2009-05-21: Splitting Up


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Summary: Our Five Young Adventurers find out just where they are and confront Dr. Sting only for the sinister scientist to slip through their grasp.

Date: May 21, 2009

Log Title: Splitting Up

Rating: R

Castle Blitzschlag, Germany - 1940's

It's been about twenty minutes of walking since they got to the 1940's in Germany, and thankfully it's been quiet save for the rain. No attacks or wild life. Even thier 'talking bling' has been silent since putting on the hologram of random German civillains' clothing (and making Dai look like the strange love-child of Eddie, Jared, Jordan, and Julian's genetics) over the costumes.

Walking near the middle of the group, Eddie Parker-Mayfair frowns and drifts closer to his half-brother. "So we're back in time…and in World War 2. I hope we can atleast get some kind of information as to where we are up there…" he trails off, looking up at the castle that's at the top of the inclinded path their walking. Those with better eyesight than Eddie will be able to see the doors to the castle are open.

As the walk along, Jordan's got a look of sincere concentration on his face as he tries hard to remember something. "Bitte… Bitte Shone? No… Bitte Shoen." He says with a soft nod. "Been too long since I talked to my grandparents. They always made me speak a little German." He says, running a hand over the back of his head as he sighs. "I really don't like this." He says, walking along with the others.

Daisuke is holding onto Jared's hand a bit tightly. He's nervous and a bit scared and none to happy with the situation. "I really don't like this and we're walking towards the creepy castle of doom." Things have been quiet but that just means they've been two quite. "There's open doors up there that scream, walk in, we love to kill you for dinner."

Jared stares at the creepy castle a moment and sighs. "Yes, after falling through time and finding a castle in Nazi Germany we should go there to find information. Maybe they will even put us up for the night because the master of the castle does not wake up till dawn." Jared is not often the voice of good sense but, when he is he is not exactly polite about it. "Then again, if we are lucky it could be Castle Zemo. Too bad Skeets here didn't give us a good idea of when in the 40's this is." Jared taps at his talking bling as he calls it Skeets. "Don't ask me, only German I know is 'Arbite Mach Frie' and 'Swinehund' and I know those wont be of any use to us." Jared gives Daisuke's hand a gentle squeeze. "Could be worse, could be a big sign proclaiming the name of the place as 'Dontgonearthe Castle'"

The telekinetic of the group is in the front, a powerhouse should the group need a forcefield. Hellion is keeping an eye out, looking out for any German Army helmets to hide from. "I took Spanish for my foreign language." He mentions to Jordan as the group heads for the castle… "Don't go near… oh." He says, thinking Jared was actualy talking about a real castle.

Eddie shrugs. "Where else are we gonna go? The forest? Even if we don't go in the castle…it's up higher. Should be able to see a good ways around from up there," he says, looking around. He then smiles to Jared. "Castle Zemo? Itchin' to help Cap or Colonel Fury and his Howling Commandos fight some guy who wears a pink sock on his head?" he asks.

After a few more moments of walking, they reach the gates. Gates that appear to have been smashed in. Further inside, the front doors also show evidence of being smashed in. There's a pair of downed men in german uniforms…that upon closer inspection seem to be partially destroyed robots. "Guys! Look!" Eddie exclaims, jogging away from the group to pick something up off the ground. Some kind of black and gold metal piece. "This looks like it came off Sting's armor. Think he's inside?" Eddie asks, looking from the Castle to the others.

"Get a look? Dude. Eddie. I can hover. Julian can fly. Dai can fly. I think between the three of us we could EASILY get a look." Jordan says with an eye roll as he goes back to practicing his German. "And you happen to remember EVERYTHING the guy was wearing? I didn't know you had a photographic memory." He adds on. "How the hell should I know?"

Daisuke glances over at Jordan with a annoyed look, more because he thinks he's teasing his friend. Even though he's annoyed he nods. "Yeah, I mean, three of us can get up there and take a look around and I don't know if I want to go into an evil lair Eddie. Remember me? Bad Luck? I don't think anything good can come out of this."

Jared sees the smashed doors and men down and is running to check on them before he realizes they are androids. As Eddie finds some black and gold thing he pulls the piece of Dr Sting's belt buckle he got a hold of outof a pocket to compare it to the one Eddie found. "Yeah, does look like it." Jared looks at Jordan a moment, "Dude, my bros got an eye for details when it comes to costumed heroes and villans."

Jared takes a deep breath and reaches out with his powers to see if he can feel any living people, "Not gonna like it if this place is full of androids, always creepy to see someone and not be able to feel them. Hmm, and if this is Castle Zemo then maybe we missed the launch."

The telekinetic scopes the ground level before looking to the rest of the team. "I'll go in." He offers to the other guys. Julian looks around to see if anyone else is coming with him. "So, I'm going to scope it out. If anyone else is going, come, if you're stayin' stay. But take cover, in case there's more of these Terminator-things." He starts to hover up, emphasizing the 'we're going' part. Anything to get back to 2009.

Eddie frowns slightly. "Yeah, and I can copy those powers to do the same thing but I figured not sticking out so much during a war back in time would be better while we're back in time," he says quietly, looking down. He looks up at Daisuke, trying to say sorry without actually saying it, then Jared speaks up for him. He smiles and starts to say something but Julian speaks first. "I'll come," Eddie chimes. Those stepping into the casle will see some more broken androids down a cooridor. Could be a trail to follow.

"A lot of people have an eye for heroics and villainics. But, black and gold have been a popular color scheme for years beyond counting. Many classic armies used it in their uniforms. Even the Egyptians." Seems Jordan DOES know something about things like that. However, he does move along behind Julian, being that he feels he IS a protector type. "I want to go home. People are there, getting attacked by something stealing their powers, and I'm worried."

Daisuke sighs and just follows along behind everyone. He's just not happy and he's worried too. He knows his luck, and he knows that it's not good. He doesn't think walking into the castle is a good idea he thinks finding a way home without disturbing the evil badguys lurking in the castle is a good idea.

Jared nods at Julian who by dent of being a member of one of the grown up X-Teams gets to be the leader. "I'm going, no point in standing around outside. That and I have seen movies like this, splitting up is never a good idea. That, and if you see a closet full of weapons don't be the persont hat only grabs a flashlight. Don't worry Dai, your with me remember? I have good enough luck to spare. Come on, lets go kick some Nazi butt and find a way home." Jared knows about the people back home that faced the green thing, he even knows that they feel like humans now instead of mutants, and is just as worried as Jordan even if he has not said it out loud.

Julian starts to move farther into the castle, he knew it wasn't a good idea to split up. Only saying it because he wants to keep this moving. He doesn't state the obvious at the fallen androids, but does think it's a trail worth following.

Eddie just frowns at Jordan before following along behind Julian, looking the armored piece over. "This doesn't look like it's be any normal army's uniform. It's metal too…" he mutters, knocking his knuckles against it. There's more broken robots down the corridor, down a staircase, through what looks like some kind of audience hall, and plenty of evidence of someone having used fire to fight. As they get deeper into the castle, the sound of gunfire can be heard along with shouting in german and some explosions. Eddie squeaks, turning to say something to the others. He only gets "I - " out before the doors at the end of the hallway as smashed outwards by what appears to be a flaming android that's broken into a few pieces.

Through the doors, down some stairs, there's a large open area. Down in the stone room, there's a fight going on. A lot of those android soldiers are being led by a man dressed as the stereo-typical mad scientist gear, electricity crackling around him. And who are they all doing battle with? Well…a man in a speedo with wings on his ankles, two fiery humanoids, a young man with brown hair, and a certain man in red, white, and blue. "The Invaders!" Eddie states the obvious. "What are you all babbling about?" comes from the 'talking bling', light coming back on. "Well now. You might find this interesting. There's a signal coming from another time-jumper nearby," the bands go on. And true enough, Dr. Sting, in his damaged armor, can be seen at the far end of the room at a console of some kind, working on something unseen.

"Obviously." Jordan says with a sigh to Eddie. "I think most of us know that." He isn't quite getting involved, preferring to stay behind the others. "Guys, if we're IN the past, then we don't need to get involved. It's already happened, we could totally fuck things up." He says, staying behind the others.

Daisuke doesn't say it out loud be he also doubts that someone like Captain America would need the help of some teenagers who are still learning their powers though he is a bit awestruck as just watching them fight. He's watching history. "I don't think we should mess with time too much but we need to get back and there's that jerk-off again."

Jared blinks as the flaming android smashes through the door and reaches out with his powers jsut cause he wants to know just what Namor and the two flaming men feel like through them. "Unless we are in the middle of a predestination paradox. but I don't think that is too likely." As the talking bling comes to life again Jared holds it up to say, "Yo Skeets, welcome back, now how the heck do we get back to the future without a Delorian?"

Julian sees Namor and Captain America doing their thing. "Agreed. But -that- guy is fucking up history already. If we can get to him without screwing up Cap and the rest, we should be fine." He's not sure on it, but he's got to sound confident in his plan. The telekinetic starts to move around the arena to the other side where Dr. Sting is. There's gonna be some hell to pay.

"Skeets? That is not m-…I suppose it will have to do," the 'bling' just sighs. "You'll need my control unit. I have been wondering why you don't have it," 'Skeets' answers. "And before you ask, if you don't have it, it's probably with whoever you took me from."

Eddie snaps out of his awed staring after a moment and looks towards the others. "Yeah…that guy's already messing up history," he echos Julian, looking to Dai and Jared wih a worried expression. He starts to follow Julian, thankful the robots seem to mostly be ignoring them. As they near Sting, it can be seen he's working on his damaged 'belt'. He looks up after some beeping, turning and spotting the group. "You! How did…nevermind! You're not leaving here! I've finished my repairs! Blitzschlag, you're on your own!" he calls. The scientist throwing lightning looks over angrily only to have to dive out of the way of a fireball from Toro.

"But how do WE know that WE won't mess it up more? Argh…" Jordan grumbles. He hates Paradoxical thinking. It's not his strong point at all. He waits for Julian to take the lead, as he can't make decisions like this on his own. He's not exactly the traditionally heroic type.

Julian reaches with telekinesis to hold Dr. Sting. "Yeah, you're on yer own too, pal." He says, dragging the good Doctor around, the group needs to leave this area ASAP before they screw up the time line. Hellion is going to to just that, heading for the nearest exit, possibly a window to throw this guy out of.

Daisuke flies up in the air a few feets and nods. He plans on just following Julian's lead as he's not much of a leader type. "Well lets hope fucking with time is worth it." He says as he looks around again really hoping they don't screw too much up.

Jared shrugs a little even if body language probably menas nothing to the bling. "Well you never gave us a name Skeets, and we did not take you. You grabbed us without asking." Jared does his best to hide his eye roll form Jordan, "We don't, we do what all heroes do in this condition. We do whats right, try to stay out of the way, and hope like hell we don't screw it up." Jared follows behind the others and does what he can to stay out of the way since he has no offensive powers, and no one he can heal is hurt.

Dr. Sting resists the dragging, flight systems activating and pulling against Hellion's hold hard. "Leaving is just what I had in mind!" he laughs, slamming a hand down on the button on the console. His armor starts to glow as well as the lights on all the 'talking' bling. The doctor's dragged away from the console just in time for a blast of flames from Toro to strike it instead of him, frustrating the confused pyrokinetic. "Oh man…" Eddie squeaks as the feeling of the world dropping out from under them all and the light getting blinding once more. "Oh, that's not good," Skeets says simply. "I have no idea when or where you're going…" the device emits before they're all sent flying through time once more. Who knows where they'll end up this time…or when.

Jared is really hoping that the mad man can be stopped before what ever it is he was working on gets used, too bad they are just a tad too slow. As the bottom drops out of reality Jared does try to run to reach Daisuke while yeling, "Ohh Shiii…"

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