2009-04-08: Sports and Ice Cream


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Summary: A random meeting and chat in Coldstone Creamery.

Date: April 8, 2009

Log Title Sports and Ice Cream

Rating: G

Westchester - Cold Stone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery is always chilly inside, even in the winter months, to accommodate for the variety of ice creams they offer. A big sign with all there ice cream specials sit on the wall, and all the different ice creams and toping can be seen in the counter windows. This Coldstone is unlike the rest with its red color scheme. A few tables sit inside the Creamery for customers to sit and enjoy their cold treats.

Currently the texan is dressed in a red jersey with black shorts with a red top. He still has his cleats on. Apparently it is a long break between this mornings game and his afternoons game. His hair is wet and clings to his head and as he walks in, a group of his team mates walk past point and snicker at him. He wheels around and makes a quick rush to the door, to which the laughter quits and they look a bit horrified and then rush off. He snorts a little bit and turns once again towards the line, looking a little flustered by the incident.

Stolling into the building in jeans and a tank top, Owen Folger looks about as normal as any other teen right now. He seems nonplussed by the people that just rushed by, looking around now that he's in the Cold Stone. "Huh. So this is the ice cream place all the kids have been ravin' at me 'bout," he muses to himself, southern accent to his voice noticable.

Having some time off from after his classes, Robyn's done for the day and decided to go explore the town on Salem Center. He's not used to such a quaint town but he's finding the peace kind of relaxing. Spotting the Cold Stone, the emo looking kid walks in wearing a black coat that's a bit lared on his frame, a pair of black pants and a black and white stripped shirt. It's still a bit chilly out so he's also got on a brown (the only thing he wears that isn't typically black or white) paperboy style hat. He walks in shortly after Cody's teamates walk out and looks around, blinking as he spots Owen. "I guess I'm not the only one who decided to leave school grounds today." He comments walking up behind Owen.

Cody moves back into line, idly making a soft 'tacking' sound on the ground from the spikes on his cleats. He gives the pair behind him a curious glance and then continues towards the counter where the woman has called him up. In a accent that only belongs in Texas comes the soft tenor. "Uhmm, yeah. Can I get one of them Blueberry smoothies." he even points to the sign to help the woman understand the order. "And I large bottle of water if ya got it?"

Owen's eyebrows arch slightly at the odd sound of cleats on tile, the DarkForce user looking around until he finds the source of the noise and confirms what he'd thought was making the noise. He looks over his shoulder when Robyn speaks up and offers a smile. "Howdy. Yeah, figured Ah'd get out and buy some clothes tah replace the ones Ah destroyed. Got hungry and slipped in here," he says, making a vague gesture.

Robyn nods to Owen with a smile. "I just thought I'd explore, I've never been out here, it's nice and relaxing." He admits as it's different than the bussel of the city. He takes off his hat, brushes his bangs aside, before replacing the hat back on his head. "I'm just still trying to get used to the whole new stuff that's going on." Though Robyn does smile quite a bit dispite his emo appearance.

Cody is given his ticket and steps back to let someone else order while a very nice woman with glasses and gray hair works throwing in all sort of blue berries with yogurt and ice cream. He idly grins a bit at the conversation happening behind him. He has had one of those nights too. Or at least he things he did. Get too wild and crazy after a game and you end up ripping your clothes in an attempt to be macho…right? None the less, the accent makes him curious. Turning a bit to look the two over, he is curious if they have been taking part in the lacrosse tournament being help just outside of town, which is the reason the St. Dominic's Martyrs are in town and with them….Cody, the pariah of 'St. Dominic's Prep School for Boys', as the shorts read. The last name on the back of his Jersey reads, "Barrows." thought sweat, toil and time have caused the B to start to fall off, the top half of the letter hangs, disconnected from it's home on the jersey. Cody asks. "What school, yall from?"

Owen nods. "Ah've never been out this way before either…" he muses. "Lots of new stuff all around. Almost didn' come out after listenin' tah what some of the kids were sayin' might happen," he yawns and stretches. Stepping up to order, he calls for some simple mint-chocolate chip ice cream with extra chocolate. The mutant blinks when Cody suddenly turns and asks what school he and Robyn go to. "Uhh…" he trails off, glancing to Robyn.

"I figured it couldn't be any more dangerous than living in New York." Robyn says with a shrug, he's about to say something else when Cody turns around and asks the two where they go to school. After a brief pause, Robyn grins. "Oh, we go to some small no name school around here for kids with special learning needs. I got my day pass today, I was good last week." He looks at the menu and orders some special that involves lots of peanut butter and chocolate.

Cody blinks a little and tilts his head to the side as if he is trying to decide of Robyn was making fun of him. He, however, becomes distracted by the nice little lady putting his smoothie up on the counter for him. "Thanks, Ma'am." he offers respectfully to her. "I…sorry." He says to the pair. "Just heard the accent and thought that maybe yall were from down south, up here for the tournament." With that, he sort of sheepishly starts to turn away.

Owen blinks again then smiles. "Ah do originally come from down south. Tennessee actually," he chimes in. "Dunno 'bout any tournament though. Since ya'll seem tah be part of it," he gestures vaguely at Cody. "What kinda sport's bein' played?"

Robyn does not look like the athletic type, at all, he's quite skinny. And to cement that fact he has 'Thin as a Dime' tattooed on one of his wrists, which is visible as he goes to pay. "Tournament? Me? No, I'm not good at sports, and accents, I'm from Brooklyn orginally." He says sounding confused since he doesn't really have much of an accent, even by Brooklyn standards.

Cody gives a nod of his head looking back over to the pair as he tries to find a seat at a near by table. "Lacrosse…" He says thumbing to the window where there are a pair of busses parked, the windows lined with posters saying Go Martyrs and things of that nature. "Playing in Deerfield Meadows, just outside of town…"

It's Owen's turn to look confused now. "Lacross?" he asks, looking from Cody to Robyn. "'fraid Ah have no idea what that is…" he trails off.

Robyn shrugs. "It's some sport with nets on sticks and involves throwing a ball around. I always sucked at any kind of sport." Robyn says as his ice cream is severed and he takes it from the counter. "Wanna sit together?" He says finding the only open table is the one next to Vody and sits down. "I know more about music and art then any sports."

Cody gives a nod of his head. "Lacrosse." he repeats with a string chuckles, of course he understands a southerner not having an idea of what it is, it's not as popular down below. He nods to Robyn. "Right…Native American Stick Ball. The french saw the sticks and thought they looked like the sort of septers the catholic bishops tote around and called them, La Crosse." He says without the accent. "It stuck after that." he offers with a shrug. "Hard hittenist, kick assenist game there is." He laughs a little. "We just beat the shit outta Westchester High's team." The woman who gave him his smoothie shoots him a look and he instantly goes quiet, looking a little embarassed and offering a quick, "Sorry…"

Owen nods slowly. "Sounds like fun," he muses. "Maybe Ah'll give it a try one day…" he trails off. The teen smiles when his order comes and then sits down. "Ah prefer a good game a tackle-football tah most games though."

Robyn looks around as he realizes he's with two jocks and he is the most unathletic person. He is quite for a bit as he doesn't know what to talk about, him and sports don't mesh. He was the weird kid in high school, not the type the jocks hung out with. "Tackle football? Look at me, I'd get broken in two?!"

Cody grins a little. "I love contact sports man. They're great." he laughs a little and shakes his head. "I've seen guys smaller than you pick up guys bigger than that dude. He indicates a rather tubby middle aged man. "It's momentum and lack of fear." he shrugs a bit. "So there anything fun to do in this town at night?"

Owen looks at Robyn a few times and then looks up thoughtfully. "Then be a runner. Or a kicker. Stay outta the way of the tacklers," he remarks. "And Ah'm sure you're tough enough tah not get snapped," he says, reaching over to pat Robyn's shoulder. "There's a mall…"

"Snapped?" Robyn says not sure what that means, maybe snapped in half. "I'll stay out of the way of all sports thank you. I was always Mr. Last Picked at Kickball." He says with a chuckle. "Fun in this town at night? I don't know, I haven't done much out here yet. I mostly am too busy with home work or doing art stuffs."

Cody gives a nod and goes quiet. Mall's really aren't his cup of tea. They are too trendy for someone like him. He takes a drink of his smoothie and offers an akward smile not knowing where else to carry the conversation. School, sports, fun….now he's all talked out.

Owen nods. "Snapped in half," he replies to Robyn. "Ah was always one of the middle picked…" he trails off. He's not sure what else to talk about either.

Once he's done with his ice cream and the silence sets in Robyn stands up. "Well, I think I'm going to get going, I'll see ya back at school Owen. I just going to see if I can run into an art store and pick up some modeling clay, you still have to stop by Owen and see what I've done." Robyn says as he's starting to look at Owen as a friend and it makes him a bit happy. "See ya later!

Cody drinks his smoothie and stares down at the floor, seeming a little down that the silence became awkward and one is getting up to go, signaling the exit of the other in all probability ad then all alone once again.

Owen finishes off his ice cream as well. He blinks when Robyn gets up and then starts to say something. The teen stops suddenly and looks down at his arms. Expression shifts to annoyance for a moment before Owen's smile comes back. "Ah've gotta get goin' too. Nice tah meetcha, Barrows. And see ya later, Robyn," he says. Standing, Owen offers a quick pat to Cody's shoulder before heading very quickly towards the exit. Something got him into gear it seems.

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