2009-04-12: Splash


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Summary: Two mutants just wants to swim, another's just wanting to relax, and another wishes he could stop losing his pants. It doesn't go well for any of them.

Date: April 12, 2009

Log Title: Splash

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Pool

A large Olympic size pool sits outside at the edge of the property over looking Breakstone Lake. The pool, always heated to the right temperature, starts at a depth of 4 feet at the shallowest end, and gradually reaches a depth of 20ft. A diving board sits at the far end of the pool. Off to the side of the shallow end, a hot tub is built into the ground for those wanting to relax. Pool chairs and tables sit along the side of the pool for those just wanting to enjoy the sunshine.

It's late….very late. Or early depending on how you look at it. Atonio is jet-lagged to hell and back and can't decide wether he is tired or not. So, stashing everything in his room and finding his trunks, which are effectivly a pair of speedos, from his old Dive team in England. He walks out into the pool area and drops his shirt and shorts in a chair and walks around the side of the pool, in doing so, he drags a foot through the water to test it and then moves up the ladder and looks down at the pool, it casting a soft blue-glow back up at his athletic body. He closes his eyes for a long moment and breaths. In an unfamiliar place such as this, this is the first thing that makes him feel comfortable…the smell of chlorine in the water. He takes a few steps and simply leaps into the air, graceful as a dolphin. His chest opens, arms spread and he seems to fly until gravity takes over and drags him into the water with a small splash.

Vladimir is a night person he never goes to bed before dawn then the birds sing he head for bed. Might explain why he falling a sleep in class. He wearing nothing but a pair of black jeans cut short to stop at his knees and his blue sun glasses. Over his right shoulder he is wearing a blood red color towel. He feet feel the cool grass as he walk to the pool and blinks seeing someone else was there. he did not expect that. He stands there for a moment and speaks, "um hey there"

Seems like the pool was a popular choice for some students in the mansion. Same thing goes for an X-Force member. The telekinetic, clad in some board shorts runs a bit briskly before stopping at the gate. His build is muscular, but not overtly so. The Hellion looks as there are more people out this late…students. He ultimately decides to make a run for it, the pool that is. Before reaching the edge of the pool, Julian jumps, soaring through the air, like someone just jumped with no regard for form or style. But before he touches the water, his body stops in mid-air. He's caught himself, and he seems to be listing lazily over to the hot tub. He lets out a quick "Yo." To the two already in the area before dipping down in the warm water. Ahhh, refreshing.

Without much warning or signs, a cloud of inky DarkForce appears in the air over the pool. Seconds later, what seems to be a body falls from it. A body covered in a coat of fine, short red-brown fur. SPLASH. Coughing and sputtering, Owen Folger manages to get back to the surface and swim to the edge of the pool. "Oh man…where the heck am Ah?" he asks no one in particular. Climbing out of the pool its revealed that Owen left his clothes where ever he teleported from but doesn't seem to have noticed yet. "Howdy…" he trails off when he sees he's not alone out there.

The newest arrival to the school, Antonio Cosetta, was -not- expecting to meet anyone other than his unconscious room mate, but as he surfaces he notes Vlad, then looks up to see Julian and then behind him to note Owen. The young man's hair is plastered to his head from the water, and a pair of pointed 'elf' like ears poke up under his hair, to which he quickly tries to hide by smoothing the wet hair over them, not that it helps much. "Hello." he offers to Vlad and Julian, looking over to make sure Owen is ok. His appearance caused him a little surprise, but he's not about to let someone drown, seeing Owen climb out of the pool, he smirks a little. "You have no clothes." He says in a -heavily- accented voice. English is -not- his first language.

Vladimir sighs as he once again finds on peace into this place even at this hour. He would be be alright with Ant he seems quite but the other two are not so with there quick appearance. He also disappointed he not get to swim the way he want. He does not at Julian when he appears and then blinks at Owen as he shows up out of no where. He blinks more when he notice he not wearing any clothes, "Um forget you swim suit?"

Julian looks from the hot tub, seeing Owen emerge. The telekinetic looks to Vladimir, then Antonio, reaching out with telekinesis to grab a towel that's outside and pass it over to Owen. "Here." He says, before going back to his relaxing hot tub. The black-haired teen lets out a sigh of relief as he look up to the sky. "No, he popped in and splashed. We use our eyes to see, man." He quips smartassedly to Vladimir.

Coughing a few more times, Owen looks around. He notes Antonio and Vladimir, not knowing them. His gaze settles on Julian and the fuzzy teen looks the telekinetic over a few times in a very appreciative way. He gets snapped out of it by the towel being floated over. "Uh…thanks, Julian," he says, using the towel to lazily cover himself. "Pardon me jus' one moment," he offers with a chuckle, vanishing in another cloud of DarkForce. A few moments later, he reappears in a pair of purple swim-shorts and sets the towel aside. "Guess Ah teleported in mah sleep again," he explains with a sheepish grin, moving to join Julian in the hot tub. "Not gonna be able tah get back tah sleep now…"

Antonio watches and only offers a small smile to the pair in the Hot tub as he gets out of the pool, pulling himself up out of it and idly tugging at his speedo to keep it from sticking. He pushes his hair behind his ears and moves over to the Hottub, moving his feet in, but sitting on the edge. "You are students here?" He asks them, looking over at Vlad, hoping perhaps he will come and join.

Vladimir frowns at Julian and his comment. He already can tell he not going this smart ass." He does nod appovle the that he help out Owen maybe he is a good guy just got a smart mouth. He decides to to pass judgment yet. Sighs as Owen joins the other teen in the hot tube, "Here I thought I was the only one who was up at this hour." He looks at the pool and then the hot tube and sight, "what the hell" He walks over to the hot tube and joins the other three.

The telekinetic watches the others join in the hot tub. "No prob, Owen was it?" He says to the DarkForce user. "Me? A student? Hell no, I'm X-Force. I make sure the students don't die, or the mansion doesn't get destroyed." Hellion makes a smirk, glad he's more than just a student.

Owen flashes a fanged grin as he slips into the hot tub, making sure to sit not too close and not too far from Julian. "Yeah, that's me," he replies to the telekinetic. "And yep. Ah'm Owen, student here," he adds in. "Don' sleep much. Even less after Ah use mah powers. Gotta figure out why Ah'm sleep-teleportin' so much lately though…" he mutters.

Vladimir looks at the three of them and smiles some, "Well there four of use a wake what should we do?" He then looks at the X-force guy, "so your like the MP of the school then? Are you going to report us for being up this late?"

The italian nods and offers a small. "Sono Antonio." as he touches his chest and offers a small grin to everyone at the tub. He looks around and given the opportunity, holds the edge of the tub and lowers himself in next to Owen. However, he faces Julian, feet bumping into someone elses under the water as he tries to find his own space. "What is X-Force?" he asks, not seeming to understand the statement. He looks over at Vlad for a few moments, studying him before turning back to look at Owen…who seems to be his new favorite person. Mainly because he's another person who has a physical mutation, and it makes him feel not such the freak. He raises a brow at Vlad, not seeming to follow the conversation.

Julian gives a small pfft. "No, like I'm gonna hand you over to Summers' ass to give you a detention. As far as I'm concerned, your on the grounds, you're okay for curfew." But lest you get on his bad side, he'll make your life a living hell. "X-Force is the last stop before becoming an X-Man. We protect the school and train harder than students. We're training for actual combat, not just for power learning." He explains to Antonio. "There's only four of us." He feels his foot getting touched and scoots back a little bit.

Owen scoots a bit closer to Julian when Antonio gets close, sort of a reflexive reaction whenever someone he doesn't entirely trust gets too close to his fuzzy-form. He snickers slightly as Julian speaks then shakes his head. "The teachers know Ah don' sleep much. Long as Ah don' make too much noise or go intah places Ah shouldn' be, they don' mind me bein' up," he chimes. "And it turns out Ah'm parta Mr. Summers' trainin' squad. Corsairs or somethin' like that. Ah look terrible in that costume they gave me…" he shakes his head.

Vladimir had notice the ears when they were exposed but did not care about them much. He then smiles, "so is that the only thing that makes you a mutant your cute ears?" He hoping her this guy get over what ever problem he has with them. He then nods to Julian, "Yah shades does seem to have a stick up his ass. I am sure he eye blast us or something." Snorts, "That spandex for what ever they call it one peace thing thing I refuse to wear it."

Antonio isn't trying to get near anyone or play footsy for that matter. He too scoots back upon bumping into someones foot. He relaxes a bit and listens to everyone talk in that sort of way that shows he is trying to actively listen to what is being said rather than participate in conversation. So far everyone seems nice. When asked a question he takes a moment to process and then shakes his head. "I make things small." That is pretty much the long and short of it.

"It's an unstable molecule suit. And to work in the Danger Room, you have to. Don't try and fight them on that. No one wants to get their clothes ruined and end up naked after the simulation. Do yourself a favor and pick another battle." He advises Vladimir. Hellion doesn't scooch over when Owen gets closer, he at least knows Owen. "If you really want to piss him off, call him that to his face. "I'm a telekinetic, one of the most powerful." The boast is totally aimed towards himself, there's not many telekinetics on the planet, and Julian is glad to be one of the most powerful ones still alive.

Owen nods. "Yeah. Trust me…as A guy who's powers tend tah destroy his clothes or make him lose 'em…ya'll wanna keep certain bits covered up in a fight. The whole…seduce the enemy and end 'em spendin' the night with 'em really rarely works," he says, half joking. "Whatever the suit is…Ah look bad in yellah an' white," he shakes his head slightly. "Most powerful and best lookin' Ah've seen yet," he adds onto what Julian says. "Ah got a connection tah an alternate dimension that lets me use this…DarkForce stuff," he says, letting a bit of inky darkness swirl around his hand then float away into nothingnes.

Vladimir smiles and nods, "ah that's cool. I never met a shrinker before." He offers a hand, "I am Vladmir but people call me Vlad." He looks at Julian, "yah okay and I suppose to look like a….like a…..Well I don't know but still dumb outfit. My leather coat is thicker then it how will that protect me in battle?" It takes him all this time the the light bulb to click, "you were at the Park after I pushed the panic button." Listen to Owen and sighs, "At lease can I get it custom so there some style?" Then he snaps his fingers, "A wrestle that's what they looks like something you see a meat head wearing while dancing around the ring throwing fake punishes."

Antonio yawns softly and nods to the group. He idly pulls up out of the water and moves back to his clothes and pulls out his cellphone from his jeans as he slides them on over his wet shorts. "Ai! Che, Catzo. La ore e tardi." He grumbles to himself and looks back over to the others. "Mi dispiache, ma….the time…" he points to the phone to try and communicate. "Mi dispiache…Domani?" he asks. "I…see you tommorrows?"

"Whatever." Julian did remember Vlad from the park, but refrianed from bringing that up. "Yeah, I was. And you were the one who got accused of being an MGH mule." Julian bids at the asking, he's normally all over campus all day, so that may be an easy thing to do, see him. "You're leather jacket doesn't repair itself if it's torn." He quips back to the technopath. "You can fix it how you want to, just keep the colors, and it's not like you're gonna be going out there in the city, wearing it. It's for the Danger Room."

Owen just offers Antonio a nod before leaning back. "And those unstable molecules also adapt tah powers and stretch and stuff. Apparently Ah'm gettin a pack of unstable molecule shorts sent tah me incase Ah turn intah the Bat again so Ah don' end up naked when Ah change back," he shrugs. Owen really doesn't care if he does or not. After a few moments, Owen's fur fades away. His eyes stop glowing and his teeth shift back to normal. "Much better…"

Vladimir nods and looks at the elf ear guy as he wonders off and shrugs and slides over takes some more space. He looks at Julian and nods some, "yah I can see how that can be useful. I was talking about the color I don't wear anything but black. Even my boxers and socks are black. I have not put on any other color besides it in three years." He points to his blue sunglasses, "well besides these. Can't I just get it in black?"

The telekinetic shakes his head. "Nope, black is already taken, it's an X-Force color. You're just gonna have to get outta that goth phase twice a week." Julian honestly wouldn't care if it wasn't an X-Force color, no intruding on his glory!

Owen chuckles. "Hey…if Ah have tah put up with yallah, you gotta put up with anythin' other than black," he teases only a little. Looking over at Julian, Owen goes a little quiet as he just admires the view.

Vladimir frowns in a rough tone, "I am not a goth I used to stomp on
there pansy at clubs. I am nothing but me I do not fall into anything but that well that and mutant. Personally I don't care who's color it is I not where what suit that color I will take a can of spray paint to it if they make me." He snorts some and sighs, "I just have to talk to shades about it."

"Listen, kid. If you want to bring it up with Cyclops, be my guest. But I can already tell ya. He's gonna say 'deal with it' and send you on yer way. So just suck it up and do it, or you can go back to wherever it was you came from." His tone more rough than Vlad brings to the table. He wants to ask what colors are his, but he's not gonna start an argument he's gonna win at this hour. He came out here to relax. The telekinetic starts to lift himself up and start flying to his room, he's not doing anything to jeopardize his getting into the X-Men.

Owen just sighs as Julian flies away, watching him go for a distance. "Well now…that's disappointin'…" he mutters. The southern teen looks into the water and then shrugs. "See ya'll later, VLad," he says as he climbs out of the hot tub. Once he grabs his towel, Owen vanishes into a cloud of DarkForce.

Vladimir sighs as the other two leave. He wanted to be alone but now is to upset to get to relax and walks off him self.

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