."

"Demon. No big deal." Drew says with a shrug. "I can handle it. After all, I got people to kiss it and make it better, so I'll be alright." He grins brightly. "And I tell ya. I've been sleepin' like a baby lately." He doesn't give any details as to why, but is quite sure that a few people already know.

Ethan watches the three Spirits in a grouping on the couch with an expression that combines interest with a hint of amusement and just a faint touch of reverence. He shakes his head and says, adopting a conversational tone as he settles on the ottoman opposite them, "I know I'm just the lightweight around here, but you guys should be doing this stuff together, shouldn't you?" He isn't going to touch that 'sleeping' comment with a ten-foot pole, given how unique the dynamic amongst the Spirits seems to be.

Dmitri can guess as to why Drew hs been sleeping well recently, the two main reasons he can think of are sitting right there in the room with him. "Hmm, speaking of sleep, the very reason I am here. Things keep getting too close, I may be touch enough to take a bullet but I do not trust that against the kinds of things they may try against me if something gets into my place while I am asleep." Dmitri does not look the most comfortable admiting the main reason he came up to the apartment is the idea of sleep. Probably understandable given that he is more or less admitting that his fear of getting caught by the demon army seems to have beaten out his fear of heights. "Wind and Sand can wear down a mountain, Fire and Water can make steam, but how often do you think it is that they agree to work together in the exact same way? We do work together at times, its just getting past those first few steps to do it that is less than easy."

"Well I told you the other day Ethan, if I can find more people to try to help, like you, maybe I can." Kaden stands up and looks at Drew, Ethan and Dmitri. "I think I'm going to take a quick shower." And unless Drew is in there with him, it's quick. "And you know you're welcome here anytime Dmitri. Is up here safer than your room on ground level?" He asks since he knows Dmitri is more comfortable down on the ground.

"You're always allowed here, Dmitri. Keith made this an open space for all of us." Drew says with a firm nod as he ponders joining Kaden. He's clean, though, and it would probably take a lot longer with him. And he is a little sleepy…

Ethan watches Kaden leave, giving him a thoughtful nod. He just watches them on the byplay about Dmitri staying. The Spirit certainly has more of a place here than he does. At Dmitri's explanation about the elements working together, well, he has some thoughts. That much is obvious from the quirked brows and set jaw. But it isn't the time to get into things like that with at least one of them half-dead on his feet and the other two tired. After a moment he just says, "Might be a good idea for everybody to turn in early tonight."

Dmitri for a moment thinks of offering to join Kaden too, but just for a moment. "I know, and the place on the ground floor is no less safe…but I wanted to see you before I sealed myself in there to sleep fro the next few days." Hes not gonna say it unless someone presses the issue but the main reason he came to the penthouse instead of just sleeping in the apartment that was arranged for him on the ground floor when he wants it is the fact that he wanted, or more needed, to see the other spirits in person. "Turing in early may be a good idea, with or without company…either way."

"As always, Ethan, you're welcome in our bed." Drew offers, listening to Dmitri. "I may come down later, ifyou like." He says with a nod. For Dmitri to point things out like that, to him, means that Dmitri is actually feeling lonely. And though he's got Kaden and Ethan here, he always has Kaden in his mind. And he knows that Kaden and Ethan need a little time to get to know each other better.

Kaden nods to Dmitri. "Well you know we're always here for eachother, and now Ethan as well." He says smiling. "Get some rest, and I'll see you two when I get out of the shower." He says with a grin before heading off into the bathroom. After all it's been a long time since Kaden's slept in a bed alone.

Ethan blinks and looks faintly wary. He missed most of that byplay, given that he doesn't quite know the group dynamic, but he suspects he's just been volunteered for something. Well, given the company, probably nothing he doesn't want to do anyway. He just nods and decides to pretend he followed all of that and looks towards Drew, saying, "Ah … thanks." And leaves it that.

Dmitri nods at Drew, and would enjoy that a great deal. For the most part he is going to stay here on the couch for a little while before possibly grabbing something from the fridge and then heading to the ground floor apartment. AS it is, he just wants to relax a little near the others before so, ad with hope he wont end up passed out on the sofa.

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