2009-06-20: Spooky Welcome


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Summary: Rob and Nathan may not be the best Welcoming Party for Xaviers…

Date: June 20, 2009

Log Title: Spooky Welcome

Rating: PG-13

Xavier Mansion - Courtyard

Surrounded on three sides by the school, a large courtyard forms the front yard. The courtyard leads right up to the door of the mansion. Yellow square stone slabs cover the ground where the grass would be. The most noticeable thing about the courtyard is the large statue of Jean Gray, aka Phoenix, in the middle as a memorial. Benches surround the outside of the statue so students can sit and hang out in the courtyard. There are two paths leading off the courtyard, one to the left and the other to the right.

Unfortunately for a younger teenager on his own and having just arrived at the front gate, sweaty and tired, it was a very sunny day today. The clouds moved casually across the sky as every now and then shade was created while most of the day was those hot sun rays beating down hard on the open land. Chris stood with an arm lifting to wipe sweat from his face with a cellphon.. no a rag.. no it's a cellphone again. His eyes looked over the gate and then gradually led to the little button mashing utility by the gate. "Oh cra.. nine.. four? no.. Oh! I remember" and his pointer finger reached over to begin pushing the buttons in sequence before the gate began to open and this young male stepped in, walking towards the mansion.

A casual dress up for Chris, as it was his normal attire. A large black suitcaste hanging from his right hand while a backpack strap was held firmly by the left hand, with the backpack hanging and patting against the young mans back. Hair pressed against his forehead from sweating. The walk to here really put a number on his endurance.

Seemingly unbothered by the heat, a young man in chain-and-strap heavy black longshorts and a grey tanktop is sitting comfortably on one of the benches beneath the statue, a sketch pad laid out over one of his bent legs and a pencil in his hand. He lifts his eyes when Chris opens the gate, staring down the walkway at the other youth with an expression that looks both distracted and bored; he flicks the mechanical pencil back and forth between his fingers while watching the slightly older boy, green eyes relatively difficult to read as far as intent goes. He shifts that fidgeting hand to the eyebrow ring he has, idly shifting the piercing with no real point beyond avoiding complete stillness.

As the main gate opens, the door to the mansion opens as well. And what steps out is a bit odd. Looks like boots, jeans, a t-shirt with a big red Z on it just seem to be moving along as if there's a person inside them but…no one can be seen. This is Robert Weyrin, newest teacher at Xavier's. The invisible teacher spots Nathan and offers a small and unseen nod to the student before continuing on. He stops when he sees Chris at the gates. "Well, new student I wonder…" he trails off.

Chris's posture straightens as crystal blue eyes view the surrounding area with a murmurred "woah..". a feeling of amazement and shock swept through him for a few moments. Deciding to go in, head first, and hope for the best, Chris's feet carry the luggage with him and his eyes are more looking over various different gardens in the distance until his eyes lay upon what appears to be walking clothing… The suitcase falls and Chris stands there just gawking. "No.. freakin.. wai.."

Strangely enough, the nod is returned, more an assumption than anything spectacular. "I'm sure the whole invisible head thing is really going to put him at ease, Mr. Weyrin," Nathan says casually as he uncurls from the bench, tucking his pad under his arm and his hands in his pockets as he meanders along to stand beside the teacher. He tilts his chin up at Chris by way of greeting, apparently unbothered by the professor's less than opaque appearance and looking rather banal himself. He waves a hand after a certain point, though, smirking at Chris as he speaks again in a more sardonic tone, "Hey, new kid. Staring's rude."

Rob sighs slightly. "Hold on," he murmurs, concentrating on creating an illusion. Within a moment, a very fit man with caramel colored skin and a shaved head fades into view. "Sorry but I'm stuck invisible all the time. This illusion's only temporary," he explains. "I'm Robert Weyrin," he says, offering a hand to Chris.

It took more then several seconds before Chris showed any reaction towards Nathan's comment. When reaction was given, Chris shook his head quickly from side to side as if coming out of shock, "right right, sorry. Apologies on my part, just not everyday I see a pair of slacks walking without someone in them." he gives as an excuse, taking the moment to glance at Nathan and take in his appearance before shaking the hand of the newly visible older man. "Christopher McCoy, or Chris." a nervous gut-wrench tugged at the boy, this definately should have been expected…Invisible geezers..

"Really? Is for me," Nathan says in that same casually sarcastic way, giving the now partially visible teacher a bemused look before he holds out one of his hands as well, "Nathan." He catches that geezer bit and grins abruptly, throwing a longer look in Weyrin's direction only to clear his throat and wait. Once his hand is shaken, if it is, he'll tuck it back into his pocket, still grinning somewhat, "First time meeting other mutants, kid?" Yes, he knows his name is Chris; no, he doesn't care. He also likely knows that Chris is older than him, but see the last statement.

Rob's grip is pretty firm and it gets a bit tighter, eyetwitching slightly, at the geezer bit. Telepathy is useful and annoying like that. "I'm not that much older than you, Mr. McCoy," he says, frowning. "And I apologize but I'm note entirely used to this telepathy yet and I still pick up things I don't want to," he ays.

Chris's offered smile quickly fades to a frown and brow raised when he's put onto the spot. "er..I.. well you see.. no.." his head is turned down and hand sort of yanked back from the man at this point, not knowing how to defend himself when thoughts are leaked.. "Normally things like that are secret.. but well.. hmm" his cheeks turn kind of red with frustration. "So much for a good first impression, I guess. heh heh." a nervous laugh, turning to look at Nathan with a nod at his question.. a few nods.. Eyes now darting between the two «Spooky..Er NO! don't think don't think don't think don't think»

Nathaniel cocks a brow at Chris thoughtfully for a few seconds before he says, idly, "You could just say you're sorry rather than crying about them being secret." He taps his temple, informing Chris, with that same faint grin, "Before you get too comfortable, I'm a telepath too… right now, anyway." He tucks his hand back into his pocket and rolls his shoulders in something akin to a shrug, "Don't freak out. Not like we're digging around on purpose. Where're you from, anyway?"

Rob shakes his head. "Relax, Mr. McCoy. It's certainly better than what most people think when first meeting me," he says. "Yes, there's a bit of power confusion going on but we're working to remedy it," he assures the students. The teacher then goes quiet to hear Chris' answer.

Chris was taken aback for a brief moment, "I'm from..Texas" a slight pause, " and I can't find myself apologizing for thinking to myself, or what should have been myself." he placed his own ground, gaining a little self dignity in this little feature. "so .. right now… you two are confused and.." he sighs gently, shaking his head. "Nevermind, I'm not even going to ask… still trying to get over the fact of people being able to go invisible and hear what i think.." he sighs audibly.

Nathaniel smirks slightly at Chris, running his fingers through his hair, "If you're going to get pissy over every accidental use of power you wind up on the ass end of, you're not going to last long here, Chris from Texas." He tucks his hands into his pockets, apparently not needing someone to have telepathy for his thoughts to come out. He looks aside at Rob, then shrugs idly and moves back towards the school, "Might as well go put your bags somewhere. Standing in the middle of the courtyard looking miffy isn't doing you any good."

Rob lets out a little yawn. "Yeah…if an invisible man and a mind-reading classmate are too much..just wait till you get inside," he chuckles. "But seriously, we're here to help ya so…need a hand with the bags?"

"Well, I'd better have my guard up then." Chris says thoughtfully outloud, watching Nathaniel walk towards the school. Taking a firmer grasp of his suitcase, he couldn't help but ponder what was in store for him here…"Oh! Yes, please, thank you. That long road to get here killed my arm." is replied, offering the suitcase to Rob with a smile.
"So Mr..Weyin? Any specific rules I should be careful of?.. Nathan doesn't seem to like me too much.." he trails off..

Nathaniel doesn't take the time to refute it, though he has yet to truly put real energy into being mean to Chris, so it's hard to tell what he thinks for the time being. Unless you're a telepath, but the boy does have some concept of shielding, so Rob likely isn't picking up anything off him accidentally. He does pause, however, glancing over his shoulder at the pair before a wicked smile touches his lips and he levitates the boy's suitcase a few feet into the air. Keeping his hands tucked into his pockets, he turns slightly, "I'll help walk you to the dorms, kid. You do have a dorm number, right?" He bobs the suitcase along towards him, eyeing it with abstract curiosity in the process.

Rob starts to reach for the suitcase but stops when Nathan telekinetically takes over. The normally invisible man shrugs and looks at the teen. "No, he's like that all the time. Don't worry," he says. Dropping the illusion and going invisible again, he stuffs hands into his pockets and follows along. "Rules? Didn't read the packet they gave ya?" he asks, arching an unseen brow.

Chris laughs quietly and nods, "Yeah I got some of the rules down. I just meant for any advice." his eyes following his now-flying suitcase with a curious eyebrow quirked. "I don't have a dorm yet, that I know of. I called yesterday to make sure you all knew I was coming… other then the entrance." he thumbs back to the gate, "I don't know anything else…" his eyes lift to the walking set of clothes, then ahead to Nathan. "It's still creepy when you're invisible." he comments with a smirk lifting the edge of his lips, walking alongside.

Nathaniel folds his hands behind his head, exhaling a rough sigh before he shakes his head and nods to Weyrin, "You know he's a teacher, right?" He turns to continue walking on into the school, glancing up at it only to make a face; he uses telekinesis to open the door as well, apparently just in that kind of mood, "They usually assign dorms when kids first show up, as far as I know. Did they just tell you to show up or something?"

Rob rolls his eyes. "Right. And like I don't have to live with it…" he trails off. He frowns and looks up thought fully. "I'm sure a room and a roommate have been assigned to you…"

"Well.. sorry if I offended you, sir." Chris replies calmly, looking ahead and then up at the giant mansion with curiousity. "Yeah, probably. I'm supposed to meet someone and they were going to assign me a dorm. I don't remember who, though." his left hand reaching into a pocket and pulling out a small slip of folded paper, unfolding it as he walked. It was just a blank sheet which slowly transmutated into a dry-erase board the same size and shape, but thicker with a drawing of the floor pan, showing the first floor with various rooms such as the kitchen and so forth marked on it. "Well I am first showing up, Nathan. So I guess it's time I found out where?" a smile is given, though his eyes are more set upon his newly created map.

Nathaniel rolls his eyes as well, holding the door open until they're all through and continuing on, though he lowers the suitcase to hover in front of Rob as he says, voice amused, "Sounds like a job for a teacher. Please take care of our new classmate, Mr. Weyrin." He proceeds to pat Chris on the head while the boy is distracted by his dry erase map, then waves to the invisible teacher over his shoulder as he heads off down the hallway. He'll keep that suitcase floating only for a little while, but once he's heading off, he doesn't really pay much mind to where it winds up.

Rob snatches the suitcase quickly, it still looking like it's floating when he does. "Well. Let's bring ya to the headmaster. He should know what's going on. I'm still the new teacher here…" he trails off, waiting for Chris to give some indication he'll be following.

"Huh? Oh! Right right sorry. Was trying to map this place from my memory." Chris offers, chuckling. His eyes lift from his makeshift map which shrinks into nothing more then the old blank piece of paper it was originally, folding it and placing it back into his pocket. Left hand grasping the strap from his backpack and smiling, "Headmaster? He isn't going to read my mind or turn invisible, is he?" he asks curiously, "Hoping for something new right about now."

Rob rolls his eyes again but it goes unseen. "No but I'd advise against getting him angry and I'd hold the jokes in," he cautions. "He's going to give you your dorm assinment and a key. And don't worry about a map. The other kids will help ya."

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